The Mother In Law…Again?

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“Shit,” I thought to myself as I laid on the couch watching TV. What a crazy last few days it had been. I needed to get some sleep, but my mind was racing, and thinking about what had happened earlier in the night.

I had fucked my mother-in-law, Carol, and it was so damn hot. She was one of the best fucks that I had ever had. Certainly better than Marla, my wife, had been in years, which made me wonder if I could get more of that pussy.

As I laid on the couch, I was getting so horny just thinking about it. Jim, my father-in-law, and Carol were spending the night, and had already went to bed, and so had Marla. I had my laptop and started surfing a few porn sites. I must have dozed off, cause the next thing I knew, I was awakened by a sound in the kitchen.

I raised up a little so I could see over the back of the couch. The house was an open floor plan, so I could see well into the kitchen. The hallway that led to the guest bedroom was between the living room and the kitchen.

As I adjusted my eyes to the light and I could see Carol standing in the kitchen trying to get something out of the cabinets. She had turned on the light over the sink so I had a very good view of her. She was wearing a big t-shirt with the number 14 on the back, and that appeared to be all, because when she reached up into the cabinet, I could see her big healthy ass. I immediately felt my dick start to stir around in my shorts.

It appeared that she was taking some tylenol. She got a glass of water and turned her head back to swallow the pills. It was dark in the living room, so I knew she wasn’t able to see me from where she was, but she would have to walk right back by me on her way back to the guest bedroom. She obviously didn’t see me when she came through on her way to the kitchen.

I lowered myself back down on the couch when I saw her turn off the kitchen light. She turned and started walking towards the living room heading back to bed. I moved down lower on the couch so she wouldn’t see me, and when I did, I accidently moved the mouse on my laptop. The screensaver had been on, but when I moved the mouse, the screen came on and lit up the whole area where I was laying.

“Shit,” I thought. “She is going to see me.”

I was right. She stopped and looked my way. She was straining to see cause the room was still very dark, but she definitely saw me laying there.

“Joe,” she said in a very low voice.

“Yes, Carol, it’s me,” I answered.

“What are you doing still up this late?” she asked inquisitively.

“Oh, I just dozed off,” I answered. “I was watching TV.”

Just then I noticed that she wasn’t looking directly at me. She was looking just passed me at something. I turned to see what she was looking at. Damn, I thought, she was looking at my laptop, and since I had fell asleep, I hadn’t closed out the porn site that I had been watching.

“You asshole,” she said. “Are you some kind of Goddamn pervert?”

At this point I didn’t have anything to loose.

“Pervert?” I replied softly so as to not wake Jim or Marla. “My cum is still fresh in your pussy, and you are calling me a pervert!”

She walked towards me in a quick, brisk manner, came around the side of the couch and slapped me with the palm of her hand.

“You fucking asshole! You made me do that. I didn’t want to, and I never want to hear it mentioned again. Do we understand bahis firmaları each other?”

I didn’t reply to her question. I just sat there and stared back at her. She had leaned over a little, and was standing right in front of me. The light from the laptop screen was just enough to where I could see into her eyes. Her hair had been comb out straight, and I could see that her nipples were hard. The whole situation was making me very horny.

“Answer me Goddammit,” she demanded.

“I’ve got your answer right here,” I said as I reached down and pulled my shorts down to my ankles.

My hard dick sprung straight up, pulsating back and forth.

She just stood there for a few seconds and stared at my rock hard cock.

“You sick son of a bitch,” she said. “I can’t believe you are doing this.”

“I know you want some more of this, Carol,” I said.

“What?” she replied. “Oh hell no I don’t. I was a little drunk earlier, but not now. I’m going back to bed.”

I reached down and grabbed my dick in my right hand. I started stroking it slowly. The whole time I was looking straight into her eyes.

She turned around and started to walk away, then turned back around and faced me. Her head was telling her to walk away, but her pussy was telling her to stay. I could see the indecision in her eyes.

