The Naughty Autobiography Ch. 02

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Shame can be both, a downer as well as a turn-on! It all depends on how you perceive it. As a result of the previous day’s events where I was bullied and humiliated by my seniors, I skipped classes and stayed in my room the whole day. I was scared of having to go through it all over again yet that didn’t stop me from masturbating several times. My mound was still smooth and I loved the feel of the skin as I kept running my fingers over it through the day. By late evening, my hunger pangs were starting to become unbearable and I decided to step out to the dining mess.

I prayed that I wouldn’t come across my seniors and hoped that none of the others who had seen me nude would recognize me. I sat by myself and gobbled down my meal before rushing back to my room. Before long, I was back in bed and felt that I might have the confidence to go to class the next morning. I was exhausted from all the masturbating and soon fell asleep.

The loud knocking jolted me out of my deep sleep. Looking over at the small bed-side clock I noticed that it was barely 6:30 in the morning. The knocks now turned to furious banging and I instinctively got out of bed to open the door. Barely a moment after I pulled down the bolt, the door was pushed open towards me. I immediately froze, knowing who it was before I could see the person. It was one of the girls who had bullied me earlier. She walked in and made herself comfortable at the edge of the bed as she looked around at all my stuff strewn around.

“Where have you been?” she asked, almost rhetorically. I was too stunned to reply.

With the utmost confidence, she got up and pulled down her shorts. As she stepped out of them, I realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She stood up straight and stared at me with a serious expression. I couldn’t help letting my eyes take in the sight of her. She stood there wearing just a tight grey tee-shirt, her mound was neatly trimmed and her thick, milky-white thighs were slightly parted. She sat down on the bed and leaned her back against the wall as she spread her legs lewdly displaying her brown pussy lips and the pink flesh that it partly covered.

I immediately knew what was expected of me but managed to feign ignorance in order to postpone the inevitable. With a curled finger she made the “come over” motion as she looked forward to my torture. Tears once again started to run down my cheek as I resigned to my fate, my feet carrying me forward towards the bed. She leaned forward and grabbed my head by a tuft of hair before guiding my mouth between her legs. Barely inches from it, I could smell the rancid odor of her sex and cringed inside realizing that she hadn’t bathed yet.

My face now mashed into her crotch, I mustered up enough courage to stick my tongue out and taste her mildly tangy juices.

“Stick your tongue out and keep it that way” she ordered as she held my head with both hands and ground her hips up and down my face, my stiff tongue making its way through her moist folds. After what felt like ten minutes, she began to stiffen up and her breathing got heavy. She arched her back and raised her ass, pulling my face even harder into her slick crotch before she let go of my head and lay back with a look of complete satiety.

Pulling a corner of my sheet, she proceeded to wipe her crotch before getting up and pulling her shorts back on. As I stood next to the bed with my head down, she walked up to me and stuck a hand down my pajama bottoms and cupped by bare crotch. She traced a finger along the crack before pulling it out and smiling as looked at me and sniffed it.

“I might come back later. Don’t lock the door any more! Is that clear?” she barked as she walked out the door.

A week later and this treatment had become common practice. All three of them would come to my room at all odd hours, some times in twos or all bakırköy escort three together, but mostly alone. I had already become used to getting raped by these girls every day, some times several times a day. I was required to perform cunnilingus on one while the other would play with my pussy although never bothering to get me off. Not that I wanted to but at times it felt right to expect it.

I also started to go out more often. Some of my classmates were going to one of the malls in Bandra one weekend and so I decided to tag along. I was excited to get a chance to wear some of my new clothes and chose the mini-skirt on impulse. Traveling by Mumbai’s buses was another thing that was new for me. I had never imagined being packed among so many men and women in a bus loaded three times its legal capacity. I was sure I could feel a hand or two get a quick feel of my ass or my tits from time to time but there was no way to tell who it was and soon I was getting used to it. I could even feel the hard bulge of the man whose crotch was literally glued to my butt.

Feeling a bit naughty and realizing that I could get away with it, I ground my ass into his crotch every time the bus went over a bump or caused us to shift. He seemed to be getting into the game too as I could feel him press even harder into my fleshy bum, the length of his cock sliding up the length of my crack. I stuck it out towards him and before I knew what was happening, I felt a hand on the back of my bare thigh. It rubbed its way up to my ass and stayed under my skirt. I looked around to see if anybody else had noticed and was relieved to see that even my friends had no clue.

