Tater Tot Ch. 01

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My name is Ricky and I am 18. I am your typical teenage guy with raging hormones and will go to great lengths to satisfy my urges. I have done well with girls sexually, but stay away from having 1 specific girlfriend. This story is how I became sexually involved with my OLDER twin sister and eventually several of the crazy sexual situations we got ourselves into. Sorry for any spelling issues, but it’s hard to type with 1 hand while I am jerking with the other.

Anyhow, my sister Anna is my OLDER twin by about a minute. We have been best friends since day 1. When she was a toddler, she discovered tater tots and instantly became addicted. In elementary school, my mom would have a baking sheet full of tater tots for Anna to eat when she got home from school. Of course, her nickname became Tater. I think the only people who call her Anna are my grandparents. EVERYBODY else calls her Tater. We are fraternal twins and therefore do not look anything alike at all. Nobody can tell we are even related.

The nickname Tater, really fits her perfectly, because she is soooooo small. She is 5′ tall and 100 lbs. with dark black hair and very dainty looking features. She could pass for twins with the teenage porn star named Tweetie Valentine. She is flat out TINY. She could easily qualify to be a porn star on the website called XXXSMALL. She still wears her braces on purpose because she knows that guys think it’s hot. She had a nice butt and tight body with just enough curves to make her very desirable. My sis has almost non-existent A-cups boobs but is very solid and muscular from years of playing sports. You would never know it by her feminine looks, but she was a top high school volleyball, softball and lacrosse player in our county. But she also was a cheerleader. Crazy combo, but that’s just who she was. She is the only girl I know who did both cheer and sports.

On the other hand, I am 6′ tall and 175 lbs. with blue eyes and the messed up sun bleached surfer hair style. I too was good at sports in school, but not a standout like Tater. I preferred surfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding over all the stick and ball sports. But none the less, I was Tater’s biggest supporter. As twins say, we know what each other is thinking and feeling and going to say a step ahead of time. It has made us very close and provided some very funny moments over the years.

Anyhow, Tater and I sorta are soooo close that we pretty much tell each other EVERYTHING about our sexual experiences as they have happened. We know all about each other’s 1st times and the good ones and bad ones. You would think that a ton of guys would be hitting on her constantly, but the opposite is true. For some reason, guys seem to be intimidated by her all around personality, or they think that she must be taken and they don’t even ask. These last 2 years have been tough for her, because guys have not exactly been knocking on our door to date her. On the other hand, I have had more than my share of sex. Not much jerking off for me, I have plenty of girls who help me with that.

Anyhow, Tater was going through a dry spell and had been complaining about it for quite some time. She and I were out on our boat one afternoon sipping frozen margaritas and bullshitting. She was going full tilt with frustrations and I knew she had been wearing out her vibrator. Our rooms are next to each other and I could hear it buzzing regularly as she grunted and groaned through self-pleasure. She used me as her way to vent steam so she could get the anger out of her system about not getting any cock.

“God dammit Scooter, if I have to frig myself off for another week, I’m just gonna kill myself. This is just wrong. I should have noooooo problem getting boys who wanna fuck me. What’s going on with YOUR people?”

“Don’t blame me sis, I’m not your guy. I can hear you though at night. I’m sure you’re running out of fantasies. Have you tried porn sites? They can help with the visual stuff.”

“I’ve tried it all Scooter (her pet name for me when we are alone)…..porn sites, skin mags, story sites and any memories I can dig up. That damn energizer bunny is full of shit. Those batteries don’t last long and my hands are tired.”

I actually love it when she calls me Scooter. She never does it when anybody is around, so it’s kinda intimate. I have had fantasies for Tater for years. I watched her blossom from kid to pre-teen to heart-throb. My cock has ached from so many hours of beating off while envisioning her. Seeing her in this tiny bikini while drinking and ranting is really putting a strain on my willpower.

“I’m running outta options here Scooter. Hell, if things get any worse, YOU may be my last choice. I got nothing else Scooter.”

She was in a daze looking away from me as she spoke that last comment. I knew she was just talking incoherently, but was she really thinking that as a last resort? Not that I wouldn’t help her, because I would jump at the chance. But did SHE really mean it or was it bursa escort just caught up in the talk? I decided to play it up and pretend to feel offended that I was put as a LAST resort.

