Teaching Daughter Self Esteem Ch. 02

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The next day I dismissed in my own mind a lot of the more extreme stuff that Elaine had said the night before when she was in the midst of having sex. In the past, she and I had roleplayed at times, play-acting that I was a businessman and she was my secretary, or that I was a priest and she was a penitent slutty parishioner, or that I was an astronaut and she was . . . well, actually, that last one turned out to be pretty stupid, and not nearly as erotic as we had meant it to be at first. In any event, I chalked part of what she’d said as her simply going overboard with the fantasy while we were fucking.

On the other hand, I did take it to heart when she said that one of the central issues for Katie was her poor body image and that, ridiculous as it might sound to a horny male, she was intensely ashamed of her breathtaking tits, which were big in the first place but which looked positively humongous on her tight little body. So from then on, I promised myself, I would make sure to compliment Katie’s tits at every opportunity.

I had to work overtime for several hours the next day. When I came home from work late that night Katie had already changed into her night clothes. She greeted me warmly at the door dressed in a demure but still somewhat sexy green cotton nightshirt that she’d had for years.

Originally it had been pretty big on her, but her growth – both in height and bust – plus hundreds of trips through the washing machine had taken a toll. The fabric was sheer in places, especially in her upper chest where the cloth was strained over her big tits. Because her boobs distorted the fabric, the bottom hem came down lower in back than in front. That meant that it managed to barely cover her ass, but the front was so high that it almost exposed her pussy. Being dressed for bed, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and I could see the tips of her nipples through the thin nightie. As she ran toward me I watched wonderingly as her braless big tits bounced happily.


“Hello, sweetie. You look fantastic tonight.”

“Really?” She moved back half a step and clasped her hands in mine. The result was that her arms stretched downward, pushing her huge tits together under the flimsy, almost see-through nightgown.

“Yes, really.” I answered. “Really beautiful. Really gorgeous. Really Daddy’s girl.”

“Thanks, Daddy. Wanna watch TV with me for a bit?”

Katie put on a romantic comedy and we settled together on the couch while her mother busied herself in the kitchen fixing a late dinner of leftovers for me. At first, Katie scrunched herself up next to me, her breasts pressing against my chest while my arm, draped over her shoulder and the sofa back, pulled her close to me. But then after a few minutes, Katie relaxed further by laying down on the couch with her head in my lap facing away from the TV, resting on my crotch, with her mouth near my hardening cock. “You don’t mind, do you, Daddy?” she bursa escort asked.

I put my hand on Katie’s hip and started stroking her. She relaxed utterly, and soon I could feel her breath become more even and slow. She was asleep, her head positioned so perfectly on my lap that I’d swear that, even through the thin fabric of my pants, I could feel her slow, sweet breath on my cock. Slowly my cock inflated so that, after a few minutes, my cock head was right next to her lips.

Elaine chose that moment to enter the room from the kitchen. “Oh my!” she said. “Don’t you two look perfect!”

“It’s not what it looks like,” I said in a soft voice. “She’s asleep.”

Elaine lowered her voice to just above a whisper and replied, “Well, asleep or not, the two of you look sexy as hell. She’s in just the right position for you, isn’t she?”

My face reddened. “As I said, it’s not what it looks like. It’s perfectly innocent, really.”

“Of course it is. So is this.” She crept up to Katie’s sleeping form and gently pressed a fingertip against one of Katie’s nostrils, blocking her breathing. Still asleep, Katie opened her mouth to breathe easier. Now her open mouth was almost perfectly positioned around the firm head of my cock.

Elaine looked at the bulge in my crotch and smiled. “I don’t know about Katie, but it looks to me like someone’s self esteem just got a whole lot bigger.”

My wife sat on the couch beside me on the opposite side from where our daughter was sprawled out. With one hand, she began stroking our daughter’s face, gently guiding it ever closer to the tip of my engorged cock until finally I could feel my daughter’s lips and the tips of her teeth gently caressing my cock through my pants. Elaine’s other hand reached toward my cock and balls and started stroking me all over.

“God I love your cock,” she said gently, still careful not to disturb our dozing daughter. “So would any woman. So would Katie if she had the chance. Too bad she’s not awake to enjoy this.”

“Elaine, I . . .”

“Shhh. You know what a heavy sleeper our daughter is. Just relax.” She took my hand and placed it on one of my daughter’s huge tits. “Relax and enjoy, Daddy.” Her hand went back to my crotch and began massaging my balls while my cock pulsed on the edge of my daughter’s mouth. Elaine then kissed me for several minutes, thrusting her tongue in and out while our daughter, inches away, slept with her lips on my cock head.

I was so busy kissing my wife for those few minutes that I hardly knew where I was or what I was doing. I tried not to think about Katie while we kissed, but the more I struggled with keeping incestuous thoughts out of my head the more insistent they became. After what seemed like an hour but was probably only a few minutes of Elaine kissing me and rubbing my shaft, she brought her face away from my lips. I looked down to see Elaine’s hand on the back of Katie’s head, pushing bursa escort bayan our shy, innocent daughter’s open mouth onto my cock head. Despite the barrier of the pants fabric, my cock was all the way in my sleeping daughter’s mouth. Thanks to the motion of Elaine’s hand on the back of her head, my cock was pumping rhythmically in and out of my sweet daughter’s mouth.

