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She came bouncing down the stairs all ready to go to the gym, and god, she looked stunning. I’m talking about my sister, Tami. She’s been after me for a month to take her to the gym with me so she can get in shape for the summer, not that she really needs to. She looks great to me the way she is, although, at 18 and a senior is high school, she is a ‘late bloomer,’ as mom constantly says, which drives Tami crazy. She’s a little on the thin side, but still looks great. I think it’s her face that sets her off. She has a beautiful face with the most appealing blue eyes I’ve ever seen, and an awesome ass. For her birthday last week I gave her a present of three months as her personal trainer at the private gym where I work.

For most of her life, Tami was a gymnast, and had the body to go with it, except she was a little tall. At five feet nine, she towered over the other girls in her class, so she dropped out a couple years ago and had lost some of the body tone she had when she was active. That’s what she wants to get back, as well as to gain a little weight, especially in her breasts, which are still quite small.

I’m three years older than Tami. In high school I was a wrestler, and always took good care of my body and kept in shape, and still work out regularly. When I graduated from high school three years ago I went to a local college and took classes to be a personal trainer and nutritionist, and when I finished the course, I got the job at the gym. The owner was my wrestling coach, Mike, and he encouraged me to take the courses and work for him. It pays well, and during the past two years I’ve managed to build up a good client base; good enough to move out and into my own apartment, which is not far from the gym. I manage the gym when Mike’s at school during the day, and he takes over in the evening. I like the hours; I work Monday through Friday, eight to four, and two or three evenings during the week. He gets in around four, and I can leave, but I usually schedule a few clients during the evening. He pays me a good salary, and the clients pay the regular membership fee and my fee, so it works out well for both of us. He’s also paying for my class to become a massage therapist, so I can add that to my regular duties once I complete the course.

I told him what I wanted to do for Tami, and he gave her a three month free membership. If she continued using the gym after that, he said that he would give her a good discount and wouldn’t charge the standard initiation fee. He’s a really good guy, and it was because of his generosity that I was able to give this gift to my sister. I offered to continue helping him with the wrestling team, especially during tournaments when he needs me. We have a good working relationship and friendship.

“Let’s get started!” Tami exclaimed as she gave me a hug in appreciation and headed out the door to the car. Yea, she looked good from behind. She was wearing black leotards and a pink sweater, and had her light blond hair pulled back and tied, showing off her beautiful face. Her hair normally falls down to her shoulders and I like it better that way, but this was good for the gym.

“Tomorrow I can drive myself; mom will be home and said that I can use the car.”

“I don’t mind picking you up. It’s not that far from the gym, and it gives me a little break,” I replied.

“What are we going to do first?” she asked, “I can’t believe I have a personal trainer for three whole months! This is the greatest gift ever!”

I could tell she was excited to get started.

“Today will be a little boring, I’m afraid,” I relied, thinking that it would be. “I need to give you a tour of the gym, have you sign a contract, and then take your measurements, set goals, and develop a work out plan that you can agree to.”

“Take measurements and sign a contract? You’re taking this seriously, aren’t you?”

“I’m treating you just like any other client, and the contract is part of the routine. You have to keep to the contract just like anyone else.”

“You don’t have to take my measurements; I know what they are.”

“Measurements are part of the routine. I’ll have to take them, and we’ll repeat them every two weeks to chart your progress. I enter everything into the computer, along with your goals, and it makes suggestions for exercises and other things to meet your goals. It’s a sophisticated program, and everyone has to do it, Tami. Besides, the diagnostic plan is free, so you should take advantage of it.”

“Ok, this is so exciting. I haven’t felt this way since I gave up gymnastics. It’ll be good to get back into a workout routine. Thanks again, Jason.”

It only took about five minutes to arrive at the gym. We went inside and I introduced Tami to Mike, although they had already met. Tami came to many of my wrestling matches, but that was a few years back. I also went to her gymnastic meets.

“You’re in good hands, Tami. Jason will take good care of you.” Mike told her.

