The Bachelorette and Her MIL

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Author note: If you like this story, I suggest you check out the other ones I created under my previous screen name, “EmeraldEye.” To comment on those, please use the email address associated with this account. Enjoy!


The bachelorette party was over. The last of my bridesmaids had been dropped off by our limo driver, who had put in overtime driving our drunk asses around that night. Josh was his name and he was a good sport. Some college kid trying to earn a little extra cash, no doubt.

“Thaaaaanks, Jooooosh!” I pushed the intercom button and garbled from the back after watching Stacy stumble into her apartment safe and well, not exactly sound, but safe at least.

“No problem.” Josh’s cheerful voice came back through the speaker. “Take you ladies home then?”

“Yup. Ladies?” I looked around. Who was left? “Oh. Hi, Missy. Sorry, I didn’t see you back there!”

“I was trying not to be seen.” Missy, my future mother-in-law, slipped out of the shadows of the back of the limo and came to sit next to me. Now, some might think it strange to invite your m-i-l to-be to your bachelorette party, but Missy was really more like a big sister than a mom. She was cool about EVERYTHING, and had a couple of long, snaky tattoos on her arm and leg. I was impressed with her outfit that night–a short, tight, electric-blue dress and higher heels than I would ever dare to wear. She went along with everything we girls had done that night, but I noticed she had only sipped her drinks. So she could be our sober protector, I told myself.

“You poor drunk thing,” she laughed, and put her arm around me. I sighed and let my head fall against her shoulder.

“Mmm,” I murmured. “You smell good.”

“Oh, thanks,” Missy replied. “It’s this oil-based fragrance. It’s supposed to enhance a person’s natural pheromones.”

“Do whatta with whatta?”

“Bring out their pheromones,” she repeated. “You know, the scent a person gives off that attracts a sex partner.”

“Aww. I guess it didn’t work tonight,” I said. “Sorry. But it does smell good.”

“They say it smells different depending on where you apply it,” Missy went on. “So the way it smells on my neck is different than, say, my wrist.”

I picked up her wrist and sniffed. “Hmm. Maybe it’s a little different.”

She sighed a little, then smiled. “I put a little down my cleavage too.”

Obviously I was drunk, because I leaned over and stuck my nose between the fleshy folds of her breasts. “I dunno,” I said. “It all kind of smells the same.”

“Try again,” she insisted, in a strange, strained voice. “Just once more.”

I turned back to her breasts. Her chest was rising and falling hard now. As my face grazed the skin just above the plunging neckline of her dress, I watched her throw her head back and murmur something to the night.

“Oh, my god….” I whispered, feeling a sudden sobriety wash over me. “Is this turning you on or something?”

Her head bobbed back downward. She gave me an odd smile.

“Does that bother you?” she asked in an odd voice.

“I…don’t think so,” I replied, trying to make sense of all this oddness.

“Poor little darling,” Missy laughed, cupping my face in her hands. “All drunk and confused. I can see I’m going to have to lay things out very plainly.

“You see,” she went on, turning so she was mostly facing me, “I’ve had this…thing for you ever since Michael brought you home to meet us four years ago.”

“Thing?” My brain was working so kartal escort hard to process everything she was saying that I hardly noticed her leg slipping between mine, parting them as her body pressed me into the seat.

“I’ve always had a thing for certain women,” she continued, running her fingers through my hair. “Long brown hair…long necks…”

I gasped as she slid down and planted a trail of soft kisses on the flesh of my neck.

“…long legs….”

Her hand ran the length of my left leg, all the way inside the skirt she had deftly worked up to my hips with her leg. I stifled a…a scream or a moan, I’m not sure which.

“…amazing lips….”

She rose back up and hovered over me, that odd smile still on her lips. She didn’t kiss me. I realized she was waiting for permission, some sign that I was a willing participant.

I paused and swallowed, feeling the gravity of this moment pound in my head. I was about to make a decision that could…could do what? It was so strange, so unfamiliar that I had no way to predict an outcome, whether I said no, or said…or said…


The word felt like it came from somewhere outside of me, but as soon as it had been uttered, the tension of the moment lifted and all I could see ahead of me were miles and miles of unknown and unexperienced pleasures. My whole body trembled with the anticipation of what would come next.

