the bra and the sissy fagette – part 5

      Yorum yok the bra and the sissy fagette – part 5

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the bra and the sissy fagette – part 5
Sissy faggot found out – part 5
Evening adventures…

They eat their snack in silence as t-girl porn played on the screen – filmed by Mistress over the years of training her sissy slut sissy faggots. Cocks were everywhere even some of the sluts had big ones in their silky panty department throbbing as sex ensued and bondage and all manner of kink.

Now girl upstairs – your evening is about to commence – strip and put on the geisha gown – hot pink satin and matching lippy and nails. Your permanent make-up should help you for starters.

You will of course have the garter belt and sheer black stockings with hot pink 6inch patent shiny pumps. The cage remains you never will have a cock to have sex with ever again. The hormone dosage is sufficient to nullify your former male sex drive completely. Your hair should be brushed out to shoulder length and sprayed in place and your earrings are these diamante ones and this diamante collar to add to your sparkle. Note the geisha dress has a front full length zipper fastening. No panty wearing this evening. You are available for display by anyone wishing to tease you humiliate you or just enjoy seeing your body for their own delights.

I have invited a few select friends for the evening where you are the star turn. A few of my lesbian lovers a few full on gay guys who just love humiliating former guys now wearing frocks.

You will serve drinks, food be prepared for bondage games, spanking fun, queening, being put into the dog cage or anything else my paying guests ask of you ok?

A couple were the first guests – the lady in a long figure hugging satin sheath dress with tits hanging out of the tight bust area so low cut and her partner in leather trousers and waistcoat – jet back and shiny patent heels on both of them. Oh Anne darling is this your latest sissy faggot darling? She is just so cute don’t you think honey – her partner agreed and gave Samantha’s ass a playful pat as they entered the lounge. Does this one fuck? No dear it is caged, if you saw what a specimen it came with you’d have it caged too. Miniscule kaçak iddaa and useless always should be a girl clit in its body not showing on display pretending to be something it just is not. Show them slut – Samantha lifted the zipper and opened the dress – oh yes I can see what you mean or rather I can’t see anything worthy of mention there at all.

So are you feminising this one fully? Over time it will be no longer thinking nor acting in anyway manly, it does not really do so at the moment but the irreversible point of no return will be reached very soon. Slut drinks and do your dress up.

Drinks were served then four more guests arrived a gay boy-by couple then a gay girl-girl couple. The whole party seemed to know each other and Samantha was ignored as they caught up with each other and kissed and played sexy games – tits and cocks were licked kissed and asses and pussy were fucked and Mistress joined in. Right slut said Mistress – here over this table and on all fours. Tie her ankles and cuffs. Right she is now the table. Put the tray of scones on her tray and the pot of tea we’ll have a cream tea in the traditional way. Don’t spill a drop slut or else – or else punishment will be severe and well just behave down there. Samantha felt the tray then the cups, tea pot, milk jug, plates, scones, jam and cream all being placed on her tray-back. She kept very, very still breathing slowly and gently so as not to raise the tray and spill anything.

I fancy fucking the slut’s mouth – Bill a gay guy said, while you pour the tea Mistress Anne, what say you? Go for it and let’s enjoy how she reacts to that. Samantha saw a thick cock heading towards her mouth she lifted her head and felt the tray move slightly. She slowly opened her mouth and took the cock – then it thrust at speed back and forth and the tray went flying. Oh dear slut what have you done? Scones had been buttered, jammed, creamed and plated, tea poured it what just the milk jug and tea pot that went flying and smashed. Bill carried on for all his might and came with a gush and sprayed his cream deep down sissy faggot’s perabet güvenilir mi throat. Nice fuck that he said but alas now you must pay for the damage methinks yes Mistress Anne?

Tie her to the cross facing away, but unzip the dress yes it has front and rear zippers – the rear one she would not have seen as it concealed. Right unzip that dress and expose her ass and shoulders. Whipping time spanking time and ass fucking time. Ladies and gents help yourselves – let’s party. Tied to the cross legs spread arms up high she was exposed for their pleasure taking.

The two gay ladies took turns with a paddle each to work on slut’s ass to shine bright before the leather guy got his hot cock out to fuck her ass deep and hard while his partner went round the front of the cross and pulled out sissy’s tits and bit hard down on the nipples, smacked slut’s face several time spat in her mouth and called her a worthless piece of fem-boi fag good for sex only. She also kissed slut deeply and pushed her own tits into slut’s face and told her to worship a true woman’s tits. Slut obeyed and kissed each large orb and softly kissed each rock hard nipple. Meanwhile someone had gotten a bull whip and was now whipping her back and ass cheeks over and over. She flinched and squirmed. Mistress filmed it all from every angle. Lie her down on this bench – slut was untied and spread on the bench – legs wide dress now ripped off her body so just in bra, garter, stockings and heels. Mistress Anne spread her own ass over slut’s face queening her and told slut to eat her pussy nicely. As slut obeyed another cock – strap-on was inserted into her own she pussy hole and she was fucked long deep hard and slow. Queening over and Mistress smiling the two girl-girl lovers took turns to face sit her each getting their own pussy eaten. Whilst each sat across slut’s face the other girl kissed her partner and played with their breasts. Leather guy and now fucking his partner and as he was about to cum he decided to spray his cream over slut’s exposed stockings. Cum shone brightly.
Cage the tipobet bitch it was unanimous, so slut was put into the dog cage for the rest of the evening – in just her garter and stockings set heels and cum dripping down her legs. Tether her head out of the entry hole so I can fuck her at my leisure and yes her ass pussy open through the other cage end hole. Good well positioned on all fours – two fuck holes for us to enjoy as we wish as we party on darlings.

At this point more guests arrived – it was after closing time so some had had a few beers or wines and were in high spirits and to find a sex slave and toy exposed for their pleasure taking seemed most welcome. There were another 6 men all with big cocks now wanking near the cage. Tow now got their cocks positioned at either end and fucked away. Two more stood facing her front end and two her rear end playing with themselves as the two guys fucked for all they were worth. Both came together and filled her mouth and pussy only to be replaced immediately by two of the other cocks who used the previous cream for lube to fuck her again and as they came they were replaced by the final pair so that soon she was leaking cum from 6 cocks. She was also feeling quite used and a little sore as Mistress Anne spoke – now slut do you think you have paid for the spillages and breakages earlier – sorry Mistress it was not my fault really – wrong answer slut – it was your fault entirely – so maybe you need to learn some more what you are – you are now my property never again will you live or exist in the world dressed manly or act manly. You are my feminised sissy bitch and in that dog cage is where you’ll live whilst here with me until you learn total obedience – do I make myself clear faggot?
You will not take decisions, you will only do what I tell you when I tell you – here drink this last dose of your hormones – this is the strongest and most potent combination – they will send you to sleep and when you wake your tits will be d cup your cock zero and your mind will be mine – drink up now and every drop – sweet dreams fag. Samantha drank and immediately felt drowsy. Mistress Anne un-hooked the chains that allowed her cum drenched slut to curl up in the dog cage and rift off to sleep. The party broke up they guests each left and complimented Mistress Anne on her latest acquisition.

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