The After-School Special

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The following is a work of complete fiction. The characters depicted are intended to be 18 years of age or older. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or events, past, present or future, is purely coincidental. The views expressed in this story are not necessarily the views of the author or this website.


Allie came home from school very late that day. She was a young college freshman, a bit naive, but excited about life. And had been especially excited today! Her boyfriend Tommy had wanted to see her in secret after classes. Excitedly, she thought finally they were going to have sex for the first time, so she skipped wearing panties that day and just wore a short skirt and a tight top. But after school, Tommy coldly told her he wanted to break up.

Allie was devastated. She wanted so much to experience passionate sex with Tommy. She couldn’t believe Tommy could just dismiss her like that. “He said he loved me!” she thought. It all became clear to her a little later when she saw Tommy with Tammy, the biggest slut on campus.

Allie ran to her friend Sarah’s house, weeping. Sarah wasn’t much comfort, but she did have some rum she had hidden away, and that helped a bit to ease the pain. They talked – and Allie cried – for a long time, until suddenly Allie noticed it was getting dark.

“Oh shit! My parents are going to be so pissed off! Daddy’s going to kill me!” Allie exclaimed as she gave Sarah a hug and ran home as fast as her legs would carry her. The running took most of the buzz away, but the alcohol was still on her breath as she burst in the front door of her home – and saw her dad standing there, an angry scowl on his face.

“Where have you been, young lady! You’ve had us worried sick! You didn’t even bother to call!”

“I’m sorry, daddy, ” Allie said, starting to sob, partly from being startled and partly from still thinking of her breakup. She often called him “dad” now, wanting to be cooler, but she still sometimes called him “daddy,” especially when she was in trouble and feeling submissive and vulnerable. Like now. “I… I didn’t mean to…”

“Sorry isn’t good enough, young lady. Do you know your mom went to work tonight frantic, wondering if you were ok? She told me to make sure you were taken care of when you got home. And I think this deserves a good punishment, don’t you? Come here!”

Allie’s heart pounded in her chest, as she fearfully edged toward her stepfather. He grabbed her by the arm… then sniffed the air. “Alcohol? Have you been drinking, Allison?!”

“Daddy please, I…”

“Don’t ‘daddy’ me,” her dad said, as he turned her over his knee.

“How embarrassing,” she thought – then remembered in horror that she went to school pantiless that day!

Jonny lifted his daughter’s skirt… and started getting hard when he saw her bare ass and puffy, shaved pussy exposed to him. Such a fine ass, he’d often caught himself staring at her swaying it. There had to be more to this story than met the eye… but right now he needed to punish his daughter… and realized he was starting to get turned on in doing so.

Allie yelped as her dad’s hand came down on her bare ass cheeks. He swatted again and again, perhaps a dozen times in a row, until Allie’s ass was as red as her flushed face. She sobbed over his knee… but suddenly realized she was also getting very wet!

Jonny izmir escort bayan rubbed his little girl’s ass now. He was always so kind and loving to her, even when he was being a disciplinarian. And Allie enjoyed her ass being rubbed now. She tried to stifle a soft moan, but Jonny heard.

“So, Allison…” Jonny said as he sat her up in his lap… still rubbing her ass a bit. “Care to explain a few things to me?”

“Like what, daddy?” Allie feigned innocence, though through her tears – and the smell of her sex — Jonny could tell she was anything but innocent today.

“Like why you’re home so late, why you’ve got alcohol on your breath, and why you’re not wearing any panties!” Allie reacted with shock at her dad mentioning this, even though it was obvious to both of them now, and blushed. “Were you…. were you having sex with Tommy?!”

“No dad, I swear! I’ve never had sex with him! I’m still… I’m still a virgin, daddy” She paused… then screamed, “and I think I’ll always be one!” Allie threw her arms around her dad and began sobbing uncontrollably.

“There, there, Allie, what’s wrong? What happened?” Jonny always had a soft spot for his daughter, and could never stand a woman crying anyway. He held her tight, caressing her.

