Taking Louise’s innocence… ready?

      Yorum yok Taking Louise’s innocence… ready?

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I had agreed to Susan and her Daughters crackpot idea, for me to be Louise’s first.

Sue came to my place. We needed to talk.

“Are you positive that this is a good idea?”

“Look she wants to have sex, either with you, which she wants”. “Or some random.” “Where she will still be clueless.”

“Can’t she wait for Mr Right?”

“She says that she has waited long enough, all her friends have done it already.”

“So they say.”

“How do you two think this is going to happen?”

“With you, in your bed.”

“Where will you be while this is happening?”

“Never thought about it.”

“Is she a virgin?”

“Never had a boyfriend long enough really.”


“Been on the pill over two years. Doctor done it. Helps her periods.”

“Ok. This never goes beyond us three. Ever.”

“Well I’m not going to shout it from the rooftops am I?”

“I still want to talk to her beforehand though.”

“I was going to bring her here next time anyway.”

“To watch you cleaning around naked?”

“To speak to you. Sarcastic twat.” “You have two days till the big day.”

“Can you bring her here tomorrow?”

“”Suppose so.”

Sue must have thought that was the end of that.

Leaning in for a kiss, her hand went for my crotch.

I had her tongue deep in my mouth and she was rubbing away at my cock.

She then whipped off my t shirt, and began to undo my jeans.

My jeans and boxers were around my ankles.

Sue had all of my semi hard cock in her mouth. As it grew she tried to keep it all there. Deepthroating was not for her no matter how many times she tried. After she gagged on it, she resumed sucking. I could hear her going mmmm as she gave me one of her best blow jobs.

“Take your time will you.” “I want you naked too.” and “your parcel was delivered.”

The parcel bit stopped her.

Kneeling there, my cock in hand inches from her mouth. “It’s here?”

“You walked past it when you come in.”

Sue was up and away to get it.

I almost stripped off.

You could see the excitement in her face when she come back. Parcel in her hands.

“Go on, open it then.”

Out burst the toys. All wrapped in that welded plastic that you normally need a chainsaw to open.

Sue tried hiding the strap on back under the box.

She looked delighted with the magic wand. “I thought you were going to but it from elsewhere?”

“I had to put you off the scent.”

Then picking up the mini vibrator. “What’s this?”

“Another surprise, get ready and you will find out.”

“But I have a surprise here for you.”

“Surprise me when we get back.”

Sue had a quick look at the purple dildo and the little white one, seen them used them.

“Why am I getting ready?

“I need some things from the supermarket, and you can see if there’s any sexy lingerie there. My treat.

I was ready. But still had to open the vibrator to put inside Sue’s knickers. I grabbed it.

“See you in the kitchen.”

I managed to open up the package, work out where the batteries went and gave it a little test before Sue walked in.

“What you doing?”

“Just making sure this worked for you.”

“What is it exactly?”

“Here slip this into your knicks, make sure its comfy.”

She inspected it, then dutifully placed it in her panties. I would have thought there would have been more questions. Never mind.

“If you’re ready then lets go.”

As Sue made her way to the door, I had another look at the remote and hoped that I would be able to remember the way it worked.

Although there was plenty if available parking spaces closer. I chose one a little further away. Sue asked why. All I could think of was. “Don’t want my car getting clipped here.”

Letting Sue walk on ahead I switched on the vibrator. The shock put her off her stride.

“You didn’t say that you were going to do that.” “Can you hear it?”

“Its a surprise isn’t it?” “No you cant hear it.” “But can you feel it?”

“Yes I can feel it. Turn it off while we are in here.”

She grabbed a trolley.

The clothing department was at the front of the shop, we spent what felt like an eternity looking at bra and brief sets, basques and stockings. I paid for her things, and let her walk on just ahead again.

I had to fiddle with the remote, to work out the right way around for the buttons, before turning up more. I thought it funny when she got that surprise.

“Its not fucking funny.” “What do you need here?”

To be honest I didn’t need a thing. The shop was the first thing that come to mind to try out that vibrator.

“Erm, just some cans, wine and them pizzas we like.”

We had to stand in the queue, I thought this was my last chance of the day, and turned it up again to max.

There was no fright this time. But there was a look of concentration on her face, she had her eyes shut. Was she biting her lip?

I turned it off.

It looked like Sue relaxed when the buzzing stopped.

She leant towards me and said. “Cunt, I will get you bursa escort back for that.”

