The Jacuzzi

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Paul and George were 20, Eva was 19, and Jamie, Lillian and Lisa were 18, when this story took place so many years ago.

All pseudonyms have been changed to protect the deviant.


Paul’s mom and dad had a wonderful Jacuzzi tub in their master bathroom. It was a triangle made for two in a corner with two big windows. The window facing a field was fake stained glass, but the one facing a stand of trees and a pond with Canada geese was clear. His parents were away at a medical thing somewhere, Houston I think. All that was important to us was that we had the house to ourselves for the next day.

I’m Lisa, Jamie’s bestie since Kindergarten, and we were both sitting in that Jacuzzi tub enjoying the warm water and the pump powering the jets making it caress our bodies. Paul was undressed and sitting on the vanity watching two naked girls playing in the water. George showed up with Lillian and Eva and they found their way to the master bathroom. Eva was already undressed before she walked through the door and Lillian was close behind her. There was plenty of room for everyone, the bathroom was huge, as big as my parent’s bedroom.

George had a bottle of Stolichnaya Vodka that he liberated from the wet bar down in the butler’s pantry downstairs. He sat it on the counter and got undressed. Six naked eighteen, nineteen and twenty-year-olds, a bottle of Stoli, and a hot-tub in an otherwise empty house, what could possibly go wrong? I let the water flow over me and tugged on my nipple studs just a little. My twat was all tingly watching Paul wrap his arms around Lillian and then lock lips with Eva while George gave them each a shot.

George was naked and semi-erect. He poured two more shot glasses of Stoli and offered me and Jamie each one. We clinked the tiny glasses together and slammed the ounce and a half of eighty proof as he climbed into the tub with us. Paul was the “meat” in an “Eva and Lillian sandwich.” He played with their butts and acıbadem escort they were trading kisses and caresses and lingering touches. George playfully put his legs on Jamie and played with my feet under the water slowly moving his hands up my legs past my calves to my knees.

Lillian and Eva were kissing and playing with each other’s butts and Paul came and sat on the edge of the spa. He was three-quarters erect and my cunt was on fire despite being immersed in water. George was playing with a spot behind my knees that seemed to be hardwired to my pussy and I reached over and gently touched his erection. Eva had lifted Lillian onto the vanity and was carefully examining and kissing her little folds. Jamie leaned over and kissed Paul’s erection. Paul reached over and touched one of my breasts.

Back then they weren’t as big as I would have liked for them to be. They haven’t gotten appreciably bigger, but I have learned to be happy with them. That my lovers adore them made that change possible. They love my itty-bitties, nothing else matters. George readjusted himself moving closer to me. He spread my legs just a little to give him easier access to my burning cunt. Then Paul played with the studs in both of my nipples. George raked the knuckles and the back of his hand through the outer portion of my cunt between my big lips, and I melted.

Jamie got up on the edge of the tub leaving her legs in the water, She reached over to play with my hair and I touched her pussy with the fingertips of my left hand. She was staring directly into my eyes. Both of the guys were breathing heavily and I was so stimulated I felt that I might just burst. I grasped George’s penis under the water with my right hand as his left hand held my hip and the fingertips of his right hand traced the outline of my labia. I looked over and Lillian had her legs wrapped around Eva’s head as she was being eaten.

George gently anadolu yakası escort eased me over and Jamie moved my hair away from my face and I took the tip of his penis into my mouth after licking the head. She was holding onto my back and Paul’s to steady herself. George was holding me and fingering me and I lowered my mouth down his shaft. I finally felt his penis head tap the back of my throat. Eva taught me how to throat them. I’m a little weird. I read an article in ‘Cosmo’ on the subject but unlike that report on particle physics in ‘Scientific American,’ I didn’t quite get it without some “hands on.”

My hips were moving in response to two and then three of George’s digits inside of me and it felt so good. In turn I had a finger inside of Jamie, and she was all warm and wet. I felt George’s penis throbbing as I alternated licking it and sliding my pursed lips down the length of the shaft. Paul had a hand in my hair and a hand in Jamie’s. I slowed down a little bit because I didn’t want George to come too soon. I love the feeling of having his thing in my mouth and in my throat. I didn’t want for that sensation to end anytime soon.

Jamie was commenting on my performance, whispering to me, telling me that I was doing fine. To just relax my throat muscles and be one with his penis. She was turning me on saying it in a soft smooth voice. I was steaming listening to her soothing voice as my hips gyrated from the actions of George’s fingers. He was inside two orifices and I was on fire being finger-fucked by while deep-throating him. He came and the sound of his pleasure reverberated around the bathroom.

I paused for a moment and took a couple deep breaths, centering myself. Jamie was kissing my little breasts and playing with the stainless steel studs in my nipples. I reached over and stoked Paul’s penis and started to fellate him. I was raking my pursed lips all the way down his shaft and then pulling slowly ataşehir escort back before licking his head by rolling my tongue around the tip of his penis. Starting out slow I built up my speed quickly. Soon I had his penis way down in my throat tickling my tonsils.

Paul was holding both sides of my head with both hands guiding me up and then down on his shaft. He started holding me down at the point of maximum depth as his member quivered deep inside of me. I couldn’t breathe for just a moment and it was just heaven being impaled on him like that. He stopped playing with my hair and he stopped moving, he moaned and shuddered and his penis jerked shooting a savory mixture of protein, lube and doomed swimmers headed the wrong way down the wrong river.

I held onto his throbbing head until I absolutely had to breathe then I relaxed my throat muscles and allowed his penis to slip from my mouth. As I saw it appear, it actually looked happy and well satisfied. It was still twitching for a second or two and a minute quantity of after cum dripped out of the slit, its single eye. I licked it up quickly. I looked over and Eva and Lillian had swapped places on the vanity. Then Jamie reached down and kissed me, getting a little taste of his salty essence for herself.

Jamie had two of her fingers curved and working up inside of me. They were pushing and compressing, pulling hard and stretching the flesh surrounding my clitoris from the inside of my vagina. I was twisting and moaning, turning and groaning, bouncing and… And… And coming. My brain, overloaded with stimuli, exploded in a blinding white light. I felt weak in my knees and totally satiated. I was on top of the world completely alive and filled with love. Jamie kissed my tingling sex.

George and Paul helped me to my feet and walked me to the nearby shower stall. Jamie got each of us another shot of Stoli and my three lovers took turns holding me up in the shower and soaping me and shampooing me before drying me off and walking me naked down the hallway past the laundry room to Paul’s bedroom in the opposite corner of the second floor. They laid me down on the quilted comforter of his bed, and Jamie laid down next to me. Then Eva arrived holding and kissing Lillian. They both appeared to be quite content in their own little world.

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