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The Penis Research Study – A Weekend Visit is Full of Surprises

I was relaxing on the patio next to the pool after arriving for a quick weekend visit. The warm sun was just what I needed to chase New York chill out of my bones.

“Here, lazy one, this will fix you up.” At fifty-one, mom looked good. A hard working pediatrician who still found time for the gym.

“But, Amanda, you told me to go out here and get some sun.”

“I did. I’m just teasing. It is very nice to have you home, if only for three days.” She leaned down and gave me a kiss that was more than motherly. I reached for a breast that was falling out of a barely there bikini top. She swatted at my hand and asked, “When is the girlfriend coming along on one of your visits?”

I growled and pulled her on top of me, almost spilling the drink in her hand. “You know very well that medical school doesn’t leave time for romance. Cynthia said goodbye last fall and wished me luck.”

She sipped the fruity concoction, into which she had poured generous amounts of rum, and relaxed into my side. “So we are both lovelorn?”

I ran fingers down her back, discovering that her bottoms were a thong, and I could massage her bare muscled rear. She made a happy noise in her throat.

“Dad would want you to find a compatible guy. Said so to me when he was diagnosed.”

Her voice was soft, “Michael, I didn’t want to hear any of that. I was in love with him to the last day.”

I wondered what to say, idly working the muscles in her backside. She twitched, “Those fingers are very impertinent. But don’t stop.”

I decided to change the subject. “I have a funny story to tell you. A funny medical research study.”

She wiggled in my arms. “Tell me, but don’t stop doing my back.”

“I’m working part time in the endocrine lab for spending money. My supervisor is Dr. Julie Brandon. She had me in her office last week at the end of the day. Behind closed doors even.

“She said, ‘Michael, you are one of my hardest workers and I wanted to give you an opportunity to apply for a study we are just starting. It is one of those industry-academic projects and well-funded. The reason the door is closed is because the subject of the study is confidential and a bit sensitive.’ “

Mom was loving my probing of her gluteus muscles and getting turned on. Her mound was rubbing on my thigh, although I couldn’t tell whether it was deliberate or not. But the hiss in my ear was full of authority. “Do NOT stop any of what you are doing.”

I continued, “Julie paused her story and asked, ‘Please promise me this conversation won’t leave the room, Michael. I could get in trouble talking to you without anyone else here.’

“I told her I knew how to keep private things private and she went on. ‘There are some recent research findings about the size of the male penis. As you know, a lot of men are unhappy that their erections do not seem to fill their partner’s vaginas sufficiently.’

“The darn woman stopped and her eyes asked if that was a problem I had encountered. I was really insulted, so I pulled my scrubs down and eased her to my knee.

‘Julie, you better check me out.’

“Well darned if she didn’t wrap around him and squeeze as hard as she could. Then she started talking again but didn’t let go. I was frozen stiff.”

Amanda was giggling and sat up. “Frozen stiff? And when did the thought enter your mind that Julie needed a cock in her?”

My always proper mother was laughing and reaching into my trunks.

“Aha! Hard as a rock. Come with me and bring your drink.”

I followed the muscled rear of my mother to her bedroom. The bare ass with rippling muscles that made me even harder. I slapped it and said, “That is a completely slutty excuse for a swimsuit.”

“I know. You are the only man who has seen me in it. Lie down there. I want more story and more massage.”

I was moving to do that when she added, “And drop your trunks. I want to see the subject of the penis study.”

I lay down, but he didn’t. Amanda arranged herself half on me and took my hand to her bare boob. “Work on that and keep talking.”

I hadn’t noticed, but the g string bottoms were gone along with the top. She saw where my eyes were and said, “Yes, I am a tramp, but I am your tramp.”

Taking a deep breath, I continued. “I was half angry, and half turned on by her treatment of my poor penis. But before I could complain, she frenched me and slipped my hand inside her top to grope a fancy tit.”

