The Adopted Ch. 02

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The characters and events in this story are 92% fictional. The characters themselves are 18+ and products of the author’s imagination because he’s sick and twisted.

Have fun, and find somebody to love.


They call themselves the Pure, for they are purely the purest of the purest of the purest pure.


Dagon Kwick, as he’s better known, has fashioned himself a massive empire using mainly his family as his subordinates. The males act as his enforcers and body guards, and the women are to service his loins at his discretion, and breed him offspring, many offspring.

However, he’s grown board at his women, he wants to be challenged, he needs a new mare to breed with as his queen. His offspring have tired of him and his ways and are now AWOL or MIA, or were simply dismissed from his service because they did not please him.

He is not, however, without ambition. The house across the street has a goddess within its walls, her shimmering white hair would add some new variety to his collection and perhaps new stock to his empire of sadism.

Nothing will stand in his way of achieving his goal! NOTHING!!

Daniel McGee, collegiate, hard rocker, head banger, Hell raiser, motor head, biker guy, and just recently bedraggled, was getting his shit together to try and start the day.

He would much rather stay in bed, maybe go another few rounds with Sasha, sweet thing.

A few pots of coffee might help the three hours of whatever sleep he may have got, the hot shower, and the cigarette, might augment the caffeine so he’s not fighting fatigue all day, might go out for another few cups before football practice.

Maybe a cup laced with sugar and adrenaline, or is it called epinephrine now?

Yeah, about 20 CCs should do it…

The jeans were showing their many years of wear and tear, but he liked them, good old reliable Wranglers, tougher than corduroy, a hundred times more attractive, and plenty of ballroom.

The gold colored A-shirt hugged tightly against his beefy core, something he wears after very good things have happened to him, like he doesn’t need to tell himself why…

And just for shits and giggles, his Lacrosse boots, the black cowboy ones, because why not?

Has anyone ever gotten that feeling of being drained yet energized at the same time? That raised more questions than he wanted to answer. Mostly about the encounter last night, or this morning, or the fact that everyone in the neighborhood might’ve heard Sasha up late at that ungodly hour would start asking him uncomfortable questions that he would really rather not deal with.

Caffeinated and murdering the third pair of innocent pop-tarts, he prefers shredded wheat above anything else but they didn’t have shredded wheat so he had to deal, making sure he has the keys to his black Z-28 Camero, and was nearly out the door when Sasha, shining like a new penny, platinum tresses bouncing around as she bounded into the kitchen and kissed him good morning, wearing the same sex soaked shirt she attacked him in.

“Morning little brother. Hurry home so we can have more fun tonight.” She said with a bright smile. “I do have something very special planned for you tonight.” She purred.

“You…” He had to pick the right words, last night had permanently altered their relationship. “You just try to stay out of trouble, or I might have to punish you…” He said, uncomfortably.

Awkward situation is awkward.

“I’ll try to behave, master.” She cooed with her head bent down, doey eyes looking into his.

He hesitated for just a moment, then half hugged and kissed her forehead like he did last night, and headed out to his car.

She slumped to the bottom stair in the foyer as she heard the engine roar to life and drive away.

What was she supposed to do now? That cologne he had on was a gift for his birthday, and it smelled sexier than Hell on him!

Mixed with his natural musk, it made her ovaries want to explode all over him, again.

He was also wearing his leather jacket, something he does whenever there’s a gig or whatever at the campus. She’d love to be his one and only go to groupie.

One that tours with the band, in the limo behind the bus, wondering why she’s not on the bus with him, doing things.

A groupie he lives with, and mothers him children.

A lot of children…

“God he’s such a man…” She thought aloud.

She sighed and thought about how to start her own day, unaware that she wasn’t the only one up.

“And what a man he is.” Mom said loudly from the landing two steps away, scaring the crap out of Sasha.

“Jesus Christ!” Sasha expulsed, then calmly asked. “When did you get home?”

“About a minute after you two had gone upstairs, to continue fucking.” She said, joining her daughter on the bottom step, wearing her favorite red silk robe.

“Oh God! So you heard everything?” Sasha said, her face in her hands, woefully embarrassed.

“Don’t be ashamed, it’s perfectly natural to fuck a izmir escort bayan boy. However it was a little hard to ignore, with you screaming like a damn banshee all night. I’m surprised he actually heard his alarm go off this morning!”

