Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the

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Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the
Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the Week – Chapter 11: Shelly’s VIP Performance
She definitely had our attention. With just her bra and thong on, Shelly sat back down with Jim. She had her hand on his thigh and was stroking her way to his crotch. She expertly unzipped his fly.
Let’s turn on the audio. Every station has isolation microphones in each arm of the chair or couch. We’ll hear their voices, but not the loud music that’s playing. Ariel told us. “We’ll be able to hear almost everything they say.”
She flipped another switch and Shelly’s voice came through the sound system.
So, Mr. Jim, why don’t you slip those trousers off.
He did. Now he sat there just in a pair of boxers.
What would you like tonight? She asked.
The loud music was barely audible in the background. Her hand rubbing the bulge buildng in his underwear.
I was kind of interested in your breasts. Can I see and touch them, maybe suck on your beautiful nipples? He answered. “Then maybe will see where that leads.”
Amy began to move a bit faster on my crotch. My cock was buried in her wet cunt as far as my jeans would let it penetrate.
You two need to get a room. Ariel laughed glancing over at us. “Thorn, why don’t you take off your jeans so Amy can get all of your cock in her hot little pussy.”
Yeah dad, your jeans are starting to rub me raw. Amy stood up. “Take those off.”
Here Amy, you can sit on my lap while your dad takes his jeans off.
Amy sat on Ariel’s lap. I remained in the chair to take off my custom made cowboy boots, which by the way, is no easy task. Then I got out of the chair to remove my jeans.
Standing there, as I was removing my jeans, I watched as Shelly removed her bra and set her amazing tits free for Jim. Then she straddled him and he began rubbing the swell of her breasts and tweaking her nipples. Shelly kind of pushed him down on the couch and was now on top of him, her big breasts hanging down in his face.
The audio continued. “You can suck on my nipples Jim.” Shelly told him. “If you suck my nipples, I’ll suck your cock.”
Jim wasted no time grabbing her tits and then sucking her firm nipples.
I told you she’d suck him. Ariel broke me from the trance of watching Shelly with another guy.
I was feeling mixed emotions. I was being turned on by watching her with him, but tinges of jealousy were there too.
I turned to respond. Amy was now naked on Ariel’s lap. Amy’s head was leaning back into Ariel, her eyes closed, face against her cheek. Amy’s arm was around Ariel’s neck. Ariel’s left hand was tweaking Amy’s nipple and her right hand was busy in Amy’s pussy. Ariel smiled at me, then she turned her head slightly and the two of them locked lips.
Oh yes baby, suck harder. Shelly’s voice again. “Rub my butt.”
I turned back to the window. Jim had a nipple in his mouth and his hand on Shelly’s ass. As I watched, his hand slid under the thong and he began stroking her slit.
Oh yes, that feels so good. Use your fingers, put them inside.
Jim wasted no time complying with Shelly’s wish. Shelly purred as Jim worked his fingers in and out of her wet pussy.
Okay daddy, sit back down so I can ride that hard dick that’s sticking straight out. Amy was at my side.
I sat down and Amy impaled herself on my cock. Now with it fully inside her, she leaned back into my chest. With one hand she massaged my balls, with the other she was rubbing her clit as we watched Shelly.
I still think she’s going to fuck him. Amy said. She was getting very turned on watching her friend with the stranger.
I’m still betting on just a blow job. Ariel replied. “Here’s the bet, if it’s just a blow job I win, I get to fuck your dad. If it’s both a blow job and she lets him fuck her, you win and your dad lets you dance tomorrow night. Deal?”
Do I have a say in this? I asked.
No! They both said in unison.
Besides said Amy. “You’ll win either way, because Ariel’s going fuck you either way I’m sure. So, let’s up the ante, if I win, I get to go into the VIP room with a guy.”
Before I could protest, Shelly’s excited voice came through the speakers. “Oh my it’s huge!”
That’s why the girls all call me Big Jim. Was his reply. “Still think you can live up to your name?”
Wow! Look at that thing!” Amy stopped riding me and was staring through the window. Jim’s boxers were off now. Shelly was holding Jim’s dick.
That’s the largest cock I’ve ever seen on a white man and I’ve seen plenty. Ariel had leaned forward in her chair, her eyes wide, her lips parted.
Looking through the window at this guy’s penis was intimidating. I wasn’t too small in the penis department, but his made me feel like I had a pencil dick. He had meat sword. It was shaped like me one of those swords you’d see in a fantasy video game.
