Take a Little Ride

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On a gorgeous Saturday morning in mid-July, Katie stared morosely at the ceiling. It was barely eight o’clock, but there wasn’t a chance in hell she was going to fall back asleep. Her girlfriend, Riley, had left obscenely early to help one of her friends finish baling the hay in what seemed like his endless fields. For the last few weeks, he’d been short on help and Riley volunteered to help him out. Riley’s love of a challenge and easy going personality drew her to trying something completely new.

While Katie could appreciate her girlfriend’s newest adventure, she missed Riley. The weekends were their time to play and cuddle and just spend time together after a long week of work. For the past month, Riley had been gone from sun up until sun down every weekend, returning with enough energy to shower and fall into their bed. As far as Katie was concerned, it had been far too long since they had some one on one time. The longer she stared at the ceiling wishing Riley would suddenly appear beside her in bed, the more she wanted to go see her.

What if I surprise her with lunch today, Katie wondered to herself. It sounded like a good idea and maybe, just maybe, she could manage to get Riley to herself for a little while. Katie jumped out of bed and began to plan the seduction of her girlfriend with lunch and a few other sweet treats.

Katie climbed into the shower with her head full of ideas, longing, and anticipation. She took the time to shave and make sure her entire body was soft and silky smooth. The hot water running across her body and the thought of Riley’s hands on her skin made her nipples harden and her body tremble with desire. She let out a barely audible moan as she soaped her skin and tugged gently on her nipples. By the time she had finished her shower her pussy was throbbing with thoughts of her girlfriend.

Going to the closet, Katie picked out a deep blue sundress she knew Riley loved to see her wear. It clung to her curves in all the right ways and made a bra unnecessary. The dress looked perfect against her tanned skin and long dark hair, which she decided to wear loose around her shoulders. Almost as an after thought, she slipped on a lacy thong underneath her dress. Glancing in the mirror, Katie knew she looked both sweet and sexy in her sundress, which she planned on using to her advantage.

Next, Katie found a picnic basket and a blanket large enough for the two of them to sit on while they ate. Into the basket she packed chips, sweet tea, strawberries, and whipped cream; she planned on picking up sandwiches from Riley’s favorite sandwich shop on her way out to the farm. With everything ready, she loaded up the car and set out on what had the promise of an adventure.

By the time she had picked up the sandwiches and arrived at the farm, it was almost one. The farm was huge and sprawled across hundreds of acres of land; she had no idea how she would find Riley in this vast expanse of land. Luckily for her, Riley’s friend James, the owner of the farm, came walking out of the barn towards her car as she tried to figure out how to find Riley.

“Hey there, gorgeous,” he called out as he walked towards her.

“James! You’re here just in time. Do you know where I might find my girlfriend?”

“That I do. Want me to take you to her?”

“Sure! I’ve brought her a picnic. You don’t mind if interrupt her work for a little while do you?”

As he watched her step out of the car, his eyes travelled over her dress and the basket. Grinning, he could guess that she had more than a picnic planned for Riley.

“I don’t mind at all. She could use a break from riding that tractor. By the look of you, it seems like you plan on giving her one. A break from riding the tractor anyway,” he replied with a wink.

Katie smiled to herself as she climbed into the passenger seat of his truck and they rode in companionable silence out to the field Riley was working on. When they got to the field, Katie jumped out of the truck, grabbed her basket, winked at James, and set off towards the spot where Riley had stopped the tractor.

“Baby, what’re you doing here? Is everything okay,” Riley asked before she fully took in the sight of her girlfriend sauntering toward bağcılar escort her in the dress she liked so well with a basket in her hand. Something about the look on her face made Riley instantly wet.

Katie sat her basket down without responding and wrapped her arms around Riley’s neck, pulling her in close for long, deep kiss. Their kiss lasted for several minutes before Riley pulled away gasping for air; if she’d been wet before she was soaked now. Satisfied that her girlfriend was suitably speechless, she gave her a quick peck on the lips before explaining her surprise visit.

“I thought it’d be nice for us to have lunch together. Your weekends have been so busy that we barely see each other. I wanted to surprise you with a treat and get you off that tractor. According to James, you’ve been riding the tractor for too long. So let’s eat, baby.”

With that, she turned around and began spreading the blanket on the ground. While Katie was bent over adjusting the blanket, Riley had a lovely view of her toned, tanned legs that disappeared under a dress she wanted nothing more than to take off of her. Once the blanket was settled, they spread out their lunch and ate. Riley immediately went for the strawberries, but Katie gently smacked her hand away and said they were for dessert.

Riley nodded and obediently ate her sandwich and sipped on her sweet tea. She had to admit, it was a wonderful lunch, but she was dying to get a taste of the strawberries. Red, ripe, and delicious, her mouth watered looking at them. Or maybe that was the combined effect of the strawberries and her gorgeous girlfriend reclining on a blanket in the middle of an empty field. Her thoughts began to wander as she fantasized about pushing Katie onto her back and making her cum.