When we managed to get back to my place, Sue pulled the vibrator from out of her knickers, it was wet and covered in goo. “Have you seen this?” “Do you know what its done to me?”

I really wanted to have a taste of it, to taste her juices on it. Instead I walked up to her and pulled her leggings down along with her panties.

Grabbing her between her legs I felt how wet she was, I’m sure that if I lay beneath her then she would have dripped down on me like a leaking tap. Slipping in a couple of fingers into her greasy pussy, I grabbed at her arse with my other hand. Before Sue had the chance to speak I started to kiss her. Slowly finger fucking her, as our tongues met.

Sue managed to pull away. “No not this time.” “I’m in charge here, after what you have done today.” “Get your arse on that bed!”

Lying there naked, hard and wondering what she was up to.

Sue was naked too, back and forwards in and out.

The lights were switched off, we were in darkness.

I felt Sue get on the bed, then her hair brushing my face, before a long kiss. I tried to touch her, she put my hand down. Then took hold of my cock. I felt her hair on my belly this time. I knew I was going to be sucked.

As her mouth glided up and down on my shaft I felt her hand start to caress my balls, I opened my legs more to accommodate her some more. When I done that she then moved my legs further apart.

Before returning to stroke my bollocks for just a moment. The sucking stopped too, but with her mouth still round my cock.

I’m sure I heard a click.

Sue resumed sucking me.

I felt her hand between my legs and thought that she was going to carry on massaging my balls again, until I felt something cold and wet below my sack moving towards my arse.

“Get ready.” was all she said before slipping a finger into me.

She was sucking me and at the same time poked my hole with that lubed up finger, then two fingers were working my arsehole.

“Are you ready for the next bit?”

Unsure what was next I did say yes.

“Turn over and get ready for a surprise.”

I lay on my front.

“No no on all fours.”

Then I thought about the strap on.

No sooner had I thought about it, then I could feel the tip against my ring.

Sue gently rubbed the tip around my hole. Before beginning to slide her imitation cock into me.

As I felt my hole open up to accept the cock, there was a little bit of a sting there, which then developed into a more intense pleasure as I got used to it.

Then Sue began to slowly fuck me. Holding me by the hips, she rode away at me. I tried not to enjoy the pleasure. It was too much, I heard myself saying faster then harder.

She pulled back out of me. I was hoping that she was just teasing me and was going to insert it again.

“Enjoy that?

“Yes.” “I thought you would have guessed that.”

There was a bit of shuffling in front of me.

“Fuck me like that please.”

Sue had arranged herself on all fours in front. I went to slip myself into her pussy.

“No not there, where I had you.”

“Where’s the lube then?”

“Already done it.”

Sure enough her little hole was wet and with no resistance it took my cock easily.

I paused a moment to get used to the feeling, before starting to fuck her.

Sue started gasping and moaning straight away.

I could hear the sound of a vibrator, that familiar buzz. Then Sue moved herself a little before groaning really loud. At the same time there was vibrations on my cock. Her anus had become tighter, sue was fucking her pussy with the purple dildo as I fucked her ass. The sensations were unreal. I slid in and out of her, and she matched my strokes with this buzzing dildo. It became too much, far too soon, and I started to cum inside of Sue. I didn’t expect Sue to cum but as I pumped my last drop, I felt her ring tighten on me. Then again. She whipped the dildo out of her pussy on the third contraction.

Sue dropped down, my softening cock slipped out of her.

“Fuck I needed that.” “Especially after what you done to me at the shops.”

I lay on top of her, just supporting my weight.

“If you didn’t turn me on so much then I wouldn’t do it.”

“We have to get cleaned up.” “There’s still a matter about my daughter to sort.”

I gave Sue a couple of minutes alone in the bathroom, before going in and starting the shower.

As we washed each other down. “Are you bringing her up tomorrow?”

“If that’s what you want.” “What do you want her for anyway?”

“I want to make sure she wants to do it, and lay down some rules.”

“What like?”

“I don’t know yet, but there must be some.” “Want some pizza before you go?”

Sue drank juice while I got started on the lager. Pizza in the oven.

“I think she will have to suck cock, make herself cum, love her body, and take it up the arse.”

“In that order?”

We ate, I began to get myself drunk.

Sue had left for home. I’m not a big drinker and ended bursa escort bayan up in bed not long after she had gone.

The day for the interview, as I called it.

