Thanks, Sister-In-Law Ch. 00

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This is a prequel story, which I will hope explain some of the motivations for the characters in the subsequent chapters. If you’ve read the other stories, I invite you to re-read them all again in order.

I’m Brad. I’m an average guy in his thirties married to a wonderful woman, Donna. I love my wife, but ever since we’ve been together (dating, then marriage), I’ve had a crush on her kid sister Andrea. It’s nothing I thought I would ever do anything about. It’s just one of those things guys sometimes think about to make masturbation interesting.

Fortunately for me, Donna and Andrea are close. We would do things socially with her and her husband Dan. We even joined the Association of Medieval Re-enactors together. It’s an organization that studies medieval history, and puts that knowledge to use at events, where you can learn about life in that part of history. You can even suit up in armor and participate in medieval style tournaments.

Dan and Andrea were having marital problems. I think it was because Dan’s much older than Andrea. She was just out of high school when they got married. Dan’s a nice guy, but it didn’t seem like he was trying hard to save their marriage. Andrea thought that it was because she had put on too much weight. She went for a physical, and found out she was a borderline diabetic. So, she went on a diet and began to exercise. The results were good for her; she looked great, but Dan didn’t seem to notice.

All the guys at events noticed. Andrea, Donna and I went to one event, and all the guys came around to talk to Andrea. Donna and I noticed all the attention Andrea was getting. For some reason, I wanted to act like a big brother and keep the guys away from her. I knew that I couldn’t do that, so instead I started drinking. A lot. I found out that weekend that Rum and I don’t mix. While I didn’t start any fights, my wife told me that I was acting like an asshole. “Come on, It’s one o’clock in the morning. Let’s go to bed,” she told me. We head back to the cabin, and I undress for bed. I get up in the top bunk after kissing my wife, and say “Sorry for being a prick.”

“It’s okay. I know you love my sister like she was your own, but she’s an adult and can take care of herself,” Donna tells me.

“I know, but bursa escort it still irks me; I can’t help it.”

“Get some sleep, you’ll feel better in the morning,” she replied.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, I was awakened by the sound of Andrea coming into the cabin that we were sharing with her and Joe, a friend (and it turns out, Andrea’s lover). She was trying to be quiet, but not doing a very good job of it. It was obvious that she had been drinking, too. She went over to her bunk, and turned on a small light that she had brought with her.

Andrea then starts digging around her luggage to get out some clothes to change into. I turn so that I could see what she’s doing. I fake snoring a bit so I won’t give away that I’m awake. Andrea puts the clothes she wants to wear into on the bed.

Slowly, she undresses. She pulls the outfit that she had been wearing over her head. I’ve seen Andrea in a bathing suit before, but not her panties and bra, so my cock springs to attention. She has a nice ass, and B-cup breasts. Taking off the bra, and I get a great view of her tits. She has small areolas, and nipples that hardened in the cool night air. The small light was so good that I could even see the small scar from her appendectomy on her belly.

She bends over slightly, and puts her thumbs on her hips, and removes her panties. Her bush is neatly trimmed, and I could barely make out the lips of her twat. She sits down on the bed, and reaches into her bag for something.

She pulls out some moisturizer. I thought my heart was going to explode in my chest at this point. I don’t believe my good luck! My cock’s throbbing at the sight of her. I dare not move, fearing that any movement on my part would and end the show.

Andrea takes some lotion and rubs it into her arms. Taking more, she works it into her legs. She sighs a bit as she brushes her sex. I nearly pass out. She then puts some lotion on her belly, slowly working it into her skin in a circular pattern. Then, she rubs some onto each breast, working the lotion in and circling her nipples. Andrea was enjoying the attention she was giving herself, as was I. She slowly moves her left hand down towards her womanhood, parts her legs, and searches for her twat as she pinches a nipple bursa escort bayan with the other.

