“The Haunted House Confessions”

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“The Haunted House Confessions”

Chapter 1
“So this is it,” I thought searching at the so-known as haunted house up.
It was an extraordinary structure built in the late eighteen-nineties, yet strangely uninviting. Its
concrete pillars on either side of the front door looked out of place. I had been dared to remain the
night in this building by a pal who once had the same opportunity. He wouldn’t tell me what
had happened; that he’d never set foot for the reason that building again just. I teased him, stating that
there is no such thing as ghosts. Therefore, the dare but I needed something in come back. I wanted to
shag his girlfriend. Therefore convinced, that I wouldn’t have the ability to stay the night time, he decided to the
”Well,” I thought, “let’s take a look out.”
I opened the front door, which was a little stiff, to get a big hallway with a magnificent
staircase winding slightly to the top of the landing. ‘A pleasant enough house’ I thought before
entering and closing the door behind me then. The sound the hinged door produced upon closing was eerie,
but I wasn’t going to let sounds scare me away. In the end, there was a lovely pussy waiting for
me once I had proved that house had not been haunted. Taking my backpack off I entered what
must have been the sitting room, for there was still a couch here. Sitting down on the couch, I
tried to make myself as comfortable since possible.
After two hours I drew my rucksack nearer if you ask me, opened it to find an apple that I had placed
there earlier. Sitting back again to appreciate it I felt a bit more in the home and by enough time ten o’clock came
I was beginning to get tired, therefore i put my feet and closed my eyes up. Before I drifted off, I was
startled by an appear in the wall, or at least from the additional side of the wall. I got up to investigate
the sound, but found nothing. I knew from encounter that old buildings made settling noises,
completely natural, and not in the least supernatural.
Sitting back down again, I suddenly experienced a cold wind complete over my body. Shivering slightly I
reached designed for the sleeping tote that I had linked with the relative back again of my rucksack. Not getting back in it, but covering my legs We sat back again to rest my mind. The strangest thing happened then. My zipper
started to drop all alone! Attempting to fathom that one quickly, I pulled it back up, only to find it coming back down again. This was starting to get a little too eerie. I put my hands in front of me personally and waved them about so that they can feel some kind of entity. I began to rise, only to be pushed back off. My trousers were now being removed. Clinging on to the top of them was useless, as they were forced out of my hands. By now, I was convinced this house was indeed haunted and that my scheming for pussy had gotten me into issues finally.
My underwear was following to go, no quantity of protesting was going to stop it. Therefore there I was,
pinned to the couch without idea what was going on, my underwear around my ankles. Then it
happened. I felt a mouth area engulf my flaccid male organ abruptly! Searching down all I possibly could see was my
cock standing up and being manipulated by some unseen force. The sensation wasn’t unpleasant,
however, and soon I started to get hard.
‘I’m getting a blowjob by a spook,’ I thought, needs to relax a little.
After that my shirt buttons began to unfasten themselves, which produced me wonder what sort of ghost could
do two things simultaneously. Unseen hands lifted my clothing off me and my chest was being rubbed.
The invisible entity was also going wild on my cock. I could see and feel the ultimate end of it getting
depressed and bent in this manner and that and the sensations were needs to turn me on. A mouth
covered my own, kissing me tenderly. I kissed back, surprised to be able to feel a real mouth, but
struggling to see one still.
The mouth was replaced with another. No, it wasn’t a mouth area. It had been the unmistakable experience of a
pussy wanting me personally to lick it. Strangely, I possibly could smell the aroma of a woman’s lovely nectar as I
went at it vigorously and for the first time the moaning could be heard by me of someone getting pleasured.
My cock was getting a good servicing, by now I’d as a rule have cum but there is
nothing normal about this event. A clit could be felt by me personally on my tongue as i continued to lick and suck.
My cock was going to explode! I felt a pressure at the bottom then. I understood that was the
experienced hand of somebody who had performed this before. I had been used by her from arriving,
giving me an opportunity to recover before carrying upon.
The invisible pussy covering my face began to writhe to the attention my tongue was giving it. I
could feel the wall space of her pussy and sensed frustrated not to be able to see her. The mouth covering
my engorged cock restarted its attempts, taking very long slow motions and completely engulfing
my used cock. My tongue was needs to feel exhausted, as the pussy over it by no means wavered in its lustfinding
mission. Whomever this pussy belonged to was clearly in the throws of coming, for my
head was being pushed deeper into her mound of loveliness. Every now and then, you could
make out the fairly sweet moans of someone being pleasured.
I felt on the verge of coming once again, but this right time she did not try to stop it. The pussy
over my mouth release, and I began to cum then. Looking down I possibly could see the first
spurt shoot out. I began to duck out from the real method but found it prevent in a invisible mouth then
slide straight down an unseen throat. My cock was following entombed into another mouth area, for I possibly could feel them change hands. I came again, my cock throbbing to the sucking movement being carried still
Between them, they sucked me personally dry. I possibly could, for the very first time experience something apart from mouths and pussy. I possibly could experience the unmistakable caress of a breasts rubbing against my leg. They still
sucked, almost as though they didn’t want me personally to reduce my hard-on. Stopping for a second I could feel
my cock enter a pussy, no one could doubt it. It was tight, yet soft. Wet, yet it was unyielding
until wetter. Pushing down with some potent force, I was in suddenly. The entity riding me understood her
stuff, for she was sucking my cock back into her pussy each best period she rose off my lap.
Another pussy was thrust against my mouth area at that true stage. That one felt different for the reason that slightly
her lips were even more pronounced. She was ever the expert guiding my tongue to the right places,
pulling my head back to almost, sit on my face. Using me like this was more erotic than anything
I had ever experienced. My cock had been ridden by an expert while my tongue was completely
devouring a pussy. The sensations coursing through my own body were overwhelming.
