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Big Tits

Quick notes: This story is intended to be one of plenty that involve intersecting characters. Each story can be read as a standalone. This is a rough draft I wanted to post without editing. Changes may be made in future. Enjoy!


Life had been tough the last few years. First I had sent my only son off to college where he promptly disappeared for four years, only returning for holidays and even then mostly begging for more money. Things were easier to cope with when my daughter was around as she had been a couple years younger than my son and gave me and my wife a few extra years of kid at home. It used to be all we had wanted in the world was to have a bunch of kids and spend are youth raising them to be upstanding citizens of the world. We decided to take a realistic approach and settled on only having two kids knowing we could lend our time, and more importantly, our money on raising them well.

Dean and Kelly. They both were able to attend any school they wanted and my wife and I had saved every dollar we could to make their education free to them. This came at the cost of our retirement but we did this because of our love for the children. When my daughter had left for school we had planned to finally relax and enjoy a few vacations. It was that winter when Heidi found out about the cancer. It was late, too late for anything to be done. While we thought we would have a few decades to spend enjoying each other’s presence it turned out to be months.

There’s not much I could say about Heidi that would describe her well enough. She was the perfect woman. We met a few years after she had moved here in her twenties from Gemany. The connection was instant. I had spotted her at the bar and finally worked up the courage to approach her but before I could I made my way to the bathroom. To this day she claims to have been making her way to the bar simply to use the bathroom and never intended on bumping into me. Awkwardly I offered the bathroom to her first but only after shuffling our feet back and forth trying to avoid the other. Heidi gave a small laugh but said nothing as she slid by. After waiting for a few seconds another bathroom opened and I slipped in. With my bladder clear I walked towards the bar and saw she still hadn’t returned. I sat back with my buddies assuming this was a sign from whatever supreme being was up there that there was no interest.

Imagine my shock when I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard a gentle voice asking me if the seat next to me was taken. I turned around to find Heidi’s blue eyes staring into mine and her thin lips revealing her million dollar smile. It wouldn’t shock me when she later told me she had aspirations to be a model. That night all but confirmed she had the talent, as some would say.

I still remember pulling her into my apartment the first night we had met. She walked out of the bathroom fully nude, her body surpassed that of any model I had ever seen. Right above her pussy was a patch of hair shaped into a triangle. It was a dirty blond that matched her long straight hair. It wouldn’t be the first time I found myself speechless around her. Little did we know that first night would be the rest of our lives. We wasted no time and ended up married within two weeks. Neither of us could wait. Our friends called us crazy. And we might have been but it turned out she was pregnant and we ran with it, and our kids turned out pretty fucking great.

And that’s how it went, twenty-two years of raising children, twenty-two years of cold nights in bed, twenty-two years of undying love, and then life came for us. No one expected it, we had tried to keep it as quiet as possible just hoping for some peace and quiet in her final few months. The crazy thing is that our last time having sex was just as great as the first. Regardless of her illness she was still the same powerful and loving woman I had fallen for all those years ago. After her funeral people told me how sorry they were, and how they knew I would find my way through. I was never sure but I had my kids to still raise and that powered me through.

The one thing people don’t seem to ever want to openly talk about with a widow is the lack of sex life. I hadn’t been with a woman since and the truth was I missed our sex the most. She had always had the perfect hour glass figure, a little on the thin side but her figure was stunning. Heidi had always dressed to impress and almost always without fail was complimented on her breasts by random people. At first I had been furious people would openly gawk while we were out but Heidi explained to me that she took it as a compliment and told me that I should take the same way. After all I was the one filling her up every morning and night. God I missed her so much sometimes it hurt.

I’d attempted to explain this to a therapist, how what I missed most was my wife and I’s fucking, but he seemed much more interested in the story and less in solving my issue. The creep eventually found him asking for photos so he could better understand. eryaman escort bayan That’s when I knew I needed to get a new therapist. And that’s how I found myself just two weeks ago when finally my daughter surprised me coming home for summer break having finished up her finals early.

