The Alpha Next Door

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“Wow,” my 20 year old daughter Ryder gasped as she leered out the window of the dining-room. “The new neighbor is hot.”

I sipped my coffee and thought nothing of my daughter’s age-appropriate comment. Ryder was a bit boy-crazy, which was normal for a girl her age and health. Honestly, I was more worried for the boys she got her claws in than I was for her. My little firecracker was a hot, sexy, smoking heartbreaker who was only in it for the cock, just like her mother had been at her age before I claimed her. Ryder looked just like her mother as well. Short brunette hair, fit, buxom, with thick muscular thighs and a rather pronounced bubble-butt. She was dressed skimpy because of the hot summer weather, wearing nothing but a tiny pair of shorts and a midriff revealing crop-top. Her shorts were so tight around her juicy buttocks that the bottom of each cheek showed, and she wasn’t wearing a bra, so her nipples poked through her shirt like iron-studs. Perhaps I was admiring my daughter’s body a bit too closely, but it was hard not to. Even as a tomboy, Ryder was a 10 out of 10.

“Mmmm. He’s dreamy,” my 18 year old daughter Ripley agreed.

That worried me a bit. Ripley was only a year and a half younger than her big sister, but she was very much the ‘baby’ of the family. She still looked like a baby too. So petite, sweet, cute and adorable. She dressed like a little girl as well, wearing a pink flower-print dress. She wasn’t a baby anymore though, as much as her round cherubic face might imply. Her breasts were getting bigger by the day, and her curves were filling up. She would always be petite, but she was going to be a curvy and petite pretty soon. Her twin brother Ryland was just petite.

Ryland leered out the window as well, but said nothing. He blushed a little when he saw whoever it was that Ryder and Ripley were wetting their panties over. I wasn’t worried that Ryland was gay though. The little horndog had a stash of porn on his computer that could fill up a library. His mother and I acted like we didn’t know about it, but we did, an we knew that he would masturbate all hours of the day if he could sneak away to do it. Ryland was a lot like his twin sister, petite and cute, perhaps a little too cute. Up until a few years ago most people would mistake him for being a girl, partly because he looked so much like Ripley. I honestly don’t understand how he didn’t inherit any of my genes. I had been twice his size at his age, and could even grow a full beard. I was also fucking a dozen different women when I was 18, including the kids’ mother, my goddess Rebecca.

“Goddamn,” my goddess gasped in her deep luxurious voice as she also looked out the window. “He is fucking hot.”

“Language,” I grumbled, but I knew Rebecca didn’t care. She had always possessed a filthy mouth, which was fine by me. That filthy mouth of her’s could suck a cock like a succubus, which was part of the reason why I married her. That, and the fact I knocked her up when she was 18.

Rebecca had been the hottest piece of ass in town when I fucked her behind her boyfriend’s back and impregnated her with Ryder. She was still hot now, probably the hottest milf in the neighborhood other than Arianne Leblanc, who was like Marilyn Monroe but with bigger tits and an even looser pussy. Rebecca was my kind of woman though. Big ass, big-ass tits, narrow waist, firm thighs, puffy cock-sucking lips, short brown hair. She wasn’t as tight and athletically built as she had once been, back when she played track-and-field in high school, but for a women who had pushed out three kids she was still in incredible shape. We both were. We were more dedicated to our gym memberships than to her kids (only kind of kidding), and we ran together almost everyday.

My marriage with Rebecca was tight. We were honest about everything, we were frank about our desires, we fucked constantly, and we didn’t get jealous. She forgave me for my three or four indiscretions I had with some of Ryder’s friends (I couldn’t pass up the chance of popping some ripe 18 year old’s cherry, even if she was a girl I use to babysit when she was in kindergarden), and I didn’t mind it when Rebecca occasionaly fucked some young black stud at the gym. She wasn’t 18 anymore, so she couldn’t fulfill my need for young pussy. I wasn’t black, so I couldn’t fulfill her need for black cock. For that reason, we let each other satisfy our needs on occasion, so long as we talked about it first. We didn’t shame each other’s’ kinks, instead we embraced them.

Still, I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder at the new neighbor.

Shit. The family was right. He was a stud.

The young man moving in next door looked like the perfect fusion of boy-band good-looks and masculine muscle. His face was strong and smooth, almost angelic, but with a devilish cockiness. His hair was black, cut very short, and he had starkly blue eyes. He was slightly tanned, and his skin rippled with more muscles than I could count. His six-pack abs were more like an eight-pack. He was bahis firmaları only a little bulky though. His muscle was lean and cut, like a runner’s, not a roided out bodybuilder. The only thing he had one were a pair of loose basketball shorts, and unless he was carrying a big bundle of bananas in the front pocket, I had to assume that he had a huge cock. A really, really . . . REALLY huge cock.