Once again, I possibly could sense someone in the midst of a climax. I experienced the feeling it was the one
riding my cock, intended for she had gained momentum. By now, I was ready to cum again, feeling my
balls getting tighter. I wanted it to longer last a lot, but my perseverence was not plenty of to stop
these two vixens. With an explosive exit, my seed poured into her body, or lack thereof, filling
her pussy with a throbbing gusto from my cock. I stopped licking the pussy above my head and
breathed in deeply. I could feel them get off the couch right now as I gradually recovered my posture.
Not a sound could possibly be heard and with that, I fell into an exhausted rest.
When morning came, We packed up my couple of possessions and walked towards the hinged door. Upon
reaching it I stated and turned ‘thank you, ’ opening the entranceway I walked out after that. At our prearranged
meeting place, just beyond your gates to the lands this house stood upon I found my friend
it looks like you won ”Well!” he said.
”Yep, there is absolutely no such thing while ghosts! Now, about this wager,” I said, smiling.

Chapter 2
The very next day started with a bang, for I was rudely awoken by a fender bender just outside my
parent’s home. I got up to have a look. It turned out to be the next-door neighbor. She’d backed
right into a van while appearing out of her driveway. I acquired to laugh, because I couldn’t stand the girl.
I then began to remember your day before; I’d made a bet with a friend that a certain house was
not haunted. The bet had been to stay in the homely house for one night; if maybe it’s done by me, I possibly could fuck his girlfriend. I did stay static in the homely home for the night, but what I didn’t tell my pal was that the home was indeed haunted. Actually, two extremely friendly ghosts acquired seduced me.
His girlfriend’s name was Tania, she caused the many a wet wish, now I had the chance
to bed her, and We wasn’t about to let it go. I couldn’t forget about the ghosts I had intimate
relations with, but who would believe me easily did tell even, so I thought we would keep it a key.
”Boy, are you awake?” my mother shouted.
”Yes Mom, I’m getting dressed just.”
While at breakfast We received a mobile call, Tania was coming around that evening, and
wanted to know if it had been convenient, She was told by myself yes understanding that my parents were venturing out on the town.
With a smile on my face, I continued to complete my cereal, then my zipper began to unzip just itself.
”Oh no,” I blurted out.
”What’s wrong son?” my mother asked.
What could I say; two ghosts had followed me home, and at this very moment were passing my
cock to one another under the table giving me a blowjob.
”I forgot to give that book back again to Mick,” I lied.
Shifting at the desk and not attempting to give anything aside uncomfortably, I tried to consume my
breakfast a little faster.
”Yo, slow down son, you’ll give yourself indigestion,” my dad said.
I could experience their mouths around my cock, slurping and sucking, I was getting extremely aroused, but
found it extremely difficult to keep a right face, fortune was on my side, for my
parents finished their breakfasts and began to clear the table.
”Sorry Father, I’m in a hurry.”
”Son, your eighteen years of age, you’ve got all the time in the globe, savor It all,” he replied, looking at Mom.
My mother smiled and continued to very clear the table; meanwhile the ghosts were bringing me to a climax.
”Oh that was good!” I said.
”It was only cereal dear,” my Mother replied.
How may i tell her what We were referring too possibly?
The awkward moment passed, I was by itself while my parents washed the laundry, and I quickly
pulled up my trousers and darted up the stairs. The Ghosts hadn’t tried to draw me back; in fact, I
had the distinct feeling that they had gone until I sat upon the bed; on either relative aspect of me you could
see an indent in the bedclothes clearly, which were the form of butts seated.
”Is there anyway I could get to see who you are?” I said, hoping that there was a way to communicate.
One of them got off the bed, and opened my bedroom door.
I figured she wanted me to follow, so I did, she led me to my sister’s room, whom I’m happy to
say was at collage. Once there I spotted a draw opening, upon inspection all I came across was a diary,
some garments and a fluorescent strip light. Picking right up the light I wondered if this is all I
needed. Fast changing the light in my own area for the florescence strip, It had been turned by me on.
There just before me were two of the very most beautiful looking females I’d ever laid eyes in. Both of
them dressed up in long white gowns with hair that reached past their shoulders, each having a
cleavage you can dive into, with huge breasts that beckoned to be fondled, eye of blue, and
smiles that could melt ice.
”You’re both beautiful, but why have you followed me here?” I said.
Their mouths did move, but I couldn’t hear any voices, it however did establish one thing, they
could hear and know very well what ever I said.
The entire day passed with me attempting to talk to my beautiful guests, all failing. My
greatest attempt came when We tried to record their voices onto tape, I believe I’d watched one way too many
films, for although there is some sound, it all wasn’t coherent. I was attempting to think of yet
another solution when Mom shouted up the stairs.
”We’re going now son, lock up when we’ve gone, we’ll see you later on.”
”Ok, have a nice time.” I shouted back.
I heard leading door open up muffled voices then, I think somebody was at the hinged door.
”Tania,” I cried.
Quickly I changed the strip light for a typical one then visited the base of the landing.
”Tania’s here son, shall she actually is sent by me personally up or are you decreasing?” My mother said.
”Send her up.” We replied.
A few muffled sounds later on, she was on her behalf way up the stairs, and my parents had remaining for the
”Hi there Tania, how are you?” We said, admiring her lengthy legs in that short skirt, and spotting
instantly that she wasn’t wearing a bra under that tank top.
She didn’t say a word as she passed me to enter my bedroom.
”I was very angry when Michael told me about this silly wager of yours,” she said.
At that point and thinking quickly, I decided to use reverse psychology.
