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A few months ago, I helped out a dear friend of mine. My friend was not able to have children with her husband, so I agreed to surrogate for them. When the child was born enlaced into my friend’s arms…well, there are no words to express how gratifying that was. We have since moved apart, and I am extremely anxious to repeat the process. It has become my every desire and passion to be able to give barren couples the children they have always wanted.

Now comes the hard part: I have a long time fantasy to be raped and impregnated by a horrifying creature. I’m talking about the kind of monster nightmares are made of! I would like to provide a child for some lucky couple in exchange for the fulfilment of this fantasy. In order to do that I will need a representative who is professional and open minded to act as the go-between, thus I decided to place this ad.

First, I’ll start with a bit about me. I’m 22, white, and single. I have no desire to marry or have a boyfriend. I rather enjoy my solitude. I came from a very large family of Amish where no birth control is practiced and the women are extremely fertile. I was the lone wolf of the family, wanting no part of that life. Having shamed my parents, I was ostracized, never to be allowed back. As I said, my family was extremely large, my mother just had her 27th child before I left. All pregnancies were easy and all children were healthy. All of my sisters who followed her lead also had the same luck. Our family is very healthy, no history of cancer, Alzheimers, diabetes, heart disease, or anything in our family, as far back as records are kept.

I practice strict veganism and I eat almost exclusively off the land. I have a large vegetable garden and dozens of fruit trees. When I’m not gardening, hiking or reading I work. My job as a programmer allows me to work from home and make my own schedule. I like staying fit. I am intelligent and independent. I have been told I am beautiful. I have a petite frame, long brown hair and brown eyes. Since I spend so much time working the land, my sun-kissed skin has a nice glow.

Anyway, escort ataşehir enough about me. Back to what I’m looking for. My rep will begin by seeking out couples who are not capable of having their own children, couples who have a strong loving relationship and a passion for family. Couples should be prepared to provide supporting evidence to my rep of all this. Ideal couples will live in a different city, state, or even a different country. What is most important is that I will never run into them or recognize the child anywhere. Race, religion, and financial portfolio need not be considered as you choose the couple.

Next, the man will undergo a complete STD screening, for my protection. My rep will have access to an online portal where all my medical records are accessible. A calendar will be provided with information about my cycle. My rep will educate the couple when the most fertile days will be. Then, the couple will discuss possible alternatives to impregnate me. My rep will council and brainstorm. Together, the trio will decide the date and plan. The rapings are only to occur during my fertile days, but as my rep and as an advocate for the “surprise” factor, you should consider skipping days, or even months between impregnation attempts.

I have considered a few frightening scenarios, but by no means should anyone feel obligated to use these: My rep will have a key to my house and has the option of letting the man in when I least expect it. He could hide until I return home, or until I’m sleeping, or until I’m in the shower. He could wear a terrifying clown mask and impregnate me while also humiliating and hurting me. The scarier and more demeaning the better. And pain is fine, as long as my body is not permanently damaged by anything.

Another scenario was if I heard something outside and went into the darkness to investigate. A strange man in a horrifying werewolf mask could corner me and rip my clothes off. I’d make a break for it, but he’d catch up with me, knock me to the ground, grab my ankles and drag me back, kicking kadıköy escort and screaming, and then fill my womb with his semen while pushing my face in the dirt and growling. This would be a good method because I live in a modest house on the outskirts of town. I have a lot of acreage and there is little chance of interference from neighbors.

The impregnation does not necessarily need to occur at my home. The couple could dress as aliens and abduct me. I would later discover that I am strapped to an exam table in an overly lit medical room in a “spaceship”. An invasive and painful body cavity search might be necessary before insemination occurs. The options are endless, but what is most important is that it is unexpected, rough, and extremely frightening.

Above all, I must never be able to identify the couple. The ability to disguise themselves is of the utmost importance!

Orgasm plays an important role in conceiving as the contracting of the cervix allows more semen into the womb, but don’t feel obligated here. If you choose to use this tool, there are several approaches, including vibration and implements that use small pulses of electrical shock. There are also objects that could be left inside me, should the couple decides to leave me bonded and alone. A completed orgasm is not the only way to contract the cervix. Forcing my body to “edge” should get the same result.

The three of you must also decide if the experience will last minutes, hours, or days, or even if I will be raped during separate frightening scenarios during my fertile days. When the act has been completed, my rep will need to do a follow up to ensure I’m not left unconscious exposed to the elements somewhere, or tied up in such a way that I cannot get free, while trying to be covert whenever possible.

I will keep the online calendar updated as to my status so my rep can see if the actions were successful, or if another attempt will be tried next month.

Once impregnation is successful, I will keep our online portal updated with notes from doctor visits, sonogram maltepe escort bayan pictures, etc, which you will share with the parents.

Once the child is born, I will require a second “incident” to occur in order for the parents to collect their child. Again, here are a few options: They could be notified when I am in labor, break in dressed as crazy medics, tie me up in a straight jacket, blindfold me, and extract the child from my birth canal, leaving me to never see or even hold the infant. This would be a good option for couples who are either very anxious to begin their lives as parents, or couples who want to prevent any bonding the child might have with me.

Another option is to let some time pass (to build up the surprise factor), then the parents could break into my home dressed as thieves, tie me up, gag me, rob me, ransack the house, and disappear with the child.

One more idea I’ve considered is simply that the rep unlock the house with his or her key and the child vanishes without a trace while I sleep or shower. The three of you will need to uncover what method works best for you.

Whether the child is with me for an hour or for several months, I will be breastfeeding exclusively. Parents might consider this when they plan a date to seize the child, as it is well known the health benefits of breast milk.

Once the child is gone, you as my rep can begin searching for the next set of hopeful parents and the cycle will continue.

The only payment I will receive will be the satisfaction of fulfilling my sexual fantasy and the joy of knowing some happy couple can raise the family they’ve always dreamed of. As my rep, you should also have a strong desire to aid in building these families, but the time you invest is worth some monetary amount. It will be up to you to decide what your rate will be, communicate that to the couples, and collect payment. You will not discuss your compensation with me. The amount should be fair and modest. In no way should this be enough of an income to be a full-time job. The goal is to build families, not sell children.

If you feel you would be a good fit as my representative, if you feel you have a creative and dark side, if you have some ideas how to get started recruiting those couples in need, please contact me at the info below. I am anxious to get started!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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