The New Playmate’s Surprise

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It had been a fairly miserable day so far for a Saturday – and it was nearly over, too. The vacation was nearly over, for that matter – this was the last weekend but one before she would have to go back to school. And where were her friends? None of them were answering their phones, it was like they were avoiding her or something. It was enough to make Lucy sigh pretty heavily.

And where were all her friends? It was pretty obvious: they were with their new boyfriends – Anna with Charlie, Penny with Leo and Francesca was no doubt with Jonny. Jonny, the son of her mother’s new fiancé, who had been living in the same house as her for a few weeks now, and had started out fooling around with her, not Francesca. Jonny, the handsome sandy-haired boy who had such an incredible ability to make a girl come.

She couldn’t be angry at any of them – even though it was basically her who had set all of them up – they were her friends, and they were good people, they deserved each other and they were good together. But that didn’t help her out at all. While they were all out fooling around, she was left here in her bedroom, watching cable.

And damn it, since those guys had all gone off together, Lucy had become so horny. Why couldn’t Jonny have invited just one more of his classmates over to fool around? Some hunk who could have latched onto her and spent all his time making her feel good?

Perhaps she should have been more aggressive. She should have flirted more outrageously with either Leo or Charlie. She should have pressed herself on them a little more, rather than sitting back and letting them connect with Anna and Penny. Then maybe she’d be lying here with Leo, the strong, athletic blond – or even Charlie, the bookish but sweet brown curly-haired boy. Either would have been preferable to this, lying on her bed on her own.

She could have been lying there with a man between her legs, perhaps running his mouth through her small patch of red pubic hair to envelop her sensitive clit in his hot mouth. Or she could have been looking up into his beautiful eyes as he slid his hard cock into her tight, wet pussy, gliding inch by inch inside her to slowly fill her and satisfy that burning need.

Instead, she was lying here, her loose skirt drawn up as she caressed her own pussy through her soaking panties in front of the television. And she wasn’t even watching it – she was just lying back, her mind drifting back to the past weeks, especially to the time she’d spent with Jonny. How had she given that up?

It made sense, what with her mother marrying his father. But it had been so good with him. That glint in his eyes when she flirted with him, the way he held her, his calm voice calling her name…



Oh shit, that was him! The young redhead jumped up from her bed, smoothing down her skirt and hoping against hope that she didn’t look as though she’d just been touching herself – which was, of course, what she had been doing, so there was no way she’d look like she’d been doing anything other than…

“There you are!”

He pushed his head round the door. God. What if she jumped on him now? Swore she’d never tell Francesca, it’d just be their secret, just unzip him and slide his hard cock inside her…

No, she could never do that to Francesca.

But damn, did she need a man.

“What’s up?” she asked, trying to sound calm.

“Get changed!” he said, all bouncy and happy and not at all frustrated. “We’re going out tonight!”


On the way over to Francesca’s house to pick up Jonny’s girlfriend, Lucy just could not get Jonny to tell her where they were going. She’d dressed up in some brand new things – a soft little pink crop-top, cute little black skirt that was shockingly short, new shoes and new underwear – hey, you never knew, huh? But she didn’t have a clue where they were going.

They talked about other stuff – how Jonny was getting on with Francesca, what it would be like Jonny having to go back to his all-boys’ school and Francesca back to the all-girls’ school, that kind of thing. But not about what they were going to do that evening.

It was kind of cold out, too – neither of them brought a coat. Lucy hoped they were not going to have to go far outside. Thankfully, Francesca’s house wasn’t too far away. It was a big house – they had a driveway to walk up and everything. But then Francesca’s parents were both doctors.

Jonny pressed the door bell, and they waited out in the darkness.

“There’s lights on – must be somebody home,” Lucy said as Jonny pressed the bell again.

“There is,” Jonny said. “It’s a big house, though – maybe it takes a while to answer the door.”

Then, at last, the door opened.


The cry was so loud, so many people – Lucy was quite overcome. Jonny grinned conspiratorially. Inside Francesca’s front hall, there were loads of people.

“What the hell…” Lucy was aghast. Everyone was here – all her friends, Jonny’s friends and more. It looked like their whole class from çapa escort school – and, she guessed, Jonny’s class from his school.