”Your right it was silly, and thoughtless, I hope you can forgive me. I here by renounce any
obligation on your own part I simply couldn’t think of other things he had that I needed.
”You wanted me, but why?” she said, dropping for my trap.
”Good, you’re the most attractive bahis siteleri girl I’ve ever known, and very well, oh what’s the real point.”
”No, keep on,” she said, keeping my hand.
Taking your hands on her various other hand, I investigated her eyes.
”I’ve wished to make like to you since the very first time I set eyes on you, but you always were
out of reach, this appeared like the only method to get close.”
”That is so lovely,” she said, kissing my cheek, “if we do that, We want you to comprehend it’s an one
off and will never happen again.”
‘Trap sprung, bait taken.’ I thought.
We started to kiss, hard and long. My hands sense the slim waist of the beautiful woman as her
tongue passed my lips groping for my very own. We kissed passionately, for what seemed like ages,
and then she slid the skirt down her legs stepping out of it with just her panties and container top in
the real method of sheer delight. My trousers fell down.
What…by themselves? I remembered the ghosts suddenly; these were still here and may spoil
every-thing. Tania didn’t notice the truth my trousers seemed to have a mind of their own. She
removed her best revealing her breasts; my really difficult on was almost instant. Those breasts were so
full; her nipples were the longest I’d ever seen, which explained why it was always obvious she
wasn’t wearing a bra. I took them into my hands and softly fondled them, and then kissing her
nipples, I slid my without doubt the trunk of her panties. Gradually I pulled them down kissing her
body as I lowered myself to the floor, being face to face with her pussy, something We had dreamt
of for years. I was surprised to come across she had shaved her pubic locks off pleasantly. I kissed her
bulging pussy slightly, which she responded to by running her hands through my hair. Standing
up the rest was removed by me personally of my clothing, and we got on the bed.
Kissing her neck We were about to work my way down her body with the intention of giving her the
oral pleasures We hoped she would later on give me when she suddenly stated…
”Oh that’s wonderful, how are you doing that?”
Looking down I could just faintly see her pussy being manipulated by my unseen guests.
”Oh yes, that’s amazing, oh…oh…oh, you understand your stuff really, yes, GOD yes.”
I think these were both focusing on her, I slipped my hand right down to play with her clit at the same
time, she was heading crazy, her body writhing on the bed, shouting louder and louder never to stop.
This is turning me on really; I needed so desperately to put my cock in her mouth area but knew
that if I moved, she’d know it wasn’t simply me personally servicing her pussy. I did so not intend to spoil
the moment so I carried on playing with her pussy until she came and boy did she climax.
”AH…ah, I’m coming…I’m coming…I’m coming, yes…yes…yes …yes…yes…yes, ah…my God.”
Her back arched as the intense orgasm passed over her entire body, inadvertently pushing my
finger deeper into her opening; she came repeatedly and fell quietly back off then. She’d passed out.
”Please, let me take over!” I stated, before she could awaken.
These were felt by me log off the bed. These were letting me dominate.
”Many thanks,” I said. Kissing Tania’s cheek, We gently whispered in to her ear.
”Are you alright Tania?”
She stirred, and then opened her eyes.
”That was the greatest experience of my life, where did you learn to do that?”
”Oh, it’s something I’ve always known how to do,” I lied.
Putting her arms around my neck, the girl whispered.
”Fuck me, fuck me very difficult.”
Climbing on top, I placed my cock at the entrance to the kingdom of heaven and then pushed. It
slid in with ease, having been well lubricated. My hard cock was plunging into the depths of my
dreams; she gasped with enjoyment as I buried it so far as it would go. Initially I rose slowly, and
then re-entered, quickening my pace I began to fuck her very difficult, and she thrust up to meet up me.
Suddenly I possibly could see her breasts being depressed and moved this way and that, and I knew my
friends had joined in again. Tania was oblivious to this, she was too wrapped up in the pleasure
of the brief moment to notice but her cries of God were again arousing me. I redoubled my efforts
plunging deeper with every downward thrust, going quicker and quicker. Her body couldn’t take
much more of the.
”Oh, you beautiful man you, take me personally take me personally,” she cried, “I’m once again going to cum, OOH God
Again her back again came up to meet up my thrusts, only this time I too started to cum. Shooting out of
my cock like a bullet leaving a gun I came, again and again filling her pussy with my juices. I
had never cum so much in my entire life. Tania grabbed hold of my butt and pulled me in, which
subsequently finished her off. We kept one another for some time not saying anything.
”If it weren’t for the known fact we are alone I’d swear you were regularly getting help from another person,”
Tania said, being the first to break the silence.
I smiled at that, not wanting to tell her that at this very moment I had two ghosts giving me head,
in an attempt to keep me hard. She began to grab my cock, so I intercepted her hand by
kissing it putting it on my chest then.
”Give me an instant to recover, and start again we’ll.” I said.
I actually lay on my back again feeling the pleasures of my cock getting swapped in one to the other, while
Tania caressed my upper body. I looked at her breasts heaving up and down, and placed a hand on the
nearest one I then tweaked her nipple between two fingers eliciting an erection from both.
Standing up like the tip of my little finger from joint to tip, I reached over taking one in my own then
mouth area and sucking hard, she groaned rubbing her fingertips through my locks. My cock was more
than prepared; the ghosts release, allowing me to keep.
”Let’s try another placement.” I said, turning her over gently.
She surely got to her knees, presenting me with her backside; doggie style was the best always
position. Again, The ghosts were felt by me can get on the bed next if you ask me. ‘What are they likely to do this time’
I thought. Tania began to moan, they were doing something to her pussy I just couldn’t see
what. I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and worked it in with ease, she was still well
lubricated, then I felt the mouths around the entrance, they were licking her and me while we
made love. This was very erotic, Tania’s moans had been now a lot more than understandable, I thrust in
and out feeling both enjoyment of her pussy with the excitement of my friend’s tongues licking me
whenever I arrived. Only if she knew, I believed.