It was at least ten inches long, maybe twelve. The head of it was much smaller than the shaft and somewhat pointed. It then widened to an incredible width before slimming down to a somewhat regular circumference, the guys penis was a freak of nature. His balls were huge too.
It was so wide below the head that Shelly couldn’t get one hand fully around it. If not for the smallish pointy crown, I doubted any girl or woman, other than one with an exceptionally big mouth could take him.
As we all watched in awe, Shelly closely inspected his cock. She now had her other hand on it too. Her head then went down, she pursed her lips and with her tongue just barely out, she began tracing it. Licking the shaft and crown, using her tongue to probe in his cum hole.
You may win the bet Ariel. Amy broke the silence. “I don’t know how she’d get that thing in her little pussy.”
Not so fast, Amy, she’s has a better chance taking him in her pussy than her tiny mouth. Her pussy will stretch, like when giving birth, it will hurt, but it should fit in. Ariel replied.
You’d be surprised as to how wide she can open her mouth. Amy came back. “When we cheer at football games she can open it so wide she doesn’t even need a megaphone!”
Shelly was now licking his shaft with her tongue fully extended. His mighty cock was shining, wet with her saliva. Then she opened her mouth and took the pointy head fully in. She stopped right after the crown was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in. Slowly she moved her mouth up and down on it.
Just as Amy predicted, she descended on the wide shaft, taking it slowly in. She adjusted her position so her head could tilt back. More and more of his flesh sword disappeared, apparently descending into her throat.
From our angle we couldn’t tell just how much of him she managed to get in. Then slowly she lifted her head until only the crown remained in her mouth. Saliva was dripping from her mouth and his cock. Jim had a wide smile on his face.
That was good, you were close to getting it all in. He told her.
Letting the crown slip from between her lips she looked up at him. “I’m far from done yet.”
She returned for round two. Taking him again.
Holy crap! Amy exclaimed.
Incredible. Ariel added.
I just watched in silence. How was I going to compete with that guy’s cock? I was now really jealous.
Shelly’s head was bobbing up and down on his cock. You could see her cheeks puff out and her neck expand as it plunged into her throat. Each time it reached maximum penetration his balls would rock under her chin.
I couldn’t believe she hadn’t gagged.
Shelly finally took a break and came up for air. Globs of saliva hung from her mouth and his dick.
Jim, I’d like to feel that monster inside me. Would you like to upgrade to that? Shelly started feeling under the couch.
Sure. He said. “I’m sure you’ll be the tightest little pussy I’ve ever tapped.”
I glanced at Ariel. “Upgrade?”
Yes, he’ll have to pay extra to fuck her. I see she remembered where the condoms are stored. She better choose an XXL for him. I think the XL will be too small.
This should be good. Amy said as she began rocking on my cock again. Her pussy was wetter than ever.
Shelly selected a condom and pulled out the container of wipes. She then expertly opened the condom and slid it over Jim’s saliva coated massive organ.
Do we have to use one of those? Jim asked.
House rules. Shelly simply stated.
Good girl. Said Ariel. “She remembered the rules and where they’re stored. We have storage drawers under each one, condoms along with baby wipes for cleanup.”
Amy stopped rocking on my cock and leaned forward to watch her best friend take the largest cock she’d ever seen.
Shelly straddled Jim on the couch and slowly lowered herself onto his cock. The pointy crown entered her with no problem. She rocked her body back and forth slightly with just the crown going in and out.
Slowly, now that she was getting a feel for it, she began to rock back harder. Each time a little more of his wide circumference would enter deeper into her love cave. We could see the look on her face. It was a mixture of pleasure, pain and determination. We could also see her pussy being stretched wide.
Uhhhgh, fuck, ahhhh, your so big! Shelly told him.
You don’t have to take it all in. He replied.
Hold, uhhh, my hips, ahhhh and help eeew, me. I want, ugggh, as much as, ahhh, I can get, ohhhh fuuck, the thickness, it feels amazing!
Jim took hold of her hips and as she rocked back he helped push more of himself into her. Little by little, his shaft disappeared. Now, each time she rocked forward, white cream from her pussy painted his cock as her pussy lips stretched. His enormous shaft was pulling and stretching her them outward.
Then Shelly suddenly stopped rocking. Jim’s cock was about halfway in.
I just need to relax a few seconds. She told him. “Then I’m going for it.”
I can’t believe I’m seeing this. I finally spoke.
Amy ceased her motion on my cock, just as Shelly had done on Jim.
It’s incredible. Amy chimed in. “I can’t wait to ask her how that giant dick felt inside her.”
