The Family Reunion Ch. 04

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Everybody was sitting around chatting after a wonderful dinner that Crystal made, when Crystal suddenly nudged Jessie and whispered in her ear. Jessie listened to her mother as she let her eyes drift over her grandfather.

She had always thought that for an older gentleman, her grandfather was still a handsome man. In a lot of ways, he was an older version of her father. Same build and eye color; the main difference was that her grandfather’s hair had turned silver over the years. She finished listening to her mother then her eyes widened at Crystal’s last words. She looked at her mother questioningly.

When Crystal nodded, Jessie shrugged. Standing up, she quickly stripped out of her clothes until she stood in the middle of the group gloriously naked. Elizabeth, Nathan, Brenda and Nicholas looked at her approvingly while her grandparents and other aunt and uncle and cousins looked at her in shock. “Jessie, what are you doing?” Crystal’s sister Melissa asked from her place in a dining chair next to her husband Thomas.

Jessie just ignored her aunt as she walked over to her grandfather and dropped to her knees before him. Joshua looked at her in surprise as she opened his jeans and pulled out his 8 ½ inch cock into her hand. “I’m hungry grandpa.” She said in a small girl voice. “Would you feed me?”

Joshua looked at his son and daughter in law in shock then looked back at his granddaughter lightly stroking his hard cock. “I…Um…” he wasn’t sure what to say so he just nodded.

Jessie smiled at him then lowered her head, taking his hard shaft into her mouth. Joshua couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped his mouth as she sucked at him. “Oh god, that feels wonderful.” He put his glass of ice tea on the table beside him and tangled his hands in Jessie’s hair pushing her face down over his hard cock. “Eat it girl, eat grandpa’s hard shaft.” He moaned moving her head up and down over him.

Every eye in the room was on Jessie with her mouth moving up and down in her grandfather’s crotch. Alice, Patrick’s wife was stunned that her granddaughter was going down on her husband. Alice was one who had grown old gracefully and even at the elderly age of 57, still had her hourglass figure and loved to have her pussy rode with a hard cock. She had worn a summer dress to the reunion preferring to let the breeze brush over bahis firmaları her naked pussy.

Her eyes were glued to her granddaughter and her husband so she didn’t notice Timothy move under her skirt. She did notice however when hands spread her pussy lips open and a tongue licked at her clit. “Oh my,” she cried out suddenly looking down at the bottom of her dress.

She could see Timothy’s ass sticking out from under her skirt while his tongue worked at her pussy. “Timothy, darling, you shouldn’t be eating my snatch.” She protested weakly even as her hands held his head through her dress.

Patrick had been enjoying the feeling of Jessie’s mouth on his cock and was startled when he heard his wife suddenly cry out. Opening his eyes, he watched as his wife moved down in the chair until her ass was resting on just the edge. She was panting and humping her hips. Taking one hand from Jessie’s head, he flipped his wife’s dress up and gasped when he saw his grandson with his mouth on her pussy. “Alice?” he asked in confusion as he bucked up against Jessie’s mouth.

Timothy’s tongue was flying in and out of his grandmothers slit and it took Alice a minute to respond to her husband’s question. “Joshua, oh god, it feels so good. I think I’m going to cum.” She humped harder against Timothy’s face even as a silent scream suddenly left her lips.

Timothy kept his tongue buried inside her as she came around him.

He licked at her insides not wanting to miss a bit of his grandmother’s wonderful juices. His cock was straining against his shorts so he opened his shorts and pulled it out. The ones who hadn’t seen his cock before gasped at the size. Timothy slowly stroked his hard cock as he kept his grandmother on the brink of ecstasy.

Seeing his wife cum, sent Joshua into overdrive. He slammed his hips hard upwards against Jessie’s face as he pushed her head down over him. “Oh fuck…Make me cum Jessie.” He growled fucking her face violently.

Jessie let him fuck her face for a minute then reluctantly pulled away. Joshua looked at her in shock. “Why did you stop darling?”

Jessie smiled at him. “I don’t want you to cum in my mouth grandpa; I want you to cum in my pussy.” She spread her pussy lips open to her grandfather’s gaze.

