Sweet at the Embassy

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I watched her emerge from the kitchen in our suite at the Embassy Suites Hotel. She had two glasses with ice and water. We had brought nothing with us. I was there on business with a few hours free in the afternoon before my flight. She was there because it was her home town and she wanted to get laid. For that matter, I wanted nothing more at that moment myself.

Myra was perfect for me. She was significantly shorter, 5’2” to my 6’1”, and built in a fashion that drove me crazy. She was heavier than the skimpy, pencil shaped models that belied our population in magazines and TV shows. This woman had meat on her bones, and I wanted that meat. We had chatted for sometime on the web and after a tentative start that lasted about one chat, we were both on track with total honesty and openness. That was terribly refreshing to me, and apparently up to her standards as well. We agreed to meet on this business trip of mine to her area.

Her red hair flowed out over her shoulders and looked radiant with the background sunlight from the kitchen window. Her breasts held my attention like magnets, drawing me into her with their sheer size, and exuding their sexual presence. They wanted me as much as I wanted them. Her smile finally drew my eyes from her tits to her face as she handed me a glass and we stood motionless before each other.

I took a moment longer to admire her hips, round and inviting me to rest on them, or work my ass off for her on them, and I promised them through mental telepathy I would comply soon. She took a sip from her glass, and I did the same. When she raised her arm, it lifted her tit on that side and the motion of it captured me once again. I was frozen in place and staring.

“Maybe we ought to take this away, seeing as you are glued to my tits.” She smiled, put her glass down on the coffee table between us and began to unbutton the cashmere sweater. I was still glued to this magnificent piece of woman, watching her emerge from her garments. One by one the buttons were undone, finally enabling the lapels to hang free. I could see the bra she wore, lacier than I usually preferred, liking the more transparent, sheer variety more, but it was clasped in back the way I like it, and partially revealing of the skin beneath.

I reached down and into my pants to free my stiffening cock from its now contorted position in my underwear, blue jockey briefs. She smiled at my action as I was smiling at hers. When she lifted the sweater from her shoulders, and let it fall down on the coffee table with some guidance from her, I inhaled sharply. Her tits were delicious. They swelled when she breathed and moved with her body in waves. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

Her skirt was gone before I realized it and she stood before me in bra and panties, a pair of panties she knew too well that I liked. They were white, like the bra, but much more common, everyday in nature. They were cotton, full panties with an elastic waist band and padded crotch. I was falling into sexual oblivion just watching this package revealed. I was going to have the time of my life making that panty, crotch pad and all, soaking wet. Then I would surprise her and take them with me to remember her by. Nothing identifies a hot-blooded woman better than her scent brought from deep within her and seeped in slick wet gushes from her swollen pussy lips. If I kept them in a zip lock bag, I might be able to preserve her for a week or more while I smelled her again and again and remembered what was about to take place in that hotel.

I reached down and undid my zipper. She let her eyes drop right to it, anticipating, longing. I pushed my hand in, my briefs down, and pulled my average sized, circumcised cock out, hard as nails and straining to reach her. It desperately wanted this woman in any and every way it could have her. Myra’s mouth opened slightly, and her tongue began to tour her lips. She was as hot as I was.

After stroking my cock, while watching her massage her kartal escort bayan breasts for several minutes, I stepped around the table on one end. She mirrored my motion and met me at the end of the table. We first met with our mouths, letting our tongues handle the introduction of our bodies. She was penetrating, exploring, and hopefully finding everything she was looking for. As I dove my tongue down her throat equally, I also pressed my body up to hers, the sensation of her breast at the bottom of my rib cage driving me crazy. I wiggled against her, trying to feel more. I reached my hands down behind her, pulling on the cheeks of her ass. Her body was hot as could be and definitely longing for more.

I felt her hands were kneading my ass as well, and she was grinding her mound into my crotch eagerly. I slipped both hands inside the back of her panties and played with her bare flesh. I let them linger when they crossed her crack, sliding a middle finger up and down her, all the way to her puckering little asshole. She echoed my motion on my own ass and we both reacted with increased pressure against each other’s groins.

I suddenly pulled back and twisted her around to get behind her, and then pulled her back into me. By bending my knees a bit I was able to line my free-standing cock up in the panty clad crack of her ass where I began to move it up and down. I also used my hands to finally get a feel of her gorgeous melons, their mass a dream in my hands. I nibbled on her neck as I massaged her breasts and pumped my shaft up and down her ass. She moved and squirmed against me, obviously enjoying this as much as I was.

