Swedish Stories Ch. 03 – Our Secret Place

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“Why don’t you girls get ready for bed first,” dad suggested.

“Sure, what do you say, Hannah?” Katarina asked, looking at me in the flickering candlelight. The nylon lines clanked against the metal mast above, a sound that I associated with these family sailing trips. It’s familiar ring always provided a feeling of comfort and safety.

“Yep, I’m exhausted.”

The space below-deck would have been too tight for the four of us to maneuver around, so we got ready while our parents enjoyed their last glass of wine on the rear deck. We brushed our teeth in the small bathroom and I looked at Katarina’s bronzed face in the mirror and noticed her red cheeks.

“Looks like you got some sun today,” I said.

She looked up at me then opened her lips and let a bubbly white blob fall out of her mouth and plop into the metal sink. “Yeah, so did you, it looks like,” she responded while wiping a hand across her face.

“Yeah, I guess so. But your cheeks are burnt. You should use sunscreen.”

“Now you sound like Mom.”

“Didn’t mean to.”

“That’s okay.” She kissed me softly on the cheek with minty breath.

Although the night air had cooled down considerably, it was still hot down below from the heat of the day. We peeled off our clothes then crawled into the converging space of the bow sleeping compartment wearing only our panty bottoms. I watched her swaying breasts.

“Your boobs got bigger, is that what happens to girls after their first year of college?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’ll happen to you, too. Just wait.” Her sarcasm was a way of telling me to shut the hell up.

I lifted up my breasts then let them drop. “Not sure if I can wait another year,” I replied. I was in my final year of Swedish high school “gymnasium” but wasn’t sure if I wanted to go directly to college afterwards. I needed some time to get my head straight and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I never had the confident sense of purpose that she had. She was home for the summer, and aside from the bigger boobs, I noticed some noticeable changes in her; the biggest one being an aloofness that I had never seen before, like something was constantly on her mind. Whatever it was, she was less interested in me which made me sad since we had been so close growing up.

“My God, it’s stuffy in here,” I said through heavy breath.

“Make sure these things are open,” she instructed me using that big sister voice, as she slid the small oval window above her bed to the right. I did the same, but only a trickle of fresh air found its way inside telling me that we were going to be in for a sticky night. I pulled back the flower-patterned comforter and slid onto the foam mattress. Ever since I was little, I always slept well on the boat, but I wasn’t sure about tonight. I fluffed up the pillow then lay my head down and reached for my book. Katarina looked over at me. “Listen, dear sis, since it’s so freaking hot in here, do you mind if we sleep head toe? That way we won’t breathe on each other and maybe it will be a little cooler.”

“That’s fine, I can switch.”

“”No, you’re good, stay where you are. I’ll sleep with my head down there,” she said, pointing in the direction of the stern. I watched as she rearranged her bunk. Her tits were definitely bigger and she had a more pronounced swell of her stomach. Her skimpy black panties had slid down her hips a bit allowing me to study the rest of her. She had definitely put on a little weight, but she still had that knockout body that I was sure contributed hugely to her self-confidence. When she was done fixing her bed, she turned to me and said, “Stop looking at my ass.”

“I wasn’t looking at your ass,” I replied.

“Yes you were.”

“No, I wasn’t.”

She let it drop, then climbed into her bunk. I wondered how much sex she was having while away. I was still a virgin, but was pretty sure she wasn’t.

When I awoke, light was coming in through the small windows and the temperature inside had cooled to the point where I had pulled the comforter back over me sometime during the night. I looked over at Katarina. She was totally nude and facing towards the side of the boat with the comforter twisted around her legs. The black panties were bunched up on the floor. I reached down and picked them up by hooking them with my pinky then brought them up to my nose and inhaled deeply. There was a flush between my legs as I took in her musk.

