The Game Ch. 13

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Chapter 13 — Ron’s turn again

I stayed overnight at Ron’s house on Friday night for a ‘Blockbuster’ night and ended up watching two movies, drinking a bottle of wine, and talking. We ended up going to bed early and making love for an hour before drifting off to sleep. I would not see him again for a few days as I had some work to do around my own apartment and he had a project that would keep him busy most of the weekend.

I was somewhat disappointed, but I also was looking forward to a weekend to myself. I thought perhaps Rachel and I could have dinner together. It had been a while since we had spent a whole day together as both of our lives were pretty busy.

She was dating someone now, and her new boyfriend was taking up a lot of her time. I had not yet met her new friend, and only knew that he was also an intern at a competing firm and they had met at a conference. His name was Ryan and they had been going out for almost two weeks. I was curious, but Rachel had not yet introduced us. I decided to let her have her space and let her come around when she was ready. Maybe tonight we could talk about this mystery man of hers. Girl chat would be fun, and it was oh so much more fun when there was a new, exciting man to discuss.

I grinned at the thought as I emerged from my train two blocks from my home, not knowing that I would get to meet Ryan in short order.

* * * *

I opened the door to my apartment and immediately smelled candles. The smell was not overwhelming, but just under the surface. I stepped into the main room and noticed three things all at once.

First, there were two plates and two wine glasses on the coffee table in front of the television. Both were used and had the remnants of pizza on them. The glasses stood half full and an empty bottle was poised next to it.

The second thing I noticed was the couch had a blanket on it that was usually kept in the hall closet. The blanket was not folded, but rolled into a ball that looked as if it had been wadded up and thrown onto the cushion.

The third thing I noticed was a pair of Rachel’s jeans on the floor.

I smiled to myself and my imagination immediately conjured an image of Rachel straddling her new boyfriend on the couch. I envisioned hungry mouths and tongues exploring each other with a passion that can only be found at their age. I imagined his hands pawing at her breasts, clumsily trying to unbutton her blouse without breaking the rhythm of their kiss.

I saw Rachel grinding her hips against his hardness, wanting him; arousing him with her body. I could almost feel the tingles as she grinded against his thick cock. I imagined the scene as they stood and awkwardly stumbled to Rachel’s bedroom shedding clothes as they went until the collapsed together, naked and wanting.

I imagined him still kissing her as he entered her. I imagined what she must have felt as she pulled her new boyfriend inside of her for the first time; feeling that indescribable passion that may only happen that very first time. I imagined her hands on his back and her legs wrapped around his body. I imagined them climbing higher and higher until her orgasm washed over her like a tsunami of pleasure. I imagined her feeling him cumming inside her.

Jesus I was wet.

I then heard a groan from down the hallway and froze. Slowly I set down my purse and tiptoed down the hall toward Rachel’s room my ears straining. I could hear voices, but could not make out any words, but the tone suggested that Rachel’s evening was not yet at an end.

As I approached the door, I heard a male voice groan and a softer more sensual voice say, “Mmmmmm you like that huh?”.

The door was closed all but an inch or two and I felt tingly all over at the thrill of what I might see, and the thrill of secretly watching whatever was going on. I bit my bottom lip nervously and slowly leaned in and squinted through the narrow opening.

I had an unobstructed view of Rachel’s bed. The sheets were thrown off wildly and the comforter was on the floor next to the bed closest to the door. Soft light spilled through the curtained windows. On the bed was a young man of perhaps 20. He was stark naked and lying on his back spread eagle. He had light brown hair, cut short and strong facial features. His body was lean and athletic. His eyes were closed and his face radiated with pleasure.

My eyes drank him in moving down his body to the source of his pleasure which at the moment was my nieces tongue which rolled over the tip of his hard, circumcised cock.

Rachel was on her knees, equally naked. Her white ass contrasted with the tan of the rest of her body. My eyes traced the thin yet feminine curves of her body resting momentarily on her full breasts that were crowned with small hardened nipples. Her auburn hair framed her angelic face as she rolled the tip of her tongue across her boyfriend’s swollen cock.

She stroked his cock with her right hand as her mouth worked magic on the sensitive tip. Shudders coursed bahis firmaları through the young man as Rachel pleasured him.