We remained in this blissful state, long awaited contact after months of online and phone sex together. Finally, we were about to experience what we had talked and dreamed about for so long. Myra shifted in my arms and faced back to me. Her breasts brushed by my chest, giving me yet another thrill at their behest.

I pushed her back and smiled, then took her hand and led her to the king sized bed in the next room. Once inside, I ripped the bedspread away in a flurry, spun Myra around and pushed her gently back onto the mattress. She fell back willingly, her legs naturally spread to place her knees about two feet apart. Her arms were spread wide in angel form and her hair arrayed behind her head. She was glorious in her openness and wanton in her glare into my eyes. She was not to be frustrated much longer.

I held my ground and dropped my trousers. I wanted her to be able to look at my stiff and steady prick while I removed my jacket, shirt and tie. Pulling my jockey’s the rest of the way down, followed by my socks, I was naked before here and about to experience one of the greatest bodies of my life. I smiled.

Before I mounted, I knelt before her, at the foot of the bed, and between her knees. I wanted some time alone with this marvelous treasure chest of scents and juices. I leaned into her crotch with my head and inhaled the aroma of her, her pussy already wet and beginning to show through the padded crotch of her panties. She was hot. I nestled my head into her groin and moved and twisted around to get entirely familiar with her sex. My hands were on her knees as if they were needed to help me keep her spread, which of course was not the case. If anything her legs had spread wider before I even touched them.

I moved one hand forward, along her inner thigh, and then the other. Together they assaulted her panty seems and inserted themselves inside. Immediately I felt the glossy silky folds of her pussy pulsing outward from their swollen lips, almost angry they were still entrapped in the reinforced material of the panties. Myra squirmed at the contact, inviting more.

Her sex was hot, searing my fingers with its roiling wantonness, attempting to suck my fingers into her slippery, slender hole. I moved my fingers around inside the panties and felt her crack from top to bottom, lingering on escort maltepe the three main features, her clit, her vaginal canal, and her puckered asshole. Each time I so much as grazed one of these, Myra jumped, the electricity coursing through her veins and stimulating her brain. She was on fire and begging.

I withdrew my hands, much to her moaning complaint, and slipped them around and under her hips. Pulling her into my face, I buried my mouth in her crotch and began to smell and taste the true essence of this hot and horny woman. She was so ready for my assault I had trouble holding back. I wanted to fuck her as badly as she needed fucking. I moved my head up and down her crack, following the course of my hands minutes ago, though still tantalizingly outside her panties.

I reveled in her sweetness for sometime before succumbing to her increasing body movements, now more like demands that I enter her with everything I had. My hands were already in place and only needed to be facilitated by my fingers to tug on the waistband of her panties and begin to pull them out from under her and down her long and smoothly sensuous legs.

Once off, her legs were free to roam. They immediately raised back up, spread again, and planted their ankles on my shoulders. This both opened her erotic zones to me fully, while giving her a platform on which to brace herself for future movements. I dove my head forward and buried it once again in her pussy, this time with full contact with her glistening, velvety pussy lip folds, and the glorious juice she emitted. It was my moment of shear pleasure. It was my time, time to revel in her innermost sensuous offerings, a time to take her in and lodge her in my memory, never to be forgotten.

My tongue licked her slit from top to bottom, tickling her clit each time it was passed. This provoked another jolt from her hips each time, and I felt these movements even more than before now with her feet planted on my shoulders. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and fished and scooped around inside her to gather and extract as much of her essence as possible. Each time I did so, I then pulled it out and sucked it down, savoring it on my taste sensors for a moment before ingestion.

Myra’s first orgasm was signaled by her momentary silence, and the stillness of her body, followed by a violent lurch of her hips up at my face. I met the motion with my tongue and drove it deeper than ever in return. She proceeded to pump my face for all I had and she got all she wanted as she ground through an intense release. I was both proud and horny as could be at my accomplishment and the knowledge that my turn was coming.

She was magnificent. I could not get enough of her. I was lost in time, and in her. I licked and sucked and drank for so long I lost count of how many times she came. I sucked and she bucked. We went on like this for an eternity, until she suddenly reached down and pulled on my shoulders. “Come here baby, I need you inside me now.”