Amanda interrupted again, “No wonder she swore you to secrecy. This sounds like a hit job.”

“I could tell that the interview wasn’t going according to plan. She gushed on my leg and babbled, ‘OMG, Michael, this is terrible. We have to finish my description of the study at my apartment. Let’s have dinner there. Will you bring the margaritas and wine?’

“I stared her down, asking, ‘What about that?’ looking down at the very stiff prick in her hand.

“She said, ‘Oh dear, I am really sorry for mismanaging this interview session. I’ll make it up to ataşehir escort you. I promise …’

“Well, I was out of patience and turned her over my knee for a dozen hard slaps. She howled and screamed and I was sure my job was toast. But she stood up, pulled up her pants and kissed me very hard. ‘Oh thank you, Michael, I am sure this is going to be a great study!’ “

Amanda, my very own mother, was switched around and had my cock in her mouth. The bare buns were right under my nose and got a hard hand in an instant.

Her head came up sharply, but the eyes told me she knew she was being bad. I continued with soft spanks. “Very bad girl. Not letting me finish the story about the research project.”

“You are making all that up. One of my girlfriends must have told you I needed some excitement. Some male excitement!”

I raised my voice. “Slut, you are going to get a mouthful any second!”

She kept going and I couldn’t hold back. The cock that hadn’t had any relief in days blasted a full load. I was so overcome, I forgot this hot woman was my mother!

But, minutes later, she was stretched on top cooing in my ear that she never knew what a marvelous stud her son Michael was, and there had to be more…

An hour later, she roused me from my instant nap, whispering, “Michael, your mother is a bad woman! Will you forgive me for attacking you?”

There was a small problem. She was wiggling and I was hard again. She felt him and laughed. I remembered the old saw, “In for a penny, in for…” and eased him between her muscled thighs.

“Amanda,” I tried my own version of cooing, “there seems to be a super hot woman in my arms who needs a cock.”

All of her motherly modesty was gone. Feeding a droopy tit to my mouth, she reached down and pointed me to her entrance, sinking down with a sigh, “Yes, this is the cock I need. You are fixing me.”

I walked us to the kitchen, her sex firmly gripping my shaft. “Michael, it takes two to tango, and this nasty cock is after me!”

I sat on one of the armless kitchen chairs and pulled us tightly together. She felt incredible and had a horrible smile on her face.

“Amanda, I’m not quite sure how to say this, but would you be my new girlfriend?”

She cried on my shoulder. “Oh damn, I’ve come twice! How could I not want to be your new girlfriend?!”

After a bit, two horny bodies were calmed down and we washed off lots of sex juice in the shower. Back in the kitchen in towels, she asked if an omelet was ok for dinner.

“Anything,” I responded, caressing a bare boob gently.

We ate in her bed, propped on pillows, smiling at each other.

“Sinful,” she said.

“Very. Have to have more.”

“You are serious? Chasing an old lady doctor?”

“I came down here to tell you to get busy finding a new partner. I guess you took the advice?”

“If a son escorts his widowed mother to social events, that is acceptable?”

“Better be. I want to hear you telling your friends how nice it is that Michael is keeping you from being the lonely widow.”

“And back in her condo, the lonely widow and her son are fucking like bunnies?”

I pulled her tight. “Sounds about right.”

After several minutes, she raised her head, “You’ve upended my life, young man. I loved your father and now I am finding a new love with you.”

“That’s a good script, Amanda. Let’s try it on for size the next few days.”

She pulled up the covers. “Yes, let’s do that.”

Several minutes later, I was losing it when she asked, “Is there an end to the Julie story?”

I nibbled on Amanda’s ear, “She got fucked in her own apartment by the lab assistant. I pounded her ass and said she must be a secret size queen, chasing research on penis enlargement.”


“I am signed up to test an experimental drug. She has recruited five women, including herself, to be the control subjects.”

Amanda sat up, “Michael, you’re not?”

“Fucking five attractive women with a temporary super penis? Hard to turn down.”