“Jeezy Tater, what a genuine honor to be your LAST CHOICE. You MUST be desperate to put MY name there at the VERY end. Am I that bad looking that I am the LAST resort. I sure woulda thought I was least ONE step above whale shit. Gosh……How nice of you to put me last.”

“Oh Scooter, you know what I mean. You are hottie of a little brother. And yes you are above whale shit, but it’s not like I’m gonna fuck my little brother now is it? I mean, jeezy Scooter, how fucked up would that be? Brother and sister?”

“Yeah…..that might be kinda nasty and all. But….. I guess it all depends on how desperate you really are before you stooped to that level. It might be kinda weird seeing other naked too. I mean, even though we see each other in minimal clothing all the time already, still might be kinda weird, ya know?”

“Well…..I’ve sorta seen you naked already Scooter. You just didn’t know it.”


“Well….remember a month ago you came home middle of the day with Allyson and you called out to see if anybody was home? Nobody answered of course, but I was home. I peaked around the corner as you guys fucked like wild animals for an hour. You’ve got great staying power by the way. And your junk is kinda nice and big too……for a little brother of course.”

“You gotta be kidding me sis. You watched me fuck? And you didn’t say anything?”

I pretended to be mad, but the idea that she had seen my cock gave me thoughts that maybe I could fulfil my dream of sticking it in her pussy. I wanted her to feel guilty so she might feel the need to pay me back. But she was very brazen.

“Actually Scooter, it happened at a good time, because it gave me something new to masturbate to while re-envisioning. It was pretty hot watching that big cock of yours pounding in and out of her hairless tight pussy. I have heard that about Allyson….her tight pussy being her best quality ya know.”

“Jesus Tater, that’s pretty perverted and demented. Friggin yourself while envisioning you OWN brother.”

Actually, it was very hot and my cock wanted to explode. But I wanted her to want me and make it look like I was the one who was conceding.

“Oh, it gets worse Scooter. You gotta believe me when I tell you how desperate I am. But……during my frig session….I was……uh……sorta pretending uhhh……that it was uh…….ME instead of Allyson, that you were fuckin. Shit……I can’t believe I just told you that……..”

I was at a loss for words as my whole body heated up and my cock twitched painfully. My own sister using visions of ME in her frig session. Pretending that I was fucking HER. This is good. A little more pressure and my cock will be embedded in her twat for sure.

“Holy shit Tater, that’s nasty…….but pretty fuckin hot all at the same time. Shit, if I knew you were this bad off, maybe there was something I coulda done to help. I mean….well…..aw fuck, I guess I don’t even know what I mean. So how many times did you do this? I mean like….. How in detail did you get in these frig session with ME as the target?”

“VERY detailed Scooter. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me. I think I know you well enough and besides……. you kinda owe me the courtesy ya know.”

“AW shit Scooter…….yeah I know. You’re kinda right. Soooo let’s see. Since I saw your cock and balls in VERY good detail that day, I had visions of holding that monster in my hand and jerkin you off……Jesus, I can’t believe I’m telling you this……I had visions of me laying on my back on the kitchen table with my ass right at the edge and my legs spread wide. Then made you rub your joint all over my coochie like I might use my own vibrator.”

My whole body trembled with the immediate visualization of that statement. My hand unconsciously went to my cock and gripped tightly to prevent myself from cumming. I have very good cum control, but this is so over the top that I almost lost it. Let’s take a moment to rehash what we have so far.

My 18 year old TWIN older sister is venting to me about her lack of a sex life. She is flat out TINY. She could qualify to be a porn star on the site called XXXSMALL. She is 5 feet tall and 100 lbs. with short dark black hair, looking like teeny bopper porn star Tweetie Valentine. She is wearing a big trucker style baseball hat that is slightly rotated sideways, in a skimpy neon pink bikini that barely covers much of her tiny petite body. She is wearing glasses instead of contacts, the glasses are those very popular bright blue BIG frame nerdy glasses that are very popular with young girls right now. Almost forgot, she still has her braces, because she knows how cute and hot it makes her and she also has her tongue pierced. She just told me that she frigged off while bursa escort bayan thinking about me because the week before, she spied on me while I fucked Allyson on the kitchen table. I AM HARD AS A ROCK.

