The Island Ch. 2

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Our explorations and antics went on for the rest of the week. Jen and I went at it as often as possible. We tried all sorts of things…69’ing, she tried deepthroating me, she even stuck a finger in my ass. At one point, after cumming inside her while I was eating her pussy, she pushed a huge glob of my cum right into my mouth. I had never tasted that before, but I didn’t mind.

It was now Friday and Mom & Dad had just returned from work. Now, as I said earlier, Mom is definitely a hottie. An inch or two taller than my sister, she has darker hair, lighter eyes & if I’m accurate, a size bigger chest than my sister. Her ass is beautiful…full, but not too big. Long legs to die for. Again, Dad was a lucky man to be fucking her.

Jen & my Dad decided to get take-out so while they were out, Mom & I set the table & waited. After a while, we realized that they were gone far too long. In our next thought, the phone rang & it was Dad saying that they’re stuck in an accident & will get home when they do. My Mom bahis firmaları & I grabbed a couple of beers & headed for the porch. As we sat there, we got to talking about me & my sisters boyfriends & girlfriends. Our family is not prudish when it comes to discussing private things, so I gladly opened up to Mom’s questions. After a couple of beers & no food, we were both a bit buzzed. Then, that’s when Mom dropped the bombshell on me…”Have you ever thought about fucking Jen?”

My heart skipped a beat & I spit my beer out. “What?” was all I could stammer….

“Jen….your sister…..have you ever thought about fucking her?”

“I don’t know….maybe….why do you ask?”

She looked me straight in the eye & said “Don’t bullshit me…..First of all, you two are way too happy around each other after being together all day all night. Secondly, I found a used condom in the garbage. Now, unless you are jerking off into condoms nowadays, your secret is out!”

I froze….I didn’t know what to say.

“So kaçak iddaa tell me” she asked..”How was she?”

I figured we were busted so I confessed. “She was amazing!”

After giving Mom all the details, she figured we’d better go inside, as it was getting colder. As we were walking in, she wrapped her hands around my chest & held me close. She gave me a kiss on my neck but she lingered. In a flash, I felt the tip of her tongue lick my neck. My cock jolted by this & I turned around to see her eyes sparkle. She pulled me closer & our mouths meshed together, her tongue finding mine. I grabbed her back & we kissed for what seemed like an hour. She pulled away & looked at me. “Did she do this?” my Mom asked as she dropped to her knees & pulled my shorts down. My mind was spinning & in a flash, Mom had my cock buried down her throat. Mom was definitely better at sucking cock than Jen was, but it didn’t matter.

“Mmmpphhh” was all I heard as Mom’s throat devoured my cock. She even stuffed it all the way kaçak bahis down & held it…milking it with her throat muscles.

“Damn, Mom….that feels awesome!”

“Hmmm…glad you like it!”

She resumed her sucking & within 5 minutes, I was ready to cum. I tried to hold back, but it was becoming futile.

“Mom…I think I’m gonna cum”

“I want you to cum in my mouth…I want it all!”

I was trying to hold back when I heard Dad’s car pulling into the gravelly driveway.

“Shit…Dad & Jen are home” I yelled…

“Do it…cum for me now!” was all Mom had to say.

I grabbed her head & pulled it all the way down my cock. She gagged but relaxed & started milking my cock. She was rewarded with one of the biggest loads of cum I think I’ve ever squirted. She held me down her throat so all the cum I pumped went directly into her belly. When I was done, I pulled out & headed for the bathroom to clean up. Mom greeted them & started dishing things out. Jen & Dad sat at the table & as I got spoons & forks, Mom leaned over & said “Thank you. Next time, I want to taste it!” I looked at her & said “Next time you taste it, I hope Jen will be with you!” Mom looked at me & smiled & said “You’re on!”

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