The Kitty Kat Bar

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The Kitty Kat Bar
“He’s an asshole!,” I thought as I drove down Sheridan Highway on the way home. I didn’t deserve the ass- chewing the boss gave me, but there was nothing I could do. Trump is sending the country into panic mode, and my boss is hysterical about him, and I need the job.

I saw the Kitty Kat bar out of the corner of my eye. I’d passed it a hundred times back and forth to work but had never stopped. It looked a little seedy from the outside–we used to call it The Jock’s Trap in my drinking days, but I wanted a beer and maybe a game of pool to help me forget being reamed.

Inside the air was cool, but had the sour smell of cigarettes and spilled drinks. My kind of place. I grabbed a stool at the bar and signaled the bartender. Her bleached blonde hair glowed blue in the neon light of the beer sign behind the bar. Somehow she had stuffed about 200 pounds into an ancient costume that looked like from a defunct Playboy Club. She laid down a cocktail napkin and looked at me expecting an order.

“Bud,” I said. I wasn’t in a great mood and the less said the better. She waddled off to the cooler for my beer. I threw 2 bucks on the bar for her return. The bar was deserted except for me and a couple of chubby bar girls over in a dark corner. I couldn’t make them out to well in the dim light, and soon ignored them.

I’m not big on country music, but the drawled sad song playing on the juke box seemed to fit my mood. I faced the bar and stared into my drink.

I felt her soft hands on my shoulders gently but firmly squeezing out the day’s tension. She pushed her large cushy tits into my back. I came in to be alone, but the light smell of her perfume and womanhood made me forget why. Every problem I had in the world seemed to melt away under her practiced massage.

“You are really stiff!” she said, giving me a little shake. I looked over my shoulder at her wondering how she could see the massive hard-on she had aroused. Realizing what she had said, she laughed. “I meant your shoulders.”

She was a big woman like the bartender. In fact, all the women working in the bar were large. She was much prettier and younger, though, probably in güvenilir bahis her early 20’s. Her carefully styled natural blonde hair contrasted sharply with the teased dry tangle of the bartender.

“I’m Brenda.”

I’m Dan. Nice to meet you,” I said wishing I had a better way with words.

“Do you want to go over in the corner?” she said pointing to the darkest part of the club. “We would be more comfortable.”

As we approached the dark corner, the two bar girls stood up without really looking at us and moved to a booth. I sat on the long vinyl bench. Brenda stood in front of me between my legs. I reached up, put my hands on her hips and really looked at her for the first time.

She dressed better than the other bar girls who looked more like strippers or hookers. Her red blouse was unbuttoned almost to her navel revealing a sheer red bra. The bra offered some support, but barely any cover for her enormous breasts, leaving half of her pink pebbly aureole exposed at the top. She wore a black mini-skirt that carefully followed her ample curves without being stretched out of shape.

She put her hands on mine that were still on her hips and used them to hike her skirt up a few inches. Red panties completed the outfit, so sheer that even the light blonde hair of her pussy showed through the fabric. As my eyes took in her magnificent full figure, I saw her smiling, obviously pleased with the effect she was having on me.

She kneeled on the bench, straddling my legs, and pushed those huge melons in my face. I could barely breathe. When I could, I deeply inhaled her intoxicating aroma. Brenda leaned back and popped both breasts out of her skimpy bra. Supporting them from underneath, she ran her thumbs over her swelling nipples.

I tried to lean forward and capture one of those luscious nipples for myself, but she kept them just out of reach. When she had teased me enough, she put one hand on the seat back behind me, held one of her tits firmly and leaned toward me until I had the nipple in my eager mouth. I sucked on it greedily while Brenda looked on.

My cock throbbed and strained in my pants. Brenda eased her body down until her türkçe bahis pussy touched me. I could feel her hot cunt lips parting for me behind the veil of her panties. I grabbed her huge round butt and pulled her crotch against my swollen cock as hard as I could. When I relaxed my grip, she slid her juicy snatch the length of my cock, first slowly, then increasingly more rapid. She was obviously as turned on as I was.

I could feel her slit and her puffy lips clearly through my thin jogging pants. I was glad they were black because her pussy soaked the front of my pants with warm juices. I wanted to look down and watch that glorious pussy working back and forth, but she held my face firmly between her sweaty fragrant tits.

There wasn’t much for me to do, but enjoy her. Her fleshy cleavage wedged my head in place, and her mass pinned my hips to the sticky vinyl bench. She continued her rhythmic humping, but had begun to shudder uncontrollably as well. When she came she bore down so hard on my cock I expected it to be forced into in her pussy, clothing and all. Then she relaxed and gently nuzzled her lips against my ear.

She leaned down and kissed me. The way she plunged her tongue down my throat I knew that we were not done. She expertly pulled down the front of my jogging suit and freed my swollen cock. The waistband pushed at the base of my balls. I was a little concerned that someone would see, but a quick look around convinced me that nobody was really paying any attention to us.

Brenda didn’t seem to be concerned at all about others in the bar. She turned around on my lap with her back to me. She reached under and pulled her wet panties to one side. With her other hand she guided my dick into her dripping cunt and slid down until her tight hole consumed me. With my balls held high by the waistband, she was at first sitting on them, but it was not painful. Eventually, they slipped up between her slippery wet thighs in snug security.

Brenda’s weight prevented me from thrusting upward, but it didn’t matter as she took complete control. She rocked her glorious ass back and forth on my thighs causing my cock to slide in güvenilir bahis siteleri and out of her juicy twat with no effort on my part at all. When she would tire of the rocking, she would just sit there and suck on my swollen shaft with her strong love muscles. She would suck and suck until I began to groan, then just before I could cum, she would relax.

The increased wetness from her pussy told me I was ejaculating a small amount just before she stopped to prevent a full blown orgasm. This happened several times and is the closest I ever came to experiencing a woman’s multiple orgasms.

We continued fucking for what seemed like forever. I watched the other two bar girls absent-mindedly fondling each other and wondered what it would be like to fuck them next. Brenda continued to milk my throbbing cock oblivious to anything else. When I thought I could not stand anymore, I felt her throbbing, vibrating orgasm clench my dick and I came in an instant. All the pent up cum and juice in her pussy gushed back on me soaking my balls and my pants with hot sap.

Brenda lay back against me and I put my arms around her waist and hugged her to me. She pulled away and turned around to face me, settling that hot wet pussy down once again on my grateful cock. Smothering me in her creamy tits, she carefully pulled up the front of my jogging suit to cover my recovering dick. She kissed me affectionately and climbed off.

I watched her admiringly as she tugged her mini-skirt down over her big round ass and buttoned her silk blouse, and then retreated to the Ladies Room clean up. I chose the Men’s Room.

Pussy juice and cum soaked my pants. I wiped at it with a damp paper towel, but that only seemed to make it worse by adding paper lint to the mess. I was thankful for the dim lighting when I went back into the bar.

I looked around for Brenda, but she wasn’t there. I sat down at the bar for another beer to wait for her. No doubt she was in the john facing similar cleanup problems herself. I finished off the beer and she still hadn’t shown. I signaled to the bartender for another beer.

“What happened to Brenda,” I asked when the bartender came with my drink.


Brenda. You know, the girl in the miniskirt that was with me over in the corner.”

“She left.”

“Well, when will she be back? When does she work?”

“How should I know? She doesn’t work here. She only came in to use the Ladies Room.”

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