Sweet Revenge Ch. 05

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Tommy’s thoughts were of lust, sex and Ava. He finished washing his hands, in the bathroom opposite his old bedroom, where both Ava and his sister Jennifer were already in the throes of inflamed sexual rapture. At this thought his arousal further stretched the fabric in the crotch of his jeans. The time for thinking was over; now was the time for action.

He stripped completely naked, leaving his clothes in a neat pile by the tub and walked along the hallway to Ava’s bedroom; he entered without knocking.

The room was subtly lit by two wall up lighters either side of the bed’s headboard. Ava and Jennifer stood between him and the twin bed their clothing strewn around the carpeted floor. As on the previous night, Ava had her back to him. She and Jennifer were locked in a passionate embrace their faces glued together with tongues exchanging bodily fluids. Naked flesh merged with naked flesh. Tommy nearly blew his load there and then. Without thinking, his left hand grasped his hot, rigid cock; wanking its long length he moved behind Ava.

The air was alive with sexual tension amid the musty aroma of two women’s intimate desire to fuck. Everything carnal, everything darkly secret, everything sensual, would be shared between them; knowing this only heightened their intimacy.

Tommy’s erection pierced the junction of Ava’s thighs, gliding easily through warm, sweat sheened skin. Ava’s breath caught in her throat, gasping at his erotic intrusion. She broke off her kiss and held Jennifer away from her body as Tommy’s hairy balls slapped at her thighs. Looking down at the head of Tommy’s prick she saw it disappear as quickly as it appeared. Tommy moved his cock rapidly in and out of this exceptional orifice. Ava tightly held her knees together so she could enhance the delicious sensation of Tommy’s cock rubbing between the tops of her thighs. At the end of his second thrust, hot breath and a warm, wet tongue licking around the underside of his sensitive cock head announced his sister’s union.

Tommy’s hands cupped then lifted both Ava’s heavy breasts. Her smooth globes of perfect tit flesh felt wondrous in his hands as they jiggled and shifted under his fondling. Her nipples responded in the only way they knew how, their prominent rubbery peaks ached to be tweaked and pulled then twisted first one way then the other sending a current of sensual illegal bahis sensation to Ava’s nerve endings centered in her clitoris.

Ava groaned. A guttural groan deep in her throat as her head leaned back towards Tommy. Jasmine scented aroma filled his nostrils. His kisses were warm and wonderful on her neck. He nibbled her right earlobe. His tongue warm and wet lashed her inner and outer ear. He tasted her jasmine perfume mingled with salty perspiration. She was sexually alive. To balance herself she held on to Jennifer’s head, clutching handfuls of fine, strawberry blond hair.

Jennifer watched as moisture surrounded Ava’s quim, its musky aroma an aphrodisiac to her senses. It first rolled onto Tommy’s cock; adding instant lubrication to his intrusion of Ava’s wet cleft. Her lips and tongue alternated their ministrations between Tommy’s slick prick and Ava’s gushing hole. A sweet bliss enveloped Ava’s senses at this superb assault on her young body.

Shortly, Jennifer got up from her cramped position and redirected them to stand a bit closer to the bed so that Ava could lean forward and hold onto the bed with both hands. Jennifer’s hands reached over and between the sweating couple. She parted Ava’s sweet heart shaped cheeks. Ava sensed a wet finger circle her anus and deftly probe at her brown tinged opening.

“Oh, yes,” she gasped, “put it in me, penetrate me.”

Tommy did as he was told and edged the tip of his straining manhood up against the lips of Ava’s wet cunt. Jennifer lightly held Tommy’s penis in one hand and wrestled the tip up inside the expanding walls of Ava’s slit. At the same moment she impaled her forefinger within Ava’s secret hole. Ava squealed her delight at this double invasion. Tommy released Ava’s breasts. Clutching her slender hips, he plowed each glorious inch of his bulging manhood into the silky confines of her warm, pink softness; going deeper and deeper with each rocking motion. Her vaginal muscles clenched at his slippery shaft as Jennifer pushed a second finger into Ava’s back passage. Her other hand found Ava’s aching clitoris and, using the tips of her fingers to rub its slippery surface, she and Tommy finally brought a panting, groaning Ava to the brink of orgasm.

