The Adventure Ch. 2

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You cross the room to me, your eyes are sparkling with need. “what are you waiting for?” you ask. “For you to tell me what you want.” I answer. You reach out as you kneel in front of me. Your small hands caress the soft leather pants I wear. “I want you naked, too.” You push my T-shirt up as you stroke my chest, teasing my nipples. I lean forward so you can take it off. You kiss my neck, and down my front, licking and nibbling your way to my waist. You linger at my navel as your fingers work my belt and zipper loose. The leather smell mixed with my own musk floats up to you as you pull the waist free. I raise my hips to aid you, the soft black lining slides smoothly down. You grasp the legs of the pants, and finish removing them. My excitement is obvious, as the tip of my shaft bounces near my navel. A clear drop of fluid is already visible at the opening.

You take me gently in your cool fingers and lick it clean. “Mmmmm, this is good.” You kiss the head, and lick the shaft before taking me in your mouth. My length disappears into your mouth and down your throat. “Omigod, that feels sooo good, Star.”

My hands curl into your soft hair as you work your magic on me. Stroke after stroke, your tongue bathing the underside and your hands caressing my sac. “Slow down, girl. I want this to be great for you, too.” My breathing is getting ragged while you continue your oral massage.

“You need some of this , too.” I say. Gently, I pull you up, and lean towards you. The soft swell of your belly is level with my face. Your mound pendik escort is glistening with your sweet nectar, the tight lips of your sex are puffed with desire. My hands circle your butt, and pull you towards me. The rich aroma of your excitement makes me wild with need. I kiss your mound softly, parting the labia with my tongue. Your nectar is so sweet, running in rivulets down your thighs. Your legs part slightly to give me access to the depths of your sex . “You’ve got me so hot, Biker!” you moan. I probe you deeply, drawing out your moisture with my tongue. My lips find the little button at the top of your slit, and draw it gently between my teeth. “Ooooohh, god, biker…. Yesss…. Lick me there!”. Your hips move with my rhythm . Your breaths are coming deep and slow as my lips and tongue feast on you. You push your pelvis into my face, your hands pulling me deeper into your treasure. You shake and twist as a climax takes over your body. Trembling, as waves of release wash over you. “Ooooh,… yessss,….. there it is!” you shout. “You’re… making… me.. come!”. You squirm and cry out, your sex floods my face and beard with girl-come. I pull you close, and hold you tight as your orgasm subsides. “That was the idea, to get you off first!” I say. You kiss me deeply, your tongue filling my mouth, as we share the taste of you. Sweet, salty nectar, born of desire. “God, you taste good, Star!”

You pull me close to the edge of the chair, my engorged shaft is throbbing with its need. The head is plum colored, filled maltepe escort with desire. You reach down and pull its sheath back, and slip it into the moist slit between your legs. I’m clean and safe, so there is no need for ‘protection’ .

Coating it with your juices before placing it at the entrance of your sex, you lower yourself onto me. Slowly, I watch as my organ slips deep within you. The velvet walls of your channel tightly grip the shaft. “Geeze, Star, you’re so hot, so tight! Ohhh, god, you feel so good!!!” I gasp. You fill yourself with me. I can feel every inch as you impale yourself, slowly, to the top of your womb. “Biker, I’m so full… This feels sooo good!” you pant as you move your hips in my lap. Our pubic hairs are mashed between us as you take all of me inside you. Our pelvic bones rub as our movements increase in speed and force. I reach between us and press your stiff little button with my thumb while you lift and rock your hot little body, impaling yourself with my hardness. My lips find your breasts, and I take a nipple in my mouth, nipping and sucking them each in turn. “Come for me, baby!” you shout as the tempo speeds up. “Shoot your hot stuff in me!” “Oh, yeah… yesss…. I’m going to come!” I groan. My shaft swells larger as my release nears. “So full…so biiigg…give it to me, Biker!!!…fill me…ohgodyesss..” you hiss. I can feel you clamp tighter around me. Our sweat soaked bodies slap together, our breathing is rough, my fingers work at your nub. “Here…it …comes, Star…all…for.. kartal escort you!!!….Ooohh…yessss…here…….comes……NOW!!!!”

My body stiffens, my heart is racing as the pressure builds from within me. Filling my groin with hot fluids, flowing swiftly towards you, my orgasm rocks through my whole body. Hot jets of come pulse from my shaft, deep inside your body, filling you more. I thrust up to meet your little body as it slams down towards me. You feel the force of the stream of boy-come shooting so hard, so deep. So much come, it flows around me, gushing down our legs. “Oh ….Oh… yessssss…I’m coming toooooo!” Your own orgasm shakes us even more. Your body quivers as you gush girl-come, soaking us and the chair.

We collapse together, breathing heavily, waiting to return to normal. Still buried deep inside you, I pick you up and gently lower you to the bed. We kiss deeply, and I start to kiss and lick down your body. Your breasts are still heaving, trying to regain your breath. I bring your knees up and you spread your legs. Our mixed juices flowing from the pink flesh between them. Slowly, I taste us together, softly lapping you clean with my tongue. Our salty, sweet fluids have combined to make an aromatic cocktail. “We taste good, together, Star.” ” Let me try it, too.” You sit up and push me down on the bed. Laying on my back, still firm, you take me in your mouth again. Washing our essence from my shaft. “Hmmm, not bad.” You coo softly. “Is there more where that came from?”

“Star, you can have as much as you need. This ride is just for you. Which way should we head tomorrow?”

“I don’t know, yet. Let’s see about that later.” You smile and reach for me. “Right now, I need some more of THIS kind of ride!”

to be continued?

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