She took a very deep breath, turned her head to look away from me, then took her right hand and moved it between her legs. She started fingering her pussy, and with her left hand she started rubbing her left nipple.

I started stroking my dick faster and faster. She was really moving her fingers now, all in that pussy. I could hear how wet it was and the sounds were really turning me on.

“Look at me, Bitch.” I demanded.

She still just looked away.

I said it again but more stern this time. “I said look at me, Bitch!”

She slowly turned her head to face me, while continuing to finger her wet pussy.

As our eyes met, the laptop screen went dark, as did the whole room.

In the darkness I heard her say, “Oh God, I can’t do this again.”

The next thing I knew I felt her move towards me. I could feel her arms on my shoulders as her legs went to my sides straddling me.

“I thought you couldn’t do this again,” I asked her sarcastically.

“Shut the fuck up, “she replied. “Just fuck me.”

I reached down to her hips and grabbed the nightshirt that she was wearing. With one swift tug, I pulled it over her shoulders and head, and let it drop to floor.

I could feel her hand on the back of my cock, guiding it slowly into her wet slit. I reached out and put my hands on her big healthy ass to help support her as she slowly lowered her pussy on to my hard dick.

“Oh God Fucking Damn,” she whispered as she took my whole cock to her depths.

I squeezed her ass and started pumping from underneath.

She started riding my thrust, and humping my rock hard cock with that big fucking ass.

“Oh God! Give me that cock,” she said with pure lust in her voice.

“Fuck Yeah, Bitch,” I replied. “Bounce that big ass on me! Get all of that shit that you want!”

“Oh God Yeah! Oh My God! I’m going to cum,” she cried. “Fuck me harder! Oh God, do it to me!”

I clutched her big ass in my hands as tight as I could. I started pumping from underneath with all I had. She was riding and bucking, kaçak iddaa so very close. And then it happened.

“Shit! Oh Goddamn! Shit! I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your fucking cock,” she cried. “Oh God Yes! Oh God Yes!

She slowed her motions down some. Her big ass was just pressed hard against my cock. It felt really good against my balls. She was squeezing my dick with her pussy and just slowly grinding up and down.

Then, I heard something. A noise coming from the hallway.

“Shit,” I thought. “Is that Jim coming from the guest bedroom?”

I looked around, and over the back of the couch to see Jim’s shadow walking out of the hallway. I could tell Carol saw him, too. We both froze and didn’t move a muscle. If he was heading to the kitchen, he would have to walk right by me and Carol. The sofa table and two lamps would be between us, and it was still very dark in the room, so maybe he wouldn’t see us. What if he had heard us. We were not being that loud, but Carol’s orgasm may have woken him.

As Jim got closer, Carol and I both watched him intensely. He walked right by the couch, and us, and right into the kitchen. He turned on the light and began looking through the cabinets.

Just then, I could feel Carol start to move up and down on my dick again. My hips responded and we were back at it.

Carol leaned over to my ear and whispered very quietly, “I can’t fucking believe I’m doing this. My husband is right there, in the next room.”

Suddenly she stopped moving on my dick. I felt her trying to move off of my dick.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her back down, and whispered, “What the hell are you doing?”

“I’ve got to get back to bed,” she whispered. “He’s going to catch us. We have to stop.”

“Hell no,” I replied quietly. “You’re not going anywhere. He will see you if you get up.”

I started pumping her pussy faster and faster. With the light from the kitchen I could see her tits bouncing right in front of my face.

She started moving her hips with mine and we got into a good rythym. I could tell that her nipples were hard and begging for my tongue to lick them.

I slowly moved my tongue up to her left tit and circled her left nipple. Then took my other hand and cupped her right tit. She let out a very soft moan.

She lowered her mouth down to my ear and said, “You fucking asshole. We are going to get caught.”

Then, in the very same breath she quietly said, “Oh God, I’m cumming again!”

She came rather quietly this time, but the look on her face in the dim light was of pure lust.