I gave Tami the tour of the facility, and had her check to make sure the women’s locker room was empty before I took bursa escort her in there and showed her around. Once we got back to the counter, I got out her folder, which I prepared that morning, and went over the contract with her. It called for her to commit to training at least four times a week.

After reading through its many pages, Tami said, “This all sounds good, and I promise to be your best client. Where do I sign?”

I showed her where she had to sign and initial each page. After that, we were ready to begin. I got my clip board and her client sheet and sat down with her in the lounge, and started asking her questions.

“What’s your primary goal?”

“To get my athletic body back,” Tami replied.

“What areas of your body do you want to improve?” I asked.

“What do you think?”

“Tami, I’m the trainer, you’re the client. You tell me,” I replied.

“Seriously,” she said, sorta sheepishly, “What do you think needs improved?”

“Seriously?” I asked. “Well, first I would work on developing your arms and legs to regain the muscle tone you’ve lost over the past two years of inactivity.”

“Inactivity? I’ve been active, Jason. Just not as active as I once was.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t been working out like you were.”

“Do I look that bad to you?”

“No, you look great, you just need some toning up, that’s all.”

“What else should I work on?”

“Well, how are your abs?” I asked, noting that with the leotards I couldn’t see them.

“They need some work, too,” she replied, noting that she feels she’s gotten a little flabby.

“We can do that. Anything else?”

“Boobs. They’re still the size they were when I was in gymnastics, which isn’t very big. Can you do anything about them?” she asked.

“We can work on that. I’ll want to put you on a weight regiment with a supplement to help you add a few pounds, and do some targeted exercises and work out routines to, well let’s say, add the weight in the right places.”

“You can do that?” she asked.

“We can try, Tami. We’ll see what we can do.”

We talked a few more minutes, and then I suggested that we get her measurements.

“Do we have to do that?” she asked, “I mean out here in public and all?”

“We could do the measurements in my office if you’d rather,” I suggested. I had done that with some other clients in the past. I took Tami into my office, showed it to her, and then suggested that we get started.

“Where are you going to start?” she asked.

“I usually begin at the bottom and work my way up,” I said, kinda laughing at her nervousness, which was also a reflection of my own. It’s different taking the measurements of a stranger than it is my own sister. For some reason, I was also a bit nervous as I got out my tape and started.

“I’ll begin with your calves, then your thighs and hips,” I said as I knelt down on one knee to take the measurement of my sister’s lower legs. I reached out and placed one hand on the back side of my sisters leg, and as I did that, something went through my body. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it was an awesome feeling. My hand lingered on my sister’s leg much longer than necessary, and she noticed.

“How long does it take to do a stupid measurement?”

“I have to get a sense of, ah, a sense of the tone of your legs as well as the measurements, so I have to feel them too,” I replied, trying to think of something that might explain why I was feeling her leg.

I did this to both of her lower legs, wrote down the measurements, and then went on to her thighs.

When I looked up at my sister, my face was about even with her crotch, and I saw the most beautiful camel toe ever. Her lips were protruding under her leotards, making a distinctive and visible outline of her pussy. I also noticed that her leotards were tight against her skin, signaling that she had little if any pubic hair. The things you notice when you’re taking someone’s measurements.

I didn’t move my hands to my sister’s thighs, I slid them up her legs, feeling the softness of her skin as I felt my way up to the bottom of her leotard, which was about one-third of the way down her thigh.

As I slid my hands up her leg, I noticed that she broke out in goose bumps, indicating that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

When I got my hands to the middle of her thighs, I massaged them for a second or two.

“I just need to get a sense of the muscle tone of your thighs,” I said, barely able to get the words out.

I knew that I was going to have a problem now, because as I felt my sister’s thighs, I also started to get hard, and there was no fucking way I was going to be able to hide an erection in the exercise pants I was wearing.

Slowly, I took my tape measure and slid it around my sister’s right thigh, measured it, and then recorded the measurement. I repeated the process with her left thigh, although I took a few seconds to massage it as I did the other. God her skin felt so fucking good to me. I had never felt any part of my sister’s body before; and bursa escort bayan never wanted to before this. This was unfolding to be the most erotic measurements I’ve ever taken. I felt her left thigh, front and back, and massaged it a little and looked like I was studying it, which I was; not to measuring anything but for the sensation it was giving me.

