The Family Ch. 01

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Loretta hummed happily to herself as she carried the basket of dirty laundry downstairs to the washing machine. It wasn’t that she especially enjoyed housework, she just happened to be in a good mood. The kids had both left reasonably early that morning; Rosie for Saturday morning sports and Sam was off to a friends house so she and David had managed to get a lazy sleep-in followed by a particularly enjoyable wake-up love-making session. Even though they had married early, each of them being barely twenty years old, the couple still enjoyed a passionately healthy sex life. They were open about their sexuality with the children, although they knew to be discreet and now that the kids were getting older they were finding more opportunities were presenting themselves. So she was feeling happy.

She dumped the basket on the floor of the laundry and began loading the sheets into the machine. It was even better now that she had finally got Sam to at least partially participate in the ritual by taking the sheets off his bed for her each week. She brushed a lock of her long curly black hair away from her face and bent down for the next sheet but stopped when she noticed a mark on the folded fabric on the top of the pile, a slightly darker patch. Frowning, Loretta pulled the sheet up and flattened it out, spreading the pale blue fabric so she could look at it properly. About nine or ten inches long, a sort of long thin tapered stain, wet…Loretta straightened up suddenly. This was off Sam’s bed. It was…it was sperm. She ran a tentative finger across the mark. Yes, still wet alright. She felt a surge of pride well up in her for her beautiful boy who obviously wasn’t a boy any more. Not yet a man either; a young man.

Loretta had always been fascinated by boys. Long before she met David she had enjoyed being around them, playing, touching, flirting. She enjoyed every aspect of them, particularly their love-making abilities. A new emotion grew within her. The thought of what she was looking at filled her with a joy which grew and grew until it consumed her and a familiar warm tingle flooded her crotch. She quickly pushed the rest of the washing into the machine, filled the soap container with powder and started the cycle. Panting now with the need to hurry she hiked her dress up around her hips, pushed her knickers down to her ankles, squatted down beside the humming machine and plunged two fingers between the already-moist lips of her vagina. A long low moan escaped her as she began massaging her clitoris, the natural lubricant mixing with the remains of David’s semen load from earlier and making her fingers slide effortlessly around the tender, sensitive nub. The thought of her boy lying in bed masturbating his penis and coming made her so…she had to think for a second. Yes, it made her horny. It turned her on. She felt no guilt attached to this, only pride that he had reached that stage of his life. She thought about the last time she had seen him naked, only last night as he prepared for bed; a beautiful young man, sandy hair, lean and muscular like his father and a penis that reminded her achingly of him as well. She had looked in on him as she and David had retired for the night. Her fingers stopped moving for a second. She and David both slept naked as well and Loretta suddenly remembered the way Sam had looked at her. Her fingers started again, harder, even more urgent. What if he’d been fantasizing about her as he masturbated? Loretta could feel the beginnings of an orgasm even now, her vagina tingling deliciously under her fingers.

“What’s this then?”

She swung round and grabbed David’s shorts, sobbing now with need. He’d stepped into the laundry from outside and Loretta hadn’t heard the door open over the noise of the washing machine.

“Fuck me darling,” she pleaded. “Fuck me. I need your cock. Now, I need it now.”

It took David a split second to recover from the surprise of finding his wife squatting masturbating in the laundry. He could feel his cock thickening, growing, even as he bent over to push his shorts and underwear down. Loretta could make him hard just with a look and the thought of her plump breasts, large thighs and thick hairy pussy had made him lose track of conversations at the most inopportune moments during day to day business. There was no need for that now though. He straightened up and grabbed Loretta as she scrambled to her feet in front of him. His manhood stuck out firm and proud from the patch of light brown curly hair in his crotch and Loretta grasped it firmly, stroking him as he bent forward and kissed her hungrily. She swung away from him as the kiss ended and turned to lean against the washing machine, pulling her dress higher, bending over, legs parted wide, her glistening hairy sex and anal ring exposed to him.

“God you look delicious” David said reverently as he positioned himself behind her.

