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DISCLAIMER: Yes, this is based on a real porn star. No, it is not a true story. Also, to the best of my knowledge, Caroline Pierce doesn’t even engage in incest. (Although, if you’re interested after reading this, she does do a couple of role playing mother-son jack off instructional videos) This should all be obvious, but I’m writing it here in case somebody reading this is retarded, or I get sued for libel or something. Anyways, enjoy.

To say that my mother and I had a strange relationship seems like a waste of time. Anyone who knew us would have assumed it would be a little strange at the very least. My name is Matt Pierce. My mother is Caroline Pierce – the porn star. You see? No matter what the circumstances, having a porn star for a mother is going to be strange. There’s just no helping it.

My mom had me when she was nineteen. I never met my dad because he didn’t stick around. So, in order to make ends meet, my mom started stripping. She did that for many years and slowly started doing porn flicks. She was always very open to me about what she did and never lied about it. She didn’t say “I’m going to the office,” and then secretly go shoot a porno or anything. I suppose I’m thankful for that. Better to know about it early instead of being surprised by it later in life.

I’m not ashamed of her either. She did what she had to do to get by. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, that doesn’t mean that I tell everyone what she does. I don’t want all of my friends jacking off to videos of my mom. When I was in high school, a few guys happened to find a video of her online. I got teased a lot, but didn’t let it get to me. I just ignored it and it soon became old news. Nobody seemed to care as much once they realized that I didn’t care either.

It’s no wonder that my mom does porn. My mom is an incredibly sexy woman. She has long, dark hair that she’s always dying colors. She’s really fond of adding a hint of purple to it. Her body is very curvy but she has a thin waist. Her breasts are b-cups, but they are perky and very well shaped. What really gets people going is her ass. My mom’s ass is huge! It is so thick and juicy. It’s not some fat ass covered in cellulite either. It’s nice and firm, like a couple of fucking basketballs stuffed into the back of her pants.

I’m being honest here – I tried to be a good son. I really did. But, I’ve been attracted to my mom since I hit puberty. Growing up, I would sneak glances at her legs and stare at her ass as she walked across the room; her big cheeks shifting back and forth, moving up and down up and down. I felt so perverted looking at my own mother like that. I knew it was so wrong to think of her that way, and I tried to push her out of my mind. That just made it worse.

Temptation was always present. I knew that I could see her naked anytime I wanted. All I needed was to do a quick Google search. I thought about it a lot. After everyone found out about her when I was in high school, I knew that all of my friends had looked her up. Everyone joked about seeing my mom getting fucked. Sometimes, just to be mean, guys would tell me all of the weird fetishes they had seen my mom do and ask me, “Have you seen that video? Your mom is crazy hot in it.” Sometimes I figured, if everyone else has seen it, why not take a look myself?

But, despite all of that, I actually hadn’t. All through high school, I never looked her up or watched any of her videos. It took extreme willpower not to do it. As a high school boy chock full of hormones, who was admittedly obsessed with his mother in a sexual way, it was challenging to say the least. Whenever I started to get turned on by my mom, which was often, I just masturbated quickly. I learned that, if I didn’t take care of it quickly, the temptation would grow considerably. There were many times that I nearly went through with it and looked up one of her videos, but I could never bring myself to actually do it.

When I was eighteen, I went to a college pretty far from home. College was great. If there was anything that could take my mind off of my mom, it was a fine mix of keggers and co-eds. And, that seemed to work very nicely. By the end of my first year at college, I hardly ever fantasized about my mom. I still had the occasional daydream, but I seemed to be getting over her. I thought that maybe it had all just been some phase. I was wrong.

The summer after freshman year, I came back home. Less than a week of living in the same house as my mom undid everything. I constantly fantasized about her again, and was back to jacking off three times a day. It seemed that having not seen her for so long and then coming back made her seem even hotter.

It was getting bad. I couldn’t wear gym shorts or sweat pants anymore because I was always hard. It was crazy to think that my mom was giving me a boner every day. She looked even better than before I left for school too. While I was gone, she had gotten a nose job and her face was even more gorgeous than before. The tuzla escort temptation was back with a vengeance.

