Teri’s Vacation Ch. 04

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I’m sorry too all you folks out there waiting for this part 4, that it took so long. I had a certain young lady driving me to distraction….yes you S.B. (wink) I hope you like this newest part.

To Teri the rest of the morning, and afternoon passed very slowly. She couldn’t wait to see what happened tonight. She walked around the house dressed in skirt and shirt, but Karen saw her rubbing her pussy through her skirt all the day through. Karen and David both got horny watching Teri doing this and tried to have sex with her, but she said she was saving it for daddy and gently refused them both and would continue to rub her dress into her self, but not getting off. Karen had to drag David off to her bed room and fuck him furiously; Teri had gotten her so worked up. Afterward, Karen even tried to make her feel better by calling her husband to see when he would get home that night.

“I’m not sure tonight, but I hope to get off by seven.” Robert said when his wife asked.

“Oh ok, well maybe by seven you can get off, I hope.” Karen said, thinking if you get home at seven you’ll soon get off later.

“Why? Is something wrong there or anything?” Robert sounded concerned.

“Oh no, just me and David were planning on going to a movie, so we probably wont be home till later. But Teri didn’t want to go, so she was going to fix you supper and whatever.” Karen said, wondering if she should have added that last part, with what had happened last time. He might figure something out. Robert did think of what had happened with Teri, and he felt his cock give a jerk. “No, Teri wanted to know, to know when to expect you is all.”

“Ok, well I should hopefully be home soon after 7 o’clock.” Robert said, thinking hopefully he might see more of Teri in that nightie.

“Ok I’ll tell her Rob. You try and have a good day, and hurry home. I love you.” Karen said.

“Love you too honey.” He said as he hung up. Karen hung up the phone and went to tell her daughter. Karen found her in the living room, and noticed her hand was still rubbing her crotch area. “Sweetie, you’re going to be sore later tonight if you keep that up.” Karen saw her pull her hand away.

“I know mom, I …just can’t help it. I’m more then horny. Is dad going to get off early tonight?” Teri said, an expectant look on her face.

“I’m sure he will get off early tonight if you can arrange it young lady.” Karen said chuckling. Teri smiled at her moms comment, but still waited on her reply. “He said to hopefully be home soon after seven, so you better be ready a bit before then.” Karen said

“Oh I will mom. I was thinking over what to wear, and how to go about doing it.” Teri said.

“Well the hard part will be getting your father to stay awake enough to do anything. But me and David are going to a movie, though well go to dinner first. The movie we were going to see starts at seven, so you should have your father alone for about three hours. If he gets home at seven o’clock that is.” Karen told her daughter. “In fact I was about to drag your brother from in front of the TV to the shower. Wash that hot bod of his for him.” Karen said with a wicked grin. “You sure you don’t want to join us…” Karen said trailing off, hoping to get her daughters mind off of tonight. She would hate it if Rob fell asleep or by weird chance something went wrong.

“No mom, I just want to wait here and save it for him.” Teri replied as she again absent mindedly rubbed between her legs.

“No what your going to do is make yourself sore. Now stop it. Besides, you’re making me hot again, and if you don’t quit I won’t be able to help myself and I’ll have to suck that pussy.” Karen said with a smile, shaking her finger at Teri. Teri threw her hands to her face as she turned red and laughed.

“I’m sorry mom, I don’t even think about it though. I’m just preoccupied with how to get daddy to fuck me.” Teri said with a slight pout.

“Well alright, I’m off to drag your brother into the shower. Behave.” Karen said, looking back at her daughter as she walked off to get David from his room. Karen went upstairs and opened the door to David room. David was on the bed stroking his hard cock while watching TV; it was just a sports show for god’s sake Karen thought.

“Hey what’s with you kids, you’re making me think you don’t want your old mom, with all this alone stuff.” Karen said as she saw what he was doing.

“Shit mom you startled me. Naw mom I was just watching TV, I usually play with myself in my room. An old habit.” David replied looking up at his mom. Karen chuckled slightly.

“Well ok then. You want to hop in the shower together, and then get ready to go out?” Karen asked her son. David grinned.

“Go out? If we get into the shower together, Ill probably be going in shortly after.” David said laughing. Karen smiled at her son

“Oh really. And where would you be going into?” Karen said as she moved over and sat on her sons lap, her groin next to her son’s still hard cock.