“I’m so sorry mom,” she said, hugging into her. “I tried being quiet, but he’s been gifted with length, and girth, and stamina.” She bit her bottom lip. “I thought I was going to be ripped in two. I’m so sore.” She admitted, it was hard to sit comfortably, but damn it, it was worth it!

Julian did notice how pale her daughter was, well more than usual, her skin felt spongy, and clammy, compared to her more usual innocent fair toned softness.

“My baby, finally found someone to love.” Julian said, caressing her daughter lovingly.

“So how was it?” Jessica asked, padding down the stairs, wearing only her high black thong, and a sock, also managing to scare the shit out of Sasha. “I want details!”

“It was…” She actually had to find the right word, “amazing! Un fucking believable! He was just like the Energizer Bunny, he just kept cumming, and cumming, and cumming…” She took a deep breath for dramatic emphasis, “and cumming! He just couldn’t stop, or wouldn’t stop.” She sighted pleasantly at that last.

“You mean he kept going?” Jessica asked.

“No, I meant cumming.” Sasha said with a delightful smile. “I wonder just how much he enjoyed it?” She said, staring off into space.

Danny had cranked up the volume in his car to the absolute max, so loud, it literally drowned out the deep bass in the ghetto furnished Cutlass in the next lane, and he only had it on the radio.

His preferred station had provided him the absolute perfect song to jam to today, singing along with the lyrics, dancing in the driver’s seat like a moron, windows rolled down, not giving a good God damn who might be watching. Even if it was the driver of the Ghetto furnished Cutlass.

“Pour some sugar on me!” He cried, finally, FINALLY, understanding exactly what the lyrics meant.

“So what’s next for Sasha McGee?” Jessica asked.

“I don’t know.” She said.

Sasha was curled into a ball in the sofa, drinking her soycaf tea, her aunt and mother sitting on either side of her, wondering if she could use this particular furniture for her next encounter with Danny, that is why they got it.

It was plenty soft enough, and there was enough room for him to lie flat while she straddled him, or have mom and Aunt Jessica watch them fuck up close. Does Danny even know, about the three of them?

Does he know they’ve graced this couch many times without him?

Would he even want to know?

“Was it wrong? What I did with him, to him?”

“Oh honey,” Julian said in a calming tone, holding her daughter close, “what we do with each other might be wrong, at least to society, but he’s not from our blood, so it’s fine. In fact, I was hoping for this.”

“I know, but, I still think it’s unfair that we never told him. Shouldn’t we have? And what if I already had a boyfriend? Would we still have fucked?” Sasha asked, recounting how he was the best lay she ever had, present company notwithstanding.

“Your mother knew you might have the same luck with the boys as she did,” Jessica said, “so she and I had decided to find a boy for you, one you might like, to do with what you wish.”

“You set me up with a boy?” Sasha asked indignantly.

“Try to think of it like premeditated betrothal, just in case. And if you two didn’t hook up, well, we were going to rock his world. Actually, we still might. It took nearly twenty years, and it was torture, but damn it, you two are dense as a tree stump!”

“What do you mean?”

“You could’ve fucked him sooner. A lot sooner!”

“And just what the Hell does that mean?” Sasha said, letting her anger get the better of her.

Julian answered. “If you weren’t going jump his bones, either we were, or arrange a way where he would have no choice but to be deflowered by us, or by a group of our friends, or both. But that’s not why. We seriously needed a man in this house, and not just to fuck.

“Well, mostly just to fuck. But because it would be so nice to have a man around again, to do things with, and do things to. To seduce, and fix things, and fornicate, and nurture, and sleep with, and have fun with, and to just fuck his goddamn brains out.”

“You talk like he’s a piece of meat…”

“No, not just as a piece of meat. We needed a man, because men are more assertive and cooperative, and sometimes better looking. Just tell them what they want to hear and they’re putty in your hands.” Jessica said, licking her lips, rubbing herself, imagining his meat plowing into her before continuing.

“We figured we could raise our own man,” she said, “help him grow into one, and when he’s finally of age, offer him that sweet, sweet release all men crave. But we couldn’t touch him until he was old enough, we’re not deranged heathens after all.”

“And,” Julian said, interrupting her sister’s fantasy, escort izmir “our family is mainly comprised of girls, and I like the name McGee better than Flaccidity. Which was why I never really married your father.”

“Yikes, that is bad.” Sasha said, sipping her tea.

