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It was going to be my eighteenth birthday. For this birthday I was expecting a special gift from my parents. In particular, I was expecting a snazzy new motorbike that had just come into the market.

In the days and weeks leading up to my birthday I had dropped enough hints to my parents in the regard. I had not received any commitments in the regard, but I was reasonably sure that I would definitely get what I wanted when the appropriate time came. After ll, I was the only child of my parents, and I usually got from them whatever I wanted.

When the great day finally dawned, I got up early, washed my face and freshened up quickly and then went down to the living room where I knew my parents would be sipping their morning cup of tea.

As I entered the room, my parents wished me a very happy birthday. Dad shook my hand and then hugged me. Mom too hugged me and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

As I sipped my cup of tea I expected dad to tell me that my birthday gift was waiting outside and to give me the keys to it. However, nothing of the sort happened and my parents continued to sip their cups of tea and gossip as usual. Finally I could not hold out any longer and asked them about my birthday gift.

Dad and mom looked at each other and smiled. Dad told me they knew what I wanted and that I would get it. But I would have to wait till night. That was fine by me so I did not raise the matter again.

My board examinations were coming up shortly. College was closed, but there were revisions to be gone through and tuition classes to be attended to. These things took up all day. In the evening I went out with some friends to celebrate. I got back home rather late. I was a bit drunk. Dad opened the door. Mom, he said, had retired to bed, and it would be best I did too.

I did not raise the topic of my birthday gift. They had said I would get it, so I was sure I would, sooner or later. I was preparing to turn in for the night when dad and mom together came to my room.

Mom stood at the door while dad came in and took a chair. He said that they wanted to give me my birthday gift. He said it was one they knew I would love tremendously, but that it was something that should not ever be known to anyone but the three of us.

I was feeling a bit dissapointed, but was also wondering what it could be. How would I like, dad asked, to be taught all about sex and making love by my mom?

I was stunned. Mom was a beauty, and she had always been the major object of most of my sexual fantasies, but I never had imagined that they would ever come true.

I looked at mom to see how she was reacting. She had been leaning against the door, but now she now straightened and walked upto me. She stood before me. She was wearing a night gown. She now opened the cord and took it off.

She had absolutely nothing underneath. I had a complete view of her fabulously voluptuous full juicy body in all its glory.

Mom stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall, has a glorious soft, buttery skin, and breasts and ass to die for. Her breasts measure 38 inches and, even now, jut out straight with hardly a sag. At the time of this story, she was still under forty bahis firmaları and at the hieght of her loveliness.

I felt my cock stir, straighten and harden. It soon became so hard that it was hurting.

She then put her hands on my shoulders and asked me if I liked what I saw? Would I like to take her to bed with me? My throat was dry and my tongue cleaved to my mouth. I could not utter a word. I just about managed to nod my head to say that yes I did.

She laughed and then began to undress me. When she took off my shorts my cock sprang out pointing at her like a huge iron rod. She gasped in amazement at its size.

Dad also saw it and gave a big laugh. He said we should have a fabulous time together. He said he would like to watch us fuck the first time if it was fine with us. Mom told him to stay. She said that she too wanted him to watch as she his son fucked her for the first time.

Mom then took my hand and led me to the bed. I was so nervous that I was trembling like I had a fever. She made me sit on the bed and sat down beside me. She then took my head in her hands and pulled it to her breasts. Her nipples were big and hard. She put her right nipple in my mouth and told me that from now on she was mine to enjoy in whichever manner I wanted.

I began to suck her, hesitantly at first. She laughed and told me she was not all that fragile – she would not break if I sucked harder. I began to grow in confidence. I lay her back on the bed and began to kiss her and fondle her and caress her and bite her all over. I was particularly savage on her breasts. She did hurt at times but she never tried to stop me.

I explored every inch of her body – her face, her lips, her eyes, her mouth, her throat, her breasts, her belly, her pussy, her ass, her legs, her arms, her hands using my hand and my lips. I left no part of her body unvisited. Time and again, over and over again, I was kissing her, caressing her, fondling her, biting her reaching into each nook and corner of her body. She tto was kissing me and biting me as we began to go mad with passion and desire.

I finally could not stand it any more. I told mom I wanted to fuck her. She began to tease me. She said she would love me to, but I must ask my dad for permission. She was his wife after all, and my mother.

I looked at dad not knowing what to say. He looked at me and asked what if he did not allow me to fuck her? What would I do then? I told him, I did not know. I would probably go mad and rape her if they did not allow me to. But I had to have her, I could not stop now. He gave a big laugh and told me to go ahead and have her. She was all mine, he said, with lots and lots of love from him.

Mom then lay back and opened and raised her legs and exposed her pussy for me to enter. I climbed on top of her. I was so excited that I could not find her hole. She had to guide me into her. I finally entered her. She was absolutely incredible inside, so warm, so cosy – it was heavenly.

I began to fuck her. I was totally inexperienced in this, but she helped me out all along. Slowly we built up a rhythm. As I began to get a hang of it, I started humping her like a mad bull. We were kaçak iddaa both soon going mad with the fabulous sensations that had begun to overwhelm us both.