She pulled in her knees, opening her ass and exposing her butt hole. The dark, mysterious tunnel was just an arms reach from my face. I never thought that looking into my sister’s butt was erotic before, but something about it was both repulsive and enticing. Her hand slid over the curve of her hips then down across the cheek of her tan-lined ass. Did she know I was watching? I thought about the comment she made before we went to sleep about me looking at her ass. I froze. Her hand continued its journey toward her opened ass then she slowly extended her middle finger while curling the others in towards her palm. Carefully she stuck her finger into her asshole and wiggled illegal bahis it around. After a few seconds, she pulled it out then brought it around to the front of her body where I could no longer see it. I heard the sound of an inhale and realized she was sniffing her fingers. Her hand returned to her ass, but this time she had both her middle and ring fingers extended then stuck them inside. She plunged them deeper then started to move them in and out. After doing this for a bit, she pulled her hand back and I heard a sniff. She reached again for her ass, inserted her fingers, then kept them there. After a while, she pulled them out then played them along the rim of her opening with her fingernails. Her hand went back to her front. Another sniff. When she was done, she pulled the comforter from her legs then covered herself. I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep while concentrating on the sound of the gentle waves lapping up against the hull.

“Watch for jellyfish,” Katarina warned as we approached the edge of the wooden-planked raft. The water was flat as glass and the round gray rock formations were lit up by the morning sun on the other side of the jetty.

“Oh my God, they’re everywhere!” I returned.

“Here, over here. There aren’t any on this side,” she said, leaning over the water holding back her long blonde hair as she peered below the surface. I could see about a half meter down before the water turned a murky green and nothing was visible. I was wearing my black bikini with white cut-off jeans over them. She wore a dark red bikini with a white top. The bottoms were cut so that they showed about half of her ass; not really a thong, but not full cut either. I replayed the scene from this morning, how she had played around in her butt. I was suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to suck her fingers.

I looked down into the water, then not seeing any jellyfish, jumped in. The shock of the cold water made me heave.

“Shit, it’s cold!” I jabbered.

“No guts, no glory!” she yelled as she dove off the raft and crashed through the surface of the water. Her head popped up and I was instantly reminded of the canon-ball contests we used to have as kids at this very spot. And how we laughed at each other’s wedgies when we climbed up the ladder after each attempt.

“So, how does it feel, to be back here?” I asked through shivering lips.

“Nice I guess. Brings back memories.”

“Did you miss home?” I asked.

“Sometimes,” she replied before sinking below the surface and swimming over to me. I felt her hands grab my ankles then she yanked me under. I kicked loose then popped back up to the surface.

“Hey, stop that shit! We’re not kids any more,” I yelled.

“Oh, is that so?” she replied as she swung her legs up and wrapped them around me while paddling her hands through the water to keep us afloat. Her thighs were soft and warm. “See, how I still have to carry you?” she continued through a grin.

“Shut up,” I shot back.

Her breathing had become hard and labored, so I started to work my arms and kick my legs in order to relieve some of her strain. She stared at me through serious eyes with little droplets of water decorating her long lashes. I met her gaze, then she leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

Without saying anything I pushed my mouth again into hers and we found each other’s tongues. It was hard to continue like this, so we swam over towards the shoreline where the water was shallow enough to touch bottom. When our feet grazed against the tops of the soft kelp growth, we stopped and stood in the mushy bed. Years ago, wading in this part of the bank would have grossed us out, but right now we had other things on our minds.

Katarina wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into a long kiss, her tongue digging its way into my mouth. I was French kissing my own sister and I didn’t know what to make of it, except that it felt good. We broke for a second, looked around to see anyone was watching, then continued. She moved her hands down my back then caressed my ass sending a warm jolt of electricity through my body. I felt the soft swell of her belly then brought my hands up to her heavy breasts and kissed the cold, wet flesh bulging from the top of her bikini.

“Oh my God, you feel so good,” I whispered.

“I missed you, little sis.”

“I missed you, too.”

“How long has it been that you wanted to do this?” she asked.

“I don’t know, not sure if there was ever a specific moment.”

“I understand.”

“But, I love you, Katarina. I love you so much.” I held her head with both hands and continued, ” I was afraid when you went away to school, you wouldn’t care about me anymore.”

“No little, sis. Never. I’ve got a new life now at the university, but I will never stop loving you.”

“Is this wrong what we are doing?”

She pulled away, looked down, and shook her head. “I don’t know, I have no idea. But it’s our little secret, okay? No one has to know.”

“Okay,” I whispered. She kissed me softly on the lips. I smiled. She illegal bahis siteleri took my left hand and brought it up to her lips and sucked the tips of my fingers.

“Let’s find somewhere to finish this, okay?”