“To put it bluntly, the men weren’t up to satisfying their women, like at all. And all us ladies wanted satisfaction, like all the time.”

“Okay, so really bad, then?” Sasha said, slightly sad about her own heritage.

“Yes, even the young bucks who dream of having harems of women, were slow to respond and couldn’t deliver well, and were just too submissive. Ironically, the women were the most erogenous and responsive. Merely mention anything risqué, and the pantyhose drop faster than a can of soup!” Julian said, snapping her fingers. “And women need men to fuck.”

“Why haven’t you told me any of this before? Setting me up with a guy before his balls even dropped, and this over elaborate plan to raise your own paramour, what where you thinking?”

“Every dirty thought possible,” Julian said, “but with nobody to give me a son to fuck my daughter, and I sure as Hell won’t do artificial insemination, I decided to adopt one, and let him decide what to do. And when he’s 18, he’ll get the best fucking of his life!”

“That was four years ago, you didn’t fuck him, I did!”

“Your aunt and I were…involved in something, and Danny was hardly home.”

“Speaking of fucking, did he satisfy you, dear niece?” Jessica asked with wide smile, playing with her silvery hair, trying to change the topic back to her and Dan’s fucking.

“Yes, and then some…” Sasha said softly, blushing slightly.

Julian and Jessica exchanged looks, then turned back to Sasha.

“How much did he give you?” Julian asked.

She didn’t answer immediately. She was blushing really hard, feeling the heat of her emotions on her face, and then ooze between her legs.

“Enough to put a sperm bank to shame.” She managed to say, and sipped her tea innocently.

Julian and Jessica locked eyes again and silently shouted “YES!” Then moved in closer to maybe more than just hug.

All this talk about boys and sex had gotten Jessica all warmed up and ready to go, and sat spread eagle on her side, giving Sasha a grand view of her luscious body.

Julian took Sasha’s tea and set it down, and then sat her back and got in real close.

“You do know what this means right, dear daughter?” Julian asked her.

“Danny has taken me.” She said, and gave her mother a deep kiss and placed one hand in her aunt’s heated panties, and the other on her mother’s toned thigh. “Now you can have my pussy.” She said in a breathy tone, draping her dainty leg over her mother’s, lifting the hem of her shirt to reveal her used womanhood.

Jessica reached over and helped Sasha out of her shirt, revealing her defined abs and 36 D breasts, and went straight for the closest nipple.

Julian went to work on Sasha’s clit, spreading her legs wide to give her mother more access.

She sighed as she squeezed her aunt’s 34 C’s, pinching the nipples to rock hardness, and probing her fingers to her mother’s slit.

Getting even more turned on as the thought of her soon fucking her mother crossed her horny mind.

Julian inserted two fingers into Sasha, and scooped out a healthy amount of her son’s cum. She sucked it off and brought Jessica over to share her find.

Sasha bit her bottom lip watching her matrons swap the precious fluid back and forth between their mouths.

“He’s delicious!” Jessica said, having realized she never tasted him before. “Is there more?” She asked, as if she needed permission.

Sasha brought her knees to her shoulders and spread her pussy lips apart.

“There’s plenty.” She said innocently. “He gave me quite a lot!”

They immediately went down on her, both their tongues fighting the other to get to her lovely treasure.

Then took turns licking out Danny’s cum and sucking her throbbing clit.

Sasha tried not to scream, she was a little horse from her time with Danny, who seemed determined to make her fracture her larynx.

It came out as guttural moans and yips as her mother and aunt feasted on her.

Satisfied they couldn’t get any more of his cum out, they licked and kissed up her body, Julian stood up.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t you two go anywhere, hear?”

The two merely acknowledged she said anything as Sasha sprawled lengthwise on the couch and Jessica lay atop her so they could eat at each other’s snatch.

Julian went upstairs to one of their “special” rooms, and picked out a strap-on reserved exclusively for Sasha, who had picked it out herself.

It’s a ten inch long, two inch wide, hot pink phallic with grooves along the shaft and amorphous bumps on the head. Julian gave it a firm squeeze and the hard silicone had little give.

She picked up the mounting that looked like booty shorts and had a solid plastic codpiece and molded testicles with short faux izmir escort stubble on the outside, and rounded prongs on the inside to tease her clit while she’s fucking

She slipped it on, attached the phallus, and used some lube to stroke it slick.

