The Beginning of the Affair

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It has been at least two years since I was in the old neighborhood. It hasn’t changed much, the same bodega on the corner, the same buildings. I had decided to take a walk; I called in sick because I didn’t feel like sitting in an all day meeting. Our Monday meeting lasts all day, and it is normally a forum for my boss to drone on and on about himself. I now live about two miles from the old neighborhood.

I was dressed in my gym gear, sweatpants, sweatshirt and sneakers. I heard a familiar voice and turned around. It was my old neighbor; it had been about 3 years since we moved out of our first apartment after we got married and almost 2 years since I had last seen her. Time had moved on very quickly, one child later and a bigger house to deal with it was good to see an old familiar face again; and get a feeling of nostalgia wash over me. She crossed the empty street and tried to give me a big hug but I backed away. It was great to see Liz again, she’d put on some weight but she was still beautiful. She was quickly shocked and I quickly explained that I didn’t want to explain her perfume all over my clothes. I married a protective woman, who knows that I love to fuck.

We started to catch up about the good old pendik escort days, when we shared meals in our studio apartments and went out on the town just because we could. The out of town trips and the heavy drinking, and the loud parties; how my life has changed. I told her I missed seeing her get her laundry in her teddy, it was a great Saturday tradition, she told me she knew I was watching hence the skimpy dressing while my wife was at work. She was envious she told me, she could hear my wife scream out her organisms from across the hall. It seemed that we made love every night, I said that was then. Having a child changes things and sex though still amazing is a once or twice a week thing now. The secret to getting her to cum so hard was in my tongue and there are things I can do with it that will make her squirt as well. I quickly mentioned that if she still wanted a hug the only way she could get one was in her apartment and with me naked. To my surprise she agreed and we quickly walked the half block to my old building.

Once inside I began to undress, I put my clothes on the tiled floor, too scared to place them on the sofa or the carpet. What happened next is still a blur, we pounced on each other, maltepe escort my tongue exploring her mouth as she bit my lip. The passion and lust was so intense as to have scared me if my hard-on wasn’t driving me forward. I immediately wanted to mount her and burry my cock inside her. But I had made a brag, to tease to please to suck and love her with my tongue; to make her squirt. I could not help myself as I ripped her top open, I was desperate to get at her tits, I dug them out of her bra and started sucking them and kissing them and nibbling on them. She smelt so good, like a fruit basket and she tasted so fresh, that just got out of the shower taste. She was bucking like mad, driving her breasts into my mouth, moving me from one to other. My fingers forced their way into panties at her wet pussy, I felt her clit and she moaned; I was not the only one with an erection.

I was lost in heaven; her bucking was driving me almost to orgasm. I kissed down her body but skipped her pussy. I pulled off her lace panties and kissed my way back up her thighs. I could now smell her pussy, her arousal was calling me. I buried my face in it. It was wet and delicious. The taste of a pussy is one of my favorite kartal escort tastes in this world. I kissed and gently squeezed her clit with my lips and licked that area between it and the hole, she was grinding her pussy into my face. My finger snuck around and buried itself in her ass. Her organism was as wild as it was sudden and she bucked and screamed, all I could make out was her calling me baby and begging me to fuck her. I kept on licking until the second more violent organism came over her and then she was panting and pulling me up begging for me to be inside her. I was dying to be, and I quickly mounted her and buried my cock deep inside her, balls deep. I fucked her like I had never fucked before; the warm wetness of her pussy on my raw cock was driving me mad. I told her to look in my eyes, as I kissed her hard and deep, it was too much for me. I could not wait for her to cum a third time; I exploded and collapsed on her. Totally spent, totally exhausted. We were panting like two wild mating beasts. We soon fell asleep.

I woke up to her rubbing her ass on my quickly growing cock, I could not resist it and mounted her again, this time the fucking lasted longer, this time she came with my cock buried inside her, and once again I filled her with my seed. We kissed and I showered and walked back home. I have her number saved as Tim, and she has already sent me a picture of her pussy with my cum leaking out of it. I can’t wait to be inside her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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