Systems Engineer Ch. 01

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Each and every character swore they were over eighteen before I let them onto the page

My thanks to Remi for editing it for me.


“So, Jonathan. How are you settling in?”

“Fine, thanks. Working here is quite enjoyable,” I replied.

I’d been here nearly three months now. This was the end of my probationary period.

“Good, I’m glad. Your work performance is well up to expectations. We’re pleased to offer you the post on a permanent basis.”

The pounding of my heart eased a little. I knew that I had done well, but there’s always a little doubt when you get the call that the manager wants to see you.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Don’t thank me yet. As our new resident Linux expert I have an interesting job for you. Is your passport up to date?”

“Yes, it’s got another two years to run.”

“Good, bring it in with you tomorrow. We’ll get it off to the embassy for a work visa right away. I haven’t gotten the full details yet but you’re off to America. Some company wants to use our security suite. They already run Apache servers so it shouldn’t be a big job.”

My heart started thumping again. I’d landed on my feet here and now I was off to the States for a couple of weeks auditing my favourite operating system.

I left the room with my hands trembling in excitement. The study project I was currently working on could be put on hold while I boned up on the new project. It would be nice to be back working from the command line again.

I was in with my passport the next day, and was given a nice pile of documents to fill out. They stopped short of asking if my mother had slept with the postman but everything else in my life was included.

It took me most of my day to fill them out, including the phone call to my folks for a few details I was unsure of. The secretary who looked them over now knew more about me than any girlfriend ever had.

It was two days later that my manager called me back to his office. He stood there with his back to me when I entered, looking out on the gray British weather.

“Harrumph,” he cleared his throat and turned to me. “I’ve just got the details through about that job.”

He glanced at the paper he was holding and looked me in the face.

“Look, I know this is a personal question, but are you gay?”

A frown quickly flashed across my face. “Actually, no. Why do you want to know?”

“Have you got any problems with gay people?”

“Sir, what’s this about?”

“You’re going to a gay resort,” he stated. “But that’s not the worst of it. It’s a clothing optional place. You’ll be expected to walk around nude as well.”

It took me a second to digest the information. I was less than pleased to hear the news. I was ok with gays. They weren’t my scene but their sexual predilections were their own business. It was the nude part that concerned me.

“The gay part’s alright,” I told him. “But do I really have to walk round nude?”

“It’s part of the contract. I’ve been onto the director of sales and he tells me that that’s the reason we got it. No one over there wanted to touch it but the money is ridiculous, and there’s another five sites we can get if we do this well.”

He walked to his seat and sat, waving me to the seat opposite.

“You’ll have to go. We’ve got no one else even remotely as qualified as you, unless you want to resign, that is.”

He handed me the paper he’d been clutching, leaning across the desk to do so.

“I can promise you a big bonus if you do the job well, and I’ll throw in an extra week for you to ‘acclimatise’ that you can take as a holiday when you’ve finished. How does that sound?”

I looked at the paper.

‘An engineer to go in and audit the current system, and then tailor and install a new security suite. The firm runs a chain of gay ‘clothing optional’ escort kartal beaches and lakeside resorts. The HQ is at a lakeside resort. At a little place just outside Colombia, just south of San Andreas. The engineer will be expected to follow the company policy that only protective health and safety wear is permitted.’

My thoughts were all over the place. If it had been just working in a gay environment it would have been ok; if it had been a ‘straight’ nudist resort I could have come to terms with that, but a gay nudist resort was beyond the bounds of my thinking.

I fastened on the last sentence. ‘Only protective health and safety wear is permitted.’ I could get away with wearing overalls, and if I stuck to my room then maybe I could pull this off.

At least my body was still in good shape, even though it had been three months since I’d been in a pool. I’d put on, maybe, a couple of pounds, but the extra was layered quite thin.

“I’m not happy,” I told him. “But, I’ll give it a go. Just make sure it’s a big bonus.”

The worried look vanished from his face. “Thank God. I’ll even fly you first class.”

True to his word three weeks later saw me flying into San Francisco with all the trimmings, beautiful airhostesses waiting on me, champagne with the evening meal, and a suitcase stuffed with overalls.

I was met at the airport by a limo and rode in air conditioned comfort up to the resort. It was a little disconcerting having a naked bell boy take my bags but the receptionist was a mouth-watering delight.