Smirking as she watched Riley get lost in whatever fantasy was playing out in her mind, Katie seductively motioned for her to come rest her head in her lap. Whatever her girlfriend had in mind, Katie had her own plan. As Riley laid her head in her lap, Katie picked up a strawberry and teasingly flicked her tongue against its soft, sweet flesh. Riley stared transfixed at her mouth and absentmindedly bit her lip. Katie slowly bit into the strawberry and let the sweet red juices trickle out of her mouth before she licked her lips.

“Want a taste,” she asked Riley as sexy smile spread across her face.

Eyes wide, Riley nodded and licked her own lips in anticipation. Katie picked up another strawberry and teasingly traced the shape of Riley’s mouth with it. She ran it slowly along her top lip and then her bottom lip before allowing her to bite into it. Katie repeated this several other strawberries before she noticed that Riley’s hand had slipped into the front of her shorts so she could play with herself.

“Take your shirt off and lay on your back,” she commanded. Without a question Riley did as she was told.

“Now close your eyes. Don’t move.” Knowing Riley would listen, she opened the whipped cream and squirted a thin line onto her bare stomach. Katie loved the way Riley’s skin broke out in goosebumps as the cold cream landed on it. Letting it sit for a few seconds, she licked the cream off Riley’s stomach. She repeated this process a few times before using a strawberry to wipe the cream up and then placed it between Riley’s lips, allowing her to taste the fruit of her seduction.

“How did that taste, baby,” she purred seductively.

“S-so good, Katie. Can I have some more?”

“Of course, but now I want you to open your eyes and watch me.”

Riley opened her eyes and met Katie’s gaze as she unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her legs followed by her panties. Katie eyed her appreciatively before kissing her stomach right below her navel. Maintaining eye contact, she slid lower and continued leaving a trail of kisses down to her mound. Riley moaned excitedly as Katie squirted whipped cream onto her pussy and licked it up. As she lapped up the whipped cream, her tongue quickly dipped between her lips to stroke her clit before returning to her mound.

Katie was overwhelmed by the taste of her girlfriend’s pussy, the saltiness of her skin, and the sweetness of bahçelievler escort the whipped cream. She again squirted whipped cream onto Riley’s pussy, but this time, she ran a strawberry through it before placing it in her own mouth. The juices of the strawberry and those of her girlfriend exploded on her tongue. Katie did the same with the last strawberry, but allowed Riley to taste herself on the ripe, sweet fruit. She then began to lick all of the whipped cream of her girlfriend’s pussy.

Her tongue danced along her lips and gently flicked her clit before sucking it into her mouth. Katie was no longer playing a seductive game, her control had snapped as she lost herself in the taste and feel of Riley’s soaking wet pussy. Riley’s body tensed as Katie ate her pussy like she was starved and she tangled her hands in the thick dark hair that she loved to pull. No sooner than her first orgasm hit, Katie buried her fingers in Riley’s pussy.

“You’re fucking loving this aren’t you? You love that you’re wide open in the middle of a field while I finger that hot pussy of yours, don’t you?”

“YESS,” was all Riley could manage to scream out as Katie’s fingers pounded in and out of her.

Watching another orgasm build, Katie slowed her pace and taunted Riley. She went back to slowly working one finger in and out of her, while using her thumb to lazily circle her clit. Just as Riley began to relax, Katie slammed three fingers inside of her and began rubbing her clit more aggressively. She kept this cycle of teasing and then relentlessly pounding Riley’s pussy up until Katie knew she wouldn’t be able to take it much longer. As she picked up the pace for the final time, Katie buried a finger slick with Riley’s juices into her ass as she worked two fingers in and out of her pussy.

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” Riley cried out.

Katie just kept pounding and lowered her face to Riley’s pussy. She sucked her clit into her mouth and it sent Riley over the edge. Neither one of them was sure how long it lasted, but Katie kept her face buried in Riley’s pussy until her legs stopped shaking. Then Katie crawled up to her mouth and kissed her softly, before collapsing breathlessly beside her. They lay side by side for a few minutes catching their breath before Riley rolled over and suggested it was time to put her pants back on.

“Hold on,” Katie said giggling as she sat up. Riley was content to lie there and look at her, but then all of a sudden Katie was up and running through the field. Bewildered, Riley realized that she had only been left with her soaked panties as Katie was now running off with her shorts.

“You bitch! Come back here with my shorts!”

Katie just continued to move farther away and Riley was forced to follow. They were a sight running through the field. One in a dress that barely covered her thighs as she ran and the other missing most of her clothes. Finally, Riley caught her and tackled her onto the grass and pinned her down underneath her own body. She covered Katie’s breathless, laughing face in kisses before retrieving her shorts and putting them back on.

