Tasha Brown’s Moving Day Ch. 01

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Note: This is my first attempt at writing so give me a break okay:

Tasha Brown (twenty-year-old black female 5’3 125 lbs 38b-25-38 caramel skin, long straight black hair and brown eyes) was looking forward toward her internship at a big Fortune 500 Apparel company. Getting an opportunity to work in a corporate environment was just what she wanted. When she was a little girl she always dreamed of moving up the corporate ladder.

She reached over to turn off the alarm clock her uncle would be here in about thirty minutes to go with her and pick up the moving truck. She rose slowly from the bed brushing off the covers wearing just a thin white shirt and a pair of blue hi-cut panties. Tossing her smooth hairless caramel legs off the side of the bed. She stood and walked over to the dresser to look for another shirt that wasn’t as thin to put on some shorts. Looking out the window as she moved across the floor she could see it was gonna be another hot August day. While she was opening the drawer to her dresser the door to the room squeaked open. Startled she turned to see what was going on.

Jimmy said, “Hey, Sweetie didn’t mean to startle you.” as he entered the room.

When Tasha turned around she could see it was her Uncle Jimmy she forget he had a key to the house. “It’s okay. You are here early I didn’t think you be here till nine.”

“Will I wanted to spend to time with the corporate girl before she left. Plus you know I never help for free!”

“I know I don’t have much cash just enough to get the truck with today and for the trip up there so I was thinking I could pay after I get my first paycheck.”

Tasha knew her uncle well and knew this idea wasn’t going to fly but figured she give it shot anyway.

Uncle Jimmy (fifty-year-old black male 6’5 275lbs heavy set dark skinned, bald headed with brown eyes) was looking his niece the thin material of shirt not concealing her 38b caramel tits very well. His cock was starting to stir in his pants his niece looking sexy no matter what she wore and this morning was no exception.

“Now Tasha you know better then that. You know what I want so stop playing!” Jimmy remarked.

Tasha knowing that arguing with him would get her nowhere she went ahead and consented to what he really wanted, seeing no since wasting anymore time she walked over to him and dropped to her knees. She bursa escort looked right ahead into her uncle’s crotch area seeing the bulge of her uncle hard cock in his jeans. Her uncle wearing his usual attire a pair of old blue jeans and button down plaid shirt and pair of old sneakers with no socks. She reached forward to work the button and zipper.

“Hmm yeah so my favorite niece does know what I want.” Jimmy commented.

Placing his hands on her shoulders looking down watching his niece undo his pants his cock throbbing underneath his jeans. He watched as she opened up jeans his stiff eight inches of dick springing free brushing against her lips and nose.

Tasha peeled down her uncle jeans down around his hips feeling his dick brush across her face leaving a wet warm trail of pre-cum across her lips and on her nose. Her uncle masculine musky scent hitting her nose instantly. She licked her lips tasting his salty pre-cum. Placing her hand around her uncle thick black cock holding it gently she lean forward and wrapped her lips around the head.

“Oh fuck…yeah that’s it baby!” Jimmy moaned.

Jimmy feeling like he was in heaven loving the feel of his niece’s lips wrapped around his tool. He slides one hand down from her shoulder cupping her breast through the thin tee shirt. Squeezing her tit as she sucked on the tip getting it nice and wet and feel her tongue move around it. His other hand holding tight on her shoulder.

Tasha started jerking his cock as she worked her tongue over and around the tip of it. Playing with his balls with her other hand gently squeezing and cupping them. She felt her uncle’s hand move from her shoulder to the back of her head as his other hand pulled her hand off his cock. He then thrust his hips forward pushing his cock deep into the back of her throat. She felt his heavy balls hitting against her chin. A strong aroma feeling her nostrils as her nose is pressed into his nappy pubic hair. Breathing through her nose she places her hands on his hips as she has now lost control of the blowjob and he starts fucking her mouth. His heavy hairy balls now slapping her chin with every stroke.

Jimmy places both of his hands around her head holding as he thrust into his young niece’s throat. Watching as he dick disappears into her mouth his stomach hitting her forehead. Grunting now and breathing more deeply bursa escort bayan as he pounds his nieces face.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh take that dick” Jimmy grunted.