Okay, let’s do this. Shelly again.
She leaned forward. As she did his cock pulled her lips unbelievably outward. Then, with a mighty push back aided by his hands on her hips and a simultaneous thrust, she took all she could inside her love tunnel.
Aaaarrrrggghhh, FUUUUUUUUCCCCCK! Shelly exclaimed as his huge cock buried inside her until only a few inches remained. Apparently he had bottomed out.
She quickly recovered and pulled herself forward as the two of them began fucking. Jim’s cock was like a well oiled piston. It rammed in and out of Shelly’s love cylinder repeatedly. Cream began foaming from her excited cunt. It painted his condom covered cock’s whole length white.
They continued this frenzied pace for what had to be ten minutes. Then Shelly’s body began quivering. Her head bowed down and then up. Her head moved side to side. Her eyes repeatedly opened and closed then rolled up into their sockets.
Oh fuck, oh yes, fuck yes, ugggh, aaahh, fuck, fuck, FUCK! Shelly was going wild. “I’m, oh yes, fuck yes, I’m fucking cumming!”
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, Ohhhhh my fucking lord! She screamed, her arms gave way, she collapsed onto his chest.
Holy crap. Ariel hissed. “That was some show.”
Speechless, I just nodded.
Oh my. Was all Amy could say.
Shelly lay there panting on Jim’s chest. His cock was still slowly pumping her. Shelly finally spoke.
That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Did you cum Jim?
Babe I can’t cum with one of those damn things covering my dick. I need skin on skin contact. He told her.
Fuck. Said Ariel. “I’m going to have to talk to this guy and see if I can get him cleared for bareback sex.Then I can bend the rules myself!”
I glanced at her. One hand was under her gown and most likely stroking her pussy, the other was on her exposed breast pinching a nipple. Turning my attention back to Shelly and Jim, the action continued.
Shelly peeled the condom off of Jim’s cock and folded it into a wipe. Then she placed it in the small waste can at the end of the couch.
Jim’s cock had shrunk a bit and Shelly wasted no time in bringing it back to full extension using her hands. Then she licked and slobbered her saliva all over it.
How about a little tit fuck before I show you how I can live up to my stage name? She asked.
Jim nodded. Taking a breast in each hand she buried his cock in her tits and began working them up and down on his wet penis. My dick would have disappeared in her boobs. His didn’t. The head of his cock and a couple güvenilir bahis şirketleri inches of shaft poked above her cleavage as she worked her tits on it.
That really feels good. He told her. “I could cum like this.”
As his cock would surface, Shelly would stop the tit fuck and take his cock in her mouth. She’d work on it with her lips and mouth for a couple minutes, then resume the boob massage.
Gosh I mish my boobs were big enough to do that. Amy said. “That looks like so much fun. All the guys are attracted to her big tits. Maybe I’ll save my money and get a boob job.”
Honey, Right now they seem to be great, but later in life she’ll wish she had nice pert boobs like you. Ariel told her. “She’ll need a boob job to keep them high and tight. They’ll eventually start to sag and give her back problems.”
Just then Jim’s voice came over the speakers.
Hey babe, I’m getting close. He told Shelly. “Uhhh, really close.”
As Jim’s cock appeared at the top of Shelly’s cleavage, the first blast of sperm erupted, catching her totally by surprise. It shot up and splattered her forehead then slid down onto her nose. She recovered nicely and took his cock in her mouth in the middle of the next powerful spurt, which hit her chin as she descended to take it in her mouth
We could see her throat working to swallow what it could. He was shooting so much cum that she couldn’t quite keep up with it. Cum, mixed with her saliva, was slipping from her lips. He grabbed her head by her ears and held it there as he apparently finished pumping the last of his seed into her throat. Then he released her.
Shelly came off his cock, showed him cum still in her mouth, then swallowed. There was creamy sperm that had escaped on both sides of her lips. She used her fingers to scoop it back in her mouth and swallowed that as well.
How was that? She asked.
You did great. Lived up to your stage name, that’s for sure! Are you working tomorrow night?
I am, and my best friend is too. You’ll love her, she’s a hot redhead. Maybe the two of us could entertain you.
I’d love that, two hot chicks, doesn’t get any better than that.
Yes! Amy chimed in. “I can’t wait for tomorrow night.”
Just one minute young lady. I don’t think we agreed on this. I told her.
