The Cabin Ch. 13

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Chapter 13

When we get checked into the motel, which turned out to be fairly nice for what it was, Chelsea calls the shower first, wanting to take care of a few things in private before we go out for the night. I obviously agree and then set out our clothes for our date, hanging her dress on the outside of the bathroom door for her to get dressed while I take my turn. I lay out my shirt and slacks, setting my tie down on top to get a good look at how the entire ensemble looks.

Chelsea did a great job picking out what I’d wear tonight, but it’s her I can’t wait to see; that dress looked amazing on her, I almost had visions of how she’d look walking down the aisle towards me one day. My heart suddenly begins racing at the thought of asking her to marry me.

Then, almost as if sensing my excitement about my future with Chelsea, my phone rings and when I take it out to see who’s calling, Angel’s face is on the screen.

“Hey sis,” I say happily.

“Hey, how’s it going in Fort Collins?” she asks.

“Really great! We have a few options we’re going to discuss tonight about which house we liked best, and I might get some interviews soon for teaching jobs,” I tell her.

“Wow! How did Chelsea’s interview go?” she asks.

“She didn’t talk about it much, but she may have another one lined up with the real estate company,” I say, sounding completely impressed with our cousin.

“Oh really? Doing what?” she asks.

“I think something with interior design to help them sell houses.”

“Oh, kinda like Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning,” she says.

I nod. “Yeah, I didn’t think about that,” I chuckle. “Just without the gory crime scenes,” I add and she laughs.

“Where is Chelsea?” she asks. “I tried to call her phone but she didn’t pick up.”

“Oh, she must have her phone in the bathroom with her; she’s taking a shower,” I tell her.

“Oh, you’re staying the night up there?” she asks.

“Yeah, we wanted to discuss the houses and then decided to have a date night as well,” I tell her, my stomach churning with guilt; I know Angel’s going to be jealous, but she also knows Chelsea and I will be living together just the two of us for a while.

“Oh,” she says in a small voice.

“We should have brought you with us,” I say regretfully.

“No,” she says and I can almost see her shaking her head. “I’m sorry, I just miss you guys. I had a lot to do to get my classes for next semester set in stone,” she says. “Okay, yeah, I’m jealous, too,” she admits. “I’m sorry,” she adds timidly.

“Don’t be,” I tell her. “We’ll be back sometime tomorrow, okay? We’ll all go do something together when we get back,” I promise her.

“Yeah,” she says though I can hear the doubt in her voice. “I, uh, I gotta go,” she says and then hangs up.

The door to the bathroom opens and Chelsea steps out wearing only a towel. “Who was on the phone?” she asks.

“Angel,” I tell her sadly.

“Is she okay?” Chelsea asks.

I nod. “Just jealous that we’re alone together,” I tell her.

“Oh,” she says and then a look of guilt distorts her face, all the happiness she’d had there earlier gone.

“Hey,” I say gently, stepping up to her and hooking her chin with my finger. “We can make it up to her later,” I tell her. “Tonight, let’s focus on us; we can fix things with her tomorrow.”

Chelsea smiles up at me sadly. “Okay,” she says and then I kiss her softly on the lips to punctuate my point of focusing on us. “Okay,” she whispers, her real smile returning this time.

“Maybe we should skip dinner,” I suggest, tugging at her towel barely containing her incredible breasts.

She giggles. “We could, but you did make reservations at a nice place,” she reminds me.

I shrug. “What if I just want you for dinner?” I ask.

She takes a deep breath and almost looks as if she’s going to give in but then she kisses me once and takes a step back.

“Go get in the shower and rub one out,” she winks at me. “I want to be wined and dined first tonight,” she says turning towards the long counter already full of her makeup products and lotions and other “girl stuff.”

I sigh dejectedly. “Fine,” I grumble playfully and then smack her on the ass before I rush into the bathroom to escape her retaliation in the form of swinging at me with a large hairbrush.

“Jerk!” she calls out through the door.

“Love you too!” I call back as I strip down to get in the shower.

She may have a good idea with rubbing one out with how hard I am seeing her in just that small towel. I turn the water to the shower on and step in as soon as it gets hot enough. Thank God for hotels having a seemingly endless supply of hot water with their giant boilers. I follow her advice and imagine that towel falling open and revealing her taught, young body to me once again and then her sinking down to my knees to take my cock in her mouth. I close my eyes, stroking my cock as I remember how her mouth feels while sucking my dick and in a couple quick minutes I blast a load into the tub drain. With that out of my system, I quickly wash up, shut off the water and then rub myself down with one of the other fresh güvenilir bahis towels, but I don’t bother wrapping it around my waist when I step out of the small bathroom to get dressed.

