Terry Pt. 07: Son Claims his Sis’s Ass

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Chapter 3 – In which Andrew and his sister both get their fantasy come true – her brother’s hot cum in her ass.

An hour came and went with the speed of a snail crossing the diameter of the earth.

Andrew showered and cleaned his cock up from the hooker’s pussy and now it was finally time.

With excitement in his veins, Andrew crossed the hall to his sister Laura’s room at the hotel. He used her spare room key card that he’d taken before he’d left. Slipping the card in the lock, he saw the red light turn green and opened the door.

Excitement, but also nerves, made his movements slow and methodical as he entered the room.

Only one lamp was on, sitting beside the bed, and on that bed was his teen sister Laura.

His well-muscled chest rose and fell quicker at the sight of her. He hadn’t been hard before, but now his cock grew thick and long with blood-all in anticipation. He licked his lips and soaked in the sight of her.

She wore the same shirt she’d had on earlier, but this time she’d taken off her shorts and wore no panties. Which meant she probably hadn’t been wearing any underwear earlier, which made his blood burn even hotter.

Laura’s camera and tripod stand were already set up and waiting for him. Andrew moved to it and took his time setting it up to catch the best angle for when he fucked her. When that was finished, he went to the bed and called out her name. Nothing. He called louder, and shook her by the shoulder. Still nothing.

She’d finished the last of the beers and was out cold, just as she said she would be. And now she wanted him to fuck her in the ass and video tape it. All the reasons why he shouldn’t were actually very, very clear in his mind. And yet… he knew without a doubt what he was about to do. He was going to bust the hardest nut of his life.

Anticipation spiked through his blood like a shot of tequila. Panting, he peeled off his clothes hurriedly and stroked his cock to an even stiffer point. As he walked to her prone form, he rubbed his balls to get his seed boiling.

This would be no cozy meeting of bodies. No satin sheets love making under soft jazz and gentle candlelight. No, this meeting between he and his sister would be anything but slow and easy. There was a savage, dangerous tempo to his heart, to the stiff awareness in every single one of his muscles. He was about to put his dick in his sister and use her for his pleasure.

There was absolutely no coming back from this. Ever. This moment would change both of them for the rest of their lives. And he didn’t care. The idea didn’t actually scare him, as it ought to. Instead, the flood of excitement, pleasure, and adrenaline left him yearning tuzla escort to touch her, to taste her skin, to use her body to evoke his orgasm. Like a real woman made for a real man.

His sister was beautiful. He crawled over her and kissed her cheek, nuzzled the hair from her ear so he could smell her the skin at her neck. He laved her warm skin with his tongue and squeezed her ass methodically as his arousal grew. Pre-cum leaked and he knew he wouldn’t last long with her. Not for this first time.

But would it only be this once? He couldn’t say. He’d make the most of this opportunity, however.

This wasn’t a fake situation. This wasn’t some hooker he was fucking while imagining his sister.

This was his real sis and she wanted this. She’d told him so explicitly. She wanted his cock inside her, for him to fuck her ass and record it. She’d asked for it.

Yet, he couldn’t help but caress her incredibly soft skin and run his tongue down her spine and between her legs and asshole. He shuddered at the erotic taste, at the hint of salt on her skin.

Andrew sat up and went back to the camera to make sure it was set up correct. It was. So, he hit play.

His breaths were harsh and chaotic as the time to play finally drew near. His whole body felt sensitized like he’d been struck with electricity before coming into the room. He was acutely aware of every sensation he was feeling of every noise in the room. He knew that with whatever happened next, he’d remember it vividly for the rest of his life.

He moved back to the bed and realized her position was not right for the angle he wanted to fuck her in. So, he grabbed her by the legs and tugged her so her feet touched the floor and only her upper half and ass were propped up on the bed.

His cock jutted powerfully from his hips at the offered pink, shaved pussy before him.

Letting his fantasy loose, he touched her everywhere. Rolled her young, hard pink nipples between his hands and eventually he flipped her over to suck on her fat tits and squeeze them until he thought might bruise. He wasn’t sure why he was being so rough, but he couldn’t slow down once he touched her warm, living skin.

He humped her thigh while he caressed her. He couldn’t really explain it. But the sensations of touching a warm-blooded, willing woman-a woman who was letting him use her-aroused him to a feverish degree.

She was soft and sexy and all his for the taking.

He licked into her mouth and kissed her, and then buried his face between her legs to worship her shaved pussy. He tongued and suckled her flesh until she released a soft moan. Only then did he shove a finger inside her pussy to find her creamy, tuzla escort bayan burning hot, and wet.

