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Gareth cursed when he saw the car parked across his mother’s driveway, having to find a spot to park further down the street. Walking back to the house he was taken by the actual number of cars gathered together in the quiet neighborhood before he metaphorically slapped his face, recalling the reason.

His mother’s self-defense class. Planned for weeks he would’ve arrived well after they’d wrapped up but for his boss sending everyone home early with little else to do at the work site. Casual laboring was good when the money flowed, but between jobs, he was struggling to make ends meet.

The load of washing under one arm, he skirted the front of the house and made his way to the back door, hoping to be in and out of his mother’s laundry without being spied by the crowd gathered within.


“That’s right Vera,” the instructor encouraged as the elderly woman yelled. “Use your voice. In some cases, just yelling as loud as you can is enough to scare off a predator. Followed up by a swift kick in the balls; am I right ladies?” She added and embarrassed laughs filled the living room.

Samantha heard her son’s car slow down in the street outside, the rumbling engine of his classic Mustang immediately recognizable. Aware that he was bringing his laundry around, (inevitably for her to do although he always attempted it himself, albeit halfheartedly) she looked at the time on the wall, surprised he was there so soon.

When the door to the back of the house slammed, the eyes of the ten women and the instructor (all knowing full well Samantha lived alone, and all in a hyper state of vigilance) focused on her.

“Oh, it’d just be my son,” she explained. “He lives alone but still brings his clothing back for his Mom to do of course!” She added and there was a chorus of understanding nods.

“But I’m glad that happened ladies,” the instructor continued. “There’s a lesson here. Keep your doors and windows locked. Even during the day and especially when you’re alone. Now let’s all get back in pairs and practice some of the techniques we’ve learned today.”

Before Samantha could team up once more with her next-door neighbor, the young instructor approached smiling.

“I’m really sorry Jeff couldn’t come along Ms. Bliss,” she apologized. “These things always work better with a man to practice on,” she added.

“Oh not to worry Hon,” Samantha dismissed. “We’ve all learned so much, it’s been wonderful.”

“Well I’m glad. Even the smallest piece of knowledge in how to defend yourself is better than nothing,” she stated. “But I was wondering, you said it was your son?”

“Uh huh, that’s right, Gareth,” Samantha confirmed.

“Ok. And how old is he?” the instructor asked, elaborating when Samantha furrowed her brow. “Just I was wondering if he’d be willing to help out here, only for a few moments. It’d be great to give the girls a ‘real man’ to practice on. Before we finish up. Do you think he’d be game?”

“Well I can only ask,” Samantha replied. “If not, I can twist his arm. I know how to do that now!” She laughed as she touched the instructor’s arm lightly before heading through the house.


“Who’s there?” Samantha shouted as she leapt around the doorframe of her laundry, standing in a karate pose.

“Shit Mom,” Gareth exclaimed, jumping at his mother’s sudden appearance. “Way to scare me half to death.”

Laughing, Samantha approached and kissed him on the cheek, placing a hand on the pile of clothing upon the bench-top. “I’ll do them if you do me a favor,” she smiled.

“Anything,” Gareth grinned back, loathe to do his own laundry.

“Well you obviously know we’re doing our self-defense course; I’m guessing it’s the reason you came through the back way,” she raised her brows until Gareth confirmed with a nod. “Well the instructor’s partner couldn’t come along, a sore back or something. We were wondering if you could possibly come and help out for a few minutes?”

Gareth grimaced at the idea. Being a crash test dummy for a bunch of middle aged and elderly women all hyped up on adrenaline, didn’t sound like the most alluring of ways to spend his free afternoon. That was until the instructor appeared.

Dressed in the tightest of workout wear, she held the doorframe as she broke in on their conversation, mother and son’s eyes falling upon her.

“Hi, um, Gareth is it?” She smiled and Gareth was already imagining their wedding. She held out her hand as she entered the laundry and he was quick to take it, careful not to squeeze too tightly as he enveloped his mitt around hers. “I’m Mandy. The instructor. Don’t know how much your Mom has told you but we could really use your help.”

“Gladly,” he responded, Samantha all of a sudden feeling like a third wheel in the presence of the younger couple.

“Fantastic,” Mandy beamed, her free hand joining their connection, almost intimately. “Jeff couldn’t make it this time. A bulging disc, the doctor said. So, he’s off for bahis firmaları a few weeks and it’s just me flying solo. It really does work better when the girls have a man to practice upon. You’d be doing me a great favor!”