I looked up at Elaine to see her leering at me, an expression on her face that seemed an odd mixture of horniness and aggression. “It’s okay, Daddy,” she said soothingly. “Our baby girl needs help with her self esteem issues.”

“By. . .?”

“By experiencing how much her Daddy loves her. By feeling her Daddy’s love directly!” She pushed Katie’s face directly into my cock, and I wondered how it was possible that she had not yet woken up. “Give her your love, Daddy! Let her taste your warm, wet love!”

She thrust her tongue into my mouth again and I couldn’t help myself any more. I reached my hand down and, my fingers intertwining with my wife’s on the back of our daughter’s blonde head, I pulled her face onto my hard cock and started thrusting involuntarily. My hand wandered lower and began caressing, then pinching the nipples of one of my daughter’s huge breasts.

Katie moaned in her sleep and her pelvis started writhing. The hem of her nightie rose up and I was treated to the sight of her panty-clad crotch. I pinched my daughter’s breast some more and the writhing became more intense. Katie’s moaning with her mouth stuffed with cock caused a hum to travel up my shaft and straight to the nape of my neck.

Elaine stopped kissing me for a moment and whispered, “Fuck her mouth, Daddy. Fill her up with self esteem.” She timed her hand motions guiding my daughter’s mouth so that they coincided with and emphasized her words.







Finally I came. A hot jet of cum erupted from my cock, making a dark wet stain that spread on my pants fabric from the tip of my cock buried in Katie’s mouth to a space all around her sweet lips. Still asleep, Katie unconsciously responded by licking my cock through the fabric, soaking up the taste of my ejaculate.

Elaine bent down and whispered into our sleeping daughter’s ear: “Lick it up, sweetheart. Doesn’t the taste make you feel good about yourself?” Using both hands she repositioned her daughter’s head so that my cock, despite the trousers cloth, filled Katie’s mouth even more. Then Elaine stood and surveyed her handiwork. “What a perfect father-daughter scene,” she whispered. Then she walked into the kitchen do some cleaning.

Despite my feelings of guilt, despite my misgivings, despite my fear that Katie might wake up and wonder what the hell was going on, I sat there on the couch for a long time afterwards, cradling my gorgeous busty daughter’s head in my hands as she licked and slurped my cum-soaked escort bursa cockhead in her sleep. Part of me was desperately ashamed. Another part of me desperately wanted to complete the scene by pulling my cock out of my pants and stuffing it into my daughter’s wet, welcoming mouth.

I would like to say that the dim glimmer of parental decency that remained in me prevented me from removing that thin layer of clothing that separated my dick from my daughter’s mouth, but the fact is that it was logistically impossible. What was I going to do, make my pants magically disappear? Or perhaps I could push her out of the way – dump her sleeping body on the floor – while I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my trousers, lifted my ass off the seat and pulled off my pants? Or maybe I could undo my zipper, fish around in my pants to pull a nine inch rod out of a four inch zipper opening, all without awakening my daughter? No, as prosaic and unsexy as it sounds, the tiny shred of propriety that remained was there only because I knew I couldn’t get my dick out of my pants without waking my daughter up.

Still, that didn’t prevent me from making the most of my situation. With Katie’s face buried in my crotch, I leaned my head all the way to the back of the couch, relaxing as I guided her mouth in and out on my cock. With one hand I reached down and pulled up her green nightie almost up to her collar, revealing for the first time her spectacular tits and the hard tips of her nipples. I pinched her sensitive nipples, causing her to shudder and moan in a way that I could feel in the tip of my cock lodged in her mouth.

The whole time I whispered to her about how much I loved her and how beautiful she was. Finally, after what seemed like an hour of her sucking Daddy cock, I began pulling her head faster in and out on my cock and I came in her sweet mouth for a second time. This time she suckled and slurped and whimpered in her sleep, licking up my hot cum as if she was born to suck Daddy. I pulled her mouth deeper onto my cock as I whispered to her sleeping form, “Good girl. Such a beautiful Daddy’s girl. Give Daddy a deep” – I thrust my cock farther into her mouth – “deep kiss.”

Then I picked her up to take her to bed. With one arm cradling her bottom, I couldn’t resist kissing her neck and caressing and playing with her ass as I walked across the living room. Just as I reached the doorway, Elaine appeared, in the midst of drying off a pot before putting it away. Seeing where my hand was, she smirked, provoking me to blush with embarrassment. Then she wordlessly pointed at the hall mirror.

When I looked at my reflection I blushed even more. Katie, sleeping in my arms, had her little nightie bunched up at her waist, baring her panty-clad tight ass and her perfectly proportioned dancer’s legs. And below that, I could see my disheveled pants with a huge cum stain marking the tip of a gigantic bulge, the spot where my cum and Katie’s saliva had moistened my crotch for the last hour or more. I looked back at Elaine and shrugged. Then I took my lovely sleeping daughter to bed and tucked her in.

Finally I went to my own bed and fucked the living shit out of my wife.

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