“I want you inside me so bad honey”

“Like this?” David had his rod in one hand, the other on Loretta’s bottom, bahis firmaları parting her cheeks further. He placed the swollen head of his shaft against the wet lips and pushed himself easily up into her warmth. They both moaned as they felt themselves become joined again. Each of them enjoyed the feeling of their bodies when they melded like this but Loretta was thinking of something other than her husband’s penis as she felt him begin to thrust rhythmically within her. She slipped the finger into her mouth, fancying that she might taste a trace of Sam’s sperm even though she knew it was impossible because that was the same finger she had been masturbating with and what she was really tasting was her own musk mixed with David’s love. She felt his strong hands on her hips and smiled to herself as she felt him get into the swing of things. It was always good to know David enjoyed fucking her as much as she enjoyed it. The washing machine shook and whirred beneath Loretta as she slid her hand down through her pussy and slipped the finger back onto her clitoris, imagining she was massaging some of Sam’s seed into the swollen bud. The thought was such an intense turn-on for her that her orgasm came in a rush, leaving her stunned at its speed and intensity. For his part, David felt his wife’s vaginal muscles spasm around him and the knowledge that she was climaxing again forced him to peak as well, clinging to her hips as he pushed himself into her squeezing saturated tunnel, feeling his shaft pulse as he spurted thick gobs of come from the head of his cock to fill his wife for the second time that morning. Loretta sobbed as she sagged against the washing machine, gasping for breath as the powerful orgasm continued surging through her, the waves of pleasure gradually ebbing until all she could feel was her heart beating in her breast.

After they had achieved some semblance of recovery David straightened, pulled his softening member from her lips and leaned forward to kiss his wife’s cheek tenderly.

“That was a good one” he said happily.

Loretta moaned.

“You arrived at just the right moment”

“Happy to be of assistance” he smiled.

“No honey, you don’t understand” she struggled up and turned to face him as he watched her, a slightly worried look on his face. “I…I found something. In the washing”


“It’s Sam. He’s…I found something in the washing.”

She broke off, unsure what David would say. They had discussed how they would handle their children’s sexuality and how they would explain the changes in their bodies. She knew her husband shared the same outlook on sex and they had agreed that an open honest attitude would stave off all sorts of uncomfortable conversations but she was worried how he would react to the news she was able to take such joy in her son’s coming of age. David touched her cheek gently.

“What about Sam? Loretta, what did you find?”

“There was sperm on his sheets this morning. It was still wet so he must have done it before he got up,” she blurted. What if he wasn’t ready for it? A pang of anguish hit her, a longing to have been there for him, if it had happened accidentally, in case he’d been scared or…or worse. She realised David was grinning.

“Our boy,” he said proudly.

“Oh David, I’m proud too but…do you know what it means? Sooner or later he’s going to be…with girls and sleeping with them and he…he won’t have anywhere to do it. I don’t want him to be forced to go places like we did. Cars and outside, you know…?”

She searched David’s face desperately, hoping he would see the problems and share her concern. She had always enjoyed their love-making right from the start but now that they had the safety and comfort of their own home she hated the thought of Sam being forced to do something like that. David nodded.

“I know what you mean” he said “I’ve wondered how we’d deal with this when the time came. What do you think is the answer?”

“I…I don’t know. We can’t let him…we can’t let him bring girls home can we? I think I’d like that but…our parents never let us do anything like that, did they?”

“Not with their knowledge, they didn’t,” agreed David. Loretta smiled, remembering the first time she had made love with him, on her little single bed at home, while her parents were out for the afternoon. She had climaxed as soon as he’d entered her. He grinned at her again.

“You were so horny,” he said proudly. Loretta blushed.

“So were you,” she swung a fake punch at him. “I couldn’t get you out of me, remember? Three times you came inside me.”

David laughed out loud at the memory.

“I found Sam’s come and it made me…” she broke off, uncertain whether she wanted to admit it to her husband. He looked at her closely.

“You were masturbating when I came in here.”

She nodded.

“Did it turn you on to find out Sam’s maturing like that?”