The hand now cupped my bare bottom as it slipped under the left leg of my panty. The little finger was no more than a centimeter away from my asshole and I started to get wet. I stuck my ass out even further, prodding the stranger to take advantage of my horny state. Aroused, I now gained some more courage and reached back with my right hand and cupped his cock through his jeans. His finger now traced my pussy lips and slipped into my wet hole. It felt good to have a man’s hands on me for a change.

Soon a second finger slid into me and I found myself grinding against his fingers as he fucked me with them. I squeezed his cock through his pants as I felt the tension build up inside me. I badly wanted to unzip his fly but before I could do anything, the bus had stopped and my friends signaled for me to get down. As I moved away from him, he shoved a card into my hand while his fingers stayed inside me for as long as his hand could reach before slipping out. While making my way through the crowded isle, I pulled my skirt down before looking back to see if I could spot my mystery finger-fucker but all I could see was a crowd of faces.

It was only when I got down that the cool air let me know that I was sopping wet and a drop of my juices had trickled down my thigh. I quickly wiped it off and proceed to read the card. I had to see him again! It turned out that his name was Akash and that he was a software engineer in a well known IT firm. I was thrilled to have finally met a guy in Mumbai. The following weekend I decided to call him.

It took a certain amount of courage to dial his number. I wasn’t sure how I was going to introduce myself and suddenly felt extremely shy. After a lot of thought, I finally called him.

“Hello?” A serious voice barked, sounding annoyed.

“Um…Hi!” I responded, realizing how stupid it might have sounded.

His tone immediately sobered down upon hearing my feminine voice. “Hi! Who is this?”

“Umm…I…er…we met on the bus…you gave me your card…” I said, a lump in my throat stopping her prematurely.

There was complete silence at the other end as he realized who it was. “HI!” başakşehir escort he said enthusiastically as if he never expected me to actually call. “I’m so happy you called!” he stated.

“Ya, I’m a little embarrassed…I’m not sure what to say.” I replied, hinting to him that he should take the lead here.

“You shouldn’t be! Where do you stay? I’d like to meet you again!” he said, sounding confident.

After a brief exchange of words where he took down my address and decided to pick me up the following morning from the bus stand down the road, I disconnected and started wondering what to wear for our meeting. I settled down for a pair of tight jeans and a body-hugging tank top.

After my bath the next morning, I dressed up and put on some makeup. I decided to skip the panties and the bra and noticed that my nipples were poking through the thin, silky fabric. I wanted to look as sexy as possible and pinched them from time to time. By 10 o’clock, I was at the bus stand and soon after, he picked me up and drove me to his place which wasn’t too far away.

The apartment complex where he stayed seemed to house a lot of singles who were probably from other cities and had come to Mumbai for work. As we entered his 3rd floor apartment, I immediately noticed the mess. Old newspapers, food cartons, and all kinds of garbage was strewn all over the hall. He showed me into his room which was completely bare save for a small cupboard and two mattresses on the floor.

“Can I get you anything to drink? Some water or Pepsi? He asked.

“Some rum would be nice! I stated and the corners of his mouth curved up into a sly, knowing smile. I’ve drunk alcohol only once before and didn’t like it much. But today felt different and I wanted to make myself look modern.

“I have some vodka if you’d like some!” he said and left the room before I could respond.

Alone in the room, I sat down on one of the mattresses and suddenly realized that someone was in the bathroom when I heard the shower. A few minutes later, the bathroom door opened and this muscular guy walked out, completely naked. Even after noticing me he didn’t bother to cover up and just stood there and smiled at me as he nonchalantly dried his hair with the towel.

I couldn’t help staring at his fat cock. Although it wasn’t erect, it hung down pretty low. Behind it, his large testicles pushed his cock out a little. I suddenly realized that he had caught me staring at it and blushed.

“Hi, I’m Rohan! He said as he continued drying his hair.

“Hi, I’m Mythila!” I replied, looking down at the ground.

Even after Akash came back with our drinks, Rohan remained naked as he looked though the cupboard. I stared at his bare ass as I sipped my drink before Akash brought me back.

“I see you’ve met my perpetually naked roommate, Rohan” he said, addressing Rohan even though he was looking at me.