“Oh fuck,” Chelsea says as I walk past her naked to the other end of the counter where a small stick of deodorant lays waiting for me. “Maybe we SHOULD skip dinner,” she says, biting her lower lip.

I shake my head. “Nope,” I tell her. “I did what you said and jerked off in the shower, so you’re going to have to wait until we get back from dinner now if you want any of this,” I continue, informing her of her punishment for rejecting my advances earlier.

“Like you couldn’t get it up again for me,” she says rolling her eyes.

“I never said I couldn’t,” I tell her. “I was saying I won’t,” I conclude.

“Dick,” she sneers at me.

“Exactly what you’ll have to earn tonight,” I say stepping up behind her as she’s about to raise the blow dryer to her head, “if you’re a good girl,” I whisper in her ear before flicking her earlobe with my tongue.

“Fuck you,” she whispers back with a shiver.

I grip her upper arms firmly as I gently kiss down her neck to her right shoulder. “Later,” I whisper in her ear one more time and then walk to the bed where my clothes are.

As I get dressed into my newly purchased clothes, I watch her in the mirror from behind, grinning at her as she glares at me while holding back a smile of her own. Then before I put my shirt on, I step up behind her once again, spin her around to face me and then quickly pick her up and set her on the counter as if she weighs nothing. Her eyes wide with surprise as I pull her towel open and then sink down to my knees and spread her legs apart. She slides her ass to the edge of the counter, leaning against the wall-length mirror and then I attack her cunt with my mouth, probing inside of her with my tongue and teasing her clit with my nose.

“Oh!” she yelps as I reach up and begin to massage her nub with my thumb while I tongue fuck her glorious sex. “Fuck, David,” she gasps and then grabs the back of my head as she begins to writhe around. She stables herself by digging her heels into my back, pinning my head between her sexy thighs. I pull her legs apart to allow myself to breathe better and then give my full attention to her clit until I finally bring her to a crashing orgasm.

Her body goes slack, which allows me to stand again. When I do I press my mouth onto hers and she breathes heavily through her nose, still trying to come down from her orgasm.

“That was fucking amazing,” she says pulling away from me briefly and then she resumes kissing me again.

I pull back and look her in the eye. “I will marry you,” I vow to her.

Her eyes grow wide for a moment and then she kisses me again. “I love you,” she says breaking our kiss.

“I love you too, Chels,” I say and then give her one last peck on the lips before resuming getting ready for our date.

“I’ll go get your coat,” I say a few minutes later as she begins to take her dress off of the hanger.

“Okay, babe!” she calls after me and I grin to myself, enjoying how comfortable we are with pet names like that already.

A major benefit of falling in love with your cousin; you don’t have that awkward getting-to-know-you stage to get through. We’ve known each other our whole lives and just realized that we loved each other more than we were able to admit when we were younger. Also, being adults only accountable to ourselves makes admitting that truth a little easier.

My phone buzzes in my pocket as I step out into the already dark, cold night. It’s from Angel and it says, “I’m sorry about earlier. I was just jealous that you two are alone and I’m stuck here with mom and dad and they’re fucking like rabbits still. I’m horny as fuck and have no one to take it out on.”

I text back, “I understand, sis. We miss you, too. We’d love to bring you up to show the house we decide to put an offer in for.”

I put my phone back in my pocket, unlock the jeep and take our coats out of the back before she texts again. Closing the hatch door of the back, I head for the door and take my phone out to see her next text.

“Can I come up there in the morning?” she asks.

I think about it and decide to ask Chelsea what she thinks. “Let me ask Chels, because we might be heading back shortly after we meet with the real estate agent again. We’re scheduled to meet with him at 10am.”

I enter the room as Chelsea is leaning towards the mirror, applying lipstick and completely forget that I’ve been texting my sister. I drop the coats on the foot of one of the queen-sized beds and step up behind her, placing my hands on her slender shoulders and kissing the back of her neck that is completely exposed due to her up-do; she looks like she’s ready for the Senior Prom in this dress and I’m her hunky date planning to pop her cherry later.

“You look amazing,” I tell her as I slide the tips of my fingers down her back lightly, causing goose pimples to appear on her fair skin.

She shivers slightly at my touch. “Thank you,” she replies with the cutest, bashful grin.

My phone türkçe bahis buzzes in my pocket again.