Her head bobbed rhythmically as she worked his cock with her mouth and I smiled inwardly knowing this was a relatively new found skill of hers. She clearly had been practicing. One of her hands massaged swollen balls while the other stroked his shaft that was not engulfed by her mouth.

The young man shuddered and moaned and I knew that his climax was imminent. I watched in tingling anticipation for his release feeling aroused at my voyeurism. My own nipples were hard and strained against my bra and I found myself unconsciously rubbing them through my shirt.

And then the moment I anticipated happened. Rachel’s boyfriend groaned deep and guttural and I could see all of his muscles tighten at once and then Rachel did something amazing.

Just at the moment of his release she withdrew her mouth and his straining cock popped from her mouth like a Champaign cork. I could see her tighten her grip around the base of his cock as she stroked him.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” he screamed.

A torrent of cum exploded from his tip, spraying white hot cum across Rachel’s face. She relaxed her grip, but continued to jack his cock in a blur. He released again with torrential force. The cum sprayed again and again onto Rachel’s hair, face, shoulders, and breasts. It was an orgasm to rival Ron’s.

The young man was still screaming, “OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!”

His orgasm slowly wound down and his cum oozed from his softening cock. Rachel slowed but did not stop stroking him. A white mess pooled down his shaft and ran across Rachel’s right hand that continued to gently squeeze and milk him.

The young man then opened his eyes and looked at her and said, “My God that was incredible.”

Rachel grinned at him. She was covered in him and said, “Glad you like.”

The boy sighed contentedly as Rachel climbed up his body and curled next to him.

“You’re messy.” He said smiling.

Rachel smiled back and said, “I hope that is not a criticism.” And then she licked her lips tasting him. “Besides, I like cum.”

“God you are so hot.” Ryan said.

“Thanks, but my aunt will be home soon and you need to be out of here before she gets back. Wish we could fuck all day, but I need a shower and you need to go.”

Ryan sighed and said, “Okay babe, but I hate to cum and run.”

Rachel laughed and said, “Get going or I’ll make you clean me up with your tongue.”

Ryan laughed and said, “Another time then.”

I slowly backed away from the door and stepped into my room silently to ponder what I had just witnessed.

Five minutes later I heard Ryan slip from Rachel’s room and leave the apartment. I wondered why he had to be gone before I got home and wondered if I would ever know. A more pressing question was how would I tell Rachel that I was already home. Maybe I could wait until she was in the shower and pretend I had come home then. That might work.

As I was pondering my predicament, I heard a light knock on the door and Rachel’s playful voice say, “You can come out now. He’s gone.”

I sighed and thought, “That sneaky bitch”, and opened the door. Rachel stood outside in the hallway stark naked with the shiny white semen on her lips and cheeks.

“Like the show?”, she asked me grinning. I was speechless and only could nod. Then she leaned in without warning and kissed me on the lips.

I could taste Ryan’s cum on her mouth, salty and tangy at the same time. I pulled away shocked. Rachel only giggled and said, “Make coffee. Let’s have girl chat and I will tell you a story.” She then bounded down to the bathroom and I heard the water come on a few seconds later.

‘What the fuck was that?’ I wondered to myself and was reeling from the experience. I stripped out of my clothes and into a long jersey style t-shirt that covered me to nearly my thighs and then went and made coffee. I was curious as hell as well as aroused. I was about to find out I had created a monster.

* * * * *

Ten minutes later Rachel came out of the shower dressed in nothing but a very short satin robe. She was clean and smelled lightly of lavender scent. I sat down with my mug of coffee across from her and said, “Okay, what is going on?”

She smiled at me wolfishly and said, “Just a little fucking between friends.”

I sighed and said, “Friends? That looked like more than friendship to me.”

Rachel grinned again and said, “Well maybe a little more. I do like him an awful lot and he is great in there.” She said motioning toward her bedroom.

“I hope you are being smart. I mean ‘that’,” motioning toward the bedroom, “can get complicated. Especially with co-workers.” I said trying not to sound too judgmental.

Rachel smiled at me coyly and said, “Really? Complicated? You think more so than what we did at Ron’s?” Rachel asked somewhat sarcastically, but also with good humor.

I sighed and said, “Look Rachel, kaçak iddaa I know what we did at Ron’s was a little over the top, but it happened. I just don’t want you going too wild and getting hurt.”

