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HANNAH: Don’t want you to go back to Japan, Miko. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.

Miko puts down her homework and sits up on the bed

MIKO: I don’t want to go, Hannah. I think … I think I love you.

MIKO and HANNAH kiss – hesitantly at first, but with growing passion.



“No! No, no, no, no, no!”

The two schoolgirls broke apart from their rather uncomfortable kiss.

“What does the script say?”

Todd gestured at the clipboard in his hand. Hearing no answer from the actresses, he continued.

“Miko and Hannah kiss with growing passion. Passion. The clue is in the word. I want to see passion, not some lame mommy-kiss.”

Todd settled down on a fluffy bean-bag in the corner of the film set.

“This is the moment where the film changes. We’ve gone through the emotional trauma, the separation, the friendship, the trust. Now you’re being ripped apart, and in one final throw of the dice, you guys have a night of passion. Sex, right? Well, we think it’s sex. We have this kiss – this passionate kiss – then it’s lights down, fade out, next scene the airport and it all goes nuke. OK, so we’re not making porn, no groaning and groping, but – you know – we need to put sex on the screen for the punters and hope the censors don’t notice. So you need to be sexy. You can be sexy, right? I don’t have to recast?”

Ellie and Kai looked at each other nervously.

“Sure, we can be sexy,” Kai said, “it’s kind of hard coming at it like this…”

“It’s been a long day,” Ellie added, “I dunno about Kai, but I’m kinda bushed.”

Todd grimaced.

“I suppose you have a point. OK, listen up. I’ll clear the set. You guys spend a bit of time talking about how you’re going to conjure up this magic passion of yours, we’ll see you in the morning. Minimum crew. Bit of heat. And we’ll finish up with this scene.”

He stood and turned to the studio.

“OK everyone. We’re done for the day. Becky, we need to talk about tomorrow’s schedule.”

Todd strode off into the darkness, leaving Ellie and Kai sitting in the teenager’s bedroom, dressed in their schoolgirl uniforms of blue and red plaid skirts, thick white stockings and white blouses. One-by-one the lights grew dim, the studio grew quiet. Ellie leaned over to the bedside light and clicked it on.

“I can’t believe it, I used to have a room just like this when I was fifteen.”

“Me too,” Kai added. “I guess all American girls do.”

They looked around the set, taking in the details, the posters of singers and models.

“It’s a bit cotton candy,” Kai ventured, “bright pink and … that green. I hope I was a bit more tasteful. I did wear my hair in bunches though. And I bet you were all blonde pigtails and lip-gloss”

“I was very girlie,” Ellie admitted, “a real girl’s girl. And the pigtails are cute!”

She flicked her blonde pigtails in Kai’s direction, then caught the girl’s glance.

“Oh, not like that. Not like this, I mean, not a girls-girl into girls.”

Kai laughed.

“I was, a bit. I had a crush on a girl. We didn’t really have a thing, not like this. But there were a couple of moments.”

“So you can do passion – with a girl?” Ellie asked.

Kai looked down at her feet.

“Yeah, I know how that feels.”

Ellie sat up on the bed, pulling her long legs towards her, her schoolgirl skirt dropping down, exposing her thighs above her white stockings.

“Did you, like, do it? Have sex?”

Kai laughed, embarrassed.

“God no, not sex. We stayed over a few times, one time I thought something was going to happen.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing, just ignored it. We kind of drifted apart after that.”

Ellie pouted.

“That’s kinda sad, really.”

“Yeah, it was. I could have gotten involved, but, you know – one thing and another, it never happened. This was when we were back in Japan. She was really cute, this all-American girl hanging out with this American-Japanese schoolgirl.”

“What happened after?”

“My parents decided to move back to Ohio. Didn’t see her again.”

“At least you know what it’s like to fancy a girl.”

Ellie laughed nervously to cover the moment.

“This kiss. How are we going to make it happen?”