I nodded my head. My knees almost buckled a couple times as we waded ashore.

We headed back to the boat wrapped in our towels and our parents were sitting on the rear deck eating breakfast.

“How was the swim?” Dad asked.

“C-o-l-l-l-l-d,” Katarina answered.

The other boats in the marina were coming to life with their suntanned passengers crawling out from below their decks to take in the fresh morning air or head to the bathhouse with towels draped around their necks. We had been coming to this island every summer since I was five years old, usually a two-day stop as we sailed through Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden. It was steep and rocky with summer cottages that people rented along with a hundred or so of permanent residents who lived here year round. Some of my fondest childhood memories were from this island. Memories that included Katarina.

“We’re going to go for a little hike,” Katarina told our parents as we hopped on board.

“Don’t you want to eat first?” Mom asked.

“We’ll pack a picnic,” she returned promptly.

The sun had climbed higher in the sky by the time we made it to the other side of the island to “Our Secret Place” not far from the bathing area. It was a crevice a little way from the beach area where we used to skinny dip since it cut deep into the rocky cliff and no one ever went in there. I’m not sure when we started to call it, “our secret place.” I remember how we used to tell each other about our boy crushes while we swam naked and gave each other advice on how to get their attention. As we grew older, Katarina never had much of a problem in getting their attention. Her figure was probably a bit sexier than mine, and although I considered myself attractive, I lacked her poise and self-assurance.

We were both sweating by the time we reached the crevice and I felt a sense of comfort from the familiarity of being in our secret place again. But, I was also nervous about what we were about to do.

“So, here we are,” Katarina said as she put her backpack down on the ground containing the sandwiches and thermos of coffee we packed. She took both of my hands into hers and brought them to her mouth and kissed them. “You know, you’re really pretty,” she said to me.

“Not as pretty as you.”

“Yes you are, Hannah. You’re beautiful,” she said, stroking my hair.

I looked up at the sheer cliffs all around us casting a blue shadow over us and listened to the gentle waves wash up onto the sandy edge. “I can’t believe we’re here again in our secret place. How silly we were when we were little, weren’t we?”

“Are you nervous?” she asked.

“Kind of.”

“Don’t be.”

I shrugged.

“I love you, Hannah.” She pulled me close then pawed at my clothes.”Take them off, I want to see you,” she commanded through airy breath. I unsnapped my white cutoff shorts. She yanked them down along with my underwear. I ripped off my shirt and took off my bra. Once I was naked, she stepped back and took a long look at me. “Undress me,” she instructed. I lifted off her white tank top then tugged at her white sports bra until her breasts fell free. I kissed and fondled them, leaving trails of my saliva across her salty skin. “Suck my nipples,” she whispered. I took each one into my mouth and ran my tongue over the hardening flesh. When they were stiff and hard, I sucked at the pink swollen nubs. I always knew her breasts were sensitive as I remember right after she hit puberty, she had a habit of playing with her nipples during moments when she thought no one was looking. But I had watched her. It was almost as if she didn’t mind doing it in front of me.

“I love your mouth, Hanna, it feels so good on me.”

I looked up at her, my cheeks covered in spit.

“Such a beautiful face,” she continued while caressing my cheeks with both hands. “Get out the towels and place them over there,” she said, pointing at the big rock near the water’s edge. While I rummaged through our back-packs, Katarina pulled down her cutoff denim shorts and black panties. She helped me spread the towels down next to the big rock in the very same spot where she showed me how to masturbate five years ago. I thought about the progression of things over the years, how we slept naked together a few times when we were little, how she had to smell my butt after losing a bet on who could reach the ice cream stand first on our bikes; then after our bodies matured, how I used to spy on her in the shower through the cracked door, which mom insisted we keep open in order to vent the steam, and how I was positive she did the same to me. All these things, I was sure, led to the moment when she showed me how to pleasure myself with my own hand while leaning up against this rock. Now, here we were, as adults, about to lay down naked with each other in this very spot.

She lay down first, then beckoned to me with her canlı bahis siteleri arms extended. I froze.

“What’s the matter, Hannah?”

“I don’t know. This feels creepy.”

“Don’t you love me?”

“I do, I love you so much, Katarina. But it still seems wrong.”

