Thank You, Heather Ch. 02

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“Hmmm. Restraints are fun,” said Heather.

“Ok, but I can do that with some neck ties. Give me something a little more outrageous. What’s the biggest possible fantasy you can think of,” I said.

“I’ve never told anyone this before. If you think it’s really weird or gross or whatever, then pretend it never happened, deal?”


“I’ve always fantasized about being fucked by so many guys that I can’t tell what’s going,” she said.

“Like an orgy? A gangbang?” I said.

“A gangbang I guess. I want to be there center of attention. Is that totally slutty and perverted?”

“Yes it is, but I like it.”

“Asshole,” said Heather with a smack to my arm. “What about you?”

Honestly, I was living it. I’d met Heather two nights ago at a pub after she replied to my Craigslist ad. I had felt lame posting on Craigslist, and not very hopeful. But when I saw Heather sitting at the bar, I knew I’d struck gold. After a month reeling in pathetic misery over a relationship that wasn’t that great anyways, I needed a sexual outlet, and that outlet’s name was Heather Perdue.

Since Saturday night, we’d fucked at least 10 times. Her on top, me on top, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, starfish, and a few other positions I’d never dreamed of and didn’t know if they had cute names. I’d cum in her mouth most of the time, but she liked it on her face too.

This was all new to me. Three and a half years with my ex-girlfriend Shelley and the most unique thing I’d done was cum on her back a couple of times. Shelley was pretty much all missionary, all the time.

Heather and I had both made it clear that this would be a no-strings-attached venture, but we hadn’t left each other’s side since 9 PM Saturday. It was now Monday evening, and we’d both decided that we’d skip work another day. I honestly didn’t know if my dick would handle it, but I figured it was worth trying. I really liked her, but this was intended to be a purely sexual venture. Whether or not it would turn into anything more was beyond my mental abilities to figure out, at this point.

After that great oral sex and a great fuck on Saturday night, we’d fucked one more time before falling asleep.

I woke up at 4 AM to her caressing me, and we’d gone for another round, this time with her on top, and her beautiful breasts just inches from my face. She had nearly perfect intuition for when I was ready to cum, because I rarely said anything, with proper English words at least. I was still tired, and maybe still a little drunk, so I just blurted out whatever sound was in my throat, and she hopped off me and swallowed my load for the fourth time in about five hours.

We woke up around 11 AM and made our way to the shower. We were in there quite a while, and we were crazy clean when we got out. She spent a significant amount of time using my body wash to make sure I had a clean penis, and did the same to her breasts and vagina. Then, of course, I had to put my clean penis in her clean vagina. I was still getting my energy back, so I didn’t finish. We went out for breakfast, and we did finish when we came back. This time we were on my escort ataşehir couch, and we started off doggy-style after some quick foreplay. Soon, I had her face buried in the corner by the arm and was straddling her ass, pushing her harder into the couch with every thrust. I don’t know how she was able to breathe, but she seemed to cum harder than she had all yesterday. After a while I was pulling her hair, slapping her ass, and she loved it more and more every time. I was fucking her harder and more aggressively than I’d ever fucked anyone before. When I was ready to cum, I pulled out, grabbed a handful of her hair, and yanked her head back before shoving my cock in her mouth. She was ready for it, as always, and sucked my cum down like it would give her life.

We stayed on the couch for most of the afternoon, watching NBA basketball (neither of us were fans, but changing the channel would have required effort) and chatting a bit. I was still a bit surprised at how rough the sex was. Maybe it wasn’t super rough for some tastes, but it had been a predictable few years for me. I wondered how far Heather was willing to go. Was this the tip of the iceberg? Would I find myself using anal beads and ball gags in the near future? I had my limits, certainly, but I was willing to find out.

We fucked again that night, after some incredible foreplay. At one point, I had her head over the edge of my bed, fucking her face while I ate her pussy. She seemed to get off more as I did things that I didn’t think women outside of the porn world actually liked. I slapped her tits. I slapped her pussy. I treated her mouth like a cunt. At one point she rode my face like a train, my tongue rammed against her clit. I fucked her missionary style, her legs bent back as they could go with my full upper body weight on her. I slapped her face. The look she gave me made me think I’d gone too far, but she asked for it again. That turned me on so much that I suddenly ready to cum. I pulled out and spurted my load all over her face. She used her fingers to shove it all in her mouth, then she sucked me dry once more.

We slept hard that night. The next morning we both called in sick to our respective offices and we went at it twice before even getting out of bed. I was in heaven.


“Well, I suppose my fantasy is the same as most other guys: two women,” I replied. “I made out with two chicks at a party once, but it was only a couple of minutes. It was pretty hot though.”

“I like fucking women,” said Heather. “But I cum harder with men.”

Well, that set me off yet again, and ten seconds later I was in her. This was a straight, hard, missionary fuck. I couldn’t believe I was going to cum another time, and I couldn’t believe her pussy wasn’t exhausted to the point of no further contact. But we did it, and although I spurted a pretty tiny load on her tits, we were both extremely satisfied.

