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This fantasy is all about the devotion of pleasure to my darling wife.

A big thanks to Emilio di Roccabruna for editing this and my last story, sorry you were missed out on the last one.

It had been a long haul for Claire this year already, 5 months had just about gone but it felt like 5 years, it had been an age since she spent any time alone with her hubby, family commitments means it can be hard for adult time. As for even trying to dress in some form of sexy manner it is near impossible, if the kids do not pull at her clothes or ladder the stockings, then Craig will be pulled away to work or phone to say he will be late, it just makes it not worth bothering about which gets you in a rut. Although she had tried this morning, Craig was away early so he never saw her slide his favourite tan, thigh high, stockings up her long slender legs, nor her white push-up bra and matching lace French knickers, nor shimmy in to her sexy long black fishtailed skirt, or her nice crisp white blouse with the top two buttons left undone to show some nice cleavage and finally she slipped into those three inch ankle strap pointed shoes he liked.

It had gone ten when the phone vibrated in Craig’s pocket he flipped it open it was a message from Claire, he opens it, and there is a picture of his sexy wife looking stunning and sexy as she always does, it shows her face lightly made up for work. Not that he gets to see her much with work being so busy and he is trying not to upset her by looking for sex all the time. He was however hoping this weekend would be different and spark that sexual lioness into life again that has been missing recently.

It certainly was starting to surprise him this weekend with that picture you could see the cleavage busting out of her blouse, as the next picture filtered through the air ways to his phone he was trying to think if she had guessed his surprise trip away. This one must have been taken on the timer of her phone as it showed her in full length with her skirt pulled up showing the stocking top of one leg, it was captured as if she was caught adjusting her strap. He just thought to himself she is a great tease when she gets going. He sent a message back thanks for the lift, hope to lift your spirits later as well.

The clock was now just kicking on to four and Claire was heading out, her mood had turned she thought she would have heard from him to say he was leaving on time, maybe even pick up at least one of the kids but no nothing as usual late again even after trying to entice him away. So as usual she headed for the kids, then home. Only to see his van sitting along with her mother’s car, as she entered the house with the kids she thought she heard the back door going, her mum was sitting in the living room with a big smile on her face

“Where is Craig?” “He is about somewhere!” replied her mum. Just then the bell went and there he was standing there in his black suit, red shirt and black tie, leather gloves, peaked hat and mirrored glasses. She felt a slight twinge in her pussy as she felt his eyes burning in to her though his glasses and man did he look sexy dressed like that.

“Your limo is here to pick you up madam.” The chauffer said.

Claire looked quizzically at him wondering what was going on and then she heard a squeal of delight from the front room and the kids came running out saying goodbye. Craig had stepped back and opened the back door of the car for her and he watched her slowly sit in the car and swing her long sexy slender legs in to the car, he shut the door and went to give the kids a kiss and bade them a fond farewell and would see them soon and to behave for Gran.

As he sat in the drivers seat he moved his mirror slightly to see his gorgeous wife sitting there smiling a puzzled smile

“Where are we going?” she quizzed.

“Sorry I am not at liberty to say madam. Just sit back and enjoy the ride please.” Craig said as he slipped into his roll.

They had been on the road for just over an hour and Craig just turned off the busy A9, the conversation of the day’s business had tailed off and Claire stared out the window wondering where she is going. As she looked about she noticed something in the car door pocket, it was her vibrator. She picked it up and sat it beside her, rustled about a little to get his attention, then she slowly started to pull her skirt up first her knees came into view, she saw a smile on his lips as he continued to drive. She then pulled it further up exposing her dark stocking tops, then further up till her milky thighs showed above her stockings. Seductively she ran her red nails outside her white knickers as she lifted her leg onto the back seat exposing her lace covered pussy. The lace was that tight you could see her pussy lips impressed in them and that is where her fingers moved up and down. Slowly her fingers moved her pants to the side and exposed her pussy to her chauffer, she then plunged two fingers into her now soaking love hole. kartal escort Slowly she pumped her fingers in and out, occasionally letting them drift up to play with her clitoris, slowly building up her excitement, she now moved her other hand to get the vibrator and brought it round to her eager waiting pussy, her fingers moved out of her pussy and were replaced by the vibrator as it was then thrust into her open, wet and eager pussy, she saw him move to try and relieve some of the pressure that must be building up in his trousers, after all she does know what he likes.

