The Payment

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Thinking I had the bet all wrapped up in my pocket, I got a very cocky attitude that night. Little did I know how bad I would lose? Afterwards, when I realized I had lost. I had to come up with something super to knock their socks off. I thought to myself, this will be the last time I make a bet that includes one guy and his friends.

While taking a shower later that night, I was thinking of something I could do to be as creative as possible which would make my debt into a credit with the guys. I also thought to myself, since they wanted something sexy and erotic from me personally. I was going to make them hurt and hurt badly, for this is the best way possible. I laughed inwardly, just thinking of them all sitting there with huge hard-ons and not being able to do anything about it because of their pride, or possibly, the fact they would not ever think of masturbating in front of each other!

Such pussies! I thought and smiled brightly. Washing down my stomach I felt the water drip down in between my soapy thighs. I got a tingly sensation and started to move my hands downward, feeling my legs grow weaker as my fingers crept closer to my honey pot, I thought of how good it would be to make them all watch me, stripping naked and rubbing my tight little box.

I came, copiously. Before I realized it, I became aware that I was completely dripping wet! Not from the shower water either. I was sliding my right index finger over my swelling clit, which was now getting hard like a little shiny pebble you might find on the beach somewhere. Although I would rather you pay attention to my clit than some crummy beach!

The more I rubbed and played with it, the more I felt my honey pot drip. I could feel my pussy tightening up, it is screaming for some long needed attention too! I just can’t stop rubbing my clit, it feels so good! Oh! Yes! I rub it faster, making circles until I can feel the waves start to come over me. I raised my left leg up on the side of the tub so I can rub it faster! I pinch my clit and just as I do that I can feel the wave peak. Oh Dear! I start to shake and I can’t help but to take my other hand and slam my fingers deep into my soaked pussy! I am twisting and twirling it stretching my tight hole riding the waves of the first orgasm, I realized I was moaning out loud! It turned me on even more knowing that everyone was still in the other room. They would hear me, knowing that I was playing with myself! I thought to myself, this is perfect to fill the bet. Still slamming my finger inside my pussy I lost all coherent thoughts that I had and I enjoyed the task in my hand! I could feel the hot water running down my back from the shower head; it was more sensuous to feel the warm sticky juices running down my trembling thighs.

Still kneading my clit – I was moaning out! – Still I couldn’t stop, it felt so damn good! It had been awhile since I have had sex, hell it had been for ever since I have even had time for a masturbation session! That was probably why I was so tense lately. I continued my little self-love play. I think I needed something more if this was going to work to my advantage. I slowly and reluctantly eased my finger out of my hot pussy. I wanted to be selfish and finish myself off, until me swooning with the pleasure! I sigh to myself and think a bet is a bet, which I would personally have to pay in full. Just the thought made my pussy trickle some more.

I climb out of the shower and stand in front of the mirror for a minute looking at myself. My nipples and pimpled areolas are swollen standing proudly out from milky white tits. You can see the rest of my body is fairly tanned except for one small patch of skin where my tiny little bikini bottoms fit snuggly over my pussy mound. Telling you more about my nipples they are poking out like bullets! So hard right now! Wickedly, I lean my head, reaching with my outstretched tongue I lick across it as I watch myself in the mirror. Oh! I do love to have sex with myself! I still have droplets of water dripping down my body, which is perfect for what I have in mind.

Looking for and finding for lotion to rub my wet body down to make it silky smooth. I found some baby oil, which was even better, I start lathering my small frame down with the oil and I hear someone coming down the hallway. I laugh to myself. I asked myself, did they hear me? I hope so. As I hear the footsteps coming closer I start to get wet again knowing that in a few moments I am going to make them suffer, I do get brief thought of hoping it is still just the three of the guys and their girlfriends, Then I wonder will their girlfriends like this too? I know one of them expressed to me before she was bisexual but would this be overstepping some sort of boundaries between friends?