Fuuuck. He couldn’t wait any longer.

Breaths coming harshly, Andrew had to have her. Now.

Grabbing a bottle of lube from the dresse, he went back to his sister’s prone body, stroking wet liquid up and down his rigid cock-stand. His breaths were harsh and erratic, his cock a ruddy color.

He was going to fuck her virgin ass so hard. The glint in his eyes was predatory as he stared at his sister’s ass in hunger.

He found his lubed hands massaging her ass cheeks, caressing her tenderly. He gently pried open her ass hole and felt the sphincter clench so tightly around his finger that his eyes closed in ecstasy.

Fuck yeah, she was absolutely perfect.

“God damn,” he whispered roughly.

His cock was hungry for her. Holding her hips, he moved her into perfect position once more. And then he held his cock at the base and speared lube and pre-cum around her tight anus using the head of his cock as a tool. At the same time, he gently pushed his fat mushroom cock head inside the ring of her ass hole and watched it spread around his thick girth.

It was the hottest sight he’d ever seen in his life. He could cum right there, but he held himself in check.

When her lips fell open, but still her eyes didn’t even flutter, Andrew let go of himself completely.

Only this time it was not a fantasy, but the real thing.

Closing his hand around a fat breast, he slowly pushed his meaty cock into her tight ass hole. It was a vice-like death grip that left him panting and trembling.

“Ah, fuck. Too tight,” he cursed.

No way could he last long.

Slowly, he pushed inch by inch inside her, until finally, at last, his cock was as deeply embedded into her bowels as possible. The sight of his sac resting snugly against her buoyant ass cheeks was something to behold. He was glad the camera was picking up all of this gloriousness.

He started fucking her then, unable to contain himself. It was rough and hard, his dick spearing brutally into her warm depths, beating against her, shoving her roughly up and down. Up and down. The only sounds were his harsh breaths and the rustling of the comforter as he dragged his sisters big tits up and down the bed, again and again.

Hell, he’d been gentler with the hooker, he realized, as he got into a rough, loud, pounding rhythm. But he didn’t care. He needed her. Needed this experience.

The harsh sounds of their bodies slapping against each other filled the room as his overfilled nut sac slammed repeatedly against her tender ass and bare pussy. He had a load for her, but escort tuzla a part of him wished he had a huge load for her. He’d love to save himself and then give her a massive dose of cum sometime.

If he ever got another chance with her.

The satiny ring of her body enclosed around him like a moist glove, squeezing the life from his cock and coaxing his seed from him. The squeal of the bed springs could not keep up to his rutting movements; the noise became a cacophonous symphony of screeching metal and panting and flesh slapping.

Slap, slap, slap, slap! Their bodies smacked together roughly. He sounded like a man out of breath, about to cross that finish line.

Fisting her hair, Andrew knew the end was near. Fucking his sister’s nearly lifeless body would be etched into his mind forever.

Just as his teeth gritted and he felt that instant pulse-the feeling that told him he was going to blow-he slowed his movements dramatically to prolong the hot sensations.

“Oh God, oh fuck, oh yeah.”

He kept saying all sorts of non-sense. Shit, he’d never said such tripe to a girls he’d fucked previously. But this was different. It was his sister and she was unconscious, which allowed him to truly express his needs freely.

His hard, muscled thighs began to twitch with the impending release from his loins. His cock grew impossibly harder, thicker—ready to fill her up.

He recalled back to that time when his sister was only 18 years old and she came home drunk from a party. She’d plopped down on the bed, had wisely spied her brother’s erotic interest in her, and she’d taunted him with her knowing smile and hot body.

He gave her now everything he’d wanted to do to her then.

Grunting, he plunged inside her ass deeply and repeatedly, lost in the pleasure her body gave him.

It came suddenly and with explosive force. His cock shotgun blasted inside her, spending long ropes of hot cum into her bowels and dousing her with his seed.

Shuddering, he held himself there in the moment.

It took some time to recover. He felt like he’d just done a “work up” like they did in training that were made to make guys pack on muscle. Days and weeks of grueling work and overeating led to a new muscle, yes, but also exhaustion. And that bone-deep lethargy filled him right now.

Andrew sat up and found himself rubbing Laura’s back. He kissed her cheek and then covered her up. He wasn’t sure when she’d wake up, but he doubted she’d sleep through the night. After he stopped the camera, he almost went back to his room. But at the last second, as his hand curled around the doorknob, he knew something felt wrong. He couldn’t leave his sister here, with his semen spilling out from her. He fucking loved her. She was his blood.

So, he turned around, got undressed again, and curled up beside her. That’s where he slept that night. And he slept pretty damn good.

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