Kai looked at the script.

“It says ‘passion’, right, so what’s a passionate kiss?”

Ellie thought for a moment.

“Open mouth, right? It’s not like – mwah, mwah – tongues?”

Kai made a face.

“I guess. Not at first, right. First it’s a friend kiss, but it hangs around a bit long, and then we get the passion.”

“And the lights go down, and we go at it!”

Kai breathed out.

“Mom’ll go crazy if she sees it. I’m not telling her, and they’re back in Japan now anyway. I’ll edit the DVD for her.”

Ellie shrugged.

“It’s a living, right? It’s not porn, and we’re both over eighteen.”

“Dressed as if we’re fourteen though.”

“True. Kai, do you remember how Todd wanted us on the bed?”

The Japanese girl looked at the bed.

“I’m there, I’m holding homework. You’re kurtköy escort bayan just looking at me. He said, oh yes, hit me with the pillow, and we’ll tussle a little, then lines and kiss.”

“With passion.”

Kai sat up at the head of the bed, holding a book, her legs tucked up beneath her. She flicked through the pages.

“I’m reading, reading, reading, reading.”

Ellie sat near her friend, on the edge of the bed.

“I’m a bit sulky, bit sad. I pick up the pillow, bat you with it a bit.”

She took up the pillow and threw it at Kai, sending her book flying.

“Probably not that much…”

Ellie shrugged.

“I’m being passionate, right?”

Kai laughed.


The Japanese teenager poked Ellie with her foot. Ellie grabbed it, and pulled it towards her. Kai slipped down the bed, her skirt riding up high, exposing her panties, the white a startling contrast against her darker skin.

“Too much! Todd’ll have a fit!”

“Todd’ll get a rocket on.”

The girls laughed in their embarrassment. Kai pulled on her skirt to cover her panties.

“OK, you pull my leg, and try not to pull down my stockings or show the world my muff, and I sit up.”

Kai sat up, her right leg curling around Ellie’s body.

“We’ve very close, aren’t we?”

“I think that’s the idea. What’s your line?”

“It’s you first.”

Ellie grinned.

“OK, yeah. Don’t want you to go back to Japan, Miko. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.”

“I don’t want to go, Hannah. I think … I think I love you.”

“And now we kiss,” Ellie said.

“Passionately,” added Kai.

Ellie turned towards Kai, wrapping her arms around the Japanese girl, pulling her towards her. Their noses bumped briefly. Kai giggled.

“I like the nose rubbing, we can start like that.”

The two girls leant towards each other, rubbing their noses softly, feeling each others breath on their face, gazing into each others eyes.

“Nice,” whispered Ellie.

Kai closed her brown eyes, and pushed past Ellie’s nose, their lips touching, mouths pressing together. They paused like that for a moment, their faces touching each other, relaxing into the moment. Ellie stroked Kai’s cheek with her hand, feeling the girl’s mouth soften and open against her own. They kissed, and parted, and kissed again. Kai felt Ellie stifle a laugh.

“Kiss me again,” Ellie murmured, feeling Kai press firmly against her body. The girls kissed again, separated, kissed again.

“Where’s the passion?” Kai muttered.

“It’s coming,” Ellie answered, opening her mouth further against Kai’s red lips. She felt the girl’s tongue flick: a daring, darting move into her mouth, brief and teasing. Ellie felt a small moan rising inside her, and pulled Kai closer to her, feeling her breasts against her own, the Japanese girl’s hands on the small of her back. The two girls kissed, passionately, their tongues sliding together. Then Ellie felt Kai’s hands slip down towards her bottom, and with one final passionate embrace, pulled away from the Japanese girl in the school uniform.

The two girls remained on the bed, their arms around each other, catching their breath.

Ellie started laughing.

“God, I could have got carried away.”

“I did!”

“I know! I didn’t know what to say, I was like could you get your hand off your butt, or maybe I should…”

“You should what?” Kai asked.