She dozed off in my arms, and I had an idea. I stealthily got out of bed and went to my closet. I pulled out some cheap neckties that I didn’t wear very often and started tying them to the four corners of kadıköy escort the bed. I was able to get one leg and one arm lightly secured without waking her. I’d have to move her to get the others tied up, and that meant that I’d probably wake her up in the process. I decided that she should be blindfolded too. I took a black t-shirt out of my dresser drawer and got it ready. I would have to do it all at once, and quickly, to add an element of surprise. I had a suspicion that Heather had a bit of a rape fantasy, on top of everything else.

I turned out all the lights and made sure the room was as dark as possible. I checked that everything was in place, then I grabbed her arm, rolled her on to her back and tied her down quickly and tightly. I did the same with her leg, stumbling only briefly in the dark. She was protesting, but not really. She knew it was me.

“Shut your fucking mouth,” I said as I slapped her face.

“Brad, what are you – OUCH …” she yelled. I twisted her left nipple hard.

“Shut the fuck up.”

She didn’t say another word. I wrapped my t-shirt around her head and tied it in a crude knot. It was dark, but her eyes would soon adjust.

I hadn’t fully planned out what I would do once I had her tied, but I was confident I wouldn’t run out of ideas. The first thing I did was kneel on the bed beside her head and shove my erection in her mouth. She took it enthusiastically. I let her take the length of it (she was good to about five out of seven inches), and when I had her mouth full, I twisted her nipple again. I don’t know what she tried to say to me, but it sounded angry. She didn’t stop though. I felt her try to use her tongue. I pulled out and slapped her face.

“No talking. Even with my dick in your mouth. Got it?” I said. She nodded faintly. I gave her my balls. She licked them and sucked them while I jerked off. I reached down and rubbed her pussy. She was DEFINITELY enjoying this. I slipped a finger inside her just a little before bringing it up to massage her clit. By this point I knew what she liked – a bit of a figure eight pattern around the clit, alternating fast and slow, firm and gentle. Just as her hips rose off the bed I stopped and stood up. She was about to protest, but she stopped herself.

I did circles around the bed, occasionally grabbing at her, kissing or licking various body parts, the odd light slap or pinch. I felt my way through my nightstand to find that the bullet I had bought for Shelley. I found it, and was glad that she hadn’t taken it with her (she didn’t seem to care for it much so I wasn’t surprised.) I turned it on to make sure it still worked, and I noticed Heather’s head turn quickly towards the sound. I teased her with it, first on her cheek, then her lips. I traced a path to her nipples. She shuddered each time I touched her, but she shook when I hit her nipples. I took time getting to her clit, and I could feel the anticipation building. When I got to my destination, she trembled all over. I held the device against her for just a few seconds before pulling away.

I could feel her frustration. I liked it. I knew maltepe escort bayan she was loving it too. I left the bullet running and placed it just above her mound. I left the room, intentionally making noise so she knew what I was doing. I puttered around the kitchen for a couple of minutes, wasting time. There was nothing I needed to do out of the room, other than to frustrate Heather even further! I snuck back into the room quietly, hoping to surprise her. I bent over and licked her right nipple quickly and it made her jump. The bullet rolled off on to the bed. I let it linger while I paid attention to her breasts, alternating between sucking, licking, kissing, gentle pinches. Squeezing them together to lick both nipples at once (they just barely reached). Nibbling gently.

I picked up the bullet again and started at her feet, tickling her toes, dragging it slowly up to her crotch. I spent a good minute touching her everywhere in the area but her sex itself. When I eventually did, I started just above her anus and brought it up to her soaking wet cunt. She moaned as the bullet went inside her. I could feel her lips pulsating around it. I kept going upwards until I arrived again at her clit. I help the tip of the bullet directly against it, and she moaned even louder this time.

“You can speak now,” I told her.

“Holy shit Brad that feels so good,” she blurted. “Make me cum.”

I held the bullet against her clit, moving it in a slow, small circle. The vibrations were now coursing through her body. I kissed her deeply, sucking on her tongue, her lower lip, and she kissed back with great enthusiasm. She was moaning the same low note that the vibrator was making. She pressed her pussy against my hand, bringing the bullet more firmly into her throbbing clit. I teased her opening with my middle finger while I held the bullet in place with my palm, and this is what began to send over the edge. Her arms and legs strained against the ties holding her down. I knew she could get out of them if she needed to, they weren’t tied very well, but she played along. Her moans became grunts, her grunts became a silent scream. Her legs shook, her chest and face were sweating, and she came hard, harder than she had since our first night together.

“Please, stop!” she said. I had held the bullet tight as she came down from her orgasmic peak.

“No,” I told her. I held it in place, and as quickly as her orgasm faded another, stronger one took its place. She shuddered, thrashed around like a possessed woman. Her left hand became free of its restraint and swatted my hand away from her pussy and pulled me closer, kissing me harder and more passionately than I’d ever been kissed before. I turned on the lamp on the nightstand, and with my right hand I stroked my throbbing hard cock. Making her cum, teasing her, commanding her had me as ready as I’d ever been.

In less than half a minute I could feel my orgasm hitting me hard. I unlocked my mouth from hers and spurted a huge, sticky load all over her beautiful tits while she moaned with satisfied delight. I held down her free hand and used a finger to wipe up my own cum, which I fed it to her, slowly, and she gladly licked every ounce of it off my fingers.

I untied her, but she barely moved. I crawled into bed and pulled the covers up, and we stayed that way until morning.

NEXT: Brad makes Heather’s fantasy come true.

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