And the big surprise was she brought home a friend. She was short, her blonde hair framed her heart shaped face and she was a stunner. Her lips were light pink and heart shaped to match her face, light brown eyes and thick brown eyebrows were complimented by a slight button nose. And while her face was absolutely stunning and only made more fantastic as my eyes settled on her body. Large perfectly round tits hung off her fit body which had a plump ass to match the rest of her body. While much shorter than my wife this might be the first woman I’d ever seen with a body to match.

I immediately wondered what it would feel like to watch this beautiful woman ride my fat dick.

Katie introduced her as Natalie, a friend she had made in college and needed a place to crash as her parents had left the country for the next month. At first I thought my little girl might be coming out to me and this was my first introduction to her girlfriend. Without thinking to much I agreed to have her crash here and offered her the guest bedroom. Katie had turned to Natalie as if to say ‘told ya so!’ and Natalie began jumping up and down in joy, her tits bouncing up and down in her tight white tank top.

This was the easiest choice of my life.

As Natalie turned to head outside I watched as her ass, clad in black jeans, bounced it’s way out to the car. Katie had started to give me a hug and whispered a thank you. Over the next two weeks I learned that Natalie and Katie were not a thing. Katie got beat red when I asked in private and begged me not to say anything to Nat. Over the next two weeks the blonde bombshell began taking to wearing less and less clothing. For the first week she tortured me. I’m sure she knew as there had been moments I had been caught glaring. I now knew what it felt like to be all the creeps that had drooled over Heidi.

On that first Saturday she stayed with us she had simply worn tight running shorts and a matching sports bra that left little to the imagination. After she came back from her run, dripping sweat, I couldn’t help but notice her camel toe revealing her pussy lips. Needless to say I stayed seated with no intention of revealing my throbbing dick hidden only by my golf shorts.

Later that night my daughter and our new roommate came out of their rooms after spending hours showering, cleaning themselves up, and wearing way more makeup than usual. They were headed to a party nearby. Katie had gone with a conservative sun dress while Nat had gone the complete opposite. A short black dress that ended just where her ass cheeks would be out of sight, a large cutout revealed her ample breasts which also spilled out the side. While I was happy to see Katie wasn’t flaunting herself this way I wasn’t sure how to react to Nat. Part of me wondered if I should say something. While I wasn’t her dad there had been a distinct lack of contact with her parent’s since she had gotten here. Not once did she talk about her parent’s or did I hear her on the phone with either. I opted to say nothing and trust she could handle herself. Plus she looked extremely fucking hot, part of me wondering if she wore panties under that little cocktail dress. I quickly put that out of my mind.

I had I had always been very open with Katie and told her I understood what it meant to be a kid. I didn’t mind her drinking as long as she wasn’t hiding anything from me. And to my knowledge it had worked. She never lied to me and never got into trouble. She was the easy kid.

“One last thing before you two leave,” I said as they were walking out the door, “I want you home no later than midnight.”

Katie spun around not having expected that. Usually I didn’t limit her on how late she could stay out but with a new friend here I wanted to make sure she was someone I could trust with my little girl.

“But Dad! We can’t leave a party before 12!” She begged.

“How far away is this party?”

She looked to Nat who wasn’t sure what to say.

“How far?”

“Fifteen minutes,” Nat said.”

“Perfect, back no later than 12:30. That way all your friends can talk about how you stayed late.”

Katie huffed and shrugged her shoulders to Nat as they turned to walk away.

“Bye Katie, love you!” I said just to embarrass her a little more.

Once the door had closed I immediately rushed up to my bathroom. Hiding in a closet I really hoped no one would ever dig through I found the only thing that could help me. In my earlier years I would’ve laughed in someone’s face who was about to do what I was. But the last year had been tough. I found my source of soon to be relaxation in my Fleshlight. In all her wisdom my wife had left a note for me along with a gift after her death. The note she gave to ankara escort me with a clue to find my gift: under the bed. And it had been a silicon hole that would become my salvation without her. Heidi had been the only one with enough sense to give me something to do without her.