Tasha working the underside of his cock with her tongue as her uncles fucks her mouth. A thick strand of salvia escaping from her lips dripping of his shaft down onto her shirt between her tits. As some more spills on to her chin on his balls.

Feeling close on the verge of busting a nut Jimmy grabbed the back of Tasha’s head getting nice handful of hair and pulled her head back while reaching for his cock with the other. Jimmy’s dick pooping free of his niece’s mouth. He took hold of it and started jerking it.

“Oh fuck…” Jimmy moaned.

Tasha head jerked back off her uncle’s cock as she felt her uncle pull tightly at her hair. She watched him jerk it once before a thick spurt of cum flew out splashing into her left eye causing her to close her eyes. She felt another warm splash land on her forehead.

Jimmy watched as his cum splattered onto his niece. His first spurt landing right in her left eye. His second spurt in thick gooey line went across her forehead into her hair. The third spurt another long line streamed across her left cheek, down across her ear and into hair, dripping off onto the shoulder of her shirt. The next blasts of hot cum catching her upper lip and splashing into her open mouth. Another thick glob of cum landing into her right eye just as she trying to open it.

Tasha swallowed what cum splashed into her mouth and then lick her lips clean. It seemed to her as if uncle Jimmy was using her face as a cum rag tried opening her eye closing back in reflex just as another thick glob of her uncle’s cum hit her right eye. Then she felt her uncle push his cock back into her mouth as she felt his cock move across her lips and tongue sucking and milking the last few drops. She opened her eyes the thick substance giving way taking all of her rapidly softening member in her mouth. Trying to get all out thinking her uncle was finished her.

“Hmm damn girl you sure do know how to empty my cock!” Jimmy exclaimed.

Jimmy looking down at his niece into her eyes as she sucked him dry. He let go of her hair and reach down under her shoulders and picked her up and throw on the back of the bed as his limp cock fell out her mouth. He was finished escort bursa with her today he wanted to fuck one last before she moved. He pushed his jeans off and got up on the bed spreading her legs apart.

Tasha bounced on the bed on her back. Thought about asking what the hell he was doing but thought better of it and just stared at her uncle as he parted her legs. Thinking to her self damn usually I just suck him off and he nuts on my face and is done with me or just fuck and nut, not both. She looked down at him as ripped off her hi-cut blue panties. Damn it she thought but not dare speak aloud thought was my favorite pair. She watched he put her torn panties into his plaid shirt pocket.

Tucking the panties into his shirt pocket jimmy move his hand over his nieces wet cunt running his hand through her trimmed bush and his finger across her pussy lips. He pushed a finger in getting wet with her juices. Kissing her inner thigh he worked his finger in and out her wetness. Kissing higher he pulled his finger out and moved his tongue into it. Probing her wet folds with his tongue. His niece smelled sweet and had an effect on his dick and it was now hard again. Which was great he didn’t really want her pussy for to long anyway he quickly sat up and pulled her legs apart placing the head of his cock at her entrance.

Tasha started moaning as she felt her uncle’s tongue then feeling it go away just as quick. She looked down at her uncle as he slammed his cock into her cunt letting out a loud moan. Feeling her pussy being invaded by her uncle big cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Tasha cried out.

Jimmy thrusting hard into his nieces wet cunt giving fast long strokes holding onto one leg over his shoulder and pushing her shirt up over her breasts with his other hand. Squeezing her tit as he pounds merciless at her tight cunt.

“Ooh fuck yeah your pussy feels so good. Jimmy commented “oh shit I’m gonna cum again.”

Just as he spoke a jet of hot semen spurted into his niece’s sweet cunt. He quickly pulled out his spurting cock splashing her inner thigh and trimmed bush with thick ropes of cum. As he jerks his shooting cock sending another spurt splashing on her belly and into her navel. Another thick spurt at the bottom of her tit. He moved along her body as he spurted another thick spurt of cum into her shirt that was pushed up over her tits. The last jet of cum splashing onto her chin and into her open mouth. He slapped his softening cock against her chin before moving of her sitting his back against the headboard as sit on the bed.

To be continued depending on the responses…

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