Ellie wrinkled her nose.

“Should have lifted your skirt and grab a handful, seen how you liked it.”

“Nice butt, Ellie,” said Kai, squeezing the blonde girl’s bottom.

“Not so bad, yourself,” said Ellie, playfully grabbing the Japanese girl’s ass.

They kissed again, innocently, then paused, their faces close together.

Ellie said, “OK, what are we doing here?”

“Nothing, maybe…”

“Maybe what?”

“Maybe thinking – what comes next?”

“In the film, you mean.”

A pause, then Kai said, “sure, in the film. What happens when the lights go down?”

Ellie grinned, “I reckon Todd would say you lie back, and I grab a huge dildo and go at you.”

“In Todd’s head. But seriously. Not in porno world. We have this moment of passion. Miko and Hannah, right?”

Ellie pursed her lips. “OK, lying back is good. You lie back, I think it’s OK if we can see your panties now.”

Kai lay down on the bed, fiddling with her skirt.

“How much? Just a little glimpse of white? Or up around my waist?”

Ellie looked down at the girl.

“Definitely stocking tops, I think just a little bit of white lace.”

Ellie leaned forward, sliding her hands up the girl’s brown legs in their white stockings, arranging her skirt so she could only just see Kai’s panties.

“Cute. I’d do you.”

“Thanks. And what about you, where are you going?”

Ellie bit her lip.

“I’m going to lie over you, so we can kiss again.”

The blonde girl crept up the bed, lying over the Japanese teen. Ellie propped herself up on her elbow, looking down at Kai’s blouse. The blonde teenager noticed a loose maltepe escort bayan button.

“Wardrobe need to fix that, you’ll have a Superbowl moment.”

Kai laughed.

“You need to kiss me.”

“Oh yeah, of course.”

Ellie leant forward, kissing Kai on the lips, parting her mouth, kissing her again, softly and sensuously. Her arm travelled up the girl’s body, fingers trailing on the young girl’s blouse.

They kissed again, lingering, waiting on the moment.

Ellie’s fingers felt Kai’s breast beneath the white school uniform blouse, finding the teenager’s nipple, stiff beneath the cotton.

“Naughty,” Ellie murmured.

Kai giggled.

“It’s cold.”

“Shall I warm it up then?”

Ellie lifted her head, looking down at the girl, her blonde pigtails tickling Kai’s face.

“Oh, your poor nipple, it’s all poking out.”

The teenager ran her fingertip around the nipple, watching it stiffen.

Kai shuddered.

“That won’t work, silly.”

Ellie’s gaze met Kai’s deep brown eyes. She dipped her head down towards the girl’s chest, finding the stiff, dark brown nipple with her mouth. She licked around it, then drew it into her mouth, flicking it with the tip of her tongue.

Kai groaned.

“Ellie, what are we really doing here?”

Ellie sat up, all matter of fact, then lifted her stockinged leg over the girl’s body, sitting down on her thighs.

“Back story.”

“Back story?”

“Sure, we need to know what they do after this scene, right? So this Miko and Hannah, these two girls who fancy each other, and have naughty lesbian sex with each other, we need to know what they do. And they do that. They kiss, they lick nipples and get turned on. And then…”

“…they do this?”

Kai grabbed Ellie’s waist, pulling the slender blonde girl to one side and rolling on top of her.

“My turn.”

Ellie wriggled pleasurably.

“Is it big dildo-porno time?”

“You wish.”

Kai squatted over Ellie’s waist, undoing her blouse buttons, pulling the material aside.

Ellie glanced down.

“They’re not very big, are they?”

“No,” Kai said, “mine neither, probably why we got cast, because we’re young looking.”

The Japanese girl undid a couple of buttons and threw her blouse to the floor. She leant forward, sliding along Ellie’s pale arms, lowering her body on to the blonde girl.