Putting those thoughts out of my head as soon as I heard the knock on the bathroom door. My body was wet and oily now, my nipples hard and pussy was soaked, I know my pussy lips were ümraniye escort still swollen as I could feel them pulsating between my legs looking for attention. I ask who was at the door and I heard a female voice. Surprised for a second I wondered what was wrong. She asked, Can I come in, I really need to pee, I unlocked and opened the door but never bothered to put on a towel or anything, She slowly came in and said, Sorry, but one of the guys have the other bathroom and I just couldn’t wait and more. I just nodded my head and pretended she was not there as I continued to prepare myself for later. I leaned over the sink and I guess my ass was sticking out some because she commented on how I had such small tan lines on my hips and ass she asked what kind of bathing suit I wore. I told her I would show her later. She smiled and nodded. She pushed her jeans down and I could see she had on white cotton bikinis, which is something I love. I think that is one of the sexiest things ever and is why I wear them myself. She continued to pull her panties down. I could not help but watch her in the mirror.

She was cute, short reddish brown hair and a cute button nose. She had stunning green eyes that looked like they could shoot daggers if you pissed her off, but I liked that. She could hold her own which was a nice thing to have if you are a female. I noticed she was watching me watch her in the mirror. She smiled and her eyes twinkled as she let her jeans and panties fall down to the floor. She stood straight up for a second lifted her shirt up a tiny bit over her tummy and I could see she was shaved, not completely but had a nice thin patch from the top of pussy going up about an inch. I saw her trace it with her finger, which was hot. I felt a burst of heat hit me right in the center of my pussy. I started to wiggle and turned my back to her and turned on the water figuring she might want to have some privacy. I bent over to pick up the baby oil cap and felt something trace over my ass. Startled I jumped and then realized she was doing it. I finished picking up the cap thinking what was going on with her. I could feel her whole hand on my ass now moving slowly in between my legs and I was getting soaked hot, I wanted her to keep going but I was afraid if I moved or said anything she would stop. With out thinking I uttered, Oh! Yes! That feels nice!’

I realized she hadn’t wanted a pee at all! She just wanted some girl on girl action with me. Her hands were in between my legs now and I could not help but moan out. She looked at me in the mirror again and smiled. She started to talk to me. I looked at her in the mirror and she said, Lets have some fun. I giggled and told her all about my bet and my plans to pay up for the guys and she just laughed explaining she knew about the bet. She told me they would be sorry – because she lost to them as well. I laughed and felt her finger graze my clit as I did, that made me moan out louder then before. I guess we were laughing louder then we thought – because one of the guys asked if we were having fun. That question made us giggle.

She came closer to me and leaned down and licked over my hard nipple, it sent shivers down my spine. I leaned outwards hoping she would do more and she did. She took my nipple into her mouth and sucked down pulling it into her throat. God it felt so good. She stopped and said, Okay let’s go pay them now. Not knowing what she had in store. I followed her having my own plans. My body was flushed from being so turned on now and I know my pussy was beyond hot and wet. As I walked out of the bathroom I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me walking down the dark hallway. Coming up on the family room, where all the guys were, I noticed they were oblivious to us walking past them, I realized she was going into the dining room off the family room separated. Having my own agenda I stopped in front of the table unaware of what she had in mind. I looked at her to see what she was doing and realized she was coming towards me, pushing me onto the table I could feel myself get excited as she opened my towel and let it drop to the floor. I sat down on the edge of table and spread my legs open at my knees. She looked down and smiled at me seeing that I was shaved and dripping wet. My pussy was glistening to the point my outer lips were slippery wet and my mound was swollen.

As she leaned into me to me kiss me I let my hands drop to her hips and I started to push her undone pants down to her ankles, when my hands could not reach anymore I locked my feet around her legs and pushed the rest of the way down with my feet making sure her pants and panties were gone from her legs, I could feel her step out of them and kick them out of the way.

As we continued to kiss, I could feel her hands massaging my ass and she felt good. Her hands were so smooth and soft, so teasingly intimate. She was kneading my ass cheeks, yenibosna escort letting her fingers probe in and around my anus which was a pleasant surprise. I was wiggling my bum under her touch.