“By other’s standards, Hannah. Not ours. It is impossible for anyone else to understand what we have. How we feel for each other is beautiful. Don’t let others’ fucked-up opinions destroy it.”

“I guess you’re right. You’re always right.” I tear streamed down my face as I took in the sight of her sitting there naked, waiting for me. I sunk to my knees then collapsed into her arms.

She held me tight then kissed me hard on the mouth. Her head sunk down to my chest where she started to suck my tits. The sight of my own sister sucking on me brought a gush between my legs. The taboo gave it an extra element of eroticism. “Here, lay back,” she whispered in my face. Her breath was gamey and dank, but it still turned me on. I scooched forward on the towels so my head wouldn’t end up in the sand, then lay backwards. My body quivered in anticipation of what was going to happen next. I felt her hand slide between my legs and I flinched as her finger slipped inside me.

“You’re so wet down there, little sis,”

“It feels so good. Don’t stop,” I begged her.

“Have you ever had anyone touch you before?”


“I think you were saving the best for me, weren’t you?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

She continued to plunge her finger in and out of me sending waves of pleasure through my body. This felt so much better than finger-fucking myself. She ran her finger up and down my oozing slit then started to play with my clit. I moaned.

“Do you like that?”


She massaged my clit for a little while then leaned her head over me. Her face was right in front of mine. “I’m going to do something to you, don’t freak out, okay?”

“Okay,” I whispered.

She started with a trail of kisses down the center of my chest, kissed my stomach lightly, then stopped to look up at me. “Don’t freak out, this is going to feel good.”

“I won’t.”

Her face disappeared as she dipped her head between my open legs. The memory of our first masturbation session together replayed in my head as the sound of waves rippling against the shoreline enveloped us. I winced as she drew her tongue up and down my pussy.

“Oh my God, you’re putting your mouth on it.”

“Just relax, it will tickle at first.”

I tried to calm my breathing, and once I got control of myself, I was able to focus on the sensation that was happening down there. As she licked away at me, there was a warm, electric-like feeling below my belly that worked its way up my spine and into my chest. I brought my feet up and bent my knees. I felt her tongue go a little lower as she licked the skin down by my butt. I giggled.

“Are you okay?” she stopped and looked up at me.

“Yes, it just tickles when you lick down there.”

“Mmmm, you taste so good, little sis.”

“Doesn’t it taste like pee?”

“Don’t be silly. You taste good,” she answered. “Just lay back and enjoy.” I obeyed her commands then instinctively slid my hand down my belly, through my thatch, then found my swollen nub. “That’s okay, rub yourself if you need a little help. I want to make you come.”

“I’m getting close, I can feel it,” I yelped.

“That’s it, come on baby.”

She licked me with an increasing fury, then after a bit, drove her tongue inside me. I pressed hard on my clit then exploded into an orgasm.

“That’s it, little sister. Come hard. Let it all out.”

My body relaxed as the last few spasms of my orgasm faded. All I was aware of now were the sounds of my breathing and the warmth of Katarina’s breath on my ear as she played with my hair.

“How was it?”

“Incredible,” I answered.

“I’m glad. I want to make you feel good.”

“Where did you learn to do that? I mean, have you been with other girls?”

“Nope. You’re the first. I just know how good it feels when a guy does it to me, so I know what to do.”

We lay there for a little bit staring up at the sky. She lay her head on my shoulder and was playing with my hair.

“So, have you been with many guys?” I asked.

“Not really,” she replied. “I’ve experimented around some at school. I’d say five or six, but I didn’t technically have sex with all of them. Just oral and other stuff. And you?”

“Still a virgin, I suppose. If you don’t count what we just did.”

“Well, that makes me feel privileged.” She kissed me on the lips and I picked up traces of my scent on her cheeks. “So…” she continued, “now it’s your turn to do me.” I shifted around uncomfortably, unsure of what I was supposed to do. Sensing this, she took my hand and gently opened up my fingers. “Here, let me show you,” she continued, then guided my hand between her legs. “Touch me,” she whispered. My heart felt like it was going to explode through my chest. I could barely breathe. I wasn’t sure if it was because of her big sister authority or my burning love for her that fueled my arousal, but I had never been so turned on before in my life. I pressed my fingers into her moist opening. She was on fire. “That’s it, just like that…feel how wet I am?”

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