I thought I was in heaven. I had balcony seating for a show that I had only dreamed about. She alternated rubbing each breast, and inserted one, then two fingers into her love canal. Andrea’s hand started pumping in earnest, and all the while she was biting her lower lip, fighting to keep quiet.

Then it happened; she came. She had to grab her pillow to muffle the scream that she let out. As she did so, my cock erupted into my shorts, and I had to keep from grunting, so as not to give myself away.

After a few moments, Andrea stood up, her legs still a bit wobbly, and began to get dressed. She left the cabin. I waited a few minutes, and climbed off the top bunk and grabbed my toiletries and a change of underwear; I needed a shower to clean up. I lingered a bit near Andrea’s bed, hoping to inhale the aroma of her self-loving. I see a wet spot on her sleeping bag. I looked over to make sure my wife is still asleep, and I put my hand in the wet spot and bring it to my nose. I breathe in deeply the musky product of Andrea’s show. I then licked a single finger, tasting the sweetness of Andrea’s nectar.

I practically run to the showers. With my penis hard again, I strip off my soiled shorts, get in the shower, and begin to stroke myself with the hand with Andrea’s cum on it. Our juices intermingle as I begin to pump faster and faster. I imagine my hand is Andrea’s cunt. With a grunt I splash the floor of the shower with my seed. I finish my shower, and head back to the cabin.

I didn’t see Andrea the rest of the weekend. Donna had to be at work early on Monday, so we left the campground without saying goodbye. When we got home, Donna wanted to shower. She hates the bathrooms at most event sites, and can’t wait to return to a clean bathroom at home. When she comes into the bedroom, I’m on the bed naked, hard and ready. “My, aren’t you a little randy today,” she tells me, dropping her robe on the floor. Donna is about 5′ 6″, and curvy in all the right places. A guy could suffocate between her DD breasts. She joins me on the bed, and we kiss passionately.

I move down her neck and while twirling my tongue around one nipple, I pinch the other with escort bursa my thumb and finger. My other hand glides to her pussy and begins its manual assault. Donna’s wet, and my fingers glide easily into her. I then move down and replace my fingers with my tongue. I hate to admit it, but it wasn’t Donna I was doing this to. In my mind, it was Andrea. With the memory of her body in my mind, my wife dissolved into her sister. I groaned approvingly as my cock was licked and sucked, and it was Andrea’s voice I heard when Donna begged me to fuck her. Donna was benefitting from my fantasy, but she didn’t know why I was so energetic in our love making.

Luckily for me, I didn’t shout Andrea’s name when Donna and I achieved our orgasms together. Afterwards, Donna asked, “What brought that on?” I told her that I always thought she looked her sexiest when she was dripping wet (which is true). I did feel a little guilty about fantasizing about her sister, but I thought to myself that was the closest I’ll ever come to fucking Andrea.

Andrea and Dan got divorced, and she married Joe. A few months later, Andrea asks me to fight in a tournament for her. “Joe would, but he is on the defending side of the tourney.” I told her it would be my honor. Donna thought it was a great idea, and made special clothes for me to wear for the tournament.

When Donna and I arrived at the event, Andrea, greeted us. She hugged her sister, and then embraced me, kissing me on the cheek. She had never kissed me before. She’s told Donna that I give great hugs, and this one was no disappointment. I notice that her nipples were hard as she hugs me. I turned my hip slightly to hide the erection that her hug was giving me. “I’m so glad you’re here,” she told both of us. “Our cabin is full, but you are in the one next door.” I was a little bummed, but I didn’t let it show. We checked in, and chatted with our friends and went to bed.

At the tournament the next day, I challenge her husband to join me in honoring his wife by taking on two other opponents. I’m killed rather quickly. Joe’s a much better fighter. He not only kills his opponent, but avenges my “death” by killing my opponent as well.

As we come off the field, Andrea comes over to us, and kisses her husband, and gives me another peck on the cheek. She then whispers in my ear, “Meet me at the dock on the lake tonight after dark, and I’ll give you your reward for your valor.”

What the heck does she mean by reward?

To be continued…

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