”Oh my God, that seems so good, I’ve under no circumstances been this worked up in my life,” she said, in-between
groans of pleasure.
The sight of my cock entering and vacating her body was ecstasy, the feel of the tongue servicing
me was too much, but I refused to cum, I wanted this to last a lot longer than five minutes.
Slowing my pace, I gently eased in and out to the squeals of Tania who was gripping the pillow
with both tactile hands, begging me to go deeper. Once recovered, I began to plunge in faster, wanting
to give her the type or kind of pleasure I was feeling, thrusting with everything We had We went for it.
”Oh yes, oh GOD yes, faster…faster, yes…oh…yes.”
Her orgasm produced her tear the pillow she’d been gripping. I began to cum at that short moment my
balls feeling tighter than ever, but my ejaculation being just as intense as the time before.
Relaxing a little, I pulled out to allow my friends to clean me up, which they did with the usual
expertise. Tania collapsed onto the bed utterly exhausted.
”Are you alright Tania?” I said, after not really hearing an expressed word from her for greater than a minute.
”Yes, that was the very best,” she replied, “We don’t know very well what to say, following this We have to get back to
Mick, but he hasn’t satisfied me like this before, in fact I feel like I’ve just made love for the
first time in my life.
I started to feel guilty, I couldn’t tell her approximately my friends, she’d panic and Mick just was my best friend. I hadn’t designed to steal his girlfriend from him. I attempted to justify even
it by thinking what kind of Guy would bet with his girlfriend’s body. Then I recognized that I’d lied
to him about winning the bet in the first place, so I was just as much to blame. We talked the rest
of the night away until it came time for her to leave. How to proceed was the relevant query that would
haunt me (zero pun intended) for another couple of days.

Chapter 3
The sun was about to disappear over the horizon just; I viewed it from my bedroom window,
thinking what an unappreciated spectacle it really was. I turned to look at the time, 7 o’clock the
nights were getting longer. I wondered where my spectral friends had opted to, and then
remembered my dilemma.
You see Mick’s girlfriend had enjoyed herself so much that she wished to leave Michael (my
friend) and move with me personally. What she didn’t understand was that my spectral close friends had helped me make want to her that evening and that We probably couldn’t perform as well with out them. I couldn’t tell
them about the ghostly pair, they would undoubtedly freak out, also, although I’d managed to
look for a real way to find my newfound friends, (using fluorescent lighting) up to now, I’d had no
good luck in communicating with them.
The entranceway to my bedroom opened on its own, and then closed, they were back. I quickly turned
the fluorescent light on. There they were, standing up at the foot of the bed attempting to talk to me. Just
then, I had an idea, quickly sorting some of the junk out of my closet I found what I was looking
for, an old blackboard and easel along with some chalk. Configuring it I asked if indeed they quickly
could utilize it to talk to me. One of them took the chalk and started to write.
My name is Samantha, my sisters name is Claudia, what do you want to know?
So they were sisters, I had so many queries I didn’t know the location to start.
”Why, perhaps you have followed me house?” I asked, not unhappy that they had.
You are the only person we have within the last seventy years that people felt may help us.
”Assist you to do what?”
Send all of us to the after existence.
”How can We do that, and just why are you trapped here?”
By locating our remains and providing us a Christian burial. Our dad murdered us, we assume that
our lives were taken in the prime of life, and are unable to leave this realm.
I sat thinking for a while, a right part of me wished to help them, but We enjoyed their presence, and
didn’t want to reduce them so quickly.
”Will you stay with me for a few months, if you do, I promise to do everything in my power to
find your remains, and send you on to the after life?” I said, hoping that they would.
We will stay for three months in the event that you give us your phrase that you’ll do as you state.
”I offer you my word I’ll also find your remains to be before the period is up, to be able to convince you
that I will keep my word genuinely.”
We accept.
I then continued to explain to them about my dilemma with Tania, to which they apologized,
knowing that without their help I probably wouldn’t have seen her again.
”Son, theirs a phone call for you,” my mom shouted from underneath of the stairs.
”Arriving?” I shouted back.
Quickly running down the stairs, I picked the phone up to find Tania on the other end.
”Hi Tania, what’s up?”
over tonight ”MAY I come?” She said.
”I’m uncomfortable with the idea of stealing my best friend’s gal from him, but you better
come over so that we can talk.”
She said she would be over within an full hour, and put the phone down.
Just then, the doorbell rang; I answered it to find Michael standing there.
”Come in Mick,” I said, and then took him up to my bedroom.
Slipping my hand about the hinged door to the bed room I switched the light out, I’d remembered I’d left
it on when we were on the real way up the stairs. We entered; I fired up the lamp, on my computer
”What’s all of this about Tania, attempting to leave me personally and move with you?” stated Mick, once the hinged door was closed.
I possibly could see he was upset, therefore i first got him to sit down while I explained.
After telling him about our love making (but leaving my spectral friends from it) and the actual fact
that she immensely had enjoyed it, she had this crazy notion that I was everything she have been
looking pertaining to, and that she wished to stay with me personally. I also informed him about the telephone call I’d just received, before he arrived.
”I have to just add that I’ve no purpose of stealing your girlfriend from you.”
”But she’s currently dumped me on the telephone,” he replied.
”Then we need to think of someway of changing her mind,” I said.
A little while Tania resulted in later, and was amazed to see Michael there.