“So as I was saying Scooter, the visual was VERY detailed. Are you thinking I’m totally nuts now or what? I WAS DESPERATE Scooter.”

My mind raced and I came up with a quick plan to test the waters. Worst case scenario?……..she kills me.

“Sooooooo Sis. If that’s all it was, I could help you out even better than that. Why not use the real thing? I mean……it beats using the vibrator again, and having to THINK of a visual. It’s the real thing, it’s right here………you can just…….borrow it for a short time.”

Her first facial reaction was of shock, but almost instantly, she grinned slightly and got a devious little smile that only I would have notices.

“You know Scooter? That might not be half bad. I mean, I could just…….borrow…..your cock for a short bit, just to get myself off. It just might work, especially with the level of desperation I am at. Would it be alright if we did it right here? That way, it would be very private without any chances of getting caught.”


“I guess so….. I mean……sure why not. Here would be good. Nobody around. But how do we start? I mean like how did you do it in your vision?”

“Well, I pretty much just started with me friggin myself while sitting on the kitchen table. Then you walked in and I pretty much just told you to get over hear and help me out. From there, you just took out your cock and stepped in and started rubbin in all over my coochie. It wasn’t anything special, just a VERY RAW VIVID vision.”

“Ok I guess. Well……maybe you could just sit on the sunpad just like the table……and…..I guess just get started.”

We have a 27 foot pontoon boat which we rebuilt ourselves. We put a huge stereo system in it and custom built frozen margarita machines so we can have 2 separate flavors at all times. We took out the bench seats up front and built a full width solid sunpad which is 8′ wide x 8′ long. It is a perfect spot for SEVERAL people to lay out, but also works out great for fuckin. I have used it several times, and I’m sure my sister has also. I guess I’m gonna find out. She hesitated for a moment, so I coaxed her up a little.

“Go ahead Tater, hop on up and go ahead……just sorta start. It’s just me here after all, and you know how comfortable you are with me. Nobody else Tater, just us.”

She hesitated for a moment and looked me in the eye. I could tell she was dying to move, but something just held her still. Instead of begging her, I stood and took her by the hand and led her to the sun pad. I turned her around so her back was to it and gently placed my hands on her tiny hips. I easily lifted her up and set her cute little butt down on the sunpad and took a step back. She gave me one of those irresistible innocent little girl smiles and I knew she was good to go. She made sure her ass was positioned at the edge and put one foot up on the edge also, which spread her sweet 18 year old crotch WIDE. I stepped back so I could take in the whole picture.

Her string bikini bottoms were already snug on her tiny body, but the material covering meaty crotch was ready to burst. She ran a finger gently up the swell of her meaty crotch and all over her inner thighs. She sucked her finger for just a moment to really get the ball rolling. The she traced the outer edges of her bikini top all over her scrumptious tiny A-cup titties. We stared at each other the whole time with neither of us blinking.

She pulled aside one of the cups of her bikini top, exposing her milky white tiny little boob with a cut little strawberry sized nipple. Her nipple hardened as she flicked and caressed it. Still not blinking, she licked her finger and continued to flick her little nubby nipple and bite her lower lip very erotically. Every so often, I could hear her purr like a kitten and moan softly. She was good at this and she even made herself feel so good the she inhaled sharply with her own touch.

“God Tater. You look sooooo fuckin hot. I can’t believe we are going to do this. I am more than willing to help you out, but if you have any 2nd thoughts, we can stop at any time.”

I knew full well there was no stopping us now, I just wanted to sound like the responsible one.

“Too late little brother, we are already on our way. I will let you know when I am ready for you.”

She went right back to slowly exposing herself. She pulled aside the 2nd cup of her bikini top and rubbed both her tiny non-existent boobs while she bit her lower lip again.

“Rub your pussy for me Tater. I wanna see you do that again.”

She moved her hand down and again gently rubbed her bulging pussy meat that was trying to escape from her tight bikini bottoms. She smiled and I caught a glimpse of her shiny silver escort bursa braces that reflected off the sunlight. My cock immediately hardened even more than ever seeing those sexy slutty braces on my 18 year old big sister. She doesn’t even need them anymore, but she keeps them for the YOUNG GIRL FUCK ME factor they provide. The guys dig it, and I dig it……..and she gets off on knowing that. Trust me… ….they work. Doesn’t matter what she is doing, when I see with a big smile all full of shiny silver, my cock gets hard. I know it’s pretty fucked up to have a fetish for braces, especially on my own sister, so just shoot me.