When I told her who I was she had me follow her to some back office, giving me a nice view of her back and her jiggling buttocks along the way. Brushing past her sun bronzed 36 D’s as she ushered me into an empty conference room was enough to give me a raging hard on.

Some old guy, figuratively old that is, his silvery hair belying his nude body’s athletic looks, came in shortly afterwards and indicated me to sit.

“Mr…. Ah.” He flipped open the folder he’d brought with him. “Mr. Bently, you’ve caught us at an awkward time. I’ve just fired the systems admin. He was, ah…, making unauthorized videos. Um…, well…, can you bear with us and give us a few days to sort things out?”

“Not a problem, though I would’ve liked a poke around your installation, have a look at the code, but that can wait,” I replied.

“Er…, I can see you’re still dressed. As you’ve just got in I’ll overlook it. I’ll send Julie in with a bag for your clothes, then she can show you to your room. Have a few days holiday on us and I’ll be in touch when we’re ready for you to start.”

With that he stood and I watched him exit the room.

Julie appeared minutes later to find me half undressed. My cock had subsided considerably, down to five of its engorged seven and a half inches. Seeing Julie approaching, her breasts swaying with glimpses of her fanny below her landing strip, was enough to start it upwards again.

I continued removing my shoes, hiding my growing erection. She hung the sports bag on the chair next to me, putting the wristband and dongle on the table in front of me, her bronzed breasts swinging past my eye-line as I slipped my feet out of my trousers.

She looked at me with a little smile.

“I’ll help you pack,” she said, reaching for my shirt where I’d tossed it on the table.

I sat back up, bringing my trousers over my lap, temporarily hiding my erection while I made an elaborate show of folding them.

She plucked them from my hands, seeing the size of my erection for the first time.

“Oh, the boys are just going to love you,” she declared.

“I’m not gay,” I protested

She laughed, sitting back on the half drawn out chair. “With a Johnson like that, gay or not, you’ll be fighting them off.”

She had another maltepe escort little giggle to herself as she packed my trousers away.

“Come on, give me your shorts as well. I don’t care if you’ve got one inch or twelve, I’m not going to touch it.”

Reluctantly I half stood and eased my shorts down with my thumbs.

She might not want to touch it but she certainly took her time admiring the view.

She stood and put them away, then retrieved my jacket from the back of my chair.

“Have you brought sandals with you? Walking around in shoes will make you look odd,” she informed me. “You can get a pair in the shop. Oh, and it’s better if you ease yourself in the toilet as well. You don’t want to walk through the hotel with an erection like that.”

I felt the hot flush colour my cheeks.

She laughed again at my embarrassment. “Seriously, there’s a john through that door over there. Go on, I’ll wait here till you’ve finished.”

I felt the warmth in my cheeks again as I stood and, with my cock bouncing, I walked to the door indicated. Inside I watched as my cock deflated again, the image of admiring glances from the men flushing the sexual arousal from my mind.

She looked straight at it as I exited.

“Here, you can carry your bag in front, just in case,” she said, offering the bag to me.

“And this is the key to your room,” she went on, picking the wristband from the table.

I stepped back into my shoes with her still eyeing me up.

“Come on, then, let’s get you some sandals,” she said, turning and walking to the door.

I followed her, studying her long legs and well rounded ass till my cock twitched, then as she led me back into reception and into the throng of naked bodies it felt like it was shrivelling up, with cocks and breasts of all sizes visible around me.

The shop was at the back, with a view of the lakeshore, with dozens of people lounging and playing. In the shop a hunky guy came over to attend to us.

“Who’s the boyfriend, Julie?” he said with a leering grin. “You gone bi on us?”

“Jake,” she said, ignoring the jibe. “This is the IT guy from England. Can you fix him up with a pair of sandals?”

“Yeah, sure.” He looked me over. “What size are you?”


“That’s an English nine. Size ten for us,” she chimed in.

“That’s ok. They’re all over here. He can take his pick.”

I followed him over to a rack, dropping the bag down to browse.

“Wheee oop,” he whistled. “Wow, that’s some meat.”

From beside me Julie laughed. “Steady, Jake, your charm won’t work on this one. He’s straight.”

“Straight,” he echoed.

“Yes, heterosexual. There are some around.”

“Wow,” he repeated. “What a waste.”