Even as Jessie straddled his hips and positioned his cock at the entrance kaçak iddaa to her body, Joshua once again looked at his son. When Patrick just smiled and nodded, Joshua grinned then moaned as he felt Jessie take him inside her. “Oh honey, yes, ride grandpa’s meat baby.” His hands reached out gripping her tits lightly as she slowly rode him.

Timothy still had his mouth locked on Alice’s pussy and Alice was squirming like crazy as he pushed her towards orgasm once again. When she heard Joshua’s words, she looked at her husband in shock. His hands were clutching Jessie’s tits as she slowly rode him. “Oh god, that can’t be right.” She panted.

Joshua smiled at his wife as he humped upwards burying his cock deep in Jessie’s pussy. “It may not be right my love, but it sure feels good.” His eyes drifted down to her bare pussy. “Looks like you’re gonna get a cock of your own.”

Alice’s eyes moved to her pussy. Timothy was standing between her spread legs with his cock poised at her entrance. “Timothy, honey, I don’t think…” She started to say when he suddenly slammed his whole cock deep into her. “Fuck, oh god.” Alice moaned as she felt him impale her on his hard flesh.

Timothy rested his hands on his grandmother’s shoulders as he slowly thrust into her body. Alice was purring with desire as she felt him slide deep into her depths. She hadn’t had a cock this big in a long time and her pussy was enjoying it, she barely noticed when her legs wrapped around Timothy’s waist or when his lips locked on hers even as he slowly fucked her.

Melissa and Thomas were watching the action in front of them in shock as were their children. The other members of the family though decided to take advantage of the situation. Crystal was sucking on Nathan, while Nicholas finally got a piece of his daughter’s pussy. Brenda was fucking Patrick and the room was full of moans and groans of many people engaged in sex. “Daddy, this isn’t right is it?” Thomas’s daughter Victoria asked her dad as she watched Jessie ride their grandfather and Timothy ream her grandmother’s pussy.

“I don’t know honey.” Thomas panted as he watched the action in front of him. He couldn’t hide the fact that he was getting turned on watching Jessie fuck Joshua.

“Fuck me grandpa.” Jessie screamed as she thrust her body hard down over her grandfather. They kaçak bahis had moved out of the chair, afraid of breaking it and now Joshua was lying on his back on the floor while Jessie rode him hard and fast.

Meanwhile, Timothy was giving his grandmother the best fuck she had had in a long time. “Fuck me Timothy, I’m gonna cum again.” Alice cried slamming her pussy hard against his flying cock.

Timothy gripped her shoulders hard as he slammed his hard cock powerfully in and out of her body. “Cum for me grandma, coat my cock with your pussy juices.” He panted. He looked down between their bodies and moaned as he watched his cock slide deep into her depths.

“Grandpa, oh grandpa…” Jessie cried her body moving violently over his hard flesh. “I’m cummminnngggg…Fuck me.” She screamed as her body suddenly convulsed around him.

Joshua howled in pleasure as he felt her body tighten around him. While she was still cumming, he grabbed her and rolled them over until she was on her back with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Joshua thrust wildly into her depths, his cock sliding deeper inside her each time he slid into her body. “I love your pussy little girl.” He growled as he slammed her into the hard floor. “Fuck, I’m cummingg.” He screamed suddenly as he suddenly started sending his load deep into her willing body.

“Yes grandpa, give it to me.” She cried when she felt his seed coat her insides. “Give me all you’ve got.”

Timothy turned his head as he watched his grandfather cum deep in his sister’s pussy. “You want me to cum grandma?” he asked hotly as he continued to pound his cock deep inside her. “You want my cum buried deep inside your hot snatch.

Alice was close to cumming once again as Timothy reamed her pussy. When she heard Joshua scream he was cumming, she lost control and slammed her body hard against Timothy’s. “Yes boy, fill grandma’s hot pussy with your love juice.” She screamed.

Timothy thrust harder into her; he could feel her muscles tightening around him and knew it wouldn’t be long before he gave his grandmother his big load. He could hear the other couples panting and screaming around him and knew he wasn’t the only one close to cumming. He gripped his grandmother’s ass, pulling her tightly against him as he tore his cock deep into her body. He let out a soft growl as he suddenly started to fill her with his seed. “Take it grandma, take all I’ve got.”

Alice whimpered in pleasure as she felt Timothy fill her. “Oh yes, honey, give it to me. Give me it all.”


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