”I want you to know in Mikes presents that I have no intention of stealing you away from him, in
fact I wish this had never happened, and I am hoping that you can figure things out two.”
Initially, she was upset, but when viewing a tear in Michael’s eye, she started to have a pity party for what
she through had put him, the following point I knew these were giving one another a hug, and suddenly
everything was back again to normal. They left from then on shortly, so my dilemma have been resolved.
No sooner had they eliminated than I received another telephone call from a friend of Tania’s.
”Hello Rebecca, from what do We owe the pleasure?” We said.
tonight ”We wondered bahis şirketleri if you’d treatment to come quickly to a party, you only need to provide a bottle to enter,
around my home at 10 o’clock?” She replied.
”Who are WE?” I asked.
”My pal Jayne and me, it’s my eighteenth party I have complete consent from my parents,
who are going to make them selves scarce,” she laughed.
”I’d love to,” I said, genuinely looking forward to it.
I realized after putting the phone down that I only had an hour to get ready. Quickly getting a
shower and then together throwing some clothes, I actually made myself presentable. Rebecca didn’t live
very far, therefore i arrived soon after ten. Knocking on the door I stood and waited, the music was
louder than it would have to be, but it had been an eighteenth birthday party. Jayne answered the door
wearing a tight dress that still left nothing to the creativity. Her cleavage was the very first thing anyone
would notice.
”Hello there, arrive in, the parties begun just.”
With the standard greetings I entered to get the house swarming with their friends, all drinking
and chatting in whatever space they may find, providing them with a complete case of bud lagers, I pulled one
from its container and began to mingle. I hadn’t realized how many friends Rebecca had until
that night, I counted at least thirty people, of course I knew that some would be gate crashers
who probably didn’t even know Rebecca, but they were all the party type crowd. Rebecca came
over to see me.
”I hope you’re having a good time, you look extremely smart,” she said, seeking me over.
She too looked smart; in fact, I would say horny, she wore a short skirt that demonstrated off her
beautiful legs and a high that obviously didn’t have a bra less than it, on her behalf nipples were jutting out
waiting for a mouth to be positioned over them just. I tried to inform her how sexy she appeared, but the
music was too loud. She never the much less understood what I’d stated, and continuing to mingle.
After a few hours, they all appeared to decelerate a bit, with many people pairing off and likely to
their chosen little corners to neck. Watching this was quite arousing, in one corner, I could see a
couple getting hot, he had his fingers down her panties while they kissed, and she loved it. A
couple close to the kitchen were going at it like they were alone, he was being given by her a blow work in
complete view of who ever been looking, this was needs to get me upset, and up to now I
hadn’t paired up with anyone. Then somebody touched my hand simply, embracing see whom it had been, I
found myself by itself. My spectral friends will need to have joined me.
”Please do anything here, they wouldn’t understand,” I urged.
Rebecca and Jayne came over at that point, grabbing a hand each they guided me to Rebecca’s
bedroom; you could tell they’d both over indulged with the booze, for they were giggling and
falling on the subject of. Once in the room they didn’t mess around.
”We want you to fuck us both, like you did Tania,” said Rebecca.
In order that was it, Tania had told them about her wild evening, and they wished to see for themselves.
”Ok,” I said, not really wanting to be considered an ongoing party pooper.
Viewing Jayne and Rebecca undressing while We removed my clothes was very horny; they both
had outstanding bodies, as you could visualize for eighteen-year-olds. After they caught sight of my
cock, which by now was rock solid, they both wanted it first, I told them not to worry they both
could. We got on the bed, all of us naked and started to fondle each other’s bodies, I started to
suck Rebecca’s nipples taking one in at a time while playing with the other between two fingers,
Jayne wasted no right time in lowering her mouth to my cock. Initially she sucked the finish slowly, and
allow it slide deep into her mouth area then, every time she brought it back out she would lick off the
excess saliva and start again. I felt someone’s mouth on my hand, my close friends had joined me once
once again, I allowed whoever it had been to have a nipple, even though I penetrated Rebecca’s pussy with my
finger, she was too tipsy to learn or even treatment what I did so, but she was enjoying this.
Jayne now was heading faster, wanting the pot of gold at the ultimate eliminate of the rainbow, I was close to
coming but I didn’t need to cum too quickly. Feeling a mouth, brush my hand near Rebecca’s
pussy I started to insert it deeper, knowing that if one of my friends was about to go down on her
this would send her wild. She started to moan louder informing me how great it had been, arching her
back again and gripping the relative sides of the bed she screamed she was going to climax. I too began to
cum, with a squeal from Jayne who all lapped it all up sucking harder to be able to ensure that not a
one drop escaped, she ongoing to suck long following I’d finished in order too keep me hard.
Rebecca screamed that she was coming kissing me hard, with her tongue rolling my own around
her mouth. My friends had not let me down as Rebecca started to calm down a little, her body
relaxing after such a strong orgasm.
”I wish to fuck you,” said Rebecca, “now.”
Getting on my back I let her obtain astride my body, the lady guided my cock to her pussy and expertly
lowered herself down then. I indicated to Jayne that I needed to lick her pussy while this is
going in. Rebecca was savoring the trip as Jayne reduced her pussy over my mouth area, and then
pulling her lips aside with both of your hands allowing me to find her clitoris glistening with anticipation
of my probing. I poked my tongue out allowing it to touch the soft pores and skin around her vulva, and
licked within an upward motion before tip was more than her clit. She gasped as the hood was pushed by me in
bending it in this manner and that, gently, at that time I felt an additional tongue next to mine, my friends
wanted to be apart of this action, as I couldn’t do anything to stop them I made a decision to enjoy
myself. With two tongues servicing her pussy she was in a frenzy her hips had been bucking soon,
and her moaning of enjoyment was getting more audible. Rebecca right now loved the cock
that was buried inside her body, she shouted out how she felt like someone was licking her clit
each right period she moved. I got to smile at that, knowing now what my other friend had been doing.