“Wanna go for a ride in the tractor,” she asked still laughing at her beautiful girlfriend.

Nodding, Katie agreed and they went to pick up the remnants of their picnic. It was late in the afternoon before Riley climbed into the tractor and positioned Katie on her knee in the tiny cab. It was a tight fit, bit neither minded very much as Riley fired up the tractor. They rode in a blissfully content silence for a while before Katie noticed how excited she was getting.

From her position balanced on Riley’s knee, she could feel her pussy begin to throb. The humming of the tractor and close proximity to the girlfriend she had just finger fucked in the middle of a field set her senses on edge. Katie subtly tried to grind her pussy on Riley’s leg, but that left her wanting more. As the tractor hit a slight bump, Katie felt Riley’s shorts shift enough to leave her leg bare against Katie’s mostly bare ass.

It won’t be long before she feels how wet I am, she thought to herself. Sure enough, Riley noticed her wetness, but said nothing only wrapping her arm tighter bahçeşehir escort around Katie’s waist and moving her leg underneath her. Riley could feel the desire building inside her girlfriend, so she casually slowed the tractor and came to a stop.

“Babe, why’d you stop?”

“Did you want to keep riding, Katie?”


“Then you need to get in a better position.”

“How do you want me then,” Katie asked in an almost innocent voice that was breathy with anticipation.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Riley said as she grabbed Katie’s legs and positioned one on either side of her so they were chest to chest. Katie’s breathing quickened because she knew what was coming.

“I think I know what you’d rather ride, Katie. It’s not the tractor, is it,” she said as she slipped her hands underneath her dress. Riley grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her against her.

“No. I want to ride you. I want to ride your fingers…I want to ride you hard…please,” Katie whispered.

Riley pulled her hands out from underneath her dress and grabbed Katie’s face. She kissed her hard and their tongues met as their mouths collided. Riley could feel Katie moan into her mouth as she pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders revealing her breasts. Her nipples were hard and begging to be pinched and tugged. Riley took them between her fingers and squeezed, rolling them between thumb and index finger and tugging. With her other hand, Riley grabbed a handful of Katie’s hair and used it to turn her head to the side. She began licking, nibbling, and then sucking on her neck and throat. Riley knew there would be bruises and the thought made her want to leave more.

“I want you to beg for my fingers inside you.”

Katie whimpered and moaned and begged to be filled. Riley let her hand slip between Katie’s thighs as she tauntingly rubbed her pussy. She let her fingertip barely part her lips before dragging it up to her swollen clit. When she pulled her hand out from underneath Katie’s dress her fingertips were coated in her juices. She held them up for Katie to see and placed them against her mouth.

“Suck,” was all she commanded and then Katie was sucking on her fingers and caressing them with her tongue.

Riley stared at her. Katie was so fucking hot straddling her in the cab of the tractor. There were marks forming on her neck and throat, even in the sensual curve of her shoulder. The top half of her dress was pushed down and her perfect breasts were spilling out, practically begging to be sucked on and played with. From there her legs were spread causing her dress to ride up past her hips, revealing a lacy thong that was soaked with her juices. Then were her eyes bright with excitement, yet dark with anticipation of what was to come. She’s what’s about to cum, Riley thought to herself.

“Are you ready to ride, slut? I expect you to ride hard because I won’t do all of the work by myself.”

“Yes! Oh, please! Yes! I promise to ride hard. Please just fuck me, baby.”

That was all Riley needed to hear from her. She slipped Katie’s thong to the side and immediately buried two fingers as deep as they would go into her pussy. Katie began to bounce herself up and down on Riley’s fingers while Riley pounded them into her. The sight of Katie’s perfect breasts bouncing up and down caused Riley to suck one into her mouth as she pounded Katie’s unbelievable hot, wet pussy.

All she could focus on was the sound of Katie’s moans as she begged to be fucked harder. Who am I to deny that request?

Katie’s pussy was dripping as she worked herself up and down on Riley’s fingers. She was so wet and riding so hard that she didn’t realize at first that one of Riley’s fingers was plunging in and out of her ass without resistance. It felt so good that she lost control of what she was saying and thinking and let herself be filled.

Seeing a chance to really fill her up, Riley added a second finger to her ass while she was bouncing and riding. The unexpected fullness of both her ass and pussy sent Katie over the edge into an orgasm that never seemed to end. When she finally came to her senses, she noticed that all of the windows had fogged over and the cab smelled of pussy.

Looking up, she nervously smiled at Riley and kissed her gently. With a satisfied smile, she murmured, “That was some ride, huh?”

Riley just nodded and laughed as she kissed her sweet, beautiful girlfriend and imagined having to bale more hay after knowing what just happened in that tractor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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