“You made my nipples all stiff and turned on,” she whispered, “I don’t think that’s fair.”

Ellie giggled.

“I can feel them touching mine!”

Kai shook her body slightly.

“That’s so weird! What are you going to do?”

“I want to know if you’re turned on, or if you’re just a little tease.”

“Shall I tell you?” asked Ellie.

Kai sat back up. She reached forward with her hands on the blonde girl’s exposed breasts.

“This little nipple says you’re turned on.”

The Japanese girl played with Ellie’s erect nipple.

“But this little nipple is all quiet and says you’re a tease…”

She bent down and bit Ellie’s nipple softly between her teeth.

“Tie breaker… I wonder what your little pussy says?”

Kai lifted her body slightly, sliding her hand down the blonde girl’s flat belly. Ellie felt the girl’s hand reaching over her skirt, pulling it up, finding the edge of her panties.

Ellie gasped.

“You mustn’t do that!”

Kai bent down and kissed the girl again.

“But if I don’t, how will I know if you’re acting or if you’re really in the mood?”

“How will I know if you’re turned on?” asked Ellie.

“But I’ll let you touch my pussy and find out.”

Ellie pouted.

“That’s hardly fair!”

“Why don’t you try it? See if you’re turning me on?” asked Kai?

The two girls stared at each other for a moment, daring each other.

“OK,” said Ellie, after a long pause, “I’ll touch you, you touch me.”

She paused.

“Over the panties, OK?”

Kai smiled playfully.


“Let’s do it,” said Ellie, feeling brave.

The blonde girl reached up, feeling the Japanese girl’s body, sliding down, finding her skirt, lifting the coarse plaid to find the girl’s silky smooth butt.

“It’s not there,” Kai whispered, “like I’m doing…”

Ellie felt Kai’s fingers running along the top of her panties, lifting the cotton band.

“Over the top!” she said, insistently.

Kai pouted.

“Put your hand between my legs and tell me if I’m turned on, alright?”

They kissed quickly. Ellie closed her eyes and put her hand between Kai’s legs, cupping her the mound beneath her panties. She could feel a strangely familiar warm shape beneath her hand, little prickles of hair beneath her palm. Ellie felt Kai sigh pleasurably, then the blonde girl shuddered as the Japanese girl’s hand slid between her legs, pressing against her body.


“You’re warm, very warm.” Ellie closed her eyes, feeling Kai’s hand exploring her body, “so, am I teasing?”

Kai smiled.

“You’re very warm, very warm and very, very wet.”

She kissed Ellie again.

“What mecidiyeköy escort bayan do you think about my pussy?”

Ellie breathed out deeply.

“OK,” she fought for words, “I can feel how wet you are,” she moved her fingers over the cotton, “I can feel that you don’t shave, you’ve still got pussy hair.”

Ellie continued to run her fingers over the wet fabric.

“Is that your clitoris?”

Kai groaned.

“It’s so hard.”

“Touch me,” Kai whispered, “I want to feel your skin against mine.”

“Beneath your panties?”

“Yes, I want to feel your hand on me.”

Ellie paused.

“OK, but you mustn’t touch mine, OK?”

Ellie pulled the Japanese girl’s skirt up with both hands, tucking her fingers into the tight cotton panties and pulled them down towards her white stocking tops. Kai parted her legs.

“Touch my pussy, please.”

Ellie smiled.

“OK, darling, but take your hand off me please.”

Kai grunted, lifting her hand away.

Ellie bit her lip, and put her hand back between Kai’s legs. She played with the short, soft pubic hair with her fingertips, and then walked them down towards the girl’s pussy, deliberately avoiding her erect clitoris.

The girls kissed, and Ellie felt Kai’s pussy lips, wet and parted. She drew her finger down the opening, feeling the soft, wet lips with her fingertips, exploring the opening with her finger.

Kai moaned.