Her free hand was now moving over her body feeling her breasts through the fabric of the blouse, unbuttoning another button and plunging it inside her bra to tweak her now hard nipple, her breathing was getting erratic. She pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and up to her clit, rotating it round and round before sliding back down through her lips to her bum and then slowly and gently put a little pressure on the area just before her little rose bud. She then brought it back up and started to fuck her pussy with it again. Her hand dropped to her clit, oh she wished he would stop and fuck her right she was just eager to feel the real thing invading her lips and screwing the life out of her.

Then it hit her a great big wave of pure pleasure ripped through her body, as the orgasm started to hit home she closed her eyes, which is just as well because just at that moment a big Range rover started to overtake and what a view he got: a well dressed business lady lying there in the back seat, stockings on full view, skirt around her middle blouse gaping open and a pussy being pumped with a big vibrator. The view was not lost on Craig either and they both nearly crashed into each other as they hungrily took in the sight of her lying there.

She had just managed to compose herself as he turned into the town and towards the hotel, they got signed in had a bite to eat and went up to there room and rest.

The next morning…….

They were awoken by the sun streaming in the window the rays of the sun catching her flame red hair and warming her naked breasts.

“Do you want to go for a swim gorgeous?” Craig asks.

Claire replied “Yeah why not, should be fun. That is providing you remembered my costume.” After all she has not even seen what clothes he has put in the case yet.

Craig lifts out a red halter top swim suit and a sarong for her and pair of shorts and t-shirt for himself. They head off for a few laps of the pool, which Craig enjoyed immensely as he watched her breasts heave up and down in the suit trying to burst out. They then headed to the steam room, they settled in for a cosy cuddle with the steam swirling about them, Craig lay on the bench above Claire curled his arms around her pulling her back in to him and started to kiss her shoulder he was slowly caressing along her collar bone, he moved one of his hands to the tie at the back of her suit releasing it, slowly the costume fell down to uncover her magnificent breasts.

“Hey….” She started to protest as she turned into his kiss, a long slow sensual kiss that got him so hard and her so wet, as there tongues glided by each others lips, his hands was now massaging her breasts and slowly toying with her rock hard nipples, one of his hands then slid further down inside her suit, to find her moist wet pussy and as he started to rub his hand up and down, her kisses were becoming more passionate as his fingers worked their magic on her wet pussy. Claire turned round on the bench and raised her hand to his stiff hard cock in his swim shorts, sliding her hand up and down the clothed covered cock she kissed him even more hungrily, she then slid her long slender fingers up to his waist band, sliding them inside as she started to play with his rock hard penis. Then, quick as a flash, she moved his hand and was up on her knees just in front of his shorts. She looked at Craig, smiled and whipped his pulsating cock out before engulfing it with her hot sexy mouth. Slowly she started to move her mouth down over his hard cock taking it all the way in, right down until she started gagging on it. She stopped breathed slowly then swallowed it on down, right into the back of her throat, she sucked on it without any movement of her head just using her throat muscles to grip and release his penis, Craig’s breathing was starting to speed up, his cock pulsing in her mouth. She kept this up till she had to come up for air.

She then started to suck on the head while slowly massaging the rest with her hand, god it felt really good, then the door opened Claire froze. Craig was the only one that was moving, his cock was pulsing in his wife mouth while one of his hands was feeling those marvellous breasts.

“Is there any one in here?” The male attendants’ voice came piercing through the mist.

“Yeah” Craig just managed to get out as Claire had started bobbing küçükçekmece escort on his cock again.

“Is everything OK? Do you want me to get rid of some of the steam?” the voice seemed closer, however it did not deter Claire as she swallowed his cock hungrier than before, her nipples getting harder.