“It’s nothing, I’d be happy to,” Gareth smiled, their hands finally breaking apart although on his behalf, reluctantly. “This bulging disc. It didn’t happen during one of the classes did it?” He laughed as they began to head back through the house, Samantha following, now definitely the third wheel.

“Oh no,” Mandy laughed. “No. He did it putting together our baby’s crib,” she stated, pausing to rub her belly, both Gareth and Samantha seeing the gold wedding band on her ring finger. Samantha deriving a great deal of pleasure out of the display though she couldn’t think why? “We’re two months pregnant,” Mandy continued, clearly ecstatic. “Oh. I should’ve said, Jeff’s my husband!”

Yeah, she should’ve said, Gareth thought as he and his mother congratulated her. He wondered if it wasn’t too late to back out and head back into the laundry? When they reached the living room, furniture removed, mats upon the floor and ten greying senior and elderly women awaiting their arrival, he wished he had.

“So, girls, Samantha’s strapping son Gareth has thankfully volunteered to assist,” Mandy informed the group and there was a chorus of approving sighs, even a wolf whistle from one of the oldest in the room to which laughter broke out and Gareth immediately thought himself in a meat market, he the prime rib. Mandy once more touched his arm, this time in reassurance. “Don’t worry, we’ll go easy on you Babe,” she attested.


It actually turned out not to be so bad. First going through what he was expected to do with Mandy, Gareth ended up enjoying helping out the women. Laughing as much as them as he allowed himself to be incapacitated by women sometime upwards of seventy years old. It was a strange notion when it came to him, that apart from himself and Mandy, his mother at 55 years old was clearly the youngest in the party and as she bent back his little finger and forced him to his knees, easily the most sprightly.

“Ok great,” Mandy encouraged. “So that’s if a man comes at you from the front. But what about from behind?”

Getting back to his feet with Mandy’s assistance, Gareth awaited further instructions as he enjoyed her hands upon him. Married or not, two months pregnant or not, she was ridiculously attractive and just being so close to her was compensation enough for helping out.

Standing before him, Mandy took Gareth’s arm and wrapped it over her shoulder, demonstrating a sleeper hold. Under the watchful eyes of his mother, Gareth did his best not to press his groin against the woman but as she cinched his arm around her throat, bringing up his other arm to secure the lock, her body pushed back and he found his cock grazing her ass.

There was nothing to her, thin arms and legs. Barely an ounce of fat upon her body and the baby clearly not yet showing, yet as quickly as she’d wrapped his arms around herself, Gareth found himself thrown over her shoulder and looking up at a room of excitedly cheering women.

Helping him up once more, Mandy addressed the room. “Ok so that is how easy it can be,” she explained. “And as women, with our lower centre of gravity, it’s actually easier for us to hip toss a man than you’d think.” She looked around the room and her eyes descended on Samantha.

“Ms. Bliss. How about you demonstrate on your son for us all to wind up the day?”

“Oh really?” Samantha blushed, though moved into position. Gareth allowed Mandy to take his arm and lift it over his mom’s shoulder as she’d done with herself. Her hand upon his lower back, she pushed him into his mother’s body.

It was an awkward moment, probably not noticed by anyone else in the room but the two it concerned. Mandy seemed not to comprehend the situation as she explained the science behind the move, the fact it was more a trip than a throw, her hands on mother and son as she went through the mechanics. Unaware of how close their bodies were pressed, or if aware, unconcerned.

Samantha was aware. Taller than her by a good six inches, her son’s arms embraced her tightly around the chest, his bicep below her chin. But it was his body she really felt. Not in ten years had a man held her so close. So close that she could feel the unmistakable softness of what was (though she tried to put it out of her mind) her son’s penis. Pressed to her bottom, softer than the muscled flesh of his thighs and stomach, it sat snugly between her cheeks as if designed perfectly to be there. Was he aware? She wondered. How could he not be?