Then I felt my balls begin to release my sperms. I told mom that I was going to cum. She told me to try and hold back for as long as I could, and then to fill her up completely.

What if she got pregnant? I asked her. She told me that it was not for me to worry about. She would be taking all the precautions, and if something happened, dad was there to take care of it. I was just to fuck her and keep fucking her without a care in the world.

I felt my sperms leave my balls and course up to my cockhead. I tried to hold back and sensed my cock head swell up like a football. Mom felt it too and she screamed with ecstasy.

Finally had to I let go. My sperms gushed out of my cock in huge spurts filling up my mom’s womb with my seed. I fucked her and fucked her till each last drop of my sperm had been squeezed out of my balls and deposited in her.

For a long time I lay on top of her as we both gasped to get back our breaths. Finally mom pushed me off her and asked how did I like it. I told her it was absolutely awesome, quite beyond anything I had ever dreamed of. Mom laughed and said she was glad I liked it. She wanted so much more of it in the years to come.

Then dad said well mom had given me her part of the birthday gift. He would now like to give his. I was stunned. What more could they be giving? He told me to get up, get dressed and come downstairs. I did as he said. I followed him to the back of our house. There it was standing. The snazzy new motorbike my heart had been dying for till a few hours back.

Dad asked me did I like it? I said I did not know what to say. I must be dreaming I told him. Thank you, both of you, I told him, for loving me. Dad said I had always been a credit to them. There was nothing in the world, he said, they would not do for me.

By this time mom too had come down. Dad asked if would like to take the bike for a spin. I said I would. He gave me the keys. Why do I not take mom for a ride as well, he asked. That was a great idea, I told him. Would mom come with me?

Mom was doubtful for a moment. She just had her nighty on. No problem with that, dad said. It was quite warm and quite dark. The nroads would be empty at this time of the night. Only it would be better if I took the bike out of the city so that we were not suddenly chased by cops. After all, I still did not have my licence. And I should take care to be back with mom before day broke.

So I started the bike. Mom sat pillion, sideways like ladies do. She held on to me tightly as I zoomed out of the house. We hit the main road in five minutes, and were out of the city limits in fifteen. For about half an hour we rode deep into the countryside.

The night was warm, even a bit muggy. Clouds we palying hide and seek with the moon. Sometimes there would be light, and sometimes it would be pitch dark. On both sides of us were the fields. Some had crops, most did not. There was not a person in sight.

Mom told me to stop. She wanted me to fuck here there, she said, under the open sky. kaçak bahis I began to understand that this was going to a night quite unlike any I had known earlier. I asked, what if some one saw us? Who will? she asked. There was no one around for miles.

This was getting more and more unblievable, I thought. Mom, the bike, and now mom asking me to fuck her under the open night sky.

Where would she like me to fuck her, I asked her, on the road, or in the fields. Let us go down to the fields, she suggested. So we did that. On an open space of land, she took off her nightie. She laid it on the ground so we could lay down in it. She stood fully naked, the moon and the shadows playing off her lovely smooth buttery skin. I too stripped off my clothes. Then, both of us naked, we sank to the ground, kissing and nuzzling each other.

For a while we played with each other, savouring each other’s body. The warm wind blowing accross the field dried our sweat leaving our salt on our skins which we greedily licked off each other. Finally mom lay back, opened her legs and told me to take her.

This time I was much more confident and composed. I sank my cock into her. Slowly, very slowly at first, then with increasing urgency we built up a rhythm as we began to fuck harder and harder.

Mom was enjoying this enormously. She began to whimper, then groan, and finally burst into short shrieks as I pounded her harder and harder. She was loving this so much she told me. She really loved me, she said, and wanted to love me in every way a woman could. This type of talk made me get more excited and I began to fuck her with increased vigour.

My balls had been emptied about an hour and a half back, so now it took me a long long time to cum. But finally, I felt my cock head swell up inside mom. She was, by now, screaming in and agony of ecstacy. The amount of cum that came out of my balls this time was much less, but it took a long time to come out, and I kept fucking mom as she thrashed about under me on the ground. I kept fucking her till I was all spent once again, and I felt my cock begin to soften.

We lay in the field for a long time, kissing and caressing each other. Finally, mom said it was time to get back. We had to be back well before day break. Dad would be waiting. Then mom said, why not travel naked until we got near to the city. Surprises, I was beginning to find out, would never end. So we put bundled our clothes and tied them to the back of the bike. Then we climbed on to the bike and started on our way back home.

Mom now sat straddled accross. She held me tightly and her boobs pressed hard against my bare back. She kept nuzzling my neck and ears as I drove back and her hands palyed with my nipples. Occassionally her hands crept down to play with my cock, which quite impossibly, began to grow hard. I told her to stop. If she continued like this, I might crash the bike, and we would have a tough time explaining what we were doing on a bike at this time of the night, a naked mom and her naked teenager son.

Mom laughed and agreed saying that it would be fun, but not here. So she stopped playing with my cock. Some miles out of the city limits, as the first houses began to come into view, we stopped. We put on our clothes and continued on our journey back home.

The eastern sky was just beginning to lighten when I parked the bike at the back of our house.

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