“It is fine, I like it this way.”

“No problem, just remember not to stay too long in here” and with that they heard the door open and shut again. With that Claire moved her head right down on his prick and swallowed hard, that was all it took as he started too exploded down her throat. She withdrew the cock till its head was just in her mouth and swallowed the next load as it spurted in her mouth, spurt followed spurt, she started to let it build up in her mouth. She looked up at Craig opened her mouth and let his cum roll about her tongue before swallowing it and then sucking his deflating cock making sure it was all clean and drained.

“That was close, wasn’t it darling?” Claire said as she looked into his eyes.

“Yep! I see it never deterred you though and it could have gotten interesting if he had come any closer.” I said.

“Stop it you!” Claire said as she slapped his arm.

That evening…..

After a day of sight seeing and pampering, the two lovers planned their next adventure.

“So are you going to the bar to prick tease and torment me before I try to pick you up then?” “Mmm! That sounds a nice idea, hubby, so let’s see then; you can saunter off to the bar just now and let me get ready. Then let the games begin!” Claire huskily replied.

So there he was sitting there, malt whisky in hand, in an alcove, eyes fixed to the door waiting her entrance. An hour later and in she breezed looking absolutely stunning, he had never seen her looking so sexy and stunningly confident before, her nails perfectly manicured from earlier in the day and a lovely scarlet red to match her full luscious red lips, the beautifully dark eyes look around for me as her flame red hair frames her face perfectly, his eyes were drawn down her neck to the start of a see through top, the tops of her breast just peeking up above her baby doll underwear, below that is a knee length skirt with a zipped side slit which at present is just slightly opened up, below that is black stockings, how did he know that, he was the one who’d packed everything and there was certainly no tights in there. Was it the newly bought point seams stockings? She turns to the bar and his gaze follows down her shapely bum to the hem of her skirt, his eyes followed on down to seams, SEAMS, she actually put on the seams. WOW she looks damn sexy in them. He watched them run down her legs to the point heel and further down to her four inch black heels with a sexy red and black lace design at the back the red just matches up with her hair, nails and lips.

Claire sat on a bar stool seductively crossing her legs, looked up at the bar tender giving him a sexy smile and ordered a glass of white wine, he smiled back and was wishing it was the end of his shift and not the start. It is a Saturday night and he would be too busy to talk to her. She felt eyes on her as she slowly sipped her wine, it made her feel good thinking of his loving eyes on her. She started to day dream as her final sip from the second glass of wine slipped down her throat, she thought back to the sauna and that lovely warm feeling as his seed spilled down her throat, it was starting to get her wet thinking about it.

“Excuse me madam a glass of wine from the gentleman in the navy shirt” the bartenders’ voice snapped her out of the dream, then confusion flooded her brain Craig was wearing his black silk shirt not his blue one. The guy behind the bar nodded his head along the bar to a man sitting at one of the stools further along the bar he was in his mid to late twenties, shoulder length hair, clean shaven face, piercing blue eyes, a dark navy shirt and black dress trousers. She lifted the glass of wine tilted it to him as a thank you and then raised it to her luscious red lips to take a sip of the wine. That was the cue he was looking for, so he stood up and walked towards this vision of beauty.

“I hope you do not mind the drink? I just could not let a beauty like you sit here all alone.” He half whispered in a soft highland accent extending his hand slightly. She blushed at the compliment.

Claire looked over at Craig and saw him sitting there with a slight smile on his face. “The bastard is trying to set me up here.” she thought to herself “Imagine getting some one to chat me up. Fine then I will show him!”

“No not at all. Always a pleasure to be bought a drink from a gentleman.” she seductively replied back as she extended her slender hand to meet his. “My name is Claire.”

“Tom” he replied back as he took her hand and bowed his head down to it and gave it a delicate kiss. That sent an unexpected shockwave küçükyalı escort down to her between her legs. They made small talk for the next hour with the pair of them laughing, giggling and flirting. They were actually getting that comfortable they had starting to brush each others arm.