Up until this point I had only used it while watching porn or reading some erotica online and it had been enough. For the first time ever I used this pocket pussy while thinking about another woman in my life. Nat. Fantasizing about fucking her from behind, watching her ass cheeks bounce off my hips as I slammed my cock into her. Begging me to finish her. My fingers brushing her clit as I buried myself hilt deep. She would beg me to cum inside her. Another first was accomplished when I busted my nut in less than a minute. First time that had ever happened with a fake pussy.

After that I headed downstairs to pour some whisky and watch the games. From there I waited. The first game was a blowout. The girls should be back before halftime of the second half so I knew I could keep entertained until then. So I waited. Then the second half started. I knew I was a few whiskies in but I definitely didn’t hear my girl come home. Looking down at my phone I saw it was a few minutes before 12:30 so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. By 12:35 I sent a text. No response for five minutes and I sent another. Then I started calling but her phone went straight to voicemail. If Katie wasn’t home soon she’d be in trouble.

Continuing to watch the game I couldn’t’ believe how dumb I had been. Didn’t get an address for the party. Didn’t get Natalie’s number so I couldn’t try her. But also I gave them a curfew and for now would have to assume they deliberately ignored me. The game ended late with a few overtime periods. These girls had gone well past the line when I finally heard a car stopping outside. Opening the door I watched as Katie stumble out and Nat climb out right behind her. Katie stumbled all the way up the steps mumbling as she walked.

I said nothing as she nearly fell through the door and I had to grab her.

“Oh, hi dad!” she slurred upon entry.

“C’mon Katie, upstairs right now,” I said as I hoisted her up and made way for the stairs, “and you, Nat, go to your room.”

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I noticed she seemed to be much less intoxicated. But first I had to get Katie to bed. I set her down gently on her side and pulled her trash bag over. Her breathing was normal which was good.

“Thank you, Dad.”

“No worries, but we’re going to talk about this tomorrow.”

“I know.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

She was still a good kid even when hammered. I smiled as I kissed her forehead to say goodbye.

“Also, Nat is a slut,” Katie said as I was pulling away. Her eyes shut as she spoke.

“What?” I said, not able to help myself from laughing as she had just blurt out.

“I just thought you should know. She sleeps around a lot. But she’s my best friend and I love her.”

I guess in some weird way she was airing her friend’s dirty laundry in hopes I wouldn’t judge the girl when I found out myself? It was kind of sweet in a way.

“And I’m sure she loves you too. Now go to sleep.”

As I slipped out I leaned against the door taking in this new knowledge. The girl that I had been dreaming of was a slut according to my daughter. A plan began to form in my head. One that would end with her willingly taking my cock into her sweet cunt. A more sober me would’ve never dared to pull off what I was about to. All I had to do was go right through Nat’s door this instant. I chose to knock first.

“Oh, umm come in,” Nat said in a gentle voice.

I walked in to find her sitting in a chair undoing her makeup from the night. I was shocked at how little she had actually worn just having made the assumption that no one would look so good without significant makeup. Her eyeliner was smeared giving her this sexy used look.

“Mr. Murphy,” she said with her eyes popping open, “I… I’m so sor-“

I had held my finger up asking for her silence and she immediately obliged.

“Do you know why I asked for the two of you to come home at the time I did?” I asked her

“Yes,” was all she responded with.

“Please enlighten me.”

“It’s because you know nothing good happens after midnight,” when she spoke she smiled back at me like this was funny to her. It made me want to punish her even more. Her smile caused my cock to ache.

“Precisely. And that caused me to spend all night worrying.”

“I am sorry, you know,” she said as she turned in her chair to face me. She had changed into a large shirt that left her legs slightly more than covered than the previous dress. Her legs were uncrossed and at quick glance I could only see that her shirt had covered up her crotch. I stood there unsure of how to approach this.

“Is there something else you wanted?” she asked while raising her eyebrow.

“Did your parent’s sincan escort bayan discipline you as a child?” I asked.


“Yes, as in ground you?”


“Anything to make you feel that you had erred?”


“They never spanked you, did they?”

Nat almost spoke but then stopped to think. Something seemed to click in that moment. I watched her bite the corner of her lip and shake her head no.