The Japanese girl reached down between her own legs, covering Ellie’s pale hand, pulling it closer against her body. Ellie felt her finger slide deep between the Kai’s coffee-coloured pussy lips, the juice wetting her hand. Kai pressed her hand harder, rubbing it against her body.

“Play with me.”

Ellie pulled her finger out of Kai’s warm cunt, smearing the Japanese girl’s juices all over her pussy. The blonde girl circled Kai’s mound with her fingertips, resisting the brown-haired girl’s guiding pressure, before finally finding Kai’s stiff clitoris.

Kai moaned loudly.

“Just a little bit, just a little bit.”

Ellie stroked the girl’s clit rhythmically with her thumb, feeling Kai’s body pressing down, her hand pushing up, trying to control the speed. The Japanese girl’s body started to shake, her breathing frantic and staccato. Kai kissed Ellie passionately, her tongue in the blonde girl’s mouth, her body shaking and throbbing.

“Oh god,” Kai gasped, “oh my god, Ellie, Ellie, I’m cumming, I’m cumming….”

She slumped forward onto the blonde girl’s half-naked body.

Ellie wriggled her wet hand out from between Kai’s legs, feeling the girl’s hot breasts against her own.

“Did you really cum?”

Kai started laughing uncontrollably into her shoulder.

“Oh my god, did I cum, you ask?”

She pushed herself up, her head leaning forward, so her dark bangs tickled Ellie’s skin.

“Like a rocket. That was amazing.”

Ellie felt momentarily lost.

“OK, great.”

The blonde girl wriggled.

“Don’t you think we should probably go now? I think we know enough…”

Kai pressed her down into the bed, kissing her softly.

“Don’t you think it’s your turn now?”

Ellie said, “No, no, I don’t think so. I don’t think we need to do that.”

She wriggled a little bit, her voice getting quiet.

“No, no, you don’t need to do that, you shouldn’t touch my pussy, that’s naughty.”

Kai smiled.

“Says the girl who just gave me the best orgasm ever?”

Kai sat back on Ellie’s thighs, undoing the plaid school uniform skirt, and pulling it from under the girl.

“Now,” the Japanese teenager said, “I think I remember you being just a little bit turned on?”

Ellie propped herself up against the bed.

“Maybe, maybe a bit.”

Kai squirmed down over the blonde girl’s stocking-clad legs.

“Let’s see.”

The girl leaned down, kissing Ellie’s flat belly. Her dark hair tickled the blonde girl’s pale skin, making her giggle and writhe. Kai’s hands felt the lacy stocking tops, she bent down, kissing the exposed flesh above them.

“Who put us in stockings, do you suppose?” Kai asked.

They both spoke together.


“Cute, though, I like this school uniform thing. Makes me remember being a naughty girl at school.”

Ellie could feel Kai’s warm breath against her skin as she spoke. Kai kissed up her leg, towards her belly, then slowly licked down towards Ellie’s panties, lifting their edge, tasting the hot skin beneath.

Ellie lifted her head from the bed, holding Kai’s hair off her skin.

“You mustn’t…”

The blonde girl groaned, slumping back onto the bed.

“You mustn’t…”

Kai paused for a moment, then firmly kissed the blonde girl’s pussy over her panties.

“Oh my god,” Ellie gasped, “no, that’s so naughty…”.

“Just a little look?”

“OK,” said Ellie, “just a little look.”

The blonde girl raised her butt off the bed, letting the Japanese girl tug her panties down.

Kai examined her closely.

“You have a very pretty pussy.”

She lent forward, and kissed the smooth skin where the girl’s blonde pubes would have been.

“Shaved completely smooth, too. I like it.”

Ellie tensed, feeling the girl leaning over her pussy, her warm breath teasing her skin, Kai’s tongue sliding into the cracks at the top of her legs. She struggled to part her legs instinctively, reaching down, pushing the white cotton panties further down her legs. Kai sat back, a smile on her face.

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