“Who’s that? Your other girlfriend?” she jokes with a wink in the mirror and I grin back at her and nod.

“Yours too,” I tell her and she turns to see what Angel’s said.

“Is she okay?” she asks.

I nod again. “Yeah, just bored and horny with mom and dad fucking like crazy apparently. She asked if she can come up here tomorrow to see the house we picked out.”

“Well, we haven’t decided yet,” she says.

I nod. “Yes, I know, and I told her we were meeting with the agent again tomorrow to make an offer on the one we choose. I told her we’d come up again to show her and that’s when she asked if she could just come up tomorrow so I told her I’d talk to you.”

“Do you want to spend another day up here exploring town?” she asks. “Might be a fun thing to do for the three of us; especially since we know she’ll probably come up on the weekends.”

“Are you okay with that?” I ask her.

“I wouldn’t have suggested it if I wasn’t,” she answers.

“Okay, then before we leave for dinner I’ll book another night here,” I say and then kiss her; she wipes away the lipstick she leaves on my lips since it’s still pretty fresh on hers.

“Great plan, I’m almost ready, why don’t you call the front desk now?”

“Good idea,” I say and then pick up the room phone and hit 0 for the front desk like the instructions say and make the arrangements with the front desk.

Five minutes later, I help Chelsea into her winter coat and then put mine on as well as we walk out the door. The restaurant is close by, of course, Fort Collins isn’t that big, so it doesn’t take long to get anywhere around here, which is something I really like about the town. It’s one of the larger cities in Colorado (which doesn’t have many big cities, to be honest), yet it still has a small town feel to it. When we enter the steakhouse, country music is playing softly over the speakers in the ceiling; the lighting and the décor give the place a very rustic feel to the place, almost as if they raise the cattle themselves.

“Two for David,” I say stepping up to the cute, blonde hostess who looks to be barely out of high school if at all. She blushes and winks at me before looking down at the reservation sheet and marking off my name.

“Right this way, sir,” she says in a flirty way.

I turn to Chelsea and offer her my arm. “Little wannabe sub better watch it,” Chelsea whispers sarcastically.

I laugh quietly. “What?”

“Oh, she’s obviously watched Fifty Shades one too many times and thinks she knows a thing or two; as hot as those stories are, they’re not very accurate,” she elaborates.

“No, I get that,” I say but don’t get to clarify since the hostess has reached our corner booth with practically perfect privacy; this could make things interesting.

“Someone will be right with you to take your drink order,” she says in a salty voice, glaring briefly at Chelsea before quickly walking away.

“I think she heard you,” I chuckle.

“Oh well, little hussy better know what’s good for her,” Chelsea says and I can tell she’s not joking.

“Were you jealous?” I ask her as we remove our coats and take our seat.

She looks at me like I’m crazy. “Jealous? Of that toddler?”

I laugh loudly at that. “Be nice,” I tell her.

“Why?” she demands.

“Because,” I say lowering my voice and bringing my face closer to hers. “You’re all I want; you’re all I’ve ever wanted.”

“What about Angel?” she asks quietly.

I search her eyes for an answer. “We both love her,” I answer.

“Yes, but if you had to choose,” she prompts me and I immediately realize she’s looking for validation and assurance that I’m not going to cheat on her like her husband did.

I answer her first with a love-filled and strong kiss on the lips. “You,” I tell her. “Only you,” I add.

She smiles, closes her eyes and rests her forehead against mine. I kiss her forehead as I notice our server walk up, who is a kind-looking, redhead with her hair pulled back into a tight bun, likely to keep her hair off her neck as she’s running around the dining room to care for her tables.

“Hi, my name is Summer and I’ll be your server tonight. Can I get you something to drink while you peruse the menu?” she asks.

“Yes, please,” I answer and then look to Chelsea who looks back at me expectantly to make our drink order. I clear my throat and look back at the server again. “Can we get a bottle of red for the two of us?” I ask and she nods but then looks at Chelsea questionably.

“Can I see some ID? It’s mandatory for anyone under thirty,” she says and we both take out our drivers licenses to show her we’re of drinking age. “Thank you,” she says. “Sorry,” she says to Chelsea, “if we can’t tell right away we have to ask,” she tells her.

Chelsea smiles kindly. “You don’t have to explain,” she says graciously.

“Would you like some water as well?” she asks.

“Please,” I say to her. “Thank you, Summer,” I add and she nods with a smile and then quickly leaves to bring us our wine.

“Good choice,” Chelsea says. güvenilir bahis siteleri “How’d you know I like red wine?” she asks.