The new stud on the block was with a couple of his buddies, also good looking boys, but not like him. The alpha stood out from the pack. They were moving furniture into the small house next to ours.

“I’m gonna go introduce myself,” Ryder suggested, sounding hot and heavy. “You know. Welcome him to the neighborhood.”

“Welcome him to your tight teenage pussy, more like,” Rebecca laughed at her eldest daughter.

“Mooooommmmm,” Ryland groaned, embarrassed by his mother’s vulgarity. I don’t know why he wasn’t use to it by now. Rebecca was the most shameless and sexual woman I had ever met, and she was very open to the kids getting laid. She even gave Ryland a box of condoms for his 18th birthday, not that he’d probably use them anytime soon.

“I wanna say hi to him too,” Ripley pleaded, dancing around on her little feet like she needed to pee. “Can I come with?”

Ryder snorted. “Sure, baby-doll. Let’s go meet the new boy.”

Ryder took her little sister by the hand and the two strutted outside. I thought about suggesting to Ryder that she put on a bra at least, but decided against it. I didn’t want to be a stereotypical overprotective lame dad. I had spent my whole fatherhood avoiding that, and it would have been hypocritical coming from me. I’ve literally fucked about a third of Ryder’s friends, including a sexy little asian named Michelle Lee, who I used to babysit back when she and Ryder were in kindergarten together. Popping that Chinese cherry was one of the crowning moments of my life, but it became a huge sore spot between Ryder and me. I think she and Michelle must have had some bisexual friendship thing going on, because Ryder usually didn’t get mad when I fucked her classmates.

As I fondly remembered deflowering Michelle Lee, I think my wife read my mind. She smiled at me.

“What do you say, stud?” Rebecca asked me. “You’re not at all threatened by the new beef on the block?”

“Ryder can handle herself,” I said.

“I’m not talking about Ryder,” Rebecca said with a playful sneer. “You know, hard young bucks like that are the favorite prey of cougars, and I’m feeling like a hunt.”

“You want my permission to fuck him?” I asked.

“We could consider it my birthday present,” Rebecca laughed, only half-jokingly.

“Mom! Dad! Gross!” Ryland whined. How such a repressed little kid as him came up in this family was beyond me, especially considering the filthy diversity of porn he collected.

“Shut up and eat your breakfast, honey,” Rebecca said to our son.

I looked out the window and watched my daughters confronting the new stud on the block. They approached him nervously, like kittens approaching a tiger. Little Ripley looked curious but afraid. Ryder looked desperate. The boy looked like he had just found his next two fucks. They talked for a few minutes, and Ryder put on a flirtatious display of thrusting her big breasts out and laughing at his every word. Ryder had a very loud body-language, and she was screaming “FUCK ME!”

The conversation ended with a rather friendly hug. The stud hugged both my daughters, and when he bent down to hug little Ripley, his hand went all the way down and gently cupped her small buttocks. Her dress got pulled up to her waist, and I got a good view of Ripley’s cute little ass getting manhandled by the new neighbor. Ripley wasn’t wearing any panties, and I think the stud realized that when his thumb glided over her hairless pussy. Ripley was blushing like a strawberry as Ryder lead her back into the house, quickly readjusting her little sister’s dress so the whole neighborhood didn’t see her baby-muff..

“So, what’s his name?” Rebecca asked our two awestruck daughters as the came back inside. Both of them looked so hot and horny that they almost seemed traumatized. Ripley especially. Her curvy little legs were shaking.

“Bobby,” Ryder gasped orgasmically. “Bobby Scagliotti. He asked me out tonight. Oh my God. I just saw him for the first time a few minutes ago and we already have a date.”

My wife Rebecca smiled proudly, but also seemed a little jealous. “Well . . . Someone’s gonna get fucked tonight.”


Ryder left the house at about 8pm, dressed like a complete slut, and got into Bobby’s car. It was now 1:30 AM and they still weren’t back yet. I wasn’t that worried, and I was a little too busy fucking my wife to care.

“Jesus Christ, you’re wet,” I said as I spread my wife’s legs open and went down on her smooth waxed pussy. Rebecca had a fat juicy cunt, but it was like a slice of hot watermelon tonight. She hadn’t been this wet in a long time. She wasn’t even cumming kaçak iddaa yet, and she was gushing over my face like she was squirting.