“D… daddy… Tommy dumped me!” Allie exclaimed, and then went back to weeping into Jonny’s chest. “Sarah gave me the rum; she was trying to make me feel better. I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok, Allie. Tell me what happened.”

“He…. he said he wanted to see me in private, after class. I thought… I though today might be my first time! I loved him, daddy! But… when we met in the park… he told me he didn’t want to see me anymore! And then… I saw him with that slut Tammy!”

Jonny held his daughter close as she sobbed again… giggling a bit at the thought of the homophonic “Tommy and Tammy.” But he regained his composure and softly said, “I can’t imagine anyone doing that to you, Allie. You’re the best looking girl on your campus. Why, if I was your boyfriend…”

Jonny stopped short at that thought. Allie stopped sobbing and looked up at her through her tears. “…what, daddy? If you were my boyfriend, what?”

Jonny suddenly realized that his little girl had really been turning him on, since she had started developing into a woman… and now was holding her in his arms and had been caressing her bare ass. He suddenly blushed… but decided he wanted this young, delicious woman, and now was not the time to hold back.

“Um…”, he stammered, “… if you were my girlfriend, I would never have dumped you like that. You’re a very sexy girl, Allie, and if I was your boyfriend, you wouldn’t be a virgin anymore, because having sex with you would be the only thing on my mind.”

Allie blushed a bit more, but smiled… and got wetter than ever. She also thought her dad was an absolute hunk, and decided she wanted to also take a chance. “Daddy?… what’s on your mind right now?”

Jonny was a bit taken aback at his daughter’s question, and blushed again a bit. But decided honesty was the best policy. “Allie… you know I’ve always had my eye on you. Maybe I’m a dirty old man, I don’t know. But if I wasn’t your dad… I’d love to make today your first time anyway. Take your mind off of Tommy, and show you how special a real man could make a woman feel.”

Allie leaned a bit closer to her daddy, her escort izmir pouty lips pursed a bit as she whispered, “Daddy, I don’t care… make me a real woman… please!”

Jonny could stand it no longer, and kissed Allie hard on the lips. Instinct took over, and they were suddenly in a passionate kiss, their tongues wrestling, their hands roving over each other, their hearts now pounding as the rush of forbidden lust swept over them both.

No words were exchanged now, as they kissed hungrily. Jonny tasted the salt on Allie’s face as he planted butterfly kisses all over her cheeks… then his lips explored her soft neck, her ears…

Jonny suddenly stopped, as his hand cupped Allie’s soft breast; realizing what he was doing, who he had in his arms. But Allie moaned softly, and drew his lips back to hers, and he forgot himself again and kissed her again deeply, as his hand now began to explore and caress his daughter’s soft breast.

“Daddy,” Allie breathed between kisses, “… I need you… take me…”

Jonny lifted his little girl in his arms, her arms around his neck. They hardly broke their kiss as he walked her toward his bedroom. He noticed in the hallway mirror her bare ass hanging out, her pussy dripping with juices. He felt his cock getting harder, desiring to be buried deep in that tight pussy.

Jonny laid Allie on his bed… the very bed he fucked her mother in. He lay over her and began undressing her as they continued kissing. Allie’s hands went to his waist, unbuckling his belt and opening his pants. She slid them down his legs and reached out … and gasped as her hands wrapped around his thick, hard cock. Jonny had Allie’s blouse open now, and pushed her bra aside, his lips finding her soft tender nipple. “Mmmmm daddy, you’re so BIG!” Allie said, then moaned loudly as Jonny began to nurse at Allie’s breast, enjoying the soft, sweet taste, pliability under his lips and tongue, how it perked and met his desire with desire of its own.

Allie unbuttoned Jonny’s shirt and slid it off, her hand caressing the smooth skin of his chest. Her other hand went back to caressing his thick rod, sliding it out of his boxers as he continued kissing and sucking her breasts, now free of her bra. Jonny slid her skirt off, and his daughter now lay nude under him but for her socks. As Allie took his boxers off, he got into the bed and lay nude beside his daughter… his free hand sliding down her flat smooth stomach and finding her warm, wet mound below.