I then decided to take another measurement, one not called for on the form, and one that I had never before taken. I slid my hands up to Tami’s upper thigh, just below her crotch and slowly felt the innermost part of her thigh all the was around to the lower edge of her buttocks, taking time to feel them too, and measuring each side.

Before I moved on, I took another look at my sister’s camel toe, and I swear that it was more visible now, and I could also see a little wet spot right in the center.

I stood up and quickly moved behind my sister so that she wouldn’t see the protrusion between my legs. I told her to let her arms reax because I needed to measure her hips.

I placed my hands on my sister’s sides, just below her arm pits, and let them slide down to her waist, and then let them glide along her hips to the sides of her ass. I let them linger there for a moment, gently massaging and feeling her as If I were feeling for muscle tone.

“Nice,” I said, almost beneath my breath.

“What’s nice?” My sister asked.

“You’re gluteal muscle tone. Very firm, which it should be at your age.”

“So, that’s a good thing, right?” she asked.

“Oh yes, that’s a good thing, Tami. A very good thing.”

I took out the tape and slid it around my sister’s hips to get a measurement at the widest point. Pulling the tape around her hips, I slid my hands slowly around, feeling her ass as I took the measurement.

I then let my hands glide up the sides of my sisters hips to her waist. I took my hands and gently felt her waist, all the way around, and then took the measurement. By this time sweat was beginning to bead above my upper lip, and my cock was straining for release from my shorts. I didn’t know if I would be able to finish taking the rest of her measurements.

“What’s next?” Tami asked. By the tone of her voice, I could tell that this was a turn on for her, too.

“I need to measure your abdomen, your chest, your upper arms and your neck,” I replied.

“Do you take this long with everyone you measure?” she asked.

“No, but I want to do a, you know, a thorough job with you, Tami,” I replied.

“Thanks. This isn’t as bad as I thought it would be; it’s, ah, quite, ah, pleasant.”

“Ok, stretch your arms straight out as I measure your abs. Breathe in,” I instructed my sister.

I let both hands gently trace around my sister’s abdomen. At this point I wished that she didn’t have on a leotard so I could see and feel the softness of her flesh, but this would have to do.

“We’ll need to get you something else to work out in, sis. After we finish I’ll take you over to the work out gear section and get you some things.”

“What’s wrong with what I have on?” she asked.

“Nothing, but I really need to take the measurements against your skin, and I can’t get to it with what you have on.”

“What do most of the girls wear to work out?”

“We sell a work out sports bra that’s popular, and run up shorts to go with them. We also have a line of Ziba shorts that would look especially good on you,” I replied. “You would also look great in a pair of our fitted workout shorts.”

“Sounds expensive.”

“Tell you what, when we finish we’ll check out some things. Since it didn’t cost me anything but my time for your birthday gift, it will be my treat. Besides, my employee discount cuts the price in half.”

Tami we excited about this, and turned around and threw her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you so much, Jason, you’re so sweet!”

Tami held the hug a little longer than I expected and as I felt her body pressing against mine I was certain that she could feel my erection as it was pressing against her crotch.

“We, ah, we need to get back to the measurements,” I said to my sister as I took her arms from around my neck and turned her around so that she was again facing away from me.

“Where were we?” I asked, looking at my clip board.

“You were about to measure my abs,” Tami reminded me, “but you said that you needed to do it against my skin. I don’t have anything on under the leotard, so we can get that measurement the next time if you want.”

“No, I’ll go ahead and get it and the rest of them now, and we’ll take them again the next time.” That seemed to please her, and it pleased me as well. I didn’t want to stop taking her measurements just yet.

I reached around to the front of my sisters abs, and gently massaged them from behind, feeling from her belly button to the bottom of her breasts through the thin fabric of her leotards. After I softly felt and massaged this area, I put my tape around her abs and took the measurement, writing it down on my escort bursa sheet.

