Teacher Lust

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Chapter one

Ms Palmer was the hottest teacher in the world I thought! Why is she not showing off that smoking hot body of hers on playboy and making millions instead of teaching the 12th grade English class in our boring little high school? Well I guess I should not be complaining; After all, she was the one I would think about while jacking off in my room. It was pure fantasy with her. I would daydream all kinds of wild things about how it would feel to have her sucking my balls inside that big mouth of hers! That yawn she would occasionally throw out once a day would be the highlight of my night! That mouth of hers would open so far out; I swear she can fit three cocks inside.

Miss Nikki Palmer was about 5 foot 8, had very dark hair but it was her eyes that made her striking to the naked eye…those hazel eyes were all you can ask for while fucking that face.

“I will give you back the essays after I have a quick talk about your mistakes after class, it seems like these mistakes of yours are in every other sentence kev”

Yes, she started calling me kev within the first week of school. I never really liked someone calling me kev, I would prefer just Kevin, but when it came out of her mouth, it was perfect.

I was never good at writing essays but seeing my teacher after class because of it was a bonus for me. I did those silly mistakes on my paper on purpose just so I can see her longer after class.

Rrrrrrrr! Tttrrrrrr! That was the sound of heaven waiting for me. As the bell rang all the kids rushed out and within a few seconds, I was alone with my heart beating faster and faster as Ms Palmer was approaching.

“Why don’t you take a quick seat right here so we can discuss your lousy mistakes kev”

“yes of course, but one bite and I’m out” I tried to make a joke that didn’t seem to work as I saw nothing but a stare down from her lovely face.

“kev, if I were to bite you right now, this wouldn’t be the place to do it” she laughed

I laughed as well not sure what to think. Of course she was joking back I thought.

“Well you see here kev, this is where you are struggling at….”

She went on and on talking about my essay.

I decided to drop my pencil on purpose to see if she would pick it up for me.

“Oops let me get that for you”

The pencil ended up falling right beneath my chair. As she was bending over to pick it up, I can see her white blouse pop out and her red bra came into view. She had a very nice tan with breasts only faultless. I had never seen anything so perfect. The edge of her nipple was now visible as she was struggling to pick up my pencil. I wanted to tear it all off and melt into them. Finally, she came back up.

My cock now started to grow and I started to get more nervous trying to hide it. I saw her look down at my pants and look away as if she did not see anything. I wondered what she thought at that second.

“kev, if you need any help after school, I’m free to give you any practice you need so you can do well on your term paper next week.”

“Thank ataşehir escort bayan you so much but I’ll try to do my best.”

“What, are you afraid of me biting you?” hehehe

“Ok ok, when do you want to meet?” I asked

“Well I’m free tonight if you don’t mind.”

“ahhhhh yeh I have basketball practice at night but I’ll try to make it after.”

“Ok right after practice, come to my place and bring the English book with you. ”

She wrote down her address on a piece of paper and handed it over.

“I’ll be waiting,” She said.

Chapter 2

Playing basketball came easy for me. All the scouts would now come see me play at our games. I never skipped a practice until the day my teacher asked me to come over for tutoring. I went straight home, took my playboy magazine out, and ran straight to the bathroom were I would end up cuming all over the place! The thought of me going to ms palmer’s place made it much easier for me to spill. I never really did last long when it came to sex. I lost my virginity at the age of 16 with my long time ex girlfriend Katie. Although she was the only girl I ever fucked, I would not say I did not have much experience. We used to fuck about 3 times a day. An addiction suddenly vanished. It has now been two years since my last real fuck. I forgot how great the feeling was to be inside such a wonderful place. Ever since I started taking basketball serious, I kind of lost touch with girls. I mean I would get many long stares walking places but I never had the desire to talk to any.

After my great 30 seconds of cuming was over, I took a shower, fixed myself up nice, grabbed my English book and took off looking straight ahead with a fantasy vision on my mind. It took me quite a bit to find her place. It was quiet isolated from the city. I walked out to the front door and rang on the doorbell. I arrived earlier than expected. I waited about five minutes outside and still no answer. I turned the doorknob open and surprisingly it was unlocked, so I decided to go ahead and let myself in. Nothing wrong with that I thought.

“Ms Palmerrrr?”

“Hellooooo” I looked around nervously.

I saw a dim light so I walked right towards it. Slowly my devious eye looked right through the opening of the door lock. I saw my teacher wearing nothing but a black thong. She was sleeping on her stomach. My urges quickly started to attack, as if I was possessed or something. I quietly walked in and the view of her ass was just about three feet away from me. I could not believe my eyes. She had the perfect body anyone can ask for. Her long luscious legs where spread out nicely. She was dead asleep. I can hear her pant right next to me.