I turned and looked back to the kitchen. Jim was also taking some tylenol, and he would also have to walk right back by me and Carol on his way back to the guest bedroom. Hopefully he was still too drunk to notice Carol wasn’t in bed.

I really didn’t care anymore. The whole thing was making me so damn horny that I just needed Carol’s pussy wrapped around my hard cock.

The light went off in the kitchen. “Oh Hell,” I thought. “Here we go. If we are gonna get caught, this will be it.”

As Jim started back through the living room, I never stopped pumping Carol’s pussy, and she never stopped riding my dick. We were really into it as Jim made his way by us in the darkness. I turned and watched as he walked right on by, back down the hallway and back into the guest bedroom. He never even saw us.

When kaçak bahis the door closed, Carol leaned back over and said, “Let me go. I have to get back to bed before he realizes that I am gone.”

“Hell no,” I replied. “You’re not going anywhere yet.”

“Let me go,” she responded. “This is so damn wrong. We can’t be doing this.”

“It’s too late for that,” I said as I started pumping her pussy from underneath again.

“Oh God,” she murmured. “Please stop! Oh my God! Please! Please! Oh God, don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

In one breath she went from please stop, to don’t stop. She was really back into it now. Her big ass was moving so fast that I could hardly hold on to it, and it was dark but in the shadows I could see her tits bouncing all in front of my face.

I was very close to blowing my load and she could tell.

“Is this what you want,” she asked with a deep tone.

“Hell yeah,” I replied. “Do it, Bitch!”

“Then cum, you son of a bitch,” she said with a devilish voice. “Cum Goddammit!”

I was holding her ass as tight as I could. She was holding on to the back of the couch for support and humping my rock hard dick with all she had. She began to breath very heavily, and I could tell she was close to orgasm, too.

“That’s it, Bitch,” I said. “Ride that dick. Ride it like a pony!”

“Oh Fuck Yeah! Oh Holy Shit!” she cried. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

With that she planted her big ass down on my rock hard cock. She started sqeezing with her pussy and gyrating on my dick. It was more than I could handle.

“Oh Hell Yeah, Bitch,” I grunted. “I’m cumming all in that wet shit!”

“Oh God Yes! Cum Goddammit!” she said.

With that said, I shot stream after stream of hot cum straight up into her wet, juicy pussy. She just kept her ass pressed down on my hard dick. I could feel her pussy milking my sticky jizz while her big ass was still gyrating slowly on top of me.

“Oh My Fucking God,” she said, as she shuddered on top of me. Lust was written all over her face in the shadows of light around us. She was having a long, slow orgasm.

I just kept pumping her pussy slowly. She had her big ass planted firmly on top of me, so I couldn’t move too much, but I did what I could. I just stared at her while she was in that lustful, orgasmic state. She was way over the edge, in a state of sexual ecstasy.

“Oh my God! Oh my God,” she said. Repeating it over and over.

Her head was tilted back, and her eyes were glazed over. She just kept riding my dick slowly and whispering.

“Oh Holy Fuck,” she said.”Oh My Fucking God.”

Then, she sat straight up and moved quickly off of my dick. She was looking for her shirt in the darkness. After finding it, she turned around to face me, went straight to her knees, and started sucking my dick.

“Damn, Bitch,” I said. “Clean my dick like a good little whore!”

“Hell Yeah,” she replied, as she looked up at me.

Then, she stood up, looked me straight in the eyes, and slapped me across the face.

“What the hell?” I asked, laughing.

As she slowly turned and walked away into the darkness, she looked back at me and said, “I’m no whore!”

As the shadows crossed the dim light I could see cum slowly dripping down her leg. “Yeah, she’s no whore,” I thought sarcastically.

I turned and watched her walk down the hallway in the shadows. Her fine big ass was shaking from side to side. Damn, I thought, I wonder what time they are leaving tomorrow! There may be time to hit that big ass again in the morning! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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