“Not to some lucky girl,” she replied.

“Are you feeling lucky? Or you don’t want to make Jaclyn jealous again.”

The verbal jousting was taking place above my head as I half crouched, half sat on the bag to take my shoes and socks off. I stood again and selected a pair from the rack, Indian type ones with toe loops.

As I turned and dropped one of the sandals to the floor they were standing a yard apart, half smiling at each other. I tried the sandal on. She was right, an American size ten fit. I dropped the other and slipped my foot into it, then crouched again to pack my footwear.

I glanced up at the now silent pair to find them both looking at my dangling cock, it’s head nearly brushing the floor. I felt like some prize horse being examined. I stood back up and turned to Jake.

“Right, where do I sign?” I asked.

“You can use your door key over at the desk,” Jake informed me.

I followed over to the desk, clutching the bag at my waist to cover myself. He had me pass the disc dongle over the reader after he tapped a few keys.

“Come on, then,” Julie pendik escort bayan ordered me.

“See you later,” she said, tossing the remark to Jake over her shoulder as we left.

She led me out of the hotel and up a little path into the wooded area at the back. Set amongst the trees were little wooden cabins.

“This is the staff area. You’re number thirteen, one of the singles in the executive area,” she informed me.

My disc unlocked the door and there inside was my luggage placed alongside the bed. I looked around. Besides the bed there was a little kitchen area and through an open door to the side I could see a shower, and presumably a toilet as well.

“Make yourself at home,” she told me. “Food is served in about an hour and a half. See you then.”

She shut the door behind her and I walked over and flopped onto the bed. I unpacked my clothes and retrieved my phone. UK time was two thirty in the morning. I’d slept well on the plane over but my body clock was urging me to sleep now.

I took a shower, running the water cold at the end to perk myself up. A strong cup of coffee as well wouldn’t have gone amiss.

I got my iPod out and lay back on the bed. Plugged into my music and thinking of the mornings events, it was like some topsy turvy land. I was the subject of glances and stares from the boys, while most girls ignored me. It would take some getting used to.

I must have dozed off because the next I knew a loud knocking at the door stirred me.

“Come in,” I shouted, pulling the sheet over me.

“I can’t. It’s locked,” came back the melodious voice.

I threw the sheet back and rolled off the bed.

At the door was a stunning looking girl. I could feel my cock twitching in response. She had honey blond hair, as a glance to her pubes confirmed, nice firm breasts and gorgeous, tapered legs.

“I’m Jane. Julie suggested that I look in on you and take you to lunch.”

I could feel my cock thickening and rising. She looked straight at it.

“Julie said you had a nice one. A bit of an understatement if you ask me,” she said, her voice softening as my cock started reaching for the sky.

“Can I come in?” she asked.

“Oh, sorry,” I said, stepping back and opening the door wider.

“I was to be your contact here. I work the IT help desk, but Jason has screwed that all up with his voyeuristic porn films. I’m in limbo like you while the police investigate,” she explained.

She crossed the room in front of me and sat, perched on the edge of the bed, her eyes on my cock as I followed and sat next to her.

“Well, I was going to take you to the staff canteen but you can’t walk around like that,” she said, referring to my now fully erect cock. “Jo’s going to have a fit when she sees the size of it.”


“Josephine, Mr. Johanus’s secretary. She likes them big like you.”

I could see her nipples hardening as she nervously smoothed one hand down her thigh, then a little smile crept onto her face. She leaned towards me, her hand stretching out and touching my cock with her fingers.

“I’m putting my marker down now,” she said as she swivelled and went to her knees before me. Her hand circled my cock as she bent forward and licked at the head, her hair cascading over my thighs.

I sat there in stunned silence as she pushed my legs apart and took me into her mouth, her tongue stroking the underside as her lips slid over it. Her hand started pumping me as she licked around and around the rim.

It took her only a few minutes to work her magic on me, giving me an orgasm and a half as my seed filled her mouth. She stopped pumping but kept licking, stretching my orgasm out for long seconds more as she sucked and licked to the last dribble.

“There, that was just a quickie. Now, if you go and wash the smell of sex off, I’ll take you for something to eat.” She smiled suggestively as she spoke the last words, perhaps imagining me eating her out as I wanted to.

She followed me into the bathroom and leaned against the wall, watching as I rinsed my cock in the hand basin.

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