“I-I-It’s the heat,” Rebecca gasped. “The heat gets me so fucking horny. GOD! Eat my fucking clit!”

“Bullshit,” I grumbled as I licked her sopping wet snatch and flicked her fat bean. “It’s that boy. You’re wet because of that boy, Bobby. I bet you’re thinking about him right now. I bet you’re thinking about our daughter getting her brains fucked out by that stud, and it’s making you hot.”

“ARGH!” Rebecca screamed in frustration as she grabbed my head and humped my face. “Fuck you! Fuck you!”

“Whore!” I yelled back, reaching up to slap my wife’s big tits. Rebecca loved being talked down to. She loved being humiliated and smacked around. Some women never outgrew their ‘daddy issues,’ and I had no problem exploiting my wife’s desperate need for a strong masculine figure. She wanted a stern daddy. She needed to be possessed. She was my big sexy punching-bag.

Rebecca started to cum. I got up and spanked her pussy. She screamed and shot a hot squirt of cum across my thigh. I grabbed my hard dick (ten inches, thank you), and drove it balls-deep into my wife’s oven. I fucked her hard and fast, all the while yelling obscenities at her and slapping her across her tits and face. I hit her a little harder than usual, and I struck blood from her mouth. I didn’t stop though. She’d be pissed if I stopped now. I knew my wife’s body as well as I knew my own. She could go from climax to climax, as long as I kept fucking her and roughing her up. I could keep her orgasming for more than fifteen minutes straight. Stopping was fatal though. Stopping would be like falling into a pool of ice water.

I fucked my wife until our bed slammed against the wall. I didn’t worry about the kids. Ripley and Ryland knew their parents loved each other, and they understood that our violent sex was part of your love. We really were great parents.

“CUM IN MY MOUTH, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” Rebecca screamed loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear. “I WANT TO EAT YOUR FUCKING NUT!”

I pulled out, freeing a tidal wave of juice from her body, and I climbed on top of her spasming chest. I shoved my ten-inch cock between her fat tits, and I fucked her breasts so hard my cock punched my wife in the chin.

“AAAGH!” I roared as I came. Hot jizz burst free from my swollen crimson helmet like pancake-batter from a firehose. The first blast flew over my wife’s head and hit the wall. It stuck. My cum was thick. The second blast splashed all over her face, blinding her eyes. The third got in her mouth, and I filled her up so fast that my cum bubbled out of her lips and nostrils. Rebecca tried to swallow, but my nut was so thick she had to chew it.

I spent the next few minutes just gasping for air, still sitting on my wife’s chest as she dutifully sucked every last drop of cum from my weapon. My body was dripping with sweat, as was Rebecca’s. Our mattress was soaked. The whole room stank of sex, sweat, and cum.

Rebecca fell asleep with my cock still in her mouth. That happened a lot. The multiple-orgasms I gave her were really exhausting, and letting her suck my dick was like giving a bottle of warm milk to a fussy baby. It pacified her. She was never more content than when my dick was stuffing one of her holes.

I was thirsty. Parched, really. I got off my wife, but not before smearing my semi-hard dick over her unconscious face. I twisted her nipples a little as well. Even when he was asleep, I liked to play with her.

After I climbed off my punching-bag I headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I went naked. It was too hot to put clothes on, and the kids had seen their daddy naked a hundred times before anyway. Nighttime was naked time, and I wasn’t going to put on a pair of briefs just because Ryland might be intimidated by his father’s massive dick.


I spied on the kids on my way to the kitchen. Ryland was sitting at his computer, naked in his chair, fervently jerking his tiny penis as he watched porn on his computer. I never admitted it, but I was a little ashamed of my son’s small penis. Ryland was five inches at most, even when he was hard, and his girth wasn’t much thicker than a finger. My dick was ten-inches long, and as thick as one of his wrists. The apple actually had fallen pretty far from the tree.

I spied on Ripley as well. My baby girl was asleep, but she was clearly having a very hot dream. She was laying atop a big teddy-bear, her panties dangling down at her ankles, and she was clumsily humping the stuffed toy like a horny puppy. I could see her pussy. It was almost microscopically small. I think that my thumb would have been a tight fit in a pussy that tiny. She was still a virgin, although I know for a fact that both her mother and Ryder had penetrated her with toys before. Still, I hoped that the boy lucky enough to be her first would be gentle.