I managed to get out of bed, wondering how so many of my friends could drink a lot more than me and not be ill the next day.

I had some coffee, then showered and had a shave.

Sue must have sent a text while I was in the bathroom. They wont be long.

I put on the customary t shirt and jeans but never bothered with my boxers.

During another coffee the two of them arrived. Sue wore the leggings that she normally had on, and a sweat top. She would have been sweating on such a nice day. Louise was wearing a short summery dress, not sure if there was a bra there. But she looked gorgeous. My cock stirred.

Over coffee we chatted, sitting at the table, there was tension in the air, but nobody brought up the reason why we were here. Until Sue said “I’m going to sort out the bathroom and get some washing done.” “I’ll leave you two to it.”

I wished that she would have stayed. I got up and lit a cigarette,

Louise turned to face me, and crossed her legs. “Was she flashing?”

I stood there about five feet away from her. Trying to focus on her face and not trying to look up her skirt.

“Are you sure, deep down sure, that you want to do this?”

“Yes I want you to take my virginity.” She smiled. She was gorgeous.

“So you’ve never done it?”

“Never had a boyfriend that I wanted to have sex with really.”

“Ok.” “What have you done with your ex-boyfriends then?”

“I’ve let them play with my boobs, touch my fan.”

“Anything else?” I could feel it growing now.

“I played with Johnny’s a few times till he cum on my hand.”

“Were you turned on when you were wanking him?”

“A bit.”

“Did you suck it?”

“He wanted me to, but he cum before I got the chance to.”

“I suppose that your mother has told you what to expect, and what I want us to do?”

“Expect what?”

“All about sex.”

“Oh yes, she told me everything.” “I can ask her anything, and my mam would tell me.”

She crossed her legs again. This time slowly. This little cock tease has no underwear on. My cock is throbbing now.

Then Lou asks “Are you sure you want to fuck me?”

“Oh I’m going to take you tomorrow.” I almost said that I was going to fuck her. But that would have gave the wrong impression. I thought.

She stood up and made her way to me.

“Anything that you want to do now?”

“No not today, there’s plenty tomorrow.”

Thinking, “come on Sue rescue me please.”

“Back in a min. just going to find your mam.”

Following the noise. Sue was in the bathroom. “How long you gonna be?”

Sue looked me up and down. “Why?” “Do you want to fuck her now?”

Trying to cover the bulge in my jeans. “No that’s tomorrow, isn’t it?”

“Just teasing you I know that you wouldn’t do it today.”

“Couldn’t do it to Lou today. But it will be legal tomorrow.” “If you were not so involved then I might have though.”

“I see that she must have teased you a bit.”

“Don’t know if she meant to.” “Or if she knows that she has no knickers on.”

“Close that door and I will relieve you.” “If you want me to?”

Sue took my cock into her mouth and sucked away, her mouth so wet. I could have cum then.

Instead I pulled my cock away. “Thought that i’d save that for tomorrow.”

“What about me?” “Have I not got needs too?”

“You have your toys to keep you company for now.”

We kissed, I gave each of her tits a squeeze. and tried to slide my hand between her legs. But they were held tight together.

Returning to the kitchen I gave Lou a little fright. I was not sure what she was doing, but I suspect she was having a little play while she was alone.

If she only knew what her mother was doing to me before.

Sue bustled past, on her way to feed the washing machine. “Thank fuck for the cavalry.” I thought.

“Coffee everyone?” Said Sue on her way back in.

“I’ll give you a hand.” Leaving Louise sitting there.

Whispering to Sue “I’ve changed my mind.” “How about finishing what you started before?”

“Oh no, your saving yourself for tomorrow.” “I’ve got all day and night planned with my toys.”

“Ok then, when you two go I will be wanking myself silly then.”

“What you two bickering about?”

I nearly said “nothing.”

Sue got in with “I was giving him a b.j in the bathroom, until he wanted to stop before he cum.” “Now he wants me to finish him off.”

“Well you can suck him off I wont mind.” “In fact it would be good to see how to do it.”

“Not today you’re not.” “He will have to wait too.”

I had to whisper “So you don’t want licking?”

“Just wait.”

The two women sat there. I got up for another cigarette. As I looked at them Louise moved so her legs were on show to me. Every time her mother spoke, she made sure that they kept eye contact, and flashed at me.

As exciting as it was with her flashing I couldn’t make out too much of escort bursa what was on show. I was unsure of the colour of her pubes, if there was any. Without making it blatant I couldn’t see her slit either.