I could feel my cock about to erupt again, but before I could cum among my friends gripped hold
of the bottom of my cock. She will need to have known as the satisfaction I was feeling started to subside,
once she release, I began to thrust my hips up to get much deeper into Rebecca’s vagina, she in
convert was almost falling on the whole duration enjoy every penetrating instant. Jayne was now in
too much of a frenzy and wanting me to finish her off. I inserted two fingers into her moist hole,
and she started to yell that she was going to cum big time, when she did I could feel the love
juices running over my tongue, I continued licking trying to lap every last drop of her furiously
orgasm up. Rebecca couldn’t keep it any more, she was arriving with the same strength that
Jayne had proven and she could be felt by me juices running down my shaft as she started to slow down.
We all simply lay there for a couple minutes to be able to compose ourselves.
”We see what Tania means right now,” said Rebecca, leaning over to kiss me on the cheek.
”Yes, that was the best orgasm I’ve had for ages,” Jayne replied.
Soon after that they both asleep fell, more related to the alcohol than other things, so I decided
to leave, despite the fact that I actually hadn’t fucked Jayne yet, I figured there is lots of time, and was sure
that it wasn’t the last time we’d meet.

Chapter 4
No matter just how many times I reach see my ghostly duo, I can’t help thinking, ‘what a waste, if only presently there was some sort of technology that could bring them back,’ but of course presently there isn’t.
From their own tales of life before they died it transpired that their own father had murdered
them, for reasons they didn’t go into. Right now after more than seventy years of haunting they wished
to cross over to the after existence. I’d agreed to help them, therefore i found myself searching for their remains
in the homely house where everything began.
Fortunately, the electricity was still in in this previous building, so I was able to see my friends with
the fluorescent light, which they informed me of incidentally. I’d brought my blackboard and
easel, that was how We communicated with them. Handing them the chalk I asked if indeed they had
any idea where their bodies might be. Samantha wrote.
We do not know.
”So tell me where you first appeared in this house?” I asked.
Looking at one another they both agreed.
‘The sitting room’ she wrote.
I knew from tales that I browse that bodies have been found behind brick wall space, and under
floorboards in similar situations as this.
”Will there be anything in this area, that wasn’t there when you were alive?”
Yes, the fireplace and the back wall.
”I would guess your real bodies are behind one or the additional.”
Looking at the wall structure, I figured it appeared a touch too to date to allow them to be at the rear of it up, probably
renovations done by the last tenant. Consequently, I decided to begin on the fireplace.
Taking my crow bar and hammer out from the bag, I hit the back of the fireplace wall, soon I’d
managed to get a brick out, I found out a smaller room beyond just. After an excellent half-hour I’d
were able to make a hole big enough to crawl through, lighting a vintage lamp that my mother had
brought in the neighborhood garage sale, I acquired though to the additional part and stood up.
I was right; the two girl’s bodies were slumped in a heap at the corner of this false room. Of
course, they now were mere skeletons. Looking at their continues to be, I found out a huge journal
lying next to all of them. It had been still in fairly good shape, so it was picked by me up and began to read.
”OCT 15, Dad has brought very good news, his business is to expand and he desires us to pack, we
are likely to Chicago, my sister and We are extremely excited.”
The journal continued much the same generally, until about 50 % real way, and it read more
like a novel.
”JULY 25, my sister and I had a most amazing day; somebody got knocked on the hinged door at ten in
the morning, it ended up being my daddy’s new apprentice, who was simply a most handsome young
guy in his early twenties. He spoke to us like we had been royalty, bowing and kissing our hands
along with his greetings. We had been both astonished by this most fetching of guys. My dad told us he
had a continuing business meeting that morning, and wouldn’t be back again until nine that evening, so we were to
entertain our guest until this individual returned. We were a lot more than content to take care of him, so when my
father have been gone for one hour we made a decision to flirt with this guest a little.
I started it off by unfastening a couple of buttons to my blouse which made my breasts a lot more than
visible, having bent straight down on a genuine number of occasions before him, knowing that he could see
almost every thing, I then allowed my sister to tease a little. She was a bit more direct perhaps,
for when he was amid explaining where he was created, my sister positioned her hand on his
leg just above his knee, urging him to tell her more as if she were hanging off his every word.
He carried on talking but you could see he was getting hot under the collar, you could also
clearly visit a bulge appear in his trousers. It was very funny, how he fidgeted in the seat trying to
hide the evidence. My sister will need to have observed, because her hand acquired got nearer to his crotch,
and then instantly she kissed him complete the lips, not giving him time to react it was followed by her up
by positioning her hands on his stiff cock.
He didn’t fight, or force her away; actually, he embraced her with a kiss that was therefore passionate it
made me moist between the legs watching it. He then started to undress, first revealing his
muscular upper torso and then taking his pants down. We were shocked to discover he had a
cock the likes of which we had never witnessed before or since. It maybe was ten ins long
more however the thickness was the incredible part it was as thick as my wrist. Standing to attention,
we both stared at it for some time before starting to breathe normally again, my sister positioned her
hands around it pulling the foreskin back again while she did, revealing a huge bell end. Having gotten
over the shock at how big is this man both of us started to pay attention to his ramrod, I placed my
hand over his balls while my sister started to jerk him off.