Through her shirt I was caressing her tits which were now swollen and I knew she was not wearing a bra by the feel of her taut nipples through the cloth of her shirt. I backed away from her kiss and lifted her shirt up, she lifted her arms so I can raise it over her head, and I stopped to gaze at her huge swollen tits. She was milky white all over and her skin was smooth as silk, her silver dollar size nipples were perky and ready for my mouth so I leaned down and took one of her titty nipples in my mouth. Barely sucking on it I could hear her breathe in hard. When I bit the tip of her nipple gently I felt her to start to shake and I knew she was getting wet now too, so I let my hands roam down the side of her waist and down her stomach till I reached her mound., I rubbed gently on the outside of her pussy massaging it.

I could feel her grinding down into my palm, which made me slowly slide one of my fingers in between the outer pussy lips. I slid my finger from down from the top of her mound to her asshole and brought it back up again never once touching anything that would make her shiver and shake. Yet she was soaking my hand anyway. I could feel her juices running down my hand, I brought my hand up to her mouth and pushed my one finger into her mouth and made her suck her juices off. Mainly because I like being forced to drink my own juices too. Once I knew she had some on her tongue I leaned in and sucked the tip of her tongue I felt her moan under my mouth and As my tongue moved further into her mouth I moved hand back down her to pussy but this time I was rougher and pusher open her legs wide with my arm and I slammed in two fingers right away, I felt her legs buckle on my hand which made me excited and I started to push my fingers into her tight pussy deeper and harder, She was moaning under my kiss and I moved my mouth from her and I watched her eyes as I fucked her tight cunt with my long extended fingers.

She was writhing as my fingers went in and out and I could tell she was getting close to orgasm so with my thumb I massaged her clit in tune with the rhythm of my fingers, She was getting louder and I looked down and could see her juicy sweet drink run down her legs My mouth watered, dying to taste her succulent pussy juices, soon I would be dining on those, I thought.

I could feel her getting closer as her pussy was grabbing at my fingers pulling them into her more. I jumped off the table pushed her into the wall behind us and spread her legs open enough so I could get in-between them, she raised her one leg and rested it on my shoulder and my head moved and the tip of my tongue lashed out her clit.

That was all it took for her to scream out loud. Through her scream and moan I could hear in the background one of the guys asks, did you hear that? The other guys didn’t say anything I could hear but I heard footsteps.

Laughing to myself, knowing they would soon catch the show, I started licking her clit faster and harder and I could feel her hands grab my hair pulling my head into her pussy harder, she started grinding her hot juicy wet pussy on my mouth now. I heard the foot steps move in closer which made me back away from her some. Just enough to give the first guy a clear shot of my tongue sliding into her pussy. I slowly licked her pussy from clit to her tasty asshole and back up again and once I did that, I licked over her lips spreading them open and started to push my tongue into her hole. As I did this she started to cum on my tongue, I heard her say, Boys its lunch time! In breathy howls. I knew they were all close by and she was on the verge of exploding any minute.

Using my finger to massage her clit as my tongue fucked her tight pussy she started to buck against my mouth real hard. Feeling her juices run down my to my tits now was making me crazy I kept thrusting my tongue in and out and that is when I heard from the back ground, HOLY SHIT! I knew then our plan was set, I kept fucking her with my mouth and heard moans from behind me, She looked down at me and I knew all three of the guys were there now, She pulled my hair and started to cum hard. I could feel her sweet cum dripping into my mouth making me swallow hard, I moved my face and took the tip of my tongue and put it right in-between her lips into her mouth and let it drip then back down to her cunt again. She reached down and rubbed her clit until it was flowing fast, I was lapping it up as fast as it dripped down. I knew my face was soaked and glistening with her smelly pussy cream.

I glanced around, eye-balling our audience. They were all turned on, no question about that judging by their tented pants. They were awe-struck at what we were doing.