Missy let out a deep breath. With a grin that betrayed her excitement, she picked up one of my hands and teased a fingertip with her tongue. “Oh, Bree…I am going to make you feel so good…I’m going to do things to you you never thought possible.”

“Oh yeah?” I said as the whole finger disappeared inside her warm, amazing mouth. “Like lick my little clit?” OH MY GOD I can’t believe I just said that!

“Ohhh….” Her sweet grin turned into a devil’s smirk as she realized just how “in” I was on this crazy escapade. Very, very slowly, she gyrated her body in front of me. Still pressed into the seat of the limo, I was receiving my first-ever lap dance. Her leg was still ensconced by both of mine, and with every gyration it pressed right into my vagina.

“I’m going to lick your little clit, all right,” she groaned as the dance ensued. “I’m going to put my mouth all over you and in you. I’m going to make you do the same to me.”

“I’m going to love it, all of it,” I whispered, my breath quickening at the constant rocking movement against my pussy. “I’m going to beg you for more.”

I was eye-level with her chest. I reached out and pulled down roughly on her dress and her bra. Her breasts spilled out of the trashy dress, her dark, taut nipples immediately covered by my mouth and tongue.

“Oh god oh god oh god oh GOD,” Missy wailed. Her body lurched back and forth as she tried to contain her pent-up desire. “If you only knew how many years I’ve dreamed of this, Bree….” she gasped. “If you only knew! My darling, I want your pussy now. I can’t wait. Let me have it now….”

Before I could answer she had slithered down to the floor of the limo on her hands and knees. It didn’t matter; she knew my answer when I spread my legs and pulled the crotch of my panties aside.

“She’s beautiful,” she said, more to herself than to me. “Just as I always envisioned her. She’s practically breathing…waiting for me.”

“Yes, she is,” I muttered, not able to wait much longer for contact.

“So warm…so wet. Sweet, darling thing wants it so bad. I can almost see your clit throbbing for me, Bree.”

“Good kurtköy escort God, do it already!” I screamed, throwing my arms across the back of the seat and tilting my pelvis upward toward her mouth. “You’re torturing me!”

“Oh, you don’t know anything about torture,” Missy laughed. “We’ll save that for another night. For now, you need to calm down, little kitty. Mama’s here.”

She drizzled her fingertips across my vagina as though she were petting it. I relaxed a little and slipped into a warm, dizzy euphoria one moment later, when I felt her hot mouth envelop most of my organ.

Her mouth clamped wide over my clit and all the way back, back past my hole. Her breath made heatwaves that curled my toes and seemed to pass deep inside my body.

Then…her tongue. Oh god, her tongue made contact with my wiggling clit and it was like every pleasurable sensation on earth was concentrated in that consummation of two fleshes.

Feathery flicks at first, then tiny round circles. She built me up slowly, reveling in the constant dance of denying me pleasure, then unleashing it on me unexpectedly. I was boneless, muscleless, helpless, at her mercy. I was melted chocolate being lapped up in the most sexually frustrating but sexually delectable way.

Large round circles, then…at last…deep, strong, up-and-down movements. Her lips moved inward and pursed my clit. Fingers from each of her hands circled my opening before sliding inward. Her thumbs pressed on the sensitive skin between clit and hole.

My whole body felt like the adrenaline rush before a scream. I was bucking, flailing, making sounds not even heard in the animal kingdom. Then, I was coming. I was coming. I was coming. I was telling her that my body was coming for her. I was wailing it, breathing it, feeling the orgasm pass from my vagina into her mouth, her gift for making me feel more incredible than I had ever felt before.

I pulled up on her and brought her face to mine. I kissed that god damn amazing mouth. I felt that god damn amazing tongue on mine.

“God…damn…amazing,” was all I could utter.

Missy smiled. That impish grin did something to me. I wanted to wipe that smirk off her face. I wanted to control her and make her frantic and helpless like she had done to me.

I slid down from the seat, between her legs, to the floor. Lying on my back, her vagina mere inches above me, her heady aroma slipped me back into dreamlike intoxication.