He in turn was kissing both of us the very best he could, with the same enthusiasm as before, I made a decision to
remove my blouse and corset revealing my full breasts to his scrutiny and he positioned a tactile hand over
a single and squeezed my right now erect nipple gently. My sister thought that had gone too much now
to stop now, therefore she removed her clothing accompanied by myself closely. We were naked now,
feeling each various other’s bodies and obtaining aroused generally. He was needs to moan for slightly
my sister hadn’t stopped jerking his cock with her hand.
I cannot imagine what he must have been going through, with two naked bodies to fondle and
both using his balls and cock. He suddenly started to groan in a most pleasurable way,
looking down I could see why, he illegal bahis had started to cum. A few of it cleared my shoulder while
others continued to my breasts. I bent right down to consider his cock in my own mouth; his response was one of
sheer lust.
He positioned his hand in the trunk of my mind forcing my mouth area to cover as a lot of his cock as
possible. I sensed another load of scorching sperm hit the back of my throat and for the 1st time in my life
tasted a man’s seed. It had been a shock to find I enjoyed it, although a little salty it tasted so excellent, he let
out a cry when he came again for I was sucking as very difficult as I could in order to get the last drop
My sister was astonished at what I’d done, but also envious of my actions, she carried on playing
with his cock making sure he stayed hard, and then bending over the couch, she told him to fuck
her from behind. He took hold of his cock and guided it to the waiting hole. She cried out when
he entered her pussy that he was so big, and she began to moan louder whenever a rhythm was got by him
heading. His cock sliding in and out, using what, for me, was an extremely erotic picture. My pussy was
getting wetter simply unfold watching this picture, so a finger was positioned by me in the passage hoping that it
would discharge the frustration We were feeling. Though it helped a small, it might not quench the
thirst I was getting because of this man’s cock, wanting it to be buried inside my pussy. I began to rub
the clitoris with an increase of vigor obtaining wetter and wetter as I watched my sister becoming harpooned in
such a delightful fashion. She was nearly screaming that she was arriving, he didn’t allow up for a
second in fact he seemed to be going quicker. Her echoes of more appeared to be bathing the available space; I
was not in a position to view this onslaught any longer for my very own orgasm had bought out. I was
collapsing onto the ground, the ecstasy of those final occasions buried in my mind forever,
wondering easily should again cum like that, I was not alert to just how it felt to be fucked by this
man or I would not have had those thoughts.
When I’d recovered sufficiently I came across that my sister was lying in the couch exhausted but
completely satisfied, the son gave me a tactile hand to greatly help me off the ground. We began to kiss
as before, I possibly could experience his cock was hard against my leg still, looking down I grabbed hold of the
end and asked him if he’d fuck me then. I was switched by him around and bent me over the same
couch my sister was recovering on; she looked up and winked saying hold on tight. The next
thing I know his huge cock was probing the entrance to my extremely wet pussy, and then he
pushed and I could feel every last inch enter my body making my legs buckle. I didn’t know that
you could feel an orgasm so intensely, I started to feel light headed as he started to pound in and
out. Almost stopping him at one point from fear of collapsing, this relentless onslaught of my
womanhood carried on until I felt We were going to pass out.
I QUICKLY felt the first burst of his seed hit the within of my pussy, and I tried to grab his cock with
my vaginal wall muscles, but they were useless following the pounding We had received. He began to
slow down, and for the very first time my inhaling and exhaling came back on track, in the event that I’d known sex could possibly be this good, I’d have gone out in to the global world and appeared for a man, like this. After
cleaning up and getting dressed we talked the full night away until my father returned, we bid the
son farewell and retired to bed.”
I closed the publication at that point, eager to get it home and go through more, but for I’d found what I now
was looking for and decided to call it a day.

Chapter 5
If only they were alive today – that’s what I kept thinking as I read their journal, a book that was
half filled with erotic adventures. They had elicited my help to find their earthly remains, having
done so; I had also found the book, which revealed more about these two than words could ever
I had my fluorescent light on in the bedroom, (it allowed me to see them) reading the book and
looking at my newfound friends, I wondered how these two lovely creatures could get up to such
naughty things. God I wish they were still alive, I thought for the umpteenth time.
In order for me to convey just what I was feeling. I would like to read another one of their stories
to you, or rather their autobiographies.
”July 27 – My Father is to hold a dinner party for a number of his most select clients, we have
discovered that his apprentice will also be there. Father wants my sister and me to prepare a meal
for ten people. We have done nothing but talk about it ever since we found out. Having gotten
the required foodstuffs from the market we set about preparing a three-course meal. Every thing
went well and the dinner was coming along nicely. Father says if this meal goes well, he might
expand into other territories. We can see that this is an important day for him so we decide to
dress in a most seductive way, in order that his clients feel they would like to do more business
with our Father.
When the hour finally arrived, we found that all his clients were men. Having served the dinner,
we joined them to eat. Not one of them could keep their eyes off the pair of us. We had decided
to both wear long white dresses that evening, which were most revealing in the front, allowing
our guests to ogle on more than one occasion. Fathers apprentice sat between my sister, and me.
We were both teasing him all night, my sister would drop something on the floor and when she
bent down to retrieve, it she would rub her hand over his cock when straightening up. This would
make him cough or gasp aloud, but he would recover his composure, and carry on as if nothing
had happened.
When dinner was finished, they all retired into the study for drinks and men talk, which was how
my father put it. My sister and I were left to clear the dishes, which on that night was performed
with such haste that the work was done in fifteen minutes. Father had the responsibility of taking
four of his client’s home in his brand new automobile, which apparently was made at ford. I
personally hated the contraption; it was noisy and a little uncomfortable. It had been the main
topic at dinner with those that knew they were going to get a ride home in it later.