“I think it’s time someone disciplined you,” I said, locking the door behind me, “I want you bent over the edge over the bed. And call me Sir.”

“Y-y-yes, Sir,” she said as she got up and laid out on the bed. Her bum hung off the edge which revealed parts of her legs not previously revealed. I walked up slowly as she stared back.

“Will it hurt?

“That’s up to you.”


I raised my eyebrow.

She said, “Yes, Sir.”

As I made my way up my eyes traveled up her legs settling on her ass. Reaching out I used my fingers to pull her shirt up revealing her clean shaven pussy. I ran my palm across her ass. For a few brief seconds I cupped her pussy and felt the heat coming off her.

“If it’s too hard just let me know.”

I lifted my hand up and brought it directly down on her ass. She huffed when I swatted her. I reached over to her other ass cheek and rubbed before swiftly bringing my hand up and down right onto her ass. She brought her head down into her elbow as she stifled a moan. My penis was hard enough that it had noticeably tented in my shorts. Swapping to the other ass I can came up and slapped her ass again, watching it jiggle. By the time I got to five her ass had started turning red. Her mascara ran even more as she had tears in her eye.

My hand found its way between her legs and rubbing along her slit. Nat’s pussy was already wet. I heard her whimper as I traced one of my fingers gently across her lips. Without hesitation I began smacking her bottom again and again finally stopping around fifteen.

“I feel you’ve been punished enough,” I said while slowly rubbing my hands on both of her ass cheeks. As I stood behind her admiring her bright red ass cheeks and spread them apart to revealing her cunt which was dripping wet. Her lips had puffed out with anticipation leaving a delightfully beautiful site.

“Have you learned your lesson?” I asked her.

“Yes… Sir,” Nat barely got out in short breathes.

“Now it’s time for your reward for being such a good little.. slut,” I said managing to emphasize that I was happy with her. Getting to my knees I began kissing the insider of her leg as I made my way up to her slit. My whole way up she cooed with each kiss until I finally arrived at my goal. Her sweet honeypot. As I ran my tongue down her length I felt my dick pulse as I tasted her for the first time. Slightly bitter but the very distinct taste of a woman. I felt Nat’s hand grip onto my hair as she tried to push me further into her. This girl needed to learn some patience.

Pulling away I planted a kiss on her lips than pulled away. She looked back to me and I motioned for her to flip over which she gladly did. This time I made my way up using the other leg as I glanced up at her between kisses. She stared down with a huge smile on her face as I continued to make my way back up to her sex. Once I made it there I brought my index finger through her folds. And ended at her clit. It looked to have engorged slightly as she got aroused. I slowly attached my mouth to her clit and gave it a gentle suck to get the reaction I had wanted.

She pulled in her breath in a quick gasp, “Oh fuck!”

Immediately Nat covered her mouth to make sure she didn’t make the same mistake. With precision I gave her little nub very quick sucks and lashed a few times with my tongue. Her free hand had made its way into my hair as her other hand was preoccupied with her biting down onto the knuckles to keep quiet. With my palm facing my mouth I slid my middle finger slowly into her and begun to curl it upwards.

“Please, fuck, please, fuck, make me cum,” she managed to whisper.

I continued my assault on her pussy getting every reaction I wanted. Soon I added a second finger still curling upwards as her hand’s grip pulled on harder and harder. I used my tongue to run up the length of her pussy again and began sucking on her clit again. This caused her body to lock up. At first I couldn’t believe she was ready to cum so quickly. That was when her legs first wrapped around my head. I had full access to her pussy with my tongue and I used it to continue going into her folds as I felt her whole body convulse. I could hear her grunting as she tried to choke down her moans. After a minute of her pussy flowing out unstoppably as I did my hardest to keep her going she fell back and released one last puff of air.

Standing up and removing my shirt I revealed my slightly aged body. At fifty I had still tried to keep in shape but some of that had gone to shit. I had nothing to be embarrassed about but couldn’t help but realize that I most likely wasn’t as in shape as the college guys she probably spent fucking every night. She looked up me with her brown eyes and again bit her lip. As I dropped my shorts her eyes couldn’t help but notice the bulge in my briefs.

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