I was not one to argue and rose up on my feet to stand between her legs. She placed them on my hips for support and I leaned down to put my arms beneath her. Together we moved her more solidly onto the bed and I followed. She was still wearing her bra and looked as sexy as I could withstand. She kept pulling her knees up the way she knew now that I liked them, and smiling at what was about to befall both of us. We were both so ready it hurt.

I leaned forward and guided my prick to her pussy lips. The head went in immediately as if sucked inside by a vacuum. We both inhaled, savoring the sensation, but knowing it was only the beginning.

After a few moments of this stationary reveling in the sensations in our groins, I leaned further forward and took her gorgeous globes in my hands. This leaning forced my cock a little deeper into her slick wet pussy and she moaned with the additional penetration. I began to knead her breasts in my hands, feeling pendik escort the fleshy mounds through the semi-transparent material of her bra. They were wonderful. Just to touch them would have been heavenly, but I was allowed to massage and play with them as if they were my own. I was enthralled, so much so I began a rhythm with my hips that let my cock slip in and out of her pussy in short, slow movements.

Finally I removed her bra, reaching below her and undoing the clasp like a pro. I lifted it from her shoulders and off her arms and tossed it aside. I looked down again at her unrestrained breast flesh and dove my face and mouth down to first her right tit, and then her left. With nibbles and sucks and compressions with my lips, I had her nipples hard in no time. She groaned with the mounting pleasure of my cock’s still slow and short movements, and the sensations attacking her from her breasts.

After a time, I sat up, leaving my hands on her breasts, and looked deep into her eyes. She knew something else was coming, and could only pray it was maximum penetration. Her wishes where fulfilled as I plunged forward, sinking my rock hard cock to its fullest extension into her womb. Our pubic mounds banged together, her clit receiving yet another jolt, this time from my bone. It drove her over the top and she gushed with fluids as she bucked and sucked and fucked me with her orgasm.

I nearly came too, but managed to hold it back, barely. As she subsided in her movements and heavy breathing, I suddenly slipped out of her pussy and was pushing on her back door before she knew what had happened. I looked into her eyes. I needed to know one thing before I plunged, and that was just how bad she wanted it.

Myra looked up at me and showed me first her surprise at my movements and the sensation that I was suddenly knocking on her back door. Then her eyes warmed, a glassy glow coming over them. They wetted and glistened like the juices she emitted from her pussy lips. “Fuck it baby,” She suddenly said, “Take me anyway you want me baby, my body is so yours.” Her last statement was all that I needed to hear. But before I could react, she suddenly bucked her ass upward causing the head of my cock to penetrate the sphincter muscle of her ass.

We both inhaled deeply at the first insertion, I from the shear dirty joy of having my cock in her ass, and she from the quick pain-to-pleasure conversion of having a man in her forbidden hole. We were in ecstasy and about to fulfill our final demand on each other’s body. I plunged forward with my cum juice slickened cock.

I drove deep into her bowels, feeling the fresh heat of this hole. Her tightness however, in this seldom penetrated place, was overwhelming and I knew I would shoot my load up her butt in no time. My fingers found and began to manipulate her clit. With my other hand inserting two fingers into her pussy in the midst of a back stroke. It was the right thing to do and we both began to fuck like rabbits with me buried now, in her ass and as well as in her pussy.

We managed to plunge together several more times before we finally could hold back no longer. At the crucial instant of release, I said, “Let it go baby, all of it! Fuck me!” And she did. I never felt anyone bump and grind like she did that moment. I was inspired to ram my cock into her ass like a piston driving a dozer. We were literally melding our bodies and driving inside each other to the hilt. It was everything either of us had hoped for, and the release was complete.

We collapsed on the bed. I lay on top of her like a wet rope. We were sweating, breathing heavily, and still tied together with my cock in her ass. We agreed that was about as sweet a fuck as either of us had ever had. We also agreed to meet again, as soon as possible.

We needed to clean up now however, for I had a plane to catch. Humans being what they are, and both of us having just proven how human we were, we managed to plunge my cock up both her holes one more time in the shower. It was while she was drying herself off that I spirited away her panties, tucking them into my bag. She never complained they were gone, and I resurrected our memories many times over the next week. I didn’t miss my jockeys either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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