“What do think we’ve all been doing all day?” Francesca greeted her with a hug and a smile as Jonny closed the door and the party got back into full swing – plenty of beer and punch about, Lucy noticed.

“My God, it’s fabulous! I thought I was going to spend these last couple of weeks all on my own!” Lucy said.

“Definitely not, girl,” Anna said as she hugged Lucy. “There are literally dozens of single guys here – you are going to get yourself a man. Tonight!”

Lucy felt a slight twinge of nerves – God, would she? She hoped so.

“But first, you have to take off your shoes – both of you,” Francesca said to Lucy and Jonny.

“Huh?” Lucy said, but did so anyway.

“Because,” the petite blonde explained, “this is a strip party!”

“Strip party?”

“Yeah – Penny came up with the idea. Every half hour, everyone has to remove an item of clothing. Those who can’t face it have to leave the party!”


The petite blonde dragged him up the grand staircase to the upstairs landing, and, walking close behind her he could see flashes of her pink panties as they climbed to the upstairs landing. With every step, Jonny felt his cock growing harder and harder, his heart beat quickening along with his breathing: excitement build with every step closer to what was about to happen.

“Come on!” Francesca urged him as they dashed into her bedroom.

“Why the rush? We’ve got time, haven’t we?” he asked, trying with difficulty to hide a smile that resulted from having such a beautiful girl so desperate to have sex with him.

“Twenty minutes,” she said, pulling him into the room and all but slamming the door behind them. “In twenty minutes I have to go round taking another item of clothing from everyone.”

“Ah, I see,” he said.

The blonde perched on the edge of the bed, and Jonny could already see her hardened nipples through her crop top, pushing against her top and her bra with real need. She parted her thighs, giving him another, less fleeting view of her little pink panties, on which he could already see a damp patch.

“Well?” she demanded seductively, and he almost winced at just how delicious she looked, feeling his penis fighting against his underwear for space.

Without a word, Jonny dropped to his knees in front of her and began to kiss his way along her thighs. Francesca leaned back on her hands, closing her eyes and letting out a quiet moan as the handsome boy approached her burning need, caressing her inner thighs with his soft lips.

“Mmm…” she purred as she felt him touch her panties for the first time. “You always know what I want, Jonny…”

He grinned briefly before resuming his exploration between her thighs, stroking her cotton-covered crotch with his mouth and nose, breathing in her intoxicating scent of arousal and vanilla perfume. The little blonde’s panties, pink with a large red heart situated directly above her clit – as if to show him the way to go – were saturated with her juices now. Holding onto her thighs, Jonny opened his mouth and pressed his tongue against her smouldering sex, tasting through her underwear and provoking her into a louder moan as the heat of his mouth connected with her pussy.

“Oh please… please…” she whispered unnecessarily, her new boyfriend – her first boyfriend – running his tongue along her moist groove, restricted only by the thin barrier of her panties.

Jonny looked up at her as he continued to tease her through her underwear. She was so beautiful, her lithe teenage body, her sweet face, that long, golden hair, which was tied in a long ponytail tonight. He felt so lucky being here between her legs, allowed to enjoy her like this. Her very presence stirred his soul – her incredible beauty, her exquisitely feminine scent, the thrillingly tangy taste of her arousal. Nudging aside her panties to reveal her little hairless mound and her glistening soft pink folds.

“Oh God…” she moaned as he tasted her from the source, kissing his way to the edge of her labia before dipping his tongue in her vagina.

Far off, in the distance, he could hear the noise from the party down below – it was a good one, it seemed, plenty of people, loads Jonny knew and even more he didn’t. He could tell this would be a really unifying event for the guys in his class – and the girls in Francesca’s and Lucy’s class at their school.

But right here, right now, this was the place to be, wedged between the slender thighs of the prettiest girl in the house, kissing and licking her dripping pussy, lapping up the nectar from her heavenly vagina, nuzzling into her perfectly shaven crotch as she ran her delicate fingers through his hair, encouraging him with ever more urgent moans.

Jonny pressed two of his fingers either side of her clitoral hood now, slipping his thumb into the slippery warmth of her tight little vagina, and now ran his tongue across cihangir escort those fingers, hearing her gasp as she felt the texture against her clitoris. They only had twenty minutes, after all, and time always flew when Jonny found himself lapping at the pussy of his beloved. Through the fumbling explorations of the first few weeks of their relationship, he had found that this got her to a powerful peak quicker than any other method.