I went to the kitchen and chugged three glasses of water kaçak bahis like I was dying of thirst. The headlights of a car briefly illuminated the dark kitchen. It was Bobby’s car. The time was 2:03 Am. Bobby parked his car in his own driveway, and when I saw my daughter stumble out of the passenger seat it was obvious that she wasn’t on her way home. Her top was gone, as was her bra. The only thing she had on was her skirt, and it was hiked up around her hips like a belt. I don’t know if she was wearing panties when she left the house, but she wasn’t now. I could see that her pussy was swollen and wet. They’d already fucked at least once, and it looked like they were going to fuck again. She stumbled as she walked. Her legs were shaking. She looked like a wounded gazelle.

When Bobby got out of the car he was shirtless and radiantly dominant, his muscular chest wet with sweat. His jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped, and from his crotch rose what looked at first to be a miniature baseball bat.

“Holy shit,” I gasped disbelievingly.

Was that . . . Could it be . . . Was it possible that . . . Was that his PENIS!

Bobby’s cock was the largest I had ever seen, ever even imagined. It was bigger than mine by a good chunk, and I could see that it was thicker as well. Even from this far away, and in the dark, I could see thick veins pulsating up and down the meaty column, like vines growing over a obelisk.

Bobby came around the car, kissed my daughter so hard that her feet left the ground, and then he roughly threw her over the hood of his card. He kicked her legs open and slammed his cock inside her, his thrusts hitting her as hard as punches. Bobby began fucking my daughter over the hood of his car, right there in the driveway, for the whole neighborhood to see.


Ryder screamed. It sounded like she was in pain. Bobby pulled out and she fell to the ground, her legs shaking. he pulled her hair and turned her around. He brought her mouth to his cock and she began sucking on it, though she was barely able to gobble on anything more than the bulbous knob.

I dind’t realize I was masterbating until I felt myself suddenly ready to cum. I was jerking off to my own daughter being handled by some young stud I hadn’t even met yet. Worse, they were going at it on his front lawn. The whole neighborhood could see if they so much as looked out their window.

Bobby stopped fucking my daughter’s mouth and slapped his cock across her face. He pulled her to her feet and said something in a commanding voice.

“A-a-are you sure?” Ryder asked

“Yes,” Bobby said. “I saw how horny that cute little fuck-muffin was. She’s 18, right?”


“Good. Go get her. I want to deflower a virgin on my first night in my new pad.”

Bobby smacked my daughter’s ass so hard she yelped, and he sent her towards our house, on her stumbling weak legs.

I instantly understood what was going on. Bobby was sending Ryder to go get Ripley. He was going to take my youngest daughter’s virginity. As Ryder stumbled naked into the house, I hid. I didn’t want to get in the way.


Ryder stumbled upstairs. I could hear some gentle murmuring from upstairs as Ryder roused her little sister from sleep. They came down the stairs a moment later and passed me as I hid in the hallway, though if they had bothered to look they would have seen my fully erect ten-inch cock protruding from the shadows. It was too big too hide. Ripley was wearing nothing by her little white panties, and they were all bunched up in her butt.

“You’re not going to need these,” Ryder giggled as she peeled her little sister’s panties off and tossed them into the hallway. They slid near my feet. Luckily neither of the girls looked. They headed for the backdoor.

“And he asked for me specifically?” Ripley asked, her little voice huffy and excited.

“Of course, silly,” Ryder said as she tugged her little sister’s hand. “Bobby’s gonna love having both of us at the same time.”

“Hey! Where are you two going?” my son’s whiny voice came from up the stairs. Ryland came down a moment later, buck naked, and holding his tiny junk in the palm of one hand. The fact that he could cover his entire package with one hand was pathetic. I couldn’t even cover my balls with one hand, and Bobby would need two sets of hands to even stroke his elephantine appendage properly.

“None of your business!” Ryder hissed. “Go jerk off in your room and leave us alone.”

“No! I want to know what you’re up to,” Ryland whined.

“You wanna know what your sisters are up to?” Ryder asked. “Okay.”

Ryder let go of Ripley’s hand and went over to her little brother. She pulled his hand away from his little dick, sneered at it, and then grabbed his shoulders. Ryder then slammed her knee up into her brother’s balls. She kicked him so hard I could hear her kneebone hitting his hipbone. Ryland went down in a fetal position, grabbing his smashed grapes with both hands. Ryder wasn’t done with him though. She grabbed his hair, twisted it, and dragged him to the door until he was forced back onto his feet. Taking Ripley by her hand, Ryder led the twins around the gate and into Bobby’s backyard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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