I made it about halfway through June before I broke. It had been an incredibly hot day, and I decided to stay in for the night. I was watching a movie in the living room when my mom walked in wearing just a t-shirt and short shorts. I could see the very bottoms of her butt cheeks sticking out of her shorts. She didn’t care. It’s not like she thought I was looking or anything.

She sat down on the couch and watched the movie with me. She was leaning on the arm of the couch with her legs curled up underneath her. Her shorts were riding up and I could see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Or, if she was, it had to have been a very skimpy thong. I could see a lot of her thick right ass cheek and had to make a conscious effort not to reach out and grab a handful of it. I had an erection very quickly. I knew that I should probably just excuse myself for a quick minute and go jack off in the bathroom, but I couldn’t bring myself to get up. I kept stealing looks at her ass. I didn’t want to stop looking.

I didn’t even understand what was happening in the movie because I kept fantasizing about ripping off her shorts and shoving my face into her pussy right there on the couch. I began to wonder what my mom tasted like. I imagined my tongue working its way around her wet pussy lips as she screamed in ecstasy. Then I would take off my pants and stuff my hard dick deep in between her spread legs until I….

“Alright, Matt,” said my mom, startling me as she interrupting my fantasy. “I’m going to bed. Don’t stay up too late.”

“Oh. Alright. Good night,” I said. My mom got off the couch. Her shorts had worked up into her crack a little and I watched out the corner of my eye as she picked them out.

“Good night, Matt,” said my mom and walked out of the room. As I watched her walk away, I couldn’t help but rub my erection through my pants. I was incredibly turned on. I had sat through an entire movie while fantasizing about my mom and sneaking peaks at her ass. I was so worked up that I had to go straight to my room. Luckily, my room was on the opposite side of the house as my mom’s, so I never had to worry about her hearing me.

I closed the door and was about to take off my pants. But, I suddenly felt the desire to watch one of my mom’s videos. I had gone through this many times, but never when I was as worked up as I was that night. I was so horny and my mind was being overtaken with desire. I turned on my computer and opened up a web browser. I slowly typed in “Caroline Pierce” into Google. Then I stopped. I had gotten this far several times before, but I had never hit the search button. I stared at the computer screen, trying to talk myself out of it.

‘You’re going to regret it,’ I thought. ‘It’s not right. She’s your mother.’ But, on that particular night, there was a much louder voice in my head screaming, “Do it you motherfucker!” I listened to the voice and hit search. I then clicked on a link that started loading a video. My heart was racing. I could hear veins pulsing in my head, but the pulsing in my cock was louder. The video started playing. There was no storyline or anything. It just started out in some random nice house with some music playing. My mom walked into the room wearing only some sexy lingerie. Upon seeing her, I practically froze. This was really happening. I was going to watch my mom in a porno.

She started doing a sexy strip tease for the camera. The expression on her face was so foreign to me. She was looking into the camera with lust in her eyes, like she really wanted to fuck whoever was watching her; like she wanted to fuck me. Then she turned around and bent over. She was wearing a tiny thong that was being swallowed up by her big ass. I was completely lost in the video, unaware of anything else, but I think I may have started drooling a little.

She took her top off and exposed her perky tits. Then she slid her thong down, showing off her bare ass and pussy. My mom was completely naked, dancing on my computer screen. I wondered how many people had ever experienced what I was experiencing at that moment. As she continued to dance, I wondered why I had not done this sooner. I had never been so turned on in all my life.

Then my mom did something that I found irresistible. I later learned that this was sort of her signature move. She turned her ass towards the camera, spread her legs about shoulder width apart, and put her hands just under both of her huge ass cheeks towards the outside. Then she moved her hips to the side a little and gently jiggled one of her cheeks with a couple of fingers. My eyes were wide as I watched her jiggle her ass. Her ass was framed up so perfectly as her fingers sent little waves through her cheeks. And then I was suddenly cumming in my pants.

I had never premature ejaculated or cum in my own pants ever in my life. But, seeing my mom like that sent me over the edge. I had barely tuzla escort bayan even touched myself since I left the living room. I didn’t even care that I had ruined my pants. I didn’t care about a lot of things at that moment, actually.