We knew that at least two of the guests that were going with Father lived a good one-hour drive
from our home, so Father wouldn’t be back for at least two hours. So there we were entertaining
the last six of his guests, all of which had had one two many drinks that night. They were
perhaps a little more relaxed once my Father had gone, for one of them remarked how stunning
we were, something all the others agreed with. Two of them however had had more than enough
alcohol and decided to call it a night. Fetching their hats and coats, we let them out, now there
were just four men left, my sister and I didn’t want to lose any more so we decided to up the pace
a little.
When we rejoined the four that were left, they were laughing about something but wouldn’t
share what they were laughing about. We flirted unashamedly with all four of them, until one of
them could take it no longer. He was perhaps the oldest one there, about thirty-two. He grabbed
my arm turning me to face him and then gave me a good hard kiss on the lips.
The others watched, not saying a word until I started to kiss him back. That’s when the fun
started, suddenly we both had two men each placing their hands everywhere upon our bodies, in
fact, it didn’t take long before my sister and I were both naked, and being kissed from head to
One of my partners was Fathers apprentice, which my sister later commented on. We’d already
taken him on a ride he wouldn’t soon forget. Now I found myself in his arms once more, along
with another man that was even now pushing a finger into my pussy. Kissing and fondling them
both I reached for our friends cock and placed it in my mouth. It was huge, he tried pushing it
down my throat but there was no way I could take such an enormous cock, I started to work on
the end with my tongue taking his bell end into my mouth in quick jerks in order to satisfy his
The one that had been finger fucking me now got undressed, revealing a nice cock. I was
bending on all fours when he entered my waiting pussy he had no trouble sliding it in. The very
thought of being taken by these two studs was enough to make me wetter than ever before.
The other two guests were taking my sister; I couldn’t believe what they were doing. She’d
lowered herself onto one of the cocks, and was then allowing the other to take her from behind,
she was getting both holes serviced at once, her moans of delight were driving my two partners
mad and they were both giving a performance of their lives. The one in my mouth started to cum
first, his seed hitting the back of my throat with such a force that I gagged a little. Letting some
escape from the corner of my mouth, I darted my tongue out to lap it up, and then sucked his
cock until he stopped coming. The Gentleman screwing me must have seen this for he too started
to cum, his hot sperm filling up my pussy, and making slurping noises as he continued to fuck me.
My sisters moans were becoming quite audible at this point, I turned my head to see the one in
her ass was ejaculating all over her back and neck, while the one underneath was speeding up,
now that the other one had vacated the hole above. Her moans were I think a big factor in
keeping my two partners hard after they’d cum. They asked if they could try what my sister had
been doing. I wasn’t sure, but decided if we were going to do this I would choose who went in
my ass, and it sure as hell wasn’t going to be my Fathers apprentice.
We got into the same position my sister had been in, and then lowering myself down onto his
enormous cock, I felt my pussy being stretched to its limits. It felt so good that I was soon
getting carried away and then I felt my other partner at the back door. He pushed the tip into my
ass, at first it hurt a little but once he had a rhythm going I started to scream with the pleasure it
was giving me. My sister was now trying to give both her male companions’ head, sucking one
and then the other and at one point, she had both their cocks in her mouth.
My orgasms were starting to rival the other day, but it was a little different in that this was
sometimes uncomfortable, but never the less enjoyable. The cock in my pussy started to cum for
the second time that night, and I could feel his sperm running out the sides and down my leg.
The cock in my ass was also coming, it somehow felt warmer there, but was escaping just as
rapidly as the other, I could feel it running down and undoubtedly joining the other seed that was
now slowing down its descent of my legs.
My sister had managed to make both men cum on her face, and was gamely licking every drop
up, while sucking their cocks dry. I was quite envious of the way she managed to take an entire
nine-inch cock down her throat without gagging or missing a drop of sperm. The pleasure being
exhibiting from the faces of her two partners was more than enough evidence that they’d enjoyed
their little adventure.
My Fathers apprentice was the only one left in the room that had still managed to keep hard; he
beckoned me to join him on the floor, which I did willingly. Now laying flat on my back, he
knelt down grabbing both my ankles, before parting my legs and then entered my more than
ready pussy. His cock began to slide in and out with a pleasure that is so hard to describe, it felt
like I was having an orgasm each time he went in, I started to feel a little light headed, but unlike
the other day when the same thing had happened he wasn’t about to shoot his load. I wasn’t sure
I could take much more of this, I had cum continually for the past twenty minutes, and still he
plunged his cock in, to the encouragement of all the others watching. I then had what I could
only guess was an orgasm to end all orgasms, his cock had started to ejaculate deep in my vagina
and the moment became a part of me, for I could hear every word being uttered in that room. My
head was swimming with emotions I have never felt before or since, and then I blacked out.
Coming too, I heard my sister say. “Are you alright sis” he was still inside me, so I couldn’t have
been out for long. I reached up to his head and pulled him forward, and then kissed him
passionately on the lips, and thanked him for the best fuck of my life. It was just as well we’d
finished, for soon after getting dressed and tiding up a little Father returned, bidding his guests
farewell saying he hoped his daughters had entertained them while he had been gone, they all
smiled saying yes, and then left.
We retired to bed shortly after that talking about the night we had had, I placed this tale of ours
in the journal the next day but I couldn’t forget that night, and wanted a repeat performance as
soon as possible, who knows what my next entry will tell.”
Closing the journal, I looked over to my two friends, smiling.
”You had quite an adventure there didn’t you?”
They both smiled spotting the erection that tale had elicited, moving closer to me, they may not
be solid to touch but they could touch others, don’t ask me how, I just knew they could.
Samantha pulled my zipper down and slid her mouth over my cock, in much the same way as
described in the story, being able to see both of them clearly now, I was about to enjoy another
sex romp with my friends, but that’s another story.
The End

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