I shrug. “I took a guess, plus, I’ve always been told that red goes better with steak than white does; but I honestly don’t know anything about wine, so don’t quote me on that,” I chuckle.

Chelsea smiles and then leans towards me. “Me either, I just know I like red wine,” she giggles and then kisses me before picking up her menu.

“Shit, I forgot to text Angel back,” I say and quickly fish out my phone from my pocket and find another one from her.

“Well?” it reads.

I shake my head and roll my eyes. “Sorry, I was a little distracted,” I send and then tap out a second message, but she replies before I can finish.

“Yeah, rub it in,” she says.

I sigh and then continue with my message, ignoring her jab. “I added another night to our room, so if you want to come up tomorrow, we should be done with the real estate agent around noon. So, any time after that will be great!”

I set my phone down and look at the steak section of the menu and almost faint from the prices, but I remind myself that I have plenty in savings since my trip home didn’t cost me as much as I’d expected. Chelsea is worth whatever I spend while we’re here.

My phone buzzes with another text from Angel. “Yay! Sorry, I’m just in a bad mood and totally jealous that you’re alone with our cousin and that I know you’re going to fuck her brains out later without me. But, I’ll just have to think about that as I touch myself later ;)” she finishes her lighthearted guilt trip.

“What’d she say?” Chelsea asks and I show her my phone. Chelsea reads the messages and then grins. “Damn right you will be,” she says with a sly grin as she hands me my phone.

Just then Summer reappears with two deep wine glasses and a bottle of their house red. Thankfully she didn’t get something too fancy, I think to myself.

“Are you ready to order?” she asks.

“Chels?” I prompt her and she orders a New York strip with prawns, a loaded baked potato and a side salad.

“And for you?” Summer turns to me after writing down Chelsea’s order.

“I’ll get an elk burger, medium with steak fries and I’ll also have a side salad,” I tell her.

“Great! I’ll place these right away,” she says and takes the menus.

“You didn’t want a steak?”

“Have you ever had an elk burger?” I ask her.

She shakes her head.

“You can try mine and find out why I went with that,” I tell her and then sit back in the booth, extending my arm around her shoulders. “You look stunning tonight,” I tell her.

She nuzzles closer into me, resting her head on my shoulder. “Thank you,” she says. “I’ve never felt more loved,” she says.

I sigh contentedly with her, feeling completely at peace with the world just holding her in my arms in this restaurant. Summer passes by with another bottle of wine for one of her other tables, smiling warmly at us snuggled up together in that round, booth in the corner of the restaurant. Snow outside gathers on the windowsill; the warmth of the inside fogs up the glass, leaving just enough clarity to see the purity of the snow falling. We sip at our wine, talking about future dreams and ideas of how to set up whatever house we decide to make an offer on, but not making a decision on any of them; that’s not the point of this talk, we’ll have that discussion in the morning. Right now we just want to paint a picture of our future together.

As the wine begins to take effect, fogging our minds like the restaurant windows, I become more relaxed and Chelsea grows more and more giggly. Even after our food comes, it doesn’t slow down the effects of the wine; of course, that could be because I ordered a second bottle without realizing it, but we’re having a good time, so who cares?

“We’re really going to do this, aren’t we?” Chelsea asks later, sipping at her, whatever number, glass of wine. “We’re really going to buy a house and start a life together.”

“We are,” I confirm. “It’s kinda weird, but exciting at the same time, isn’t it?” I ask her.

“Only weird because,” and then she lowers her voice to a whisper, leaning over into my side as she grips my thigh close to my crotch, “you’re my cousin,” she says and then flicks my earlobe with her tongue.

I close my eyes and revel at her teasing, my cock instantly stirring as she begins to kiss down my jawline to my neck. I’m too buzzed to stop her and, honestly, we have enough privacy that you’d have to be walking by and looking directly at us to really see what is happening. On top of that, the only foot traffic I recall seeing has been from our server.

As she kisses and licks at my neck, she also unbuttons the top two buttons of my shirt and then slips her hand inside, dragging her nails through the curly hairs of my chest. I reach down behind her and slide my hand through the low U shape of the back of her dress and continue down to her ass, not finding any sort of panties along the way, not even a thong. She prepared for easy access. As I fondle her beautiful ass, she removes her hand from my shirt and works on my belt so she can free my cock from its confines. She succeeds fairly quickly despite her buzzed state and only using one hand. My fly falls open and she pulls my stiff cock free, dropping her head down into my lap, hungry for my sausage.

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