Swingers Love Story

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You were a little puzzled, that he wanted you to show up to the club late. Normally he loved to make it a show that you were together, enjoyed watching all the people watching you. The entire hour you were restless, watching the clock. When the time came to leave, you drove a little to fast, wanting to be there, to understand.

You wore a simple dress, something you could throw on with ease. As always, you didn’t bother with under garments; what was the point, when you would hopefully be stripping out of your clothes within the hour. You parked, and walked rapidly to the door, waiting impatiently to be buzzed in. At last the door locks click open, and you slip inside.

You stand in the hallway, nodding to familiar faces, scanning he room for him. He is no where to be found, and you get concerned. Is he in a room with someone, without waiting for me?

You walk into the kitchen, still glancing around, listening for the sounds of sex. It dawns on you, slowly, that the people gathered here, and in the living room are looking at you with expectant smiles. You look around, even more confused, then someone catches your gaze and leads it to the floor.

Rose petals. You are standing on them. Brilliant red, soft pink, even a few scattered violet, in a long line through the kitchen. You stepped right into them without even noticing them. They lay in trail, leading around the kitchen island..and into a bedroom. You look around, and the smiles have turned into grins. You feel yourself flush, and stand there stunned until someone says “Aren’t you going to follow the path he laid for you?” You start to speak, stop..and slowly follow the trail.

You walk into the room, and stop short. The trail of petals leads to the bed. The mattress is swimming in petals, glistening in the light of two dozen candles. He kartal escort bayan is kneeling there, between the two iron candle holders, watching you. Before you can speak, he’s on his feet, in your arms. He kisses you, softly at first, then deeper, more urgently. His tongue flicks over yours, and you feel yourself melt into his grip. His kisses travel over your throat, your neck, your shoulders. You shiver at each butterfly soft touch. He slowly works your dress down over your shoulders, kissing and caressing as he goes, until it lays in a pool at your feet. He holds you tight to him, and his hands travel your naked back, teasingly, to your ass. You feel him harden against you, and you are suddenly overwhelmed with need.

He glides you to the bed, and you slip in amidst the petals. They feel like hundreds on individual silk touches. Some of the cling to you, and your realize they were sprayed lightly with some kind of oil. You look back up to him, and he is undressing. He slips out of his shirt, and you feel a surge of heat, knowing how soft his skin is. The flickering candlelight makes enchanting patterns on his skin.

He stands nude before you and it pleases you to see him erect and ready to be inside you. Your pussy throbs as he gets onto the bed beside you. He pulls you to him, and kisses you deeply. His hands travel your body, over your curves, barely grazing your nipples, then your pussy. You gasp, and know his fingers are wet from even that light touch. He kneels beside you, and takes a few petals in his hand. He runs them lightly over your face, and you cant help but to close your eyes. He slides them slowly over your neck, and your whole body shudders. The feeling is so soft, so delicate yet so moving. You reach out and grip his thigh.

The runs the petals over your chest, leaving escort maltepe little trails of scented oil. You gasp out loud as he teases your nipple, and dig your nails into his thigh. You feel the silk of the petal flick back and forth over your nipple, then he folds a petal over your nipple, and runs it slowly up and down. You cry out softly, and feel like your wetness is about to spill over. The pleasure is almost painful when he stops, and continues his slow velvet slide down your body. By the time he reaches your hips, your legs are spread wide. He bypasses your pussy, opting to tease you, to run the petals down your inner thigh. You moan, knowing he will start back up the other thigh. He does, even more slowly, letting your need build. By the time his finger run the velvet petals back to your hips, you are arching off the bed to meet his hand, to show your need. He barely grazes the lips of your pussy with a petal, and your cry out his name. You lose track of time as he teases you; running petals slowly over your damp lips, then back and forth with speed. You are reminded of when his face is cradled between your thighs,and his tongue is filling you up.

When he starts rubbing a petal-covered finger in circles over your clit you know you wont last long. Your open your eyes to slits, and watch him, his finger working you fast and familiar. You feel yourself building, feel all the muscles in your thighs and stomach tighten. You catch your breath as you cum; your hands dig deeply into the bed, your back arches, and you pump your hips into his finger. You slump back, spent, trying to catch your breath.

When you next open your eyes, he is kneeling next to you, smiling. You smile back, and lie on one arm, facing him. You slowly reach out and start running your hand over his cock. His mouth pendik escort opens slightly, and you dip your head to him, taking him into your mouth. He is solid in your mouth, and you can taste how excited he is. Pleased, you start to run your tongue over him, wanting him to feel how excited you are. You feel his hands on your shoulders, and petals rain over your body. You suck him hard, teaseling the head of his cock, trying to show him what it feels to be you. At last he gently pushes you away, and falls to the bed next to you panting. You look at him, pouting a little, that he didn’t let you finish him off.

He just smiles and shakes his head at you and pulls you into a kiss. You slide on top of him and feel him hard and hot under you. You reach down and guide his cock into your pussy. You growl as he enters you. You slowly work your hips, let yourself slide up and down his length. He takes handfuls of petals and lets them shower over your body. You are letting out little cries every time you slide down and he fills you. Your eyes meet, and you your hunger in his eyes. He sudden flips you onto your back, and you cry out with passion. You lock your legs around him as he starts to fuck you hard. You kiss as his hands slide roughly over you, rolling your nipples in his fingers. You feel him swelling inside you, and he is moaning into your mouth. Your body suddenly tighten, then seems to explode outward, just as he cries out your name and explodes inside you. You are gasping, clawing at his back, and he is pumping inside you again and again.

When its over you lie in a tangled mass, petals in your hair, clinging to your bodies. He still throbs inside you, every time he moves you gasp. You glance over his shoulder, and see people, so many people crowded in the doorway, murmuring in approval. Some of them are obviously aroused, and start to draw away, intent on making their own cries of passion. As you hold him close, you know this night, at least, they will never match what you just felt. And you smile, knowing he will be starting all over again within a few minutes.

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