The Moon and Stars

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I hadn’t seen Suzie in several years and was both surprised and delighted when she emailed and asked to come visit with the intent to be able to do some star gazing without the interference of the stray light from her city home. We agreed upon a date and today was the day. I had naturally assumed that her husband, Sam, would be along but it was never discussed, nor the duration of the visit. Again, I had assumed they would arrive, spend one night, then scurry back to their city life.

I have to give you a small bit of background. Suzie is a cousin of mine, a few years older, and has always been very attractive. As a growing boy I adored her, had crushes on her that would fade over the winter months then be renewed each summer as our families spent more time together. In fact, a great many of my fantasies during my adolescence days and nights were spent with her being the object of my passions. Not only was her face fair to gaze upon, but her shapes and curves were in very fine proportion and proper softness. Well, at least the shape and proportions were known. I dreamed about the softness plenty enough to be convinced.

I live out of town some ways, about a two hour drive from the city where Suzie and Sam live, and out here the sights and sounds of the night are of a different wilderness than that of the city. I’ve been alone out here for several years now, and have from time to time returned to my fantasy of knowing my older cousin in a different way. Let me get this straight, though…there’s never been any indication of such thoughts or feelings from her in that direction. Hence, I’ve always been as perfect a gentleman as possible, save the occasional joke or remark in jest.

I heard the car approaching long before I could see it, and was mildly surprised when it rolled into the yard that Suzie was alone. Smiles kartal escort and greetings and hugs were exchanged, then I asked where Sam was, only to be told that this visit was just for family time.

The afternoon was filled with catching up on news of family members, of jobs, and of relationships. Not much on my front there, but I was almost shocked when Suzie related some intimate feelings and revelations about her husband, Sam, and his problem both with alcohol and his preference to playing golf and poker with his buddies to spending intimate time with her.

It was getting late in the afternoon and I already had a couple of steaks in marinade, so I lit the grill and popped the potatoes in the microwave, suggesting we eat first and give the moon and stars time to come out fully before we head off for the meadow I’d picked out to view the skies. I could tell Suzie enjoyed being waited upon for a change, and I encouraged her to enjoy a second and then third glass of wine as I fixed our supper. As I cooked and she drank, the conversations became more lively and easier, her mood lifting all along. At that point I was happy she was there alone, feeling that the escape for the night was doing her good, allowing her to be free in her thoughts and not having to cater to her husband.

After eating I threw a blanket and sleeping bag in the back of my old pickup, put a few beers and a bottle of wine in a small cooler and told Suzie to dress warmly since the sky was crystal clear and the temperatures were sure to drop swiftly. We hopped in my truck and within 10 minutes I had pulled off the gravel road and into the edge of a huge meadow. I told Suzie we’d be best off to walk out into the field a ways, up onto the top of the knoll and away from the tree line. This was unpopulated country, for sure, with the maltepe escort bayan nearest house miles away and on a road that no one used after dark. Though it was dark, the moonlight gave enough light to walk by and we soon came to a place on top of the hill that felt perfect to enjoy the sights.

As I spread out the blanket on the ground Suzie was already viewing the stars and planets with the binoculars I’d brought, almost gasping at the abundance of glitter overhead in comparison with the night sky she was accustomed to back in the city. About the time I unzipped the sleeping bag I thought I noticed her shiver slightly, knowing that the lightweight pants and shirt she had on were little comfort in this night air.

Suzie sat down on the blanket and I sat beside her, covering us with the sleeping bag I’d opened. Suzie was still a bit chilly so she moved over against me, asking if it were OK. Shoot, it was more than OK with me. Fact is, I had a woody beginning to grow and I was a little afraid she’d become aware of it. Good thing the sleeping bag was covering us and her arms and hands were up holding the binocs.

In a few minutes Suzie laid back to just stare up at the stars, beckoning me to lie back also and keep us covered. I did, and Suzie cozied up beside me. Only problem was that now her arms and hands were under the cover of the sleeping bag and my hard on was not getting any smaller.

We laid there for only a few minutes and I’d put the binoculars on my hips to help hide the growing bulge in my jeans. I thought Suzie was finished with them, but she suddenly reached over to take them and accidentally brushed against my jeans.

“Oh, are you OK?”

“Yeah, I’m OK. Sorry, but that’s just the affect you have on me. Always have.” I really didn’t mean to say all that, but it escort pendik was the truth and it just blurted out of my mouth before I could stop it. What happened next really surprised me.

Suzie reached across and turned my face towards hers.

“You’re sweet, and please don’t be sorry.”

Then, looking right into my eyes with her big, beautiful eyes, she leaned towards me and kissed me gently on my lips. I truly didn’t know what to say or what to do. I know what I wanted to do, that’s for sure. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to take Suzie right there under the stars, as I’d done so many times before in my fantasies. But, before I could say anything, Suzie grasped my hand under the covers and pulled it towards her. She pulled my hand right to her breast and held it there for a few moments as she gazed into my eyes, the stars twinkling in her own eyes. I left my hand there as hers moved away, then felt her hand slide down to my jeans and begin to explore the shape within.

Soft kisses followed, as did more petting. Time was irrelevant and the world outside that cocoon was forgotten. As the kisses became deeper and more passionate our hands deftly removed clothing. Her soft, warm body next to mine was a dream, too exciting and sensual to be real, but the heat of her kisses and the touch of her fingers made me feel more aroused and desirous than ever before. Her breasts were soft and large, tasting sweet as I rolled the hardened nipples around with my tongue and pulling on them succulently with my lips. As her fingernails teased by balls and played with the head of my cock, I found her legs parting and a warmth between that I’d longed for.

We rolled together in that meadow, first one on top then another, making love beneath the moon and stars for hours. I climaxed twice, Suzie well over a half dozen times in a cascade of passions that neither of us had ever experienced before.

As we settled and looked back up at the stars there were few words spoken. I don’t think either of us expected that kind of experience, but likewise neither of us wanted the moment to end.

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