Rachel nodded and said, “I’m a big girl, you don’t have to keep protecting me. I know what you are saying, but don’t worry. I’m just…. Er experimenting a bit. I mean I’m not going total slut, but I do like sex.”

What could I say? I nodded and said, “Hey, I am glad you are enjoying your sex life. God knows it took me a while to fully appreciate mine, but just remember your ‘experiments’ can have consequences.”

She nodded and then smiled at me and said, “So what did you think of his cock?”

I laughed out loud and said, “Very nice.”

“I know, and in deference to you I have been playing my own version of ‘The Game’. You probably have wondered why you have not met him yet”, she said.

I nodded and said, “I figured you needed some space with him and you would eventually get around to introducing us if he became important to you.”

Rachel cackled as if in on some private joke.

“What?” I asked.

“Aunt Sara I would have introduced you the day I met him, but I had a fantasy.” She said still giggling.

“And what was this fantasy?” I asked curious and a little irritated.

Rachel blushed a little, which I found comforting in some strange way and said, “Well I wanted you to see me with him. To you know, watch me.”

I was stunned but also curious. “Why?”, I asked sincerely.

Rachel now looked even more unsure of herself. “Um well its just something I have been thinking about a lot. I mean I guess it’s a turn on to do that in front of someone.” I was stunned but also amazed at her boldness. She was just learning about sex and already living out some of her fantasies. I said, “And did it live up to your expectation?” not knowing what else to say.

She brightened and said, “Oh my God yeah, it was so hot to be doing with him knowing you were watching. It was like I was an actress or something, but also with him for real. It’s hard to describe, but WOW….”

She hugged me back and I returned to my seat across from her sipping my coffee. I smiled and said, “And where did you learn to give head so well so fast?”

She laughed out loud and grinning said, “I’ve been practicing.”

I raised an eyebrow and said, “Really?”

She smiled and said, “Mostly with Ryan. He loves it and it’s a huge turn on for me especially when he cums. Well you know what we talked about that one night by the pool. I can’t get it out of my head and he can cum a lot.”

I had thought a lot about what she had confided in me. It was intense and I found the image of her living out such a depraved fantasy, extremely arousing. I thought about trying it first, but that would somehow seem like stealing.

Rachel sensed the thoughts swirling behind my eyes and immediately changed the subject, “So I am sure you fucked Ron till he couldn’t walk last night. Did he tell you his fantasy this month yet?”

I shook my head, and said, “Well maybe; he might have emailed it but I haven’t had time to check yet.”

Rachel’s eyes gleamed and said, “Well shall we go to your computer and see?”

She was visibly excited and I was nervous. Even though she knew about our game and had participated in it to some degree, this was a little nerve racking.

“Oh come on, you have to go look”, she said impatiently and stood up.

I stood, shaking my head and walked into my bedroom where my computer and internet modem were. The computer was on and I clicked on the email client.

A minute later I was downloading my email. I had not been online in two or three days so I was inundated with junk mail. Fortunately my spam filter caught 80 percent of it. And then at the very top was a familiar email name: Ron’s.

The subject line read, “Dirty enough?”

I sighed and glanced at Rachel. I was not sure how comfortable I was reading this in front of her, especially after encouraging Ron to be ‘dirty’.

Rachel giggled nervously and said, “Open it”.

I sighed and double clicked.

* * * * * * * * * *

The email opened and we both stared, reading in silence. A minute passed and although only four words were on the screen, neither of us spoke or took our eyes off of them. And then Rachel broke the silence with a teenaged giggle. I looked at her and she was grinning nervously. “Wow”, was all she said.

I giggled nervously and said, “He is a bit of a pervert.”

Rachel laughed out loud and said, “So are you though.”

I thought of myself fucking Robert while his wife watched all to see what it felt like to be a whore, and said, “You might be right.”

Rachel grinned and said, “It must run in the family.”

I smiled at her thinking about her getting off on me watching her sucking her boyfriend’s cock less than an hour ago. And then my mind flashed back 20 years to another time and another place, with my first sexual experimentations.

Rachel kaçak bahis must have noticed I drifted off because she said, “Aunt Sara?”