“Right tuzla escort in here mom, just where you like it.” David said as he moved a hand down under her and finding her without panties, then feeling her wetness, sliding two fingers into her willing pussy.

“Ummm hhhuu.” Karen moaned as she shook her head yes. “You know I love you in my pussy David…but we have to get into the shower if we’re going to get something to eat before the movie.” Karen said but still enjoying his fingers inside her.

“Something to eat huh? That sounds good mom.” David said as he lifted his mom up and laid her down on the bed.

“No David we don’t have tiiimmmmeeee….oohh gooodddd!” Karen started to object then stopped when David started to lick her. She then raised her knees up so he could get better access to her. “Oh yes Davy……lick it, lick my pussy. Make mommy cum.” Karen moaned aloud. She felt her son use his hands and open her up as his tongue drove deeper into her. “OH yes Davy, tongue fuck me….faster…faster….Ohhh goodd so close…sooo…close….ah..ahh….AARRGGHHMMMM!” Karen cried out as her orgasm hit her, and she grabbed David head and smashed him more into her pussy as she came. He licked her pussy, until she started to come down, then he rose up and looked at her.

“Well I’ve eaten, You want something?” He said with a smile, coated in her juices. Karen was seriously thinking of just that.

“You two were supposed to be in the shower, shheezz.” Teri stood in the doorway with a big smile and her arms crossed. When Karen saw Teri, she remembered Teri was right and quickly pulled out from under David and got up.

“Hey what about me and this.” David said as he gripped his cock. Karen and Teri both giggled.

“I guess you’ll have to hold it for later tonight honey. I’m sorry but we do have to get ready to go. I think Teri is getting impatient.” Karen said smirking at her daughter.

“Damn straight I am. Ummm I cant wait to feel daddy inside me.” Teri said as she ran both hands over her groin and held them there like she had to use to restroom. It was Karen’s and David’s turn to laugh.

“Ok we’ll hurry and clear out, so you can set the mood for your father. Come on David, in the shower with you.” Karen said ushering her son to the bathroom upstairs. Teri watched as he then her mom got in and started to get wet. Teri did have a urge to join them, but really wanted to save it for her dad. But she went to her room to pick out what she would wear that evening.

Teri tried several nighties she had in her room on. In the end she decided on one that was sexy but not to reveling, not wanting to show her hand, or anything else to soon. What she decided on was a light blue teddy, that was almost see through, but not quite, that was very short cut. She noticed if and when she bent over her ass would show quite a bit. She smiled, figuring on not wearing panties. The teddy also showed off a nice bit of cleavage as well. Teri then went to show her mom to see what she thought but they were still in the shower. Teri peaked behind the curtain.

Teri saw that her mom and David were doing anything but showering. Karen was on her knees as the water played over both of them, and she had David’s cock in her mouth bobbing her head trying to take more and more into her mouth. When Teri saw them she felt like shouting.

“Mom! You said you guys would hurry up.” Teri said feeling disappointed.

“Teri we……::::sigh::: lets finish our shower David. We can finish this later.” Karen said looking at her son with a slight smile.

“Not fair mom….I still haven’t gotten off.” David said as he looked at Teri. “Teri you could let her finish me.” He said to his sister, but his mom answered.

“No David, I promise Ill help you later. Trust me.” Karen said with a wink at him. “Your sister is very worked up about your father, but it’s ok.” Karen said quickly looking at Teri. Teri pouted as she bit her lip.

“I’m sorry to be so jumpy mom; I just want it to go ok.” Teri said as she gave her mom her hand to help her out of the shower. “You like?” Teri said showing her teddy off to her mom. Karen smiled.

“Your father will get an eyeful.” Karen said. Teri spun around and bent over. Karen’s eyes opened wide as she grinned. “Strike that, his cock will rip though his pants.” Karen said with a chuckle.

“Whoa, sis. You’re supposed to fuck dad, not give him a heart attack.” David said as he stepped out of the shower. Teri was still bent over and David quickly stepped up to her as Karen hid a smile as he placed his cock at Teri’s pussy. Teri moaned and started sliding back onto his cock., then stopped and stood up quickly.

“Daviiddd! You know I’m saving it for daddy, shame on you.” Teri said as she grabbed his cock and pumped it slightly, grinning. It was David’s turn to groan now. Teri pulled her hand away, and laughed.

“That’s mean sis, I’m going to be hard all day now between the two of you.” David said, looking at both of them.