Gareth was in a world of hurt. Her body was so unlike Mandy’s. Fleshy, supple, pliable. But though the words could’ve been disparaging, as he was forcefully pushed against her by Mandy, he found himself attracted to the feeling. Her large breast as his forearm crossed her chest. The swell kaçak iddaa of her waist as he balanced himself behind her with his other hand, and then, the softness of her bottom. ‘Your mother’s bottom,’ he reminded himself as his pelvis pressed into her. Did she push back? However it happened, his cock delved between her cheeks, sitting inside the crack of her loose track pant covered ass like the wheel of a bike in a rack.

The smell of her hair, the gentle lift of her breast as she breathed. Not seeing her face, she could’ve been anyone. His arms around an older woman. An attractive older woman at that. For although he didn’t want to think of it then and there, she in fact was. ‘Hottest mom,’ his friends had awarded him the unwanted prize at school. Friends that had always clambered for a lift home with him. To spend time with her in the car. To smell her perfume and fuel teenage fantasies. Fantasies where they no doubt held her from behind, arms around her body, cock pressed to her ass.

Oh God, Gareth exhaled as his cock swelled.

“Now,” Mandy yelled and Samantha used what she’d been shown, what she’d practiced on her smaller next-door neighbor, and hip tossed her son over her back to fall upon the mat. But not before she felt ‘it.’

It definitely wasn’t in her imagination. Some shameful wishful thinking as she’d contemplated the feeling of a man’s penis between her ass cheeks. Any man’s. No, her son’s cock, (for that was what she had begun to think of it as) had moved. Not just moved. It had hardened. Though so many years since she’d felt it, she couldn’t forget what ‘that’ felt like. The flattering feeling of a man’s arousal as it pressed one’s body. She was shocked at herself for how much she realized she missed the sensation, the emotions it provoked, her own arousal. For though it was over almost instantaneously, it left a lasting legacy. Something she couldn’t easily ignore. Her panties were wet.

On his back, Gareth didn’t want to look her in the eye, accepting Mandy’s hand in assistance when it was offered to rise to his feet. He didn’t hear the claps for his mother and barely acknowledged the compliments he received from the women as they left, their thanks for him participating. His mind was solely preoccupied with what had just happened. He’d pressed his cock between his mother’s butt cheeks and began to get an erection. An erection that had subsided straight away as reality hit along with his body upon the mat. Maybe she didn’t notice? He hoped.


“That was great,” Mandy praised as he helped load the last of the mats into the rear of her truck. She reached inside her vehicle and pulled out a fold of bills, separating a fifty from the stack. “That’s for your time,” she smiled, offering the note to Gareth.

“No that’s fine,” Gareth held up his hands. “It was my pleasure really,” he declined the money though it would go a long way to helping out.

Mandy wasn’t offended as she took back the money. “Alright then, What about a job?”


“As I said, my husband’s out of commission for the next few weeks, I do one of these every couple of days, are you interested?”

“Are you serious?”

“Totally,” She smiled. “You were great in there. You know how to take a fall, the ladies seem to like you. I need the help. What do you say?”

“I say, sure.” Gareth held out his hand to shake on it, Mandy instead leaning in to kiss his cheek before swapping phone numbers with her newly found business partner.

Samantha watched the altercation from the window of the house, an overlooked mat under her arm. Having the intention to take it out but stopping when she saw the contact. He wasn’t hard for me, she reasoned as she watched her son walk back toward the house. It was ‘her’ he imagined as his cock had pressed her ass. Nothing to do with me, she concluded as she caught her reflection in the window. And why would it? She asked as she saw the loose grey track pants she wore, the unflattering t-shirt. That her son hadn’t been aroused by her should have come as a comfort, to Samantha’s shock it stabbed her in the heart.

Gareth climbed the steps to the house and from the corner of his eye thought he saw a shadow at the window overlooking the front yard. Mom? He wondered. Was she looking at him with disgust, horror that he’d pressed his cock against her, had hardened? Opening the front door, he dreaded looking her in the eye.

“So that was fun,” Samantha welcomed Gareth back inside the house, her eyes following his as he looked at the rolled mat under her arm. “Oh, she forgot one.”

“That’s ok, I can give it to her when I see her,” Gareth stated.

“When YOU see her? We have another class here next week.”

“No, I’ll catch up with her before then,” Gareth beamed.

It was as she assumed, Samantha thought. Marriage, pregnancy be damned. The little hussy was planning on seeing her son behind her sick husbands back. The final piece in the ‘erection pressed to her ass’ puzzle kaçak bahis solved.