I looked at her for a moment and for a split second a mental bridge spanned two decades. I shivered and said, “Yeah. It must be genetic.”

Rachel looked at me oddly and then the moment passed and she grinned her radiant smile and said, “So how is this fantasy going to happen and when?”

I looked at her and said, “Don’t you mean, ‘Is it going to happen’?”.

Rachel’s face never even wavered. “No the real question is, ‘are you going to be there?'”

She nodded to the screen and I looked back at the words. They read, “A Threesome with Rachel.”

I turned back to her with a flash of anger, realizing the literal interpretation was that I was not required for this particular fantasy. Fortunately Rachel was grinning and I realized she was joking.

“Bitch” I yelled at her with humor in my voice and grabbed a box of tissues that sat on the edge of the desk and tossed it at her.

She dodged laughing and said, “What if I don’t want YOU to be there?” She was really having fun with me and giggled as I grabbed two pillows off the bed and threw them at her much harder than the Kleenex box.

We were both laughing now and she rushed at me. She launched her body into mine and we fell wrestling to the bed, laughing.

I rolled her on her back and tickled her under her arms. She squealed and squirmed nearly bucking me off the bed. I lost my balance and she grabbed my jersey and rolled me off of her. She was amazingly strong.

I rolled face down and somehow Rachel ended up straddling my back. She pushed down hard between my shoulder blades to hold me in place. My jersey had ridden up to my waist in our escapades, and slapped my bare ass once, hard with her other hand.

“Ouch you bitch”, I squealed and laughed at the same time. I tried to bounce her off my and roll at the same time, but only managed to roll onto my back with Rachel now straddling my hips.

She quickly grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head with her hands. She was leaning forward to hold me in place and we were both breathing hard. Our faces only inches apart.

She could not tickle me and hold my hands above my head so we were in a bit of a stalemate. Her robe was completely untied and open now, and my t-shirt barely covered my breasts. I lay looking up at her extraordinary body, tan and fit, crowned with full white breasts and small pink nipples only slightly larger than a quarter.

My body flushed in a moment of lust as we stared at each other. I felt heat in my pussy and the hardening of my nipples as tingles raced through my body. And then I became aware of a warm wetness on my pubic bone and realized it was Rachel’s shaved pussy where she straddled me. She was nude under the robe and our pussy’s were only an inch apart. The thought made me wetter.

Rachel was still holding me down, but less tightly. She moved her mouth to my ear and whispered, “God Aunt Sara does the thought of watching Ron fuck me turn you on?”

I felt her grinding her hips slowly and felt her slickness slip over my body as her breasts pressed gently against mine. I could feel the hardness of her nipples on my own. Without thought, I whispered, “Oh yes honey.”

I arched my back pushing my pubic bone harder against her wet clitoris. She moaned and pushed harder back into me yet. Her mouth wet against my ear now, her breath on my flushed skin, and then her urgent whisper, “The thought of fucking him in front of you is such a turn on for me. I want you to watch him fill me with his cum.”

And then she sat up and arched her back. Her hair spilling over her shoulders and I could see the fullness of her breasts in the morning sunlight; the hardness of her nipples; the flatness of her perfect stomach and the wetness of her pussy where it met my own body.

Her left hand found her left breast and tweeked her hard nipple and she shuddered. Her right hand moved down her body to her clitoris. She arched her back as she masturbated and I could feel the speed and urgency of her fingers against her pussy as I watched her pleasure herself.

She came very fast and very hard whispering, “Oh God; Oh God; Oh God” over and over again as if in a chant. And as she came she thrust two fingers into her self and held them there as her body slumped forward against me. I held her quivering body as her pussy clenched against her fingers as the orgasm shivered through her. I could tell it was a really good one.

After a moment she relaxed and slowly raised her head and looked at me and said, “That was amazing” and kissed me on the lips.

I smiled at her and said, “It seemed like it.”

She said, “Actually I think that is the hardest I have ever come. I have never done that in front of someone before.”

I smiled and said, “You were very sexy.”

Her face flushed again, but this time not with excitement. I waited for her to speak.

“Do you do that in front of Ron?” she asked in a nervous voice.

“Yeah sometimes. It can be a big turn on.” I said. “Why are you so embarrassed about masturbating, Rachel? You seemed to be really into it.”

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