“Your turn little brother. Give me some incentive to keep going. Show me that meat stick I saw last month.”

I didn’t hesitate and dropped my swim shorts to the floor. My 7″ cock stock straight out with my big mushy knob leading the way. I felt instant relief as my erection was being strangled inside my shorts. My balls felt relief too as then sagged and aired out. That was the 1st time during this occasion that she took her eyes from mine. She licked her lips and inhaled with a glassy and devious look in her eyes. It’s obvious she likes what she sees and is starting to think about how god it will feel to have my REAL cock getting her off instead of a vision or a vibrator. We stayed that way for a minute until she spoke again.

“Nice looking cock you got there little brother. Now I am jealous of all the girls who have sampled it. But today it’s MY turn and I am proud to know that your cock is hard for ME. I made it hard. It makes me feel hot and desirable. This is gonna be more fun than I ever thought.”

“It sure is sis. I can’t wait to rub my cock on your coochie. I guess I should confess too while we’re at it. I have had HUNDREDS of jerk off fantasies with YOU as the star.”

“ME? Do you think I’m hot Scooter? What parts of me turn you on?”

“Everything really. I mean……I love small tits. Anything more than a mouthful is too much.”

“Really? Because sometimes I wish I had bigger ones. But when I am playing sports or cheering, then I’m glad they are small.”

“Trust me Tater, I have had all sizes and YOURS are the best. I love how tiny you are and how shiny those slutty little braces are and you big nerdy glasses. You have the WHOLE little girl package working. Now that you get to see my cock, how about I get a view of that coochie of yours. I have had many dreams of what that thing looks like. How about a peek?”

She giggled and did the little innocent shoulder shrug thing and then moved her hand to her crotch. She maneuvered her fingers around the edges of the material, teasing me along the way. After a moment, she slid the crotch material aside exposing her snow white pussy meat for me to see for the 1st time. I stepped in closer for a better look and saw how nice and meaty her little pussy was with tiny little rose petal lips sticking out between her plump vulva. The best part was the fact that she had no pussy hair. Not shaved, but naturally bald.

“Holy fuck Tater, you got a bald coochie. Did you shave it just for me?”

“Not hardly baby brother. My coochie is 100% naturally bald. Never had any fuzzy down there……EVER. Smooth as the day I was born. For some reason, guys love it. I’m guessing by your expression that you do too.”

“Absolutely……bald is beautiful. Shaving is nice, but the razor stubble sucks, so I love when I am going down on a NATURALLY bald coochie.”

She indicated for me to move closer and I stepped out of my shorts and moved in. She gave me a smoldering FUCK ME look and I knew this was going to be awesome. I reached out and untied the side strings on her bikini bottoms and then untied her top and tossed it aside. She reached out with her tiny hand and grabbed my 7″ cock with the bigger than normal soft mushy head. It immediately twitched at her touch and her eyes grew wide in amazement.

“It sure is big Scooter. Even bigger than I thought from seeing it last week. I can feel it ………like it has a heartbeat or something.”

“It’s a living breathing animal all in itself sis. Just take care of it and it will take care of you.”

It was pretty hot out and we both found ourselves getting slightly sweat. Her tanned little body glistened as did her shiny braces induced grin. She pulled on my cock which made me step in even further and she touched the head of it to her cute little pussy lips. Her head immediately jerked back and she gasped as the physical sensation of her brother’s dick touching her coochie for the first time ever….. was surreal. The realization hit home fast as my heartbeat suddenly picked up.

She used my cock exactly like she would use her vibrator and she slid the head all up and down her slit. She watched herself work and she did not blink as my twin sister maneuvered my hard cock all over her pussy and crotch. Her face was flush with excitement of the naughty moment of incest began to really heat up. We were both sweating a little more and some sweat trickled from her tight smooth tummy and down the front of her pussy mound right into her slit. I felt the instantaneous slickness it provided and made the contact smoother and very pleasurable.

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