Teaser Strikes Again

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After that first time with my father I began to look at my Uncle Ted differently. I know he was looking at me like any other horny guy would 🙂 One day after only being able to suck my father’s cock-in the shower-I was extremely horny. Daddy had an important meeting so I was left to my own devises, and after masturbating to two orgasms I was still hungry for cock. I was just about to go on the hunt for one-and dressed in a blue spandex halter mini- dress, and heels it wouldn’t take me long to find one-my Uncle Ted pulled in the driveway. He eyed me up as he approached me standing beside my car, and I felt my nipples stiffen.

“Where ya goin dressed like that?” he asked when he got to me his eyes finally meeting mine.

“Out,” I simply said as I moved closer to him as if to get in my car, brushing a stiff nipple lightly against his arm.

“Does Daddy approve of you wearing a dress like that out?” he now asked as his eyes dropped to the creamy cleavage the V-neck with lacing to my belly button offered.

“He bought me this dress,” I told him as I let my breast push against his arm.

“He always did like bursa escort a sexily dressed woman,” he told me as he moved to open my car door for me.

“And I enjoy dressing sexy for him,” I told him as I got behind the wheel of my car flashing him my freshly shaven, naked pussy.

“Well be careful you never konw what kind of guy a dress like that will attract,” he told me as he closed my door, and stepped back.

“I will,” I told him starting my car, and backing out.

As I drove away I realized my cock was standing in the driveway, and just as I began to loop around back home my phone rang.

“Drive to the park,” his voice told me, and then the phone hung up.

My heart skipped a beat yet I drove to the park. Thoughts of him, and what came next had me tingling all over. I was just coming in the front entrance when he called again. “Drive to the back, and park. ” he told me and hung up again.

I did as I was told, and sat wondering what came next. The thoughts that filled my head excited me like never before, and I began to caress my thigh in small circles imagining it was him. My phone ringing bursa escort bayan brought me out of my daydream of his soft kisses up my thigh, and he asked if I was ready to play?

“Yes,” I said nervously excited.

“Walk to the picnic shelter,” he then told me, but he did not hang up.

As I got out of my car, and started to the shelter he told me how sexy I am, and how he has fantasized about me for quite some time. He told me how he loved seeing me in my bikinis, and that I had the nicest ass he has ever seen. I had just reached the shelter, and my phone went dead.

“Dance for me,” he said from a shadow.

“I love the way you watch me,” I said as I began to dance.

“You are quite the tease, ‘ he says still from the shadows, “So I know you will enjoy my game. “

“I already do,” I tell him as I dance towards the shadow.

“I’m not the only one watching you,” he tells me as I can now see him.

“I dont care how many are watching as long as I can please you,” I told him as I peeled my dress up, and off.

“So sexy,” he says now stepping from the shadow, and lets his escort bursa hands come to my breasts, “I’ve wanted you for so long. “

“Now you can have me,” I tell him, as I reach out, and caress his rock hard cock through his pants.

“Suck it baby,” he tells me as he pushes downward on my shoulders.

I squat down before him, and quickly free his cock. He’s bigger than Daddy by an inch, and I feel my pussy quiver excitedy as I lick up the underside while looking up into his eyes. A low groan escapes his lips, and his head falls back as I open my mouth, and swallow half. I suction hard, and ever so slowly slide my tightly puckered lips upwards. When just the head remains in my mouth I again open my mouth and relax my throat. His hands come to the back of my head, and I hear him grunt, “Take it all you cockteasing slut,” as he forces his cock deep into my throat. I hold back A gag, and my eyes water as he begins to throb in my throat. “FUCKKKKKK,” he grunts so I use one hand to pull his cock from my throat till just the head remains in my mouth, and use my other hand to rapidly jerk his now saliva coated, throbbing shaft. I keep my lips suctioned tight, and follow his thrusting motions with my head as he fires gobs, and gobs of hot, gooey cum in my mouth wondering if this was slutty enough for him. ~~would it be enough for you? Tell me what I’d do for you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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