My dick was now about to burst right through my pants. I stood there thinking that this was my only opening to feel her soft ass, so I gradually put my face right next to her ass and pretended to lick it. It was so close I was going to jizz myself. My spontaneous effect now took over and I saw my hand rise up to feel her crack right down to her inner thigh escort kadıöy next to her fiery pussy. I looked to see if she had awakened but she seemed to be a deep, passionate sleeper. I was so worried of her waking up, so I took out my phone and snapped as many pictures of all the angles possible. Then I snuck back out to the front of her door. I could not believe what just had happened. I was in a hectic trance. I stood there trying to let it all in. Finally, after ten minutes, I came back to reality. I rang the doorbell about ten more times, so she can hear it. I heard a voice, “One seconddddd, I’ll be right out”.

Chapter 3

“Why you are here early,” She said.

She was now wearing small red shorts with a tight white shirt.

“I got my book and I’m ready to go.”

She walked me inside as she takes me to the living room. I could not take my eyes away from how nice her boobs looked in that shirt. She caught me looking more than once and I did not care at that point.

We sat down as she started the tutoring session. About 30 minutes passed by when we decided to take a break.

She asked me how my basketball practice went, so I lied and said that it was very exhausting. I determined to try to take it to the next level.

“My back is so sore and cramped up from practice, I think I need some medical attention.” I said.

“Let me massage your back so I can free up some tied knots, I swear it will help.” She added.

“Well as long as you don’t bite.” I responded with a short laugh.

I lay on my back and she asked me to take my shirt off for the massage to have an impact, so I did just that. Before you know it, she went and grabbed some lotion and started to rub it all over my back.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, that’s cold”

“Don’t worry, you will warm up soon, I promise.” She said.

She started untying the knots on my back. Her hands were so soft, I started to get hard, and my butt started to rise.

“Wow, you seem like you really know what you are doing Ms Palmer.”

“Please in my house, I want you to call me Nikki.” She replied.

“Well Nikki, you sure are very good at this.”

“Thanks Kev, but it would be a lot better if you had your legs done as well. It’s where all the stress lays and I think you will feel great afterwards.”

“If you say so!” I replied.

She took off my pants so she can massage my legs. I twitched as she put her hands on my legs and worked it all the way up to my thighs. She worked on my left leg first and then moved to my right one. Then she started to focus on my upper thigh. She must have known I was as hard as a rock. Her soft hands started to go deep inside my inner thigh and right back out. I could not take it any longer. I was about to burst. She slipped her hands up my boxer briefs and started to work my ass. I accidently let out a moan, and I heard her giggle.

“Kev, if this is too much for you, then we can stop.”

“Nikki, I have never felt this relaxed in my life.”

She massaged my butt for about 10 minutes. I felt like I was dripping maltepe escort wet from my sweat. I suddenly felt a finger on my balls. I quivered for a second and then let out another moan to invite her in. She took my response with delight and started massaging my balls so gently. I struck my ass up so she can have easier access.

“Your balls are so nice and tender; I can play with them all day.”

She then put her tongue on my sack and started to lick and suck my balls in and around her mouth. I moaned with excitement.

“Have you ever had a girl eat out your ass whole Kev?”

I stuttered with shock saying, “I would love for you to be my first.”

I felt her tongue licking around my whole and then go deep inside me. She knew what she was doing, and seemed like she had a lot of fun doing it.

“ohhhh Nikki, fuck my ass with your tongue..Lick it clean…I want to fuck you so bad. Let me fuck you…I cannot wait any longer.”

I turned around and I saw her completely naked. She had been massaging me while she was naked the whole time. “Wow” I said to myself. Your boobs are amazing. I tried to touch them but she pushed my hand out and said, “Kev, I want you to relax and lay on your back.” I did just what she said.

She started to kiss my belly all the way down to my erect dick. She was kissing it at first and then started to make out with it using her soaking wet tongue. I could not handle her.

“I’m going to cum” I screamed

She looked at me with her luscious craving eyes and told me. “If you cum right now, this will be the last time we do this.” She said with a very serious voice.

My heart shattered when I heard her say this. I did not know what to do. I had to control myself. I took a deep breath and told her to give me five minutes, and she said you only have two minutes. She stepped off and started counting. I started to think of all the unpleasant things in life.

“Times up” she whispered.

She jumped on top of me, and all by itself, my dick slipped right inside her wet pussy.

“ahhhhhhhhh, this is way too good.” She screamed.

I was going to faint right there. I did not want to look at her eyes, because I knew if I did then I would cum right away. I looked away and thought of horrid images in my head. I wanted to enjoy it but I knew I couldn’t. She was in control of me. I closed my eyes shut and tried not to think of what was happening. She was bouncing like an animal on top of me with her legs and arms wrapped around me. I could not take it anymore. It was torture to the max. I wanted to let go and savor every second looking at her eyes and enjoying what I had riding me to maximum explosion, but I was to scared. Finally, she whispered to my ear and said, “Ok, now you can enjoy me.” hearing these words were in comprehendible. It was as if she saved me from falling into the pits of fire. I then took her in, wrapped my arms around her waist, stared into her eyes, and fucked her as I wanted to. Not even twenty seconds passed and I filled her whole with all my cum. I never came this much in my life. I made a real mess. My cum was dripping all over the place. I took her mouth into mine and started eating her out like crazy. I tasted my own ass from her tongue. I did not care. I fell in love that night.

She bit my lip and said, “It turns out I do bite.”

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