“Umm tuzla escort bayan between the both of us, sounds interesting. Honey you’ll be fine. Let’s get dressed and leave Teri to her conspiring.” Karen said as they all left the bathroom. Teri went back and got into her plain dress to fix supper for her father. Before he can eat me, he does have to eat, she thought smiling. As she came down to the kitchen and started picking out stuff to fix dinner for her dad, Karen walked into the kitchen wearing a nice but simple dress.

“Honey I’m taking my cell phone, and if you father still hasn’t gotten here by about 8:30 give me a call and David and I will do something else after the movie. That way you have time alone with your father.” Karen said giving Teri the number on paper. Just then David walked into the kitchen from upstairs, he walked up to Karen and hugged her from and cupped her breasts with his hands. “Alright mister, watch those hands. Ok Teri, you ok with everything?” Karen said looking back at Teri.

“Yes mom, after I finish cooking I’m going to change back into dad’s surprise. You two have fun, I’m sure going to try and have some with daddy.” Teri said as she hugged her mom and David joined in. She kissed both of them as they separated.

“Ok sweetie, I’m sure everything will go ok. Expect us when we get home.” Karen said as she and David left the house. Teri looked at the clock: a bit after 5:30. She tried to play out in her head how the evening might go, and shivered. Teri continued to cook supper as she daydreamed and she caught herself several times rubbing her dress again. At about a 6:15 she finished cooking and set it aside to wait for her father, as she went to get dressed, or undressed as she thought. Teri chuckled at the thought.

After she came back down she had just to wait, which was the worst part she thought. She went into the living room and watched TV. Teri was starting to worry, it was 7 o’clock and her dad wasn’t home. She sighed and hoped he would make it soon; she was having the hardest time keeping her fingers off her uncovered pussy. Teri then wondered what her mom and brother were doing.

As Karen was driving the two of them to the theatre, she couldn’t help but sneak her hand over and cop a feel of her sons cock, through his pants. She noticed it was still hard from the restaurant and she heard him moan. She had to admit she had been very bad while they were in the restaurant.

Karen had taken them to a place that none of the family had ever been before, outside town a ways. She hoped to have a nice evening out with her young “date” without anyone she knew seeing her. The waiter gave them a slight glance, she was thinking due to the age difference, as they followed him arm in arm and were seated in a out of the way booth. When they were left alone, Karen couldn’t help but kiss David and he jumped when she felt her hand rubbing his crotch. He was a bit reserved in public, feeling very nervous. Karen and David ordered when the waiter again came around. Again the waiter left.

Soon after Karen again moved her hand to David crotch, but this time it was her turn to gasp. He had unzipped his fly and his huge cock was totally out of his pants. Karen looked over at her son, and saw he was grinning like a bandit. She grabbed his cock and gave it a good squeeze, again he groaned. She quickly looked around and saw that no one who could really see them well, or sitting close by. Karen looked at David with a big smile, then ducked her head so it was below the height of the table and engulfed the head of her sons cock.

“Oh Jesus mom! We’re going to get caught! Ummm but…don’t stop…..ahh…yes…suck it.” David moaned softly, while he watched for anyone watching them. He soon felt he would finally be able to come in a few minutes, when he saw the head of their waiter over some plants, headed THEIR way! “Mom stop…get up!” David whispered to his mother. Karen quickly sat up but kept her hand around his shaft. David thought that the waiter had seen her raise her head, also he had paused in his steps toward them, before continuing. When he reached their table he cleared his throat.

“Would either of you care for any appetizers before you are ready to order?” He asked looking a bit red faced. As he finished talking, David felt his mom start to move her hand, pumping his cock. David figured the waiter couldn’t see his cock from where he stood, but he had to see his mom’s hand moving now. The waiters face turned redder, but he started to smile slightly.

“No, I’m fine with the appetizer I have.” Karen said feeling very bold and turned on, knowing the waiter KNEW what she had been doing. And what she was doing now. The waiter turned to David.

“And and…you sir…would you like anything?” he asked David stuttering. David was also red faced now, but his cock was rock hard as his mom pumped it below the table.

“No, but maybe two drinks?” he asked looking at his mom. She shook her head yes.