“Now, your chest,” I announced as I ran my hands back up my sister’s sides to the soft place below her arm pit where her tits begin. My sister’s leotard had a tank top, so her skin was visible at this point, and up a couple of inches on her breast when her arms were extended. Reaching out with my finger tips, I gently touched this soft area of my sister’s flesh, and let my fingers glide along the open part of her tank top, tracing a semi circle around the sides of her breasts. Again, I noticed an outbreak of goose bumps on my sister’s flesh which coincided with a spurt of growth in my erection as I felt this soft area of my sister’s flesh. I let my fingers linger here as I slowly moved then in a small circular motion, letting them slide a little further toward the nipple, causing a rush of panic that maybe I had taken this a little too far, so I immediately brought my hands back to her sides, causing a rapid exhale from Tami, acknowledging that the rubbing was effecting her as me.

I took out the tape and placed it around Tami’s chest area, noticing that her nipples were now quite erect. I pulled the tape around to her back and took her measurement.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“About what?” I answered.

“My breasts, stupid.”

“I think they’re beautiful,” I said without thinking.

“I mean what do you think about their size?”

“Honestly, I’m more of an ass man. I always say that when it comes to breasts, more than a mouth full’s wasted anyway.”

“Well, mine are hardly a mouth full, are they?”

“I haven’t paid that much attention,”

“Well, you said that they’re beautiful, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did, and through the leotard they look beautiful, Tami. I’ve always thought you’re beautiful and that goes for your body as well.”

“Really? You think I’m beautiful?”

“Yeah, I do, and lets get on with the measurements, we’re almost finished.”

“Ok, and then we talk.”

“Only two more measurements, your neck and upper arms, then we’re finished.”

I placed my hands around Tami’s neck, and gently rubbed from the base of her neck to the front, and down her chest to the beginning of her breast, again sliding my fingers along the soft flesh of her breasts toward her nipples, going about half way.

I pulled my fingers back, causing Tami to shiver.

“Christ, that feels good. Do you do that when you give a massage?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“I want one.”

“We have to finish the measurements,” I replied, taking the tape measure and placing it around her neck and recording the measurement.

“Only one more to go,” I announced.

“Let your hands relax by your side as I measure your upper arm,” I instructed.

I placed my hands on my sister’s shoulders and massaged them for a few seconds before letting my hands glide down her arms to her finger tips, and then started moving my hands back up her arms, feeling her arms as I did so. I got to her upper arms and gave them a quick massage as I felt her flesh. As I felt her arms, my fingers also glazed across the sides of my sister’s breasts, causing another stir in my groin, and by this time I was afraid that I might shoot my load in my pants. Taking my sister’s measurements was a much more erotic experience than I thought it would be.

I took out the tape and measured both upper arms and recorded the measurements, and then let my hands slide down my sister’s arms to her finger tips and back to her shoulders. I then let them slide down the inside of her arms while brushing against the side of her breasts on the way down and again on the way back up.

I stood behind my sister looking at her, and for the first time in my life began to have sexual feelings for her. I mean, I wanted to undress her right then. It was a very awkward moment as neither of us moved or said anything for about ten seconds, which is a long time.

Tami slowly turned around, with her face so close to mine I could feel her warm breath, and our lips were almost touching.

In a soft and seductive voice, Tami asked, “What do you, umm, what do you suggest we do now?”

Reaching up and placing my hands on her hips, knowing that this could soon get well out of hand, I replied, “I suggest we go look at some work out clothes and then I take you home.”

“Ok. Can you stay for dinner? Mom suggested that I ask. She would like to have you for dinner, Jace.”

Jace. My sister hadn’t called me that in over a year, ever since I left home. She used that name when she wanted something, you know, when she was turning on her charms trying to get me to take her to the mall or something.

“I’d like that, too,” she continued, not moving her face from mine. I was sure that she was going to kiss me, and I thought I was going to kiss her, but it didn’t happen. Yet, anyway.

“Let’s go look at some of those work out clothes you suggested. Maybe I can try on something and see how it looks.”

We left my office and walked out to the gym. I let Tami go before me so I could make a few adjustments before I left my office, trying desperately to hide my erection. That might be difficult to explain, coming out of my office with my sister with me sporting an erection.

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