Usually after I cum I go right back to rational, clear-thinking Matt and can go do something else. Not this night. I kept watching the video. I had cum, but I was still so turned on. After a few minutes, I was hard again. I watched and stroked myself as some guy had his way with my mom. I saw him put her in all sorts of positions and plow into her pussy. My mom was moaning the whole time, begging for more, telling the guy to fuck her harder. Hearing my mom say things like that was a huge turn on. I came again while watching her take it doggy style. At the end of the video, my mom got on her knees and the guy shot a load all over her face.

When the video stopped, I sat at my desk for a little bit just thinking. I had always known that my mom was in porn. And, I knew what went along with that. I had often pictured what her videos would look like even. But, actually seeing one was something altogether different. I considered just stopping with this one video. But, my body was telling me that was no longer an option.

I clicked on another video. Then I clicked on another. Then another, and another, and another. I stayed up the whole night watching my mom having sex in every imaginable way. Most of her videos were in a niche market that concentrated on women with big asses. Men would literally worship her ass in these videos. My mom would shake it around seductively and then men would step in and begin fawning over it, shoving their faces into it, licking it and spanking it before they began fucking her pussy. There were some videos entirely devoted to my mom sitting on men’s faces, smothering them with her massive cheeks. I was insanely jealous of them.

For hours and hours I watched my mom take cocks deep in her mouth and pussy. She was a very aggressive cocksucker. She could deepthroat even the biggest of black cocks and would sometimes roll her eyes back when they filled her mouth. This was a huge turn on for me. Then she would ride them. I’ve never seen anyone ride a cock as well as my mom. She would climb on top of a guy and bounce on his cock, making loud clapping sounds that shook her ass in the most arousing way.

Around 3:00, I started to find her fetish videos. Earlier in her career, my mom did a whole lot of fetish stuff. She was dressed in latex outfits, tied-up, dominated, the whole nine yards. I saw her get penetrated by a fucking machine, fucked with a strap-on, give a guy a rimjob while another girl sucked his cock, and spanked hard until her ass turned red. I remember guys in high school saying they had seen her do some of this, but I thought they had just been teasing. I had never thought of my mom as the kind of person to be into that sort of thing.

The lesbian scenes came as a bit of a surprise too. I guess I should have expected it, but it still was a bit of a shock watching my mom eat another woman’s pussy. Mostly because she did it with a lot of energy. She really seemed to enjoy it.

Then came the biggest shock of all. I discovered a video titled “Caroline Pierce’s First Anal.” The video had only been posted two years ago, and was supposedly one of the only anal scenes she’s ever done, aside from taking the occasional finger and a butt plug once. I clicked on it and watched my mom taking a dick up her ass. The guy fucking her was really rough and she looked a little uncomfortable, but she made it through it and smiled as he came all over her. It is a very surreal experience watching your own mom get fucked in the ass.

After that video, I realized that it was 6:00 in the morning. I had cum so many times through that night that the floor around my desk chair was covered in used tissues. Completely exhausted, I passed out in my bed.

The guilt that I had been so worried about never came. In fact, I was more attracted to my mom than ever before, and I needed to experience her first hand. For the rest of the summer, I started paying much more attention to her. I kept an eye out for opportunities to see her naked or get close to her. While walking around her in the kitchen, I would sometimes “innocently” brush against her ass with my crotch. Every time she went into her room to change or took a shower in the bathroom, I would look to see if there was a crack in the door. I never saw anything though.

My desire for my mom was taking over my life. I watched porn videos of her nearly every day. I started going through her dirty laundry and jacking off with her used panties. I got a cheap thrill from rummaging through her things. One day, while she was out of the house, I found a vibrator in her nightstand. I was extremely horny and licked it, knowing that it had been inside of her. With her vibrator in my mouth, I jacked off into some panties in her dirty clothes hamper. Honestly, I did feel a bit escort tuzla guilty after that one. Even for a guy who wanted to fuck his own mom, that was a little perverted.