Yes, we did, I’m dancing and I’m going to go in the VIP club. She argued. “You already know I can fuck and suck, I should be able to try it out on other guys too. Besides, you and Ariel can fuck in here while you watch us. I could tell that watching Shelly was turning you on as much as me. Your dick felt a lot bigger.”
We argued back and forth. Her mind was made up. As we argued Amy twisted her torso and lower body towards me. At the same time she took a firm hold on my nut sack and dug her fingernails into my balls to make her point. The pain was excruciating and really there was nothing I could do to stop her. I finally relented to keep from losing my manhood!
Okay, I give up. It’s your life and if that’s what you want, that’s what you can do. Was my reply.
That’s better, now I’ll release you from my grip.
I breathed a sigh of relief. My nuts hurt like hell and I’d lost my erection. My cock was barely in her pussy.
Turning our attention back to the VIP room, Shelly and Jim were nowhere to be seen. I looked questionably over at Ariel.
“They cleaned up and left while you two were arguing. Shelly is being brought here. She should be here any minute.
Amy dismounted me and began dressing. I did the same, carefully pulling my jeans over my sore crotch. A knock sounded at the door and we could see Shelly standing outside with Ryan. Ariel buzzed her in.
Shelly was glowing. She excitedly began telling Amy about her experience with Jim.
Did you see the size of his cock! That thing was humongous! It felt incredible in me, I’ve never felt so filled up in my life. It really hurt the first time, the stretching, OMG, I thought he would split me in half. I felt like he was all the way up in my stomach with it. How about the amount of jizz he shot! Holy crap, I thought I was going to drown. I could barely swallow fast enough! You’re going to be amazed when you try it out tomorrow night!”””
I know, I can’t wait! Amy replied.
Alright girls, you can talk all about it on the way back to the hotel. I need to get back and get some rest, I still have a tournament to compete tomorrow. I broke in.
Is it okay if we stay? Shelly asked me. “Ariel told us we could stay with her tonight if it’s okay with you.”
I’m going back to the hotel with dad, Shel, if you don’t mind, I’ve got some things to discuss with him. You can stay though. Amy answered before I could.
I guess it’s okay with me if Ariel’s good with it. I told her.
I’ll take good care of her. You and Amy run along. We’ll see you here tomorrow night. Ariel told me.
Amy and I said our good byes and left the two of them as they excitedly chatted about Jim and his huge cock.
In the car we drove for about ten minutes. Neither of us saying a word. I finally broke the silence.
I’m sorry, Honey, I just had a problem visualizing you with that huge dick buried in you. I’m still your dad you know. I started. “I know I haven’t been the greatest of fathers, being gone all the time playing in golf tournaments, and of course, there’s the womanizing factor too.”
Amy looked over at me and spoke. “I think you and I have a gene or a chromosome or something that makes us crave sex. It’s like we’re addicted to sex. Shelly is too. She and I have done lots of sex related things together for a long, long time. I didn’t quite tell you everything about me and Shelly’s dad. You are the first to fuck me, but I have sucked her dad’s cock. More than once. I really got interested in sex watching you and Aunt Bev. She and I had some great discussions.”
I looked at her. “You knew that Bev and I were having sex?”
Yep, she described every little detail to me. I had my first sexual experience with her. Remember, she shared my bedroom with me. We really had fun when Shelly would sleep over.
This was news to me. This was again an information overload week. I never thought of Amy that way, as a sex fiend. I thought she was more like her mom.
Her mom and I had basically stopped having canlı bahis şirketleri sex after her younger sister was born. She just lost interest. Not that there was much there anyway. Sex was always the same, her on top until she climaxed, get me off as soon as possible and then clean up. No cuddling in the afterglow. Hardly ever letting me try a new position. Her sucking my cock was never even in the mix.
It was boring. So, of course, I began looking for sex outside our marriage. The golf tournaments provided a never ending supply of willing women wanting to have sex with a professional golfer. I couldn’t help but take advantage of that.
In my wildest dreams, though, I never imagined I’d be having sex with my daughter and her best friend. Amy’s voice brought me back out of my thoughts.
Anyway, there’s nothing that can be done to change things now. Let’s hurry and get back to the hotel. I’m still horny as hell. We never finished fucking while we were watching Shelly. This time I want you to fuck me, be rough with me, not make love to me.
I sped up.
Okay, when we get back to the hotel, I’m going to fuck you like a total stranger! I told her.
Now we’re talking. She said as she unfastened her safety belt and leaned over. Her head was on my crotch and she was blowing hot breath through my jeans.