It began as a flutter in Ava’s tummy then, building like an electric storm, it burst exploding in her body. “Arggggggh,’ she illegal bahis siteleri cried out, almost collapsing in a heap but remaining steadfastly bent over. She felt Tommy’s cock expand even further, heralding his ejaculation; a pulsing burst of white, warm sperm drenched her throbbing vagina.

Removing her fingers from Ava’s ass Jennifer stepped away from the two lovers. She quietly left the room as Ava stood up. Tommy’s wet cock slipped from her glistening fanny. Turning, she wrapped her arms around her new lover. In the ensuing passionate kiss she felt their mingled juices endlessly flowing down her thigh then her leg.


Jennifer washed her fanny then flushed the toilet and wiped herself dry. She thoroughly cleaned and dried her hands and went back to the room that currently held the two most important people in her young life. They were still kissing and hugging one another as if letting go would end the moment of their union. They left to clean up and, in their absence, Jennifer tidied the room.

Returning refreshed and soon after they had closed the door they heard footsteps outside the room walking along the hall to their parents’ bedroom.

Tommy lay flat on his back in the middle of the bed, with the girls either side of him. Each girl had one leg over one of his legs. Their bodies were arranged so Tommy could feel each bald, hot fanny kissing each thigh. Warm slender hands fondled his hairy balls. Long fingers and sharp nails cajoled his nipples into erection. His cock soon followed suit.

Tommy’s cock had never had so much attention from two stunning young females. Their hands, tongues and warm open mouths kept his manhood shiny from base to tip. It was Jennifer who found her sexual urges too strong and rose up on her knees she repositioned her lithe body to straddle Tommy. Opening her cunt lips with two fingers she allowed her body to first nudge his glans then swallow his purple head. Tommy held her swaying breasts in both hands. He hefted their weight and teased her aching nipples as she lowered her cunt onto his throbbing dick. She rode him; at times slowly, at other times she sat on him, engulfing him entirely then moved her body quickly backwards and forwards, manipulating her clitoris on his erection.

As Jennifer clambered on board of Tommy’s erection Ava moved to the headboard and eased canlı bahis siteleri her leg over Tommy’s head. She sat facing Jennifer with her lewd cunt over Tommy’s mouth. His tongue lathered her pussy. As Ava leaned forward to kiss and caress Jenifer boobs he tongue fucked her yearning vagina. Tommy’s hands busily fondled Ava’s breasts, tweaking and tugging on her extended brown rubbery teats. Her large fawn areolae were like a spider’s web of intricate sensitive ridges. Tommy had designs on another of Ava’s brown smudged, licentious regions.

He lifted Ava gently forwards with both hands then parted her pert ass cheeks. Lifting his head slightly he licked from the base of her perineum to the puckered brown hole. His tongue swirled around the ridged orifice then the tip of his tongue penetrated her. He moistened his fingers with a copious amount of sweet nectar secreted from Ava’s puffy opening then delicately eased two fingers into her dark opening. In response to his sensitive intrusion Ava gasped and moved back onto the lance Tommy had created.

“Ohhh, yes,’ she cried, “Use your other fingers to fuck my cunt.”

“I’ll do it,” said Jennifer, leaning forward and swiftly coating her fingers in Ava’s warm, sticky secretions she easily pushed two fingers up into her love canal that was wet with desire. Jennifer felt Tommy’s fingers move with her ministrations. It was an erotic sensation but a short lived one as Ava’s climax washed through her. She shuddered and jerked from the sexual relief provided by her lovers. Tommy lapped up the delicious liquid as Jennifer licked her fingers clean.

Ava moved down towards Jennifer and provided support, willing fingers and an energetic tongue to instill a sexual fervor in her friend. Fingers pried loose the lips of Jennifer’s cunny and rubbed feverishly on her swollen nubbin, her lips and tongue lashed her erect nipples as Jennifer rose and sank on Tommy’s stiff, ridged pole. Tommy felt his sister’s vagina clench then spasm around his immense cock. She too trembled and jerked as her orgasm swept around her sweat sheened, naked body. The air was thick with the scent of sex. As if by an invisible signal Tommy’s cock erupted inside his sister. A release of pleasure and love surged over him and once his passion had ebbed he sat up slipping out from her. He lifted aside Ava’s long dark hair and clasped his arms around them both. As Ava and Jennifer embraced so Tommy hugged them. He planted warm wet kisses and licked the back of Ava’s neck, tasting her scent and saltiness

He whispered, “I love you both and always will.”


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