She nodded again, looking at the floor, unable to meet her husband’s kaçak iddaa eye. All along they had never hidden the joys of sex from their children, neither Sam nor Rosie. Both the children had interrupted their parents during intercourse and, far from being embarrassing for any party, they had all been able to talk about it good-humouredly afterwards. Sam and Rosie were both used to seeing their parents naked and neither seemed to have a problem with other members of the family seeing either of them that way too. Loretta was so proud of the way they were each developing into beautiful young adults; Sam, fair, broad-shouldered, his father’s firm jaw, undeniably masculine and Rosie, smaller, freckles, a sunny smile, fine-boned with well-defined hips, jutting breasts, gorgeous legs and the cutest thick thatch of gingery pubic hair to match the strawberry blonde hair on her head.

“He is very handsome,” said David, as if reading her thoughts “Even if I say so myself, being his dad”

“What am I…what are we going to do?” said Loretta, more to herself than anything.

“What do you want to do?”

“I want…I don’t know…” She couldn’t bring herself to say it, even to the person she loved the most. David looked at her again.

“I think you do know,” he said gently. Loretta flushed. He had always been very perceptive; it was one of the things she loved about him and it was a formidable weapon in his business dealings.

“Ok” she said defiantly “Ok, yes, I want to fuck my son. There. I said it.”

David grinned.

“I’d be proud of the knowledge that you deflowered our son,” he said.


“Of course, why not? I love you. You are my soulmate and our family is the most important thing in my life. Why shouldn’t I want that?”

Loretta closed her eyes and shed a silent tear in relief. Theirs had always been a frank and honest relationship but she had been worried that even that admission might be a step too far. Now, David had confirmed again why she’d married him and why it had been the best thing either of them had ever done. She looked at him.

“I love you,” she said simply. David smiled and wrapped his arms around her, feeling her loveliness against him again.

“I love you too.”

Loretta returned his embrace, stroking his sandy brown hair tenderly until a thought occurred. She held him away from her and looked at him again.

“Does this mean you’re going to insist on deflowering Rosie?” She felt a small pang of protectiveness towards her only daughter, not least because of David’s size when aroused and the simple physical act of getting him past Rosie’s maidenhead and into her vagina properly filled her with some anxiety. David laughed.

“Rosie is still too young for us to be thinking about that. Besides, I’m not sure she’d agree to it; not at the moment, at least.”

Loretta nodded in agreement.

“She does seem to be going through a bit of an independent phase right now” she said wryly. She put the thought out of her head and smiled at her husband. “How are we going to deal with Sam?”

“Do you want my help?” asked David, surprised.

“I think it’d be wonderful if we could do it together, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah…I guess. I wonder if he would…The fact is he’s still young, you know? I think we need to wait. Just because he’s maturing physically doesn’t mean he’s ready in other ways.”

She nodded.

“I agree we need to be careful, of course. He’s always been very caring and protective towards Rosie and to me. The last thing I want to do is scare him.” Loretta held him to her again, happier than ever. “Why don’t we wait and see how it all pans out?”

Time marched on. David and Loretta watched and loved their children as they grew, both of them becoming fine young people. Neither of the parents forgot their discussion in the laundry but, rather than letting it guide them, they both knew and understood the need to let their son become his own person. Loretta, in particular, watched as he graduated from high school and started university. She knew his world was opening up and she was pleased with the way he was finding his place in it.

Winter came with a vengeance that year. Temperatures plunged and rain and sleet fell almost every day. Outwardly it was miserable, but the family was still as close as ever, possibly closer. Loretta and David felt more than ever a deep love for each other and their two precious children and the kids saw it and in turn loved and cared for their family too.

Sam arrived home on his bike one Saturday afternoon just as a particularly foul rainstorm ended. He’d been caught in it returning from a friend’s house and he was soaked and frozen as he pushed his bike up the drive and into the garage that adjoined the home. The house was silent when he let himself in; everybody else was out so he squelched up the stairs to his room, stripped off his wet clothes and went and got in the shower to warm up. Not three minutes after he’d stepped beneath the kaçak bahis steaming water, the bathroom door opened and his father’s head popped around the edge.

“Hey dude,” said David.

“Hi dad. You guys back too?”

David nodded.