Tom leaned in towards Claire and whispered “You have such a beautiful eyes Claire and your hair is just an amazing colour and they way you have it styled down to frame your face.” while saying this he reaches out touching her hair then delicately lets his hand slide down her cheek and under her chin lifting her face up to meet the stare from his lovely blue eyes, they seemed to hypnotise her and she never moved away as he moved his lips closer to hers and started to kiss her, she responded as there tongues started to dance in each others mouth, her hand slipped up to the back of his head and pulled his lips even further in. As she lent in to the kiss she slipped slightly off the stool and as she put her hand out to steady herself, it landed right on the front of his trousers and on to a raging hard cock. This snapped her out of her lustful trance and she realised what she was doing

“Sorry” she said

“For what?” he quizzed

“For taking this too far I bet Craig never meant you to do that or get that response”

It was now Tom’s turn to look quizzical “Who is Craig and what are you on about?”

“You do not know him or he never asked you to come on to me?” She said worriedly as she nodded in Craig’s direction.

“Nope sorry Claire I was here for you and it was your beauty that led me over here, no coercion from anyone”

He then saw water welling up in her eyes “Oh no what have I done” she sobbed, they both looked over at Craig now and he was not smiling any more. Tom could not stand to see a beautiful woman upset so he said he would go and talk to Craig. So he went over to talk to Craig while Claire sat there fretting over what Craig would say or do.

Ten minutes later they both wave Claire over with smiles on their faces. “You silly bugger,” said Craig “It was not your fault that I waited too long and Tom stepped in to chat you up in front of me”

“But when we looked over you looked mad” Claire quizzically stated

“Only because I thought Tom had upset you”

So all three sat down with Claire in between these two strong men and had another chat and some more drinks and discussed their life’s and tribulations, from that they found out Tom had been in a bad break up about two years ago and had not been out with any one since then and it was his female friend that had told him to get away for a weekend and get laid. After he saw Claire he thought she was so beautiful he had to try.

“Hey it is gone eleven and it is expensive down here, why not come up to the room we have a bottle of whisky upstairs and some wine?” Craig enquired.

“I will need to go and freshen up first.” Claire stated as she stood and squeezed by Craig wiggling her bum into his crotch and feeling the swell of his penis.

“Sure.” answered Tom “For a short time, as long as Claire does not mind?”

“Why would I mind.” Replied Claire as she headed over to the toilets.

So Tom and Craig drank up and took there classes to the bar and headed for the door, where they were joined by Claire and headed for Craig and Claire’s room. As they were going out the door Craig gave her sexy bum a squeeze. They arrived at the room and Claire opened the door the boys went and sat at opposite sides of the couch.

“Some suite you have here!” Tom stated

“Yeah we were given an upgrade we were lucky.” Replied Claire “What you boys having?” Craig gave a huge Grin “NO! What drink?” stated Claire

“Two whisky’s over here darling and what ever you want.” Craig replied. She glided across the room and bent down to put the drinks down and as she did so the front of her top parted away from her body to show her glorious breasts in her baby doll. She then returned to where the drinks were and bent down from the waist to pick a bottle of wine out of the small fridge, allowing her skirt to ride up her legs slightly. She poured her self a drink and headed back over to the boys, squeezing herself in between them on the sofa and crossed her legs.

They started to chat again but Claire got the distinct feeling they were not really listening and as she looked from side to side she saw why, they were staring at her legs and as she looked down she saw that the zip had opened up a bit and had started to show the dark band of stocking top. She turned her head to Craig her face red and went to move her hand to the zip. Craig caught her hand and kissed her on the lips as he moved her hand away then placed his on her thigh.

“It is all right darling I am sure Tom will not mind.” He said

“Not at all! That is my first sexy stocking covered leg I have seen in a long time. Come to mention I can not remember the last time I was kissed like that in the bar!” He said before thinking then his face went red.

“See the effect you had on him.” Craig said to Claire.

“Oh I felt that earlier” returned Claire.

“And you have got him that way again, look at the way he squirming.” Craig replied as they both looked at Tom trying to hide his erection. “Did you like that kiss Tom?”

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