I arched my back to bring my lips to that glistening mound of womanhood. From above I heard Missy hiss “Yesssss……”

Something deep inside me stirred, arose, and bubbled to the surface. I had never had a woman in my mouth before, but suddenly I felt like I had done this all my life. I knew why. I was simply giving her what I wanted from my sexual partners. But I could give it better to her than any man, just as she had pleased me beyond all compare.

My tongue darted past her oozing clit-flesh over and over and over again. My curious hands slid their way up her legs and inner thighs. My unexperienced fingers found her hole and wormed their way deep within.

Missy looked downward at the display between her legs. She gyrated her hips to meet the rhythm of my tongue. “Breeeee…..make my pussy hot…..just like that, my sweet. Yes, that’s the way. Yes….”

I locked my eyes on to hers as my tongue-flicking grew more forceful, more intense.

“Oh, darling, I need more of your fingers. Yess….I feel them all inside me….more, darling, more. Yes! maltepe escort Now deeper…deeper still……work your fist inside me. Yes, you’re almost there…! Close now…! YES!!!!”

At the moment my entire fist entered that hole, I felt her body give way to a mind-blowing orgasm. I twisted my hand inside her as her clit swelled and throbbed in my mouth. Her legs shook violently and sounds emerged from her mouth that I could not identify.

After the initial explosion, she drifted down, down from her orgasm like a bird gliding down from the sky. I kept fast pace on her clit to prolong her pleasure as long as possible.

“Ohhh, my kitten. My sweet. Lap up mama’s milk. That’s it. Darling girl, you made mama feel so good….” She stroked my cheek and purred for the last delectable moments of her release.

When it was over, I resumed my place on the limo seat. She collapsed into me and we kissed and kissed and kissed. There was nothing awkward about those post-sex moments; I felt as natural and desired with her as I did with Michael.

We were almost home then, but neither one of us was willing to end the encounter. We took our makeout session to the carpeted floor of the limo and slowly worked each other back up to full arousal with lips, fingers and dirty talk.

Our vaginas found each other in the dark. We were in the midst of a full-on scissoring session, complete with frantic and high-pitched wails, when the limo came to a stop.

“Don’t stop,” Missy begged. “I’m so close–just–a few more seconds….”

“I won’t,” I promised. “You’ve got me so close….your hot little clit is going to make me come…!”

Neither one of us had any time to conceptualize that we were being watched. One moment later, the air was flooded with the shrieks, squeals and sighs of two women in rapturous pleasure.

Our eyes locked firmly on each other for the entire duration of that blissful orgasm, Missy and I rocked our hips back and forth and brought each other down safely from ecstasy, then collapsed onto the floor, breathless, twitching and oozing.

Only then did we notice that the limo had come to a stop.

My vagina was so numb from so much activity that I hardly noticed Josh’s cock bumping against the entrance to my canal, seeking a way in. I gasped. How long had he been there? Long enough to disrobe and plan his entrance into this crazy party.

Words did not need to be said. I flung my legs around him and let that cock invade me. He was thick and long and groaned at the feel of copious amounts of girl-juice all over his manhood.

Not to miss out, Missy sprung to action. To my surprise, she straddled me with her behind to Josh, then bent over all the way so that her vagina was at the perfect angle for him to eat her out while he fucked me.

This brought her face down to mine. I chuckled and gave her a deep kiss.

“Sexy, flexible…is there anything you can’t do?”

“I predict a lot of weekend hunting trips for Michael and his dad,” she whispered in response. We’ll have years to find out. Ohhhh my, you’re a good little clit-licker, aren’t you, Josh?”

Missy and my mouths were hot on each other as Josh brought us both to orgasm one last time. This time our vocalizations were less intense, more subdued. We stroked and petted each other’s faces and whimpered each other’s names as our bodies shook and the simultaneous pleasure wrapped us both up in its cocoon.

Then, it had to be over. I tiptoed through my apartment and joined Michael in bed. I wondered if he’d be able to tell what a naughty little girl his fiance had just been with his mother in the back of a limo.

“Mmm….hope you had fun,” he murmured, then fell back asleep.

I could only smile and relive each moment from that evening in my mind. Yes, yes, I did, Michael, I thought blissfully to myself.

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