As his tongue grazed her sensitive little bud, his fingers keeping the pressure at just the right level, his thumb caressed her inside her pussy, gliding into, then out of her burning tightness, stoking the fires within.

He felt her begin to go, loving the feverish moans that built almost into screams as she climbed towards her ecstatic peak. Her whole body was trembling now, as the tremendous surge of energy blossomed within her, and a sudden shudder announced that her orgasm had reached ignition, and it was all systems ‘go’.

She let out a soft, but forceful and high-pitched cry as she was overcome by her vigorous climax. It was incredible, a violent shock of pleasure that was so all-encompassing and powerful that it felt like she’d never had a proper orgasm before, though of course she had had plenty before, the best ones in the last few weeks with Jonny.

Jonny slipped his thumb out of her pussy so that he might taste her once again before they tidied up. He licked the juices that flowed from her vagina, and as he cleaned her with his soft tongue, he looked up and his eyes met those of Francesca, smouldering and satiated as they were.

“My God, you’re amazing,” she said breathlessly. “I live to serve you,” he grinned and rose to his feet as she replaced her panties across her throbbing pussy.

“Mmm… sounds like you could do with a little serving, too,” Francesca smiled herself as she reached forward and touched his rock-hard erection through his pants.

“But I think our twenty minutes is up,” he said a little gloomily.

“Yeah? Well maybe a little later then…” she stroked his hardness as if making a promise. “But now, I guess I need to make sure everyone takes off the next items of clothing… take off your socks, Jonny!”


Downstairs, Lucy was having a good time, fooling around with Penny and Anna, Charlie and Leo. It was obvious to all what Jonny and Francesca were up to, but Anna explained that the two of them had been setting up the party all day, and had been waiting hours for a bit of quality time together.

But down here, the music was good, and it was kind of cool having loads of other people there, too – Lucy found that a lot of the girls in her class were actually pretty cool people when she got talking. And the free-flowing beer and punch helped lubricate the conversation, of course.

As the grandfather clock in the entrance hall struck nine, Francesca came down to ask everyone to remove their next item of clothing – socks mostly. Lucy’s petite blonde friend looked distinctly flushed – it didn’t take much of an imagination to work out what she’d been up to that past twenty minutes or so.

Jonny followed his girlfriend downstairs, feeling more than a little frustrated since the past half hour or so was still running through his mind, and the fresh taste of his girlfriend’s arousal still on his lips. Inside his pants, his hardness was almost teasing him: still here, Bozo, what’re you going to do about it?

Lucy was curious as to how this whole strip party was going to work. ShHe hadn’t ever heard of it being done before – Spin the Bottle, sure, Dare, sure, Strip Poker, all been done, but this, this was all new as far as she was concerned. Francesca certainly had a good imagination to come up with this one – who knew that the previously fairly shy girl had it in her? Being with Jonny was definitely changing her, giving her more confidence.

Some of those present at the party were looking distinctly nervous. Socks weren’t a big deal to remove, but Lucy guessed they were realising that this evening was going to get more and more difficult as every half an hour ticked by. In a way, Lucy was a little nervous, too – excitedly so, but nervous all the same. So many of these girls she really did not know, and there were a lot of guys around she didn’t know, either.

But the thing was, they were all in the same boat – they all had to get as naked as each other. And those who were really uncomfortable about it could simply go home whenever they liked – Francesca had made that clear.

Some of the girls had to remove nylons – and there were wolf whistles as they did so, and some flashes of underwear from some of the bolder types as they lifted their skirts to remove the items.

“Hey, how’s it going?” she asked Jonny.

“Hey, not bad,” he said with a grin.

“You and Francesca joining the party now?”

“Well…” he said, not quite knowing what to say.

“A little later – we have something to take care of first,” Francesca sidled up beside him and overtly esenyurt escort patted his hard cock through his pants. “I owe Jonny a little something,” she said with a mischievous grin. “But then, we’ll be down again.”

“What happens after everyone’s lost all their clothes?” Lucy asked.

