The Homecoming

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I moved away from home when I was eighteen and it was three years later when I returned home for a visit. My parents had planned a big party for the family. All of my cousins showed up along with my aunts and uncles. Then my aunt Lynn showed up. I had always had a crush on her as I grew up. I think her ass is one of the reasons I’m so turned on by a shapely bottom today. I was a little upset by the way she dressed, she wore a long sun dress that went to her knees. However when she passed by the large glass sliding door and the light showed her outline. I could tell that her sexy legs had not changed much. I just wished it had shown the outline of her ass. I also found out that she was now divorced and liked to go out dancing. Later during the party as we all sat around talking a drinking beer I mentioned that I would like to go out that night and check out some of the local nightclubs, aunt Lynn spoke up quickly and said she would love to show me around. Everyone laughed and told me I would have my hands full trying to keep up with her when she had her party shoes on.

I just laughed with them and said “I could keep up with the best of them.”

Lynn just gave me a smile and said “We will just have to see about that.”

That night as I was shaving, wearing just a towel around my waist mom when walked in. “You have grown into quite the young man.”

Before I could say anything, she kept talking.

“I want you to keep your eye on your aunt tonight. I have heard some wild tales about her since the divorce.”

“Like what mom?”

“Well I don’t like to spread rumors but I heard she has a thing for younger men. So you let me know how she acts tonight, Ok.”

“Ok, I will.”

As mom left the room she gave my ass a playful slap. “Now you have some fun tonight, dear,”

When I arrived and she opened the door I about passed out. She answered the door wearing a very tight black mini skirt and a purple top that showed some very ample cleavage.

“Wow. You look outstanding güvenilir bahis aunt Lynn.” I stammered.

“Well I didn’t think you would have wanted to be seen tonight with some prudish looking old lady.” She laughed.

“Well aunt Lynn with the way you are dressed. I don’t think we will even get the chance to talk.”

“Why do you say that, dear?”

“All the guys will be after you to dance all night long.” I laughed.

“Oh, well lets make a rule then. Let’s say tonight is a date and I will be just with you. So if you like we will go on the other side of town and make a night of it, ok?”

I didn’t want to read anything into it, but on a date there was always the chance of sex. She sat down on the couch to put on her high heels. The mini skirt rode higher on her silky thighs and when she looked up, she caught my wandering eyes.

“One other thing dear. You better drop the Aunt Lynn tonight. That might mess up a date if someone over heard us at the bar.” She giggled as her hands smoothed the skirt down.

All night at the club I would catch men staring at Lynn’s legs and cleavage. Then they would look at me and some even gave me a thumbs up sign. Once while I was in the bathroom I over heard two guys talking about the lady in the purple top. One said that he thought her name was Lynn and if I was. Her young date was going to have some fun tonight. He said one of his friends took her home one night and he said she just couldn’t get enough cock. The first slow song of the night came on as I walked out of the bathroom. Lynn came running toward me.

“Come on and dance I have been waiting for a slow song all night, sweetheart.”

Her firm tits pressed into my chest and her pelvic was grinding into my crotch with the beat of the music. The tip of her tongue was gliding over her lips as she looked up at me.

“Remember we are on a date.” She whispered to me. “You can move your hands if you want too.”

My hands slid down over the curve of her ass and gave türkçe bahis it a slight squeeze. I could not believe how firm it was. I had dated girls my age that didn’t have an ass that firm and tight.

My cock started to grow. The harder I got the more she would grind into it. Now I had been told from the girls I have dated that I might not have a long cock but I had more girth than anyone they ever had fucked. I guess Lynn noticed that also.

“Is that thing folded in half or are you just blessed, baby?”

I gripped her ass cheeks harder and smiled down at her. I was glad the dance floor was packed because she was grinding over me like a stripper doing a lap dance. As the song ended, she covered my mouth with hers. Our tongues danced in each others mouth until the last note of the song. Then her hand cupped the bulge in my pants.

“Take me home now, stud.”

As I was driving, her hand was busy rubbing my bulge.

“Oh I can’t wait, take the next right to the lake.” She squealed as her hand unzipped me and pulled my hard cock out in one quick motion. Before I could make the turn, her head was in my lap. I felt her wet mouth wrapped around the fat head. I knew it was a half mile to the lake and with the rate of her head bobbing on my cock it would be all over by the time I got there. Her moans were vibrating on the head and the slurping sounds drowned out the radio. As I parked the car, I could feel my balls swelling. Before I could do anything, it was pumping hot cum into her hungry mouth. Her moans were louder as she sucked every drop of cum my cock had to offer. After a few minutes more of her experienced sucking she sat up and looked at me. The lust look on her face told me it was far from over.

“I want you to know that theirs has never been a cock that I could not deep throat until now. So I expect that I have never had a cock that will stretch me like yours will.”

Then she got out of the car and walked to the front of the hood. I got out and followed, walking up güvenilir bahis siteleri to her.

“Let me put on a show to get that sweet thing hard again.” She giggled.

She spread her thighs and pulled her thong panties into the wet lips of her sweet pussy. As she was grinding her hips, I watched the thong snapping over her very hard clit.

“Do you like my pussy baby?”

“Oh yes I love your pussy, but I must tell you that I have always been in love with your perfect ass.”

She quickly stood up and turned around, raising her mini skirt and exposed the ass that I stroked my cock too while growing up. I grabbed the thong and pulled it deep into her ass cheeks. She jumped and grabbed the edge of the hood tighter. I slapped the firm cheek then ripped the thong off her quickly. Moving behind her I rubbed the fat head along her soaking pussy lips. Then pushed the head into her, watching her lips stretching around the shaft. Gripping my hands on her tiny waist I pushed half into her.

“Oh shitttt!” She screamed.

With that I pushed every inch into her awaiting pussy. I was glad we was out in the country because she screamed so loud. I thought I had hurt her so I stopped.

“Don’t you dare stop, fuck my tight pussy, show me what I have been missing!”

My hands gripped her hips as I started thrusting into her harder. Her animal grunts grew louder as my cock glided in and out of her soaking pussy. Her firm ass cheeks didn’t ever ripple as my body slammed into it. Looking down at her beautiful ass I couldn’t help myself but to slap it with my hand.

“Oh, Oh Yes use my cunt!”

I was moving as fast as I could, her pussy making sucking sounds as I reamed her pussy faster. My big balls was slapping her clit each thrust. I lube my thumb up with the juices flowing from her pussy the pressed it against her tight ass. Her ass was bucking back into me as I pushed my thumb into her ass.

“Oh yessssss, Oh yessssss, I am cummingggg.”

I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as I blasted my cum deep into her pussy. We both collapsed on the hood of my car.

The next morning when mom woke me up she asked if Aunt Lynn had wandering eyes. I just smiling and said, no she was just perfect.

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