I yeşilköy escort could feel she was just about cum again. I giggled to myself as I kept licking her pussy. I was making moaning sounds as I did and watched the guys through the corner of my eye. I watched as the guy with hard-on let his hand travel down to his dick and he grabbed it as if to move it so it was not straining anymore. The other guys were looking eyes wide open and one went as far as to undo his jeans to relieve some of the pressure that was happening in his pants.

For me seeing them get hard and excited was almost more then I could take. My pussy was dripping wet again and I ran my own hand down to it and started finger fucking myself as I ate her sweet little box. She was coming down for her orgasm and realized the guys were all watching again. She laughed and in a breathy voice said, pays back time boys. And looked down to me, Pulling me up from my knees she started kissing my pussy soaked mouth and grabbed my ass hard making me moan under her mouth. She licked down my neck down to my tits and grabbed one of them with her mouth. Biting my nipple making me ache inside I started wiggling, I leaned back and she kissed down my chest pushing me back on the top of the table.

The guys all gasped at once as I was laying there, tits swollen, nipple hard as rocks and her spreading my legs wide open, she moved so the guys could all see my sweet shaved soaked pussy. I watched as one guy licked his lips which made me wonder if anyone of them would be trying to join in. As I was thinking that I felt her fingertip stretch my thin pussy lips open wide. She leaned down and darted her tongue inside me. I screamed out and writhed on the table top. I could hear one of the guys moan out and I looked over to see what was happening. Oh yeah! I thought this was heaven. I watched as he took his cock out and started rubbing the head of it. The other guys were watching me and looked over him and they were in shock. It didn’t look like they would be joining in anytime so they would be left out in the cold. As she fucked my pussy with her velvety tongue I rode her tongue.

Motioning to the guy with his dick in his hand to come over to table I watched him walk over slowly, never once did he let go of his cock; He was stroking it fast and hard. I thought to myself if he doesn’t stop soon he will cum all over before anything else happens. So I grabbed his hand and stopped him from stroking. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head down to my tits and he started sucking on my nipples as she was now licking and sucking on my little pebble like clit. I was so close to cumming I was holding it back till the right minute. The other guys moved around to the front of us and watched her eat me. She was going at it like a starved child.

The guy was licking up and down my chest and tits and I pushed his head down where hers was. He helped her lick and suck on my pussy. I could feel their tongues touching as they darted inside and out of me. He licked down to my asshole and this is when I grabbed his cock and started stroking it. I couldn’t help myself; I had to move my hand fast, what they were doing to me felt to good. I had completely forgotten about the other guys but she had not. I realized as she was licking my clit again she had motioned to one of them and she was stroking his cock through his pants. This was something I would have not done; I would have made them suffer by watching. The guy that was licking my pussy with her stopped looked at me and moved in between my legs pushing her out of the way.

I knew what was coming now. I looked down and cringed because I could see he was so turned on now he was huge! I was almost going to say, ‘No! Stop!’ because I was afraid of the pain I might feel but before he slammed his huge rod into me he did stop and started to rub my clit making me forget all about the pain that may or may not happen.

As he was rubbing my clit she jumped and leaned down over my pussy and started licking it as I felt his cock stretch my lips open wide. God he was pushing in fast and it was hurting some what. She felt me cringe so she started sucking on my clit which I loved and relaxed more I got wetter and he took that as an invitation to slam his huge dick in deep. I jumped up and he did which pushed him deeper, He started slamming his dick in and out hard which made her have to move because she was getting in the way. I was screaming out and she started to bite my nipples now. He lifted my ass off the table and held me there while he fucked my pussy till it ached. I was getting ready to cum I could feel it coming on slowly. I reached down grabbed her pussy and started finger fucking her pussy again, I looked over and realized one of the other guys was stroking his dick now and I laughed. He was going too fast and moaning, I knew he would cum before we did.

The guy fucking me was getting bigger inside me, which made me think he was getting ready. I could feel his nails digging into my ass pulling me passionately onto his driving cock! Many fingers were working her pussy. I leaned up gripping his broad shoulders, biting on his nipples! That made him call out! The shag was really getting to me now. We were screaming up to a colossal climax! I was sore and happy.

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