“Your mother insisted on going to the winter market and we got caught in some rain so we’re both wet and frozen. She’s in the shower at the moment and I’m going to light the fire in the den and then have one too. Come down when you’re finished if you want.”

Sam nodded.

“Ok, cool.”

The den was empty when he arrived, but Sam could hear the sound of the shower adjoining his parent’s room and footsteps moving around upstairs so he knew they wouldn’t be far away. He hadn’t bothered to dress, just pulled on his heavy white towelling robe, warm and long and comforting. David had indeed lit the fire and it was well ablaze, warmth beginning to radiate out into the small comfortable space of the den. Sam was just straightening up from throwing another piece of wood in the grate when his mother came in.

“Hello darling. How was Ryan’s?”

Sam loved how his mother looked after she’d bathed, her skin flushed from the warmth of the water, fresh. Like him, she was just wearing a robe and he smiled, knowing her beauty lay beneath just one layer of heavy fabric. He’d had some philosophical battles with himself about finding his mother attractive. It wasn’t that he wasn’t interested in younger girls; he was. But his mother was something special, always there, always dependable, sympathetic and caring. He loved her and he knew she loved him. He shrugged and slid into the couch in front of the fire.

“Oh, ok. It was a bit of a relief to come home actually, even if it meant getting caught in the rain.”

“Wasn’t it terrible?” Loretta sat down gracefully at the far end of the couch and smiled at him. She stretched “I do feel better for my shower, though.”

Sam smiled back and nodded. She reached out and mussed his still damp hair, sandy brown like his father but lighter, almost verging on blonde.

“What was so horrible about Ryan’s?”

“Oh, nothing really. We were just doing stupid shit on his computer.” Surfing porn is what they had been doing and Sam had finally left to come home because Ryan was obsessed with finding pictures and movies of impossibly beautiful, flawlessly capable teenage girls being fucked by an unceasing line-up of tireless studs who could deliver gallons of semen only after they’d spent half an hour pounding a bald vagina and then having to finish themselves off by hand. Sam preferred real women like…like his mother. He hastily stifled the thought as he felt his cock stir and stiffen, driven by the knowledge that she was so close, clean and warm and beautiful. He was regularly using fantasies of her during his masturbation sessions now and, from the round-about conversations he’d had within his circle of closest friends, his ejaculations were strong and large. He always seemed to come with the same force and volume, but when he fantasised about his mother or one or two select girls at school, the climax always felt better, more special.

“Really? What sort of shit?”

“Oh, I dunno…” Sam could feel his face beginning to glow.

Loretta shrugged.

“I can imagine,” she said, watching him slyly. Sure enough, the red blush deepened and Sam looked at her, panicking.

“No…no, I didn’t want…it was boring.”

“What was boring darling?”

“Pictures of…girls…”

Just then the door to the den opened and David came in, dressed likewise in a robe and carrying a tray with three warmed glasses of mulled wine and some cheese and crackers on it.

“Oh, well done you,” said Loretta happily. She waited while he passed the glasses around, helped herself to a nibble and then turned to David, who had hunkered down on the floor to watch the fire.

“Sam was just about to explain what was so boring about looking at pictures of girls on the internet.” David twisted round to look at his son.

“Boring?” The glass had stopped halfway to his mouth and it stayed stationary as he regarded Sam “I would have thought pictures of girls was anything but boring for a teenage boy.”

Loretta and David had agreed that if the situation arose they would have to play it by ear and see where it led. They couldn’t see any point in trying to engineer an encounter for Loretta that would obviously be staged and so they had simply bided their time, kept a sharp lookout and waited. Now, they each figuratively held their breath to see what the next step was going to be that Sam took. He was silent for a time and Loretta, who could look at his face more clearly than David, could see he was struggling with a number of things.

“They’re all just so…perfect,” he blurted in the end.

“Perfect?” echoed his mother. She put her glass down on a small table at the end of the couch and straightened up, focussing completely on her son. He looked at her and then, evidently losing the battle within himself, sighed.

“All the guys can ever talk about is porn stars, you know? Huge breasts, shaved pussies blah blah blah.”

“Doesn’t that turn you on?” asked Loretta.

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