“Two margaritas, please.” escort tuzla Karen said, looking at the waiter, she noticed he was now sporting a nice bulge in his trousers as he stood there. She felt a surge of lust pass through her and she shivered with a naughty thought. “I might need something to wash my appetizer down.” Karen said as she looked at the waiter in the eye and quickly bent over as she brought out David’s cock, and engulfed it in full view of the waiter. The waiter just stood there aghast as he watched for a few seconds, and then quickly hurried off to the kitchen area. David couldn’t believe what his mom had done, or was doing.

“Mom what if he calls the police?” David said, now more worried then not, but he was still rock hard. Karen lifted off his cock for a moment.

“Trust me he won’t. And I have a good idea he’ll be back.” Karen said, grinning up at David, he mouth wet with he spit. She then dove back down and sucked in his cock into her mouth. David had to moan, even though he wasn’t sure as his mom about this. Soon he was getting back into it, but again got interrupted when he saw the waiter coming back with the drinks on a platter. “Mom, he’s coming back!” he said quickly, expecting her to get up again. And she did but just her head.

“Good.” She said, and then lowered her mouth back onto his throbbing cock, as the waiter walked up and placed the drinks on the table. David saw his hands shaking quite a bit.

“Wil… will.. th….there be anything else sir?” He stuttered, looking at David, but David saw him trying his best to not look at his mom. But Karen raised her head off David’s cock and spoke first.

“Yes, would you mind looking at my seat, I seem to be having trouble sitting.” Karen said as she rose onto her knees and lifted her dress, showing the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties. She looked up at the waiter as he started to smile.

“Yes mam. I will be happy to ..check your seat.” He smiled as he glanced around him, then dropped to his knees and quickly pushed his face into her ass. Karen felt him as he started to lick her pussy. David was speechless watching, as he then felt his mom start to suck on his cock again. David felt her moan around his cock, and saw her body stiffen as he thought she started cumming, which she was.

Karen couldn’t believe what she was doing, but it was so…utterly naughty…she very quickly had an orgasm, sucking David’s cock while a complete stranger sucked her pussy. She shuddered, feeling this mans tongue in her pussy, but wanted more then his tongue. As she came down from her orgasm, she lifted her head.

“More…I want your cock…in me…now!” Karen gasped as her orgasm finished out. She then lowered her head again, now wanting her sons cum in her mouth. The waiter wasted no time, wanting to bury his member into this hot woman’s pussy. Karen felt as, he slid his cock into her. She guessed he was a bit shorter then her husband, but about as thick as her son. But just the idea of being filled by this…man….started her on another orgasm.

“MMMmmhhmmmpppp” She moaned around her sons cock as she came again. David already feeling close and again seeing his mom cum while this guy fucked her, couldn’t hold back anymore. He started to shoot wads of his cum into Karen mouth. Karen moaned anew when she felt her sons jism flying into her mouth. She began gulping, trying to suck every drop from him. It was hard trying to swallow as her pussy was still in spasms, but Karen didn’t miss a drop. As both her and David finished their orgasm, she lifted her head off his still hard cock.

“Ummm whoever you are….cum in me….I want you to fill me up…..uumm cum for me.” She chanted as she used her pussy muscle to try and rush the waiter’s orgasm. It worked. Between the whole situation and this woman’s tight hot pussy around his cock, he felt himself starting his own orgasm as he gripped her hips and thrust into her.

“Uhhhhrrrr.” He softly grunted as he started to shoot his cum up this woman’s pussy. Karen felt the waiter as he started to cum. She also felt it as his cum gushed out of her pussy and ran down her legs. He must have been saving it for weeks for that amount, she thought. A small pool was forming at her knees on the smooth booth seat, and for some reason it excited her to know what she was kneeling in. As his movements slowed so did the deluge of cum running down her legs, though the pool now was considerable. She then felt the waiter pull his shrinking cock from her pussy and more cum gushed down to her knees.

“Oh sweetie let me clean that for you.” Karen said as she twisted around and holding her dress sat her ass in the pool of the waiters cum, as she reached for his cock. She quickly sucked the now almost limp member of this stranger into her mouth, sucking and licking her and his cum off it. David watched in awe and couldn’t believe all that had happened, and still was. The waiter had a very contented smile on his face as Karen withdrew her mouth and slid the waiters cock into his pants and then zipped them up.

“Oh my god lady….that was great….but I have to go. Ill be back to get your order.” The waiter said as he rushed off. Karen looked over at David, a glazed look in her eyes.

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