‘Interview’ over and done with. It was time for them to get away. Susan led the way to the front door, once she opened it Lou ‘dropped’ her mobile. Knowing I was behind her, she bent right over letting her skirt lift high, revealing her shaved pussy lips and littlest of little holes.

After picking up her phone she turned, smiled and said “See you tomorrow.”

Sue opened her car and came back to me. “Don’t go wanking yourself please.”

“I wasn’t going to.” “But it would be good if you played with yourself and told me all about it.”

Sue leaned in for a kiss. I made a meal of it since we had an audience, my tongue deep in her mouth, I had handfuls of Sue’s arse, and her hand on my cock.

“Fuck I forgot she was in the car then.”

“I didn’t.” “It will give her something to think about for tomorrow.”

The day finally had arrived.

I was already at the front door when they pulled up.

When they got out of the car, I couldn’t but notice that they were dressed in almost identical outfits. Sweat pants and baggy vests/t shirts kind of thing. I did notice that Sue did not have a bra on, her tits swung around too much and that caused her nipples to become erect. Louise however, I couldn’t tell what she had on underneath.

As soon as they were through the door I closed it, and made sure it was locked. No unwanted visitors today thank you.

I had only managed to say Happy Birthday to Louise, when she had her arms around my shoulders and she began kissing me. No cautious little kisses, full on kissing.

I had to have a little feel, I ran my hands down her sides from under her arms, thumb and heel of my hand brushing over a little bit of breast, very firm, down over her hips before grabbing some firm buttocks.

“I’m here too you know.”

I pulled away from Lou. “Hello to you too.”

Opening my arms out to Sue, she walked into my arms and kissed me too.

“Hello hope you had a good nights sleep.” She kissed me again, this time her tongue was well into my mouth, searching for mine.

“I thought today was my day, not yours.”

“It is my love, I was only saying hello.”

Louise muscled in on me again. After watching her mother kissing she had to do the same.

This time I grabbed her arse and had a good feel and squeeze.

I heard no complaints. So I slipped a hand up Lou’s top. No bra but really firm tits, her nipples were nothing like her mothers, these were smaller. They barely stood out. I couldn’t wait to see these though.

Still no complaints. I wanted to be doing this on my bed but hey ho, I went for it and moved down to the waistband of her pants, edging my fingertips further and further down. There was a strip of hair that I could feel, maybe two inches long, before I touched the tip of Lou’s slit.

“Will you two get in the bedroom.”

I prayed that her mother was going to leave us to it. After all it was partly her idea too.

“This way.” I led Lou to my bedroom, with the freshly made bed. Made by yours truly.

As we lay down our arms wrapped around each other, and we continued kissing. Her lips were as soft as her mothers, if it wasn’t for the fact that Louise’s body was a lot more firm, then she could have been her mother so far.

I had to pause with the kissing to sit up some and get access to her top. As it was pulled over her head, her long I suppose, mousey hair covered her face. But what I noticed even more were her naked breasts, so pert, just over a handful. These were the greatest pair that I had ever seen, never mind touched.

With both hands I cupped each breast, fascinated by how firm they were. The way her aerole puckered when her nipple rose that little bit.

Going in for it I began to suck om those marvels, cupping them squeezing them I had saliva all over them.

“Lie back.”

Louise lay there, her tits barely changed shape.

I slipped off her trainers, and started to slide her pants off her.

Her pubic landing strip same colour as her hair, freshly shaved either side, and her pussy lips, although a bit puffy looked like nearly every other pair.

Now it seemed it was my turn.

Lou now on her knees, whipped my t shirt off over my head in no time and began to undo the button on my waistband.

For being a novice she certainly knew how to strip a bloke.

Once my jeans were off though.

As I lay back down, my cock absolutely solid.

Lou had her first moment.

As she looked at it. “What do I do now?”

“Take hold of it.”

Christ Sue was watching us!

With that Sue sat on the bed, reached over and grabbed my cock. “Just stroke it gently like this.”

Now Louise’s turn.

At first her grip was a little tight, she seemed to relax, as she did her hand relaxed too.

Then she began to wank me slowly. She seemed amazed by the way my foreskin moved, and could cover the tip and then peel back to reveal my glans.

“Go on put it in your mouth.” “Want me to show you?”

With that Sue moved herself closer, took hold again.

Sue seemed to relish, sucking on my cock as her daughter watched intently.

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