“Some special games,” the petite blonde said, with the kind of tone that suggested that perhaps the games she was referring to were not going to be all that straight forward.

“Yeah? What kind of games?” Lucy asked.

“Well, let’s put it this way, they’ll be pretty wild,” Francesca giggled.


Upstairs again, Jonny followed Francesca towards her bedroom once more, but on opening the door, found it occupied. Francesca’s raven-haired friend Penny was on her knees in front of her new boyfriend – Jonny’s friend Leo. The large, athletic boy was sitting on the edge of the bed in almost the exact same position Francesca had been sitting earlier, as Jonny had tended to her moist vagina with his mouth. Leo was leaning back, his head tilted backwards and his eyes closed in bliss as the dark-haired girl took his erect cock in her mouth.

Francesca and Jonny took a silent step back, closing the door carefully without alerting their friends to their presence.

“Guest bedroom,” Francesca whispered with a smile, and they went on down the corridor.

In the next room, the guest bedroom, they had no luck either. Inside, they found Francesca’s blonde friend Anna standing by the dresser with her purple silk panties around her ankles. She wasn’t alone, either: Jonny’s friend Charlie was standing behind her, his hands reaching round and underneath her top, coaxing her shapely breasts as he penetrated her from behind.

Francesca seemed to want to stay, but Jonny pulled her back, closing the door. The little blonde girl grinned again – just teasing – and led him further down the hallway.

“The master bedroom,” she announced, and thankfully it was empty.

“Damn it, I know none of us have been in relationships long…” Jonny said with a chuckle.

“Well…” Francesca said, closing the door to ensure their privacy, “I guess they saw you and me heading off before and got the idea…”

She unzipped his pants and reached inside to retrieve his hard cock.

“Help yourself,” he said, feeling ripples of warm pleasure settling through his system as she touched him.

“So what do you fancy?” she asked, putting on an innocent little-girl-lost expression. “A little of what Penny was offering – or should we follow Anna’s example?”

Jonny reached forwards to touch Francesca’s breasts through her top, then reached underneath her top to caress those soft little mounds that fitted snugly in his palms.

“How about a little of both?” he suggested.

“Mmm…” the blonde schoolgirl purred. “I was hoping you’d say that.”


It was already a pretty wild party – even before the party games were to begin. Something about the concept of a strip party meant that those who weren’t brave enough, and those without sufficient self-confidence didn’t stick around. And those who did stick around, particularly after the next item had to come off – people’s tops – tended to be the more attractive types, and anyway, they were giving themselves extra courage by drinking large amounts of beer or punch.

The next item was the first really revealing one: Francesca came round with a real glint in her eye asking for people to remove their tops. Lucy could tell she’d just made it with Jonny again. Lucky thing. She had that post-orgasmic glow on her face, unmistakable. But, maybe Lucy would meet someone tonight – there was certainly no shortage of attractive males about, now removing their tops to reveal the kind of chests a girl would really like to rub up against. Especially that dark-haired guy talking to Charlie over in the corner, who was kind of quite and calm, but made her tingle inside whenever she caught a glimpse of him.

Lucy did her bit, taking a swig of punch before pulling off her top. Underneath, she had on a white lace wonderbra. It felt strange revealing herself in front of all these people – despite those who were leaving the party, frightened to go on, there were plenty left – even if it was just her bra. But she knew it would only get worse – when the next half hour came round, she would have to take off her skirt, too. The thought of that made her heart burn with nervousness and, she had to admit, excitement. Thank heavens she was wearing the kind of panties that wouldn’t show her moisture, a nice little pair of white thongs. And thank heavens she wasn’t wearing embarrassing big underwear!

“Seen anyone you like yet?”

It was Anna, the bubbly blonde who had already been through some pretty wild adventures with Lucy, Jonny and Francesca. Anna had larger breasts than most, though not outlandishly large, now on display tucked inside a semi-transparent thin white bra.

“Plenty,” Lucy laughed in reply.

“I can’t believe so many people are still here,” Anna said. “Shows how effective this punch is, huh?”


It was a surprise how many people were still here. For the boys, it was no big deal baring their chests, but it showed that Lucy didn’t know all of her classmates as well as she thought, that there were so many girls around willing to stay and show their bras to so many strangers.

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