“Yes I have!” I said as I stole another glance at his nude form.

“I hope you don’t mind it! There’s no point in having a cock this size if you can’t show it off once in a while!” he winked as he held his cock in his right wrist.

“Stop showing off, you horny cunt!” Akash said, jokingly.

“So I hear you’re new to Mumbai!” Rohan stated as he turned around and faced me.

“Yes I’ve been here for three weeks now!” I said, trying not to stare at his cock and failing miserably.

“Maybe you should have a closer look!” Rohan said before walking up to me.

I was even more shocked and didn’t know how to reply as I looked to Akash for some help. Akash was grinning as Rohan stood right in front of us, his cock a few inches above my face. At this proximity, I could notice the tip of his pink head peeking out from the foreskin. Rohan laughed before turning away. He finally put bayrampaşa escort on some clothes and said he was heading out for a while and would let us get down to our business.

We spent the reminder of the morning drinking at talking. By lunch I was pretty tipsy and didn’t stop Akash from getting a quick feel of my breasts and legs every now and then. Eventually I had loosened up considerably and some heavy petting ensued. He peeled down my jeans and went to town on my pussy, spreading my thighs with his hands as he lapped away at my folds. Although I was enjoying having him down between my legs, my mind was pre-occupied with he sight of Rohan’s cock.

Soon he had me on my back and started to mount me. The feeling of his penis sliding into me was ecstatic and I immediately grabbed his butt and pulled him into me. We were going at it furiously and after a while I was on top of him, my back arched as I humped his cock, my breasts pressing into his chest. All of a sudden I could feel a finger trace the line between my crack until it stopped at my puckered asshole. I longed for it to slide into my ass and before I knew it, I could feel the tip of it poke into me.

Suddenly the finger pulled out and was replaced by what felt like the tip of a cock. It didn’t make any sense as I already had Akash’s medium-sized albeit delicious penis up my pussy and I immediately stopped and looked over my shoulder. There was Rohan, kneeling behind my exposed ass. He had a small jar of Vaseline in one hand while he was using the other to hold his dick in place.

Although I felt a little violated, I was thrilled that Rohan was finally back and made no attempts at stopping him. But before he could put it into my ass, I could feel Akash tense up under me and soon after, his cock twitched and spasmed, squirting his warm load deep inside me. Rohan realized this and backed off, sitting on his haunches as he continued to admire my spread ass cheeks. Once Akash was done, he motioned for me to get off him, not showing the least bit of surprise when he saw Rohan. I figured this was something they planned and probably did a lot.

I lay down on my back as Rohan knelt at my feet, staring at my pussy. I was at the heights of being horny and rubbed my clit as he stared at my fingers. I spread my legs wide, inviting him to come forth. He moved forward and knelt between my legs, his cock now even bigger and dangling down temptingly. I reached for it and pumped it a couple of timed before positioning the head at my opening. It was certainly a lot thicker than Akash’s cock, the head probably the size of a large plum.

However, my pussy was too slick to offer any resistance and the moment the head touched my opening, it slid in. He gently pushed his cock into me until I could feel the head touch my cervix. Lying down over me, he kissed me as he took long, slow strokes, making my eyes roll back into my head. Unable to withstand the urgency to cum, I heaved my hips up at his crotch, prompting him to pump harder and faster into me and within minutes I could feel a massive orgasm building up inside. I continued to pull him into me and finally arched my back as waves of pleasure rode through me.

He kept pumping into me until he came with a loud groan and collapsed onto my chest. He lay there till his cock softened up. When he finally got up, his wet limp cock slipped out with a pop and I lay there with my legs wide open, enjoying the after-glow of that delicious orgasm and the cool air running over my wet pussy. As I got up to go to the bathroom, thick loads of cum dripped down my inner thighs and down my legs.

When I came back from the bathroom, both of them were lying on the bed, still naked and I understood that they weren’t done with me. I spent the entire weekend there getting fucked by the two of them. I must have swallowed no less than half a glass of semen during that time. By the time Akash dropped me back at my hostel on Sunday night, my pussy was so sore I could barely walk. Since then, we’ve spent several weekends together, fucking each other’s brains out. The girls still continue to rape me on a regular basis but my weekends with these two guys make up for all the crap I’m put through.

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