Allie moaned loudly and arched her back as Jonny’s hands found her aching sex. Allie moaned at the touch of his hand… and he moaned, feeling her soft hands caressing him, pulling him closer. “Ohhhhh yes, daddy!” Jonny loved pleasuring a woman, and he was quickly discovering that his daughter was ALL woman. Her squeals, her moans, her writhing, the taste of her soft silky skin in his mouth, the smell of her flesh and her sex, was making him drunk. Then suddenly Allie said something that Jonny realized to his shame — and yet excitement – that he had dreamed of hearing her say. “Daddy… let me taste you!”

Jonny got up and knelt on the bed, and watched with awe as his little girl leaned over, her breasts falling forward, and took his manhood in her mouth. Those luscious, pouty lips wrapped around his thickness and she began to suck him, her tongue licking the underside of his shaft. Her hands went to his shaft izmir escort and balls, caressing and stroking him. She obviously was no virgin at THIS, he thought, as she expertly sucked him. A moan escaped his lips as she looked up into his eyes with wanton lust in her own, then went back to servicing him.

Jonny moaned loudly as his daughter began to deep-throat him. Watching her and hearing her vigorous slurping sounds were getting to him quickly. “This will not do, ” he thought. “As much as I want to feel her swallowing my load, I need to maintain control; I want to FUCK this hot little bitch.”

Jonny grabbed Allie’s hair and pulled him off her cock. She whimpered and looked up at her, pleadingly.

“Who’s your daddy, Allie?”

“You are, daddy!” Allie exclaimed, trembling.

“And what are you?”

“Your… Daddy’s little slut?”

“Good girl,” Jonny said. “Now what do you want?”

“Please, daddy… let me taste you?” Jonny released his grip on Allie’s hair, and she went back to expertly sucking him. But the momentary break was enough to get his head under control. He experienced a small orgasm, letting Allie taste a bit of his semen, then pushed her back on the bed, and moved between her legs… still hard from his lust for his little girl.

“Be careful, daddy… this is my first time!” Allie said, nervous and afraid, yet full of lust. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle,” said Jonny; rubbing her swollen cuntlips. He couldn’t believe how wet and ready she was! He rubbed the head of his cock against her clit, and she moaned loudly. So he eased himself into her slowly. He expected there to be more resistance than there was, but her body was open and ready for him. He slowly pushed up inside her, smiling as he watched the look on her face as she experienced her first man.

Damn, she was tight! Jonny fought with his body for control, he couldn’t cum so soon! He slowly sank into her until he was all the way in, then began to slowly make love to her, letting her feel every inch of him, feeling his thick cock pressing against her sugar walls, feeling her vagina grip him back.

“Daddy, please! Fuck me!” he suddenly heard his daughter exclaim. He didn’t need any more prompting! He began to fuck her harder, faster. He grunted with each thrust, grinding up against her clit, wanting her to cum with him. He felt his daughter’s nails digging into his back, grabbing his ass, pulling him in deeper. “Ohhhh fuck daddy! Fuck me harder!”

Now Jonny had totally lost his mind and was completely an animal, driven by lust for the vixen beneath him. He rammed into his daughter hard, feeling her cervix at the bottom of each deep thrust. Suddenly his daughter was screaming like a woman possessed. He groaned loudly as he felt her pussy grip him like a vice, and exploded his hot semen inside her deep.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck, Allieeeeeee!!”

“Ohhhhh mmmmm daddieeeeeeeee!”

“Mmmmm thank you daddy, that was so good!” Jonny and Allie lay together, arms and legs intertwined, cuddling and kissing and sharing the sweet afterglow for a long time. Then Jonny led her to the bathroom and they showered together, enjoying each other’s bodies slowly in a steamy and very oral lovemaking session, before Jonny finally took Allie to her own bed and said goodnight. As he turned out the light, he smiled at the very satisfied look on his daughter’s face, and knew this would not be the last time he would enjoy her tender charms.

Allie’s mother came home later that night. “So, did you teach our little Allie a lesson?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” Jonny replied.

“She knows who her daddy is now!”

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