I noticed my mom’s mood start to change over the course of the summer. She was getting depressed because of her job. She was 38 and quickly becoming one of the older porn actresses. Every video she was in suddenly had the word “mature” or “MILF” in it. Like I said, she was open about her work to me, especially now that I was in college (It’s not like she went into detail about it or anything). She told me that it wasn’t that bad, but I could tell it was bothering her. In a lot of the scenes she did, she wasn’t even the main actress anymore. She would often have to share the screen with a younger actress. Some of them were even my age.

She had done a really hot scene where she played some up and coming porn star’s mother and they both fucked the same guy. She was so hot in it, but I could see that she was clearly upset about it at home. I wished there was something I could do to cheer her up. I had almost slipped up and told her that she was really sexy in that scene, but caught myself before I said it. Didn’t want her to know I had watched the video. Instead, I just told her that I thought she still looked young and pretty. She liked that, but she was still pretty down.

My mom started going out every weekend to bars. She would usually come home (the nights when she did come home) a little drunk around 2:00 at night and pass out. Once, she came home and went straight to her room. I quietly walked to her door and heard her using her vibrator. I stood outside her door and masturbated to the sound of her moaning inside her room. That was the closest I ever thought I would get to first-hand experience with her. That is, until mid-July.

It was another Saturday night and I was going to a party with some friends. My mom was going out to some club.

“Matt, I’m going out. Are you going to be staying all night at Jack’s?” said my mom.

“No, I’ll probably come home afterwards,” I said.

“Ok. I better not find out you’re drinking and driving though.” My mom wasn’t stupid. She knew I drank, but she was fine with it as long as I was safe.

“Mom, it’s only like six blocks away. I’m just going to walk. Are you going to be coming home tonight?” I asked, a little bold of me.

“Maybe,” my mom said mischievously.

“Maybe?” I said. “Who’s the guy?” My mom gasped playfully.

“First of all, that’s none of your business. And, second of all… I don’t know yet. Whoever I start grinding on I suppose.” My mom laughed. She had been more open about talking about this sort of thing now that I was a little older. Also, the drink she had downed earlier helped.

“Look at my mom the cougar,” I teased.

“Hey!” said my mom and hit me on the shoulder with her purse. “Keep it up and I’m going to start coming home with some of your friends.” I laughed as she walked out the door. “See you later, sweetie.” A little while after, I left for my party.

Jack’s parties were always the same. We would all hang out in his basement and set up a beer pong table. Somebody would inevitably put on some shitty music, and then everyone would commence getting obliterated. I usually didn’t get as drunk as everyone else because, strangely enough, I actually wanted to remember the party. However, on this particular night, I decided to get good and hammered.

All night, the image of my mom grinding up on some guy was stuck in my head. Eventually, I started imagining myself in the guy’s place. I imagined my mom’s fat butt pushing against my crotch as I worked my hands up the sides of her body until I was cupping her breasts. I tried to drink away the thoughts, but it didn’t work. Around 3:00, I left the party. I staggered home. Luckily, I didn’t pass any cops. In the state I was in, it would have been pretty obvious that I was wasted.

I shut the front door behind me and tripped over a pair of shoes. The house was completely dark. I let my eyes adjust to the darkness and went to my mom’s room to check if she was there. The door was wide open and her room was empty. Usually, if she wasn’t home by 2:00, that meant she wasn’t coming home. ‘God, she’s probably off fucking some lucky guy right now,’ I thought.

I started imagining my mom bent over some guy’s kitchen counter, and I was quickly hard. I started to walk to my room. I was going to put on one of my mom’s videos and masturbate. But, halfway down the hall, I had a better idea. I turned around and went back to my mom’s room. I turned on the light and walked in, shutting the door behind me (I always feel awkward masturbating with an open door).

I had gotten drunk to help get my mind off of my mom, but it seemed to have the opposite effect. I started going through her laundry hamper. I found a lacey black thong and brought it over to the bed. Then I took off my pants, got out my phone, and brought up one of my mom’s pornos. It was one of my favorites. My mom was down on all fours with oil spread all over her ass and a guy with a sizable cock was slamming into her. I slowly stroked my own cock as I watched, gently caressing my mom’s dirty panties.

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