I pulled into a vacant spot in the hotel parking lot. It was right under a light. I got out and went around to the passenger side. Amy opened the door and climbed out. I grabbed her and pushed her against the side of the SUV.
What are you doing? She yelped.
I said nothing. Unbuttoning her blouse, I pulled it partially down, effectively pinning her arms to her side and exposing her firm breasts. Her nipples were hard as diamonds. Hiking her skirt up to her waist I slid my fingers into her wet cunt.
Somebody might see us! Ignoring her I spun her around, pushed her inside the open door face down on the seat, and unzipped my jeans.
Good, my little slut daughter, maybe I’ll let them have a go at you too.
My cock was rock hard. I spread her ass cheeks and buried it in her pussy. Long stroking her. I made sure to pull all the way out before slamming my cock back in her again, over and over.
Amy was making little moaning sounds as I fucked her. I was getting close to exploding. I stopped.
Don’t stop! She cried. “I was close to cumming.”
Me too. We’ll continue this in the room. I pulled her up and out of the car.
I don’t know what had gotten into me. I’d kind of lost it. Thinking of her wanting that guy’s big dick set me off. She wanted a fucking and I was going to give it to her, daughter or not!
I hadn’t tucked my cock back in yet. Amy dropped to her knees on the pavement and took me in her mouth. Her hot lips and tongue went to work. She brought me to the verge of squirting a load and stopped. I groaned.
There, now we’re even daddy. She said with a smirk on her face. “Now lets go to the room and finish the job!”
I zipped up and she re-buttoned her blouse. A couple rounded the cars and gave us a strange look. I had no idea how much if any of our little show they had witnessed. Amy laughed and took my hand leading me towards the entrance.
At the room, she entered first and by the time I’d locked and latched the security clasp, she was already naked except for her heels. She led me to the couch pushing me down on the cushions.
I’m going to practice my club lap dance moves on you. Pretend like you don’t know me. I’m now just a hot exotic dancer you’re paying to get you off. She started swaying to music that was playing in her head.
I had to admit, watching her and making believe she was just a dancer in a club, was really turning me on.
Why mister she said “What’s that I see in your pants? Maybe I should take a closer look.”
She knelt down in front of me and began unzipping my jeans. My hard cock popped out. She started stroking it with her hands.
You like that? You want me to do more? How about this? She she said taking the head into her hot wet mouth.
She sucked and licked the head of my cock while she jacked the shaft and used her nails on my nut sack. It was incredible. She released my cock head with a loud slurp and lowered her hips down pushing her pussy towards my wet cock. I could see the wetness on her lips protruding from the lovely soft auburn hair there.
Taking my cock in hand she placed it at the entrance to her love hole, just inside her lips and began undulating. Again an incredible sensation pulsed from my cock to my nerves. I started to reach for her intending on bringing her down and penetrate her hot pussy.
Oh no, Mister, no touching! You just lay back and enjoy. She smirked at me, totally in control.
For the next half hour she tormented me practicing her moves for the upcoming night at the club. I had to admit she was very good.
Finally I’d had enough. I grabbed her and roughly threw her facedown on the couch with her hips over the arm. Then, grabbing her arms and holding them behind her back, I roughly began fucking her.
Ugh, fuck yes dad, argh ugh, fuck, fuck me hard. She repeated over and over.
She was so excited my cock was making wet slurping sounds as I thrusted in and out. White pussy cream coated my cock. I let go of her arms and she braced herself meeting each of my thrusts in by moving her hips back into me, taking me deeper than ever before.
My hands now free I spread her ass cheeks and watched as her pussy lips stretched in and out with each powerful thrust. Then, rubbing my thumbs in her wetness, I began using them to push on her tiny puckered butt hole. Slowly penetrating her with one, then the other thumb.
Oh yes! Yes, that feels amazing. She moaned.
With two thumbs in her ass, she wriggled against my hands. My cock was pulsing my balls aching for release from everything the night had brought.
I’m going to cum. I told her.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.” She chanted raising her ass as best she could to meet my thrusts. “Me to!”
With a hard push I buried my cock deep into her hot wet cunt and shot load after load of my seed. I came so hard my balls ached.
God that was great daddy, you need to fuck my ass, just like you used to fuck aunt Bev’s. She hissed as I withdrew my softening penis. “I want to feel your dick in my ass, not your thumbs or fingers.”
We’ll see about that. I said as I helped her up from the couch.
Aunt Bev said it was great and I want to try it. She added.
My little girl had become a sex fiend just like me. We showered together and went to bed. Thank goodness I had a late tee time the next day.

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