“She’s offered me a job. Part time of course. Just doing what I did here today. Thrown on my back by a bunch of senior citizens!” Gareth laughed.

It took Samantha by surprise. “Oh. Oh, so you’re not,” she paused. “When I saw you two kiss, I…”

“You jumped to conclusions,” Gareth again laughed and watched as his mother blushed, something he wondered if he’d actually ever seen before?

Of course it didn’t mean Gareth wasn’t attracted to the woman, Samantha thought, but at least there was no romantic connection between the two. Maybe it hadn’t even been Mandy that had caused her son’s ‘reaction,’ she allowed to enter her mind. What if it had been her all along? She could still feel the slipperiness inside her underwear, remembered well the feeling of his cock snugly between her buttocks. Could it happen again? She pondered.

“I’m kinda glad Mandy forgot the mat,” Gareth stated, trying not to look at his mother’s ass as she placed the mat back down against the wall, but failing. The line of her underwear appeared through the grey material of her pants and he ridiculously wondered what color panties his mom wore?

“Oh, why?” Samantha asked, turning and catching a glimpse of his eyes darting up from her bottom. Or was she imagining it?

“We can practice,” he replied. “Mandy did say to you all to try it out with willing participants in the meantime. And I could use some practice in taking the falls. It’s a win win.”

“You want to do it again?” Samantha was barely able to contain her excitement. Was it wrong to desire his arms around her once more? To possibly again feels his dick. Her son’s penis, maybe hard for her? She cared not as a warm feeling crept through her body. “When, now?”

“Why not?” Gareth declared. Why was he doing this? The last thing he wanted was to again be in contact with her. To be in ‘that’ position again. The probability of his cock once more letting him down and swelling as he pressed himself against her. Or did he secretly desire it?

“Oh, well, ok,” Samantha stammered, her heart racing. “Just let me go to the bathroom first. Won’t be a minute.”

In her bedroom she looked at herself in the full length mirror and was disappointed at what she saw. She knew she was thinking irrationally, Gareth wasn’t evaluating her appearance, he was her son. He probably couldn’t even describe the clothes she had on, but she wished she had something like Mandy had worn. Something tight that showed her curves. Slightly overweight, she wasn’t ashamed of her body, just hadn’t the desire to show it off for years.

Her hair tied back, no make-up on, there wasn’t much she could do with so little time but refresh her perfume. The idea of putting some lipstick on came to her but she dismissed it as foolish. It was then she remembered the tank top, hurrying to her dresser and fishing out the item. It wasn’t ‘sexy’ as such but it was certainly more attractive than what she currently donned.

T-shirt off tank top upon her arms before she halted, looking at her bra. Could she? Without another thought, Samantha removed her bra and slipped into the white singlet, diverting her eyes from the mirror when she clearly saw her nipples through the material. About to leave the room she thought of her underwear. The plain cream colored panties she could feel getting wetter as the time passed. Should she change them? She wondered, before reality slapped her across the face. Your son isn’t going to see your panties Samantha, she told herself. Get a grip woman.

Gareth watched the occasional car drive past as he looked out the window waiting for her. It’d be a test, he reasoned. You’ll once more put your arms around your mother and this time nothing will happen. You are not sexually attracted to your mom! He affirmed. And then she entered.

“You changed!” He immediately noted as she stepped onto the mat in the middle of the room, his eyes struggling to not stare directly at her breasts barely contained by the thin cotton of her top. I can see her nipples! He told himself.

He noticed! Samantha exhaled. “Yeah I was a little sweaty,” she explained, silently groaning at maybe providing too much information.

“Alright, what do you want to do first?” Gareth asked.


He came at her more aggressively this time. On the fifth go at feigning attacking her from the front, he lunged at her, reaching for her throat, his mother countering and in an almost seamless display, turned his hand, then arm and forced him to his knees. With his arm almost vertical, Samantha bending his wrist to keep him under her control, his shoulder nudged her groin, pressing into the mound of her pubic bone.

It was the first time it had happened in each of the attempts, possibly a byproduct of the increased fervor of the assault, but each of them was aware of the contact. Their eyes met briefly as Gareth’s hand was released, an awkward smile exchanged before she helped him once again to his feet.

“Ok so what if a creep comes up on you from behind?” Gareth signaled it was time to change the attack and Samantha turned her back to him in preparation.

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