Equipped with the coital hardware and the bottle of liquid heat, she returned the the loving room…

Danny finally pulled into the parking lot, but he didn’t immediately exit the car after finding a spot. He sat there, engine idling, the radio softly playing yet another love type song from another, otherwise metal, band.

What’s to happen now? He wondered, are things going to get weird with his sister from here on out?

Why did she call him master?

Why did he threaten to punish her?

Punish her with what!? A steel dildo?

Did he want Subway or Burger King today?

“Shouldn’t have said that…” He said to the steering wheel, shutting everything off and exited the car, grabbing his duffel.

“Shouldn’t have said that…”

“Oh God, mommy!” Sasha cried when she saw her mother with her love toy. “It’s bigger than I remember!”

Julian smiled and knelt next to Sasha’s pretty mouth so she could suckle the apparatus, tasting the sweet lube, pretending it was Danny’s massive cock.

She bit down hard when her aunt licked her to orgasm, her trademark scream muffled by silicone.

“Put it in me, mommy, fuck your daughter silly!” Sasha exclaimed, surprised at her own wanton lust.

“You didn’t ask nicely.” Jessica said, her lips and chin dripping with Sasha’s cum.

“May you please, fuck me mommy?” Sasha said, breathless.

“Yes, daughter dear, I will.” Julian said, her glistening breasts heaving with anticipation.

Finally, she can good and properly fuck her daughter…

He did have a noticeable bounce to his step, like he was about to take off and fly, like a great weight had been lifted, like that edge he’s been on was now significantly dulled.

He had a lit cigarette, but that was more for something to fuck with than of any real use. It’s going to be a long, but good, day.

And for once, being in a positive mood, he just couldn’t wait to get back home and “relax.”

Sasha was sitting against Aunt Jessica on the couch, her head between her boobs, kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Jessica kissing and biting her neck, and nibbling her earlobe. Having locked Sasha’s legs open with her own for her mother to start thrusting.

Julian was rubbing the tip of the dildo on Sasha’s clit and her hot opening, the lube doing its work on Sasha’s most vulnerable spot, heating up her deflowered kitty before Julian pushed into her.

She made another adorable O-face and let out a tiny whimper of pleasure as the dong entered her body, it wasn’t as big as Danny, but no less effective.

Julian slowly buried to the hilt, her lips curled into a sinister smile.

“Is this what pleases you, little girl?” She said darkly.

“Y-yes, mommy. It pleases me!” Sasha said, giving into the sensations.

“You’ve been holding out on us too long, you little slut. Haven’t you?” Jessica whispered dangerously into Sasha’s ear.

“Yes, Mistress, I have! I deserve to be punished! Please punish me!!” Sasha squeaked.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl.” Julian said, pulling back and thrusting forward again, making Sasha yip. “You fucked that boy without permission, just like a hormonal whore!” She said with every thrust, with every syllable. She had no idea where this was coming from.

“I’m sorry, mommy, I couldn’t help it!” Sasha said, gasping at every thrust into her. “May I cum mommy? It feels so good, I want to cum!”

“Not until we have our way with you, little girl.” Jessica said. “Understood?”

“But Mistress, I’m cumming n-” her words were turned into a vocal orgasm, not quite a scream, but no less intense as she leaked juices from around the phallus and grabbed the back of the couch.

“My, my, my,” Julian said condescendingly, “I see we have an insubordinate here. What do we do with insubordination, dear sister?”

“Corporal punishment. The crop, or the paddle?” Jessica said as condescendingly.

“The crop will suffice.” Julian said, looking at her helpless daughter.

Sasha cringed.

He crossed the quad, and as usual, the cliqués were abound, and he’s managed to piss off each one of them at least once, a day. Mostly, because he’s a grease monkey football player who prefers axes to lutes.

Yeah, how dare he…

He navigated the gauntlet of protesting protesters, ignoring the lot of them because his thoughts were of Sasha and the night they shared, and then a thought occurred to him…

Why the Hell didn’t they fuck sooner? Why the Hell didn’t he fuck her sooner?

They could have. Maybe because he’s a fucking moron?

Mom had never hidden the fact that he was adopted, but she also never held it over his head, never made him feel unwelcomed, or unwanted, or unloved.

In fact, he was encouraged to not feel ashamed of his emotions, or of his relationship with them, or of himself, or of his body.

It was then he realized what she might have been implying…

Sex. Lots of sex. Boundless, uninhabited, unadulterated sex.

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