“What about the girlfriend in Florida?”

“She is the mysterious sixth control. Shows up at odd times to check the medical protocols.”

Amanda fell back into my arms, “You are joking. This can’t be true.”

I glanced at my watch. It was still early. I picked up the phone and dialed Julie.

“Hi, it’s Michael.” There was cheery noise from the other end. “Yes, I’m fine and am in Florida with my girlfriend. She wormed the study idea out of me and says I can’t participate unless you come down and explain the details.”

“I told her that but she is a tough sell. Julie, don’t force me to choose between you and Amanda. She says all expenses are on her. If you catch the first plane in the morning, there is direct service to Tampa and we will meet the plane. Go ahead and do it. You need a couple days of relaxation anyway.”

There was not so cheery noise and the other end hung up.

“She’s coming?”

“I think so. Said she would text the arrival info.”

“Do you know you can kadıköy escort bayan be an asshole when you want to? That poor woman must be in a tizzy.”

“You already know why I’m doing this. Tell me.”

“Get us a beer.”

Amanda was smiling and crawled between my legs and relaxed.

“She is smart, but young. Has been too busy to have much of a sex life. Loves the chance to lead a study but is in over her head. Took a flyer with a smart, handsome young guy in her lab and lost her mind when instead of taking direction, he threw her down and fucked the devil out of her. Badly needs advice from an older, experienced female who knows the sexual ropes.”

“Watson, I couldn’t have explained the situation better myself. Well done.”

She turned into me with a quick knee thrust close to my package. “Devil! Evil man! I am supposed to corrupt this new MD/PhD into a suspicious penis study that may wreck her career instead of making it?”

“She is smart, pretty and sexy. Since you have the same characteristics, you will get on fine.”

She grumped and turned over. I applied a string of kisses and whispered compliments as she slipped away.

Just as I turned out the light, a text arrived. It said, “Getting up in middle of night so can land Tampa 8:05 am. This better be good.”

I set my alarm and wrapped an arm around the experienced female.

A sharp voice jarred me awake. “Here, drink your coffee. You slept through the alarm, but I didn’t.”

She held out the hot mug. There was an entirely too sexy grin on top of a naked body advertising all her charms.

I smiled up at her. “So pleased to meet you, Dr. Lawrence. We will need to leave to greet your colleague in a few minutes, won’t we?”

I jumped up and ran for the shower as she frowned and cursed, “Dr. Lawrence my ass!”

When I walked back, she tried to punch me, but said, “You’re right, we do need a cover story for me.”

I had the top down and she looked years younger in a sundress with her hair blowing in the wind. We had come up with an outrageous story that would be fun to try on Julie.

The plane was on time, but Julie looked worse for wear. Even with sneakers on, she was wobbly. I grabbed her bag and led the way to the car, which had been circling with Amanda at the wheel. She waved Julie to the front seat and me to the back with the luggage. Her stare said I was to be quiet.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Lawrence. Michael and I are friends. He assisted in my lab last summer and we got to know each other.”

Julie looked over the seat at me, eyes wide and accusing.

“Yes, I know it’s a bit unusual for an older woman to be hooked up with a younger man, but Michael and I share common interests.”

Amanda let Julie stew with that while we whisked down the freeway to her beachfront condo.

“Um, this is none of my business, but you know, Michael is a special guy.” Julie was pink and stammering.

Amanda reached out her hand. “Just call me Kay. I am really interested in hearing about the study and understand about medical confidentiality.”

Julie’s blush deepened, “Um, I guess we have to get this out of the way. Did he tell you that…”

Amanda was laughing hard. “Did he tell me that you fucked him to death? Yes, he did. He told me you are the hottest thing around.”

“OMG, how could he? You must be really mad!”

We were pulling into her driveway. She turned off the ignition and extended her hand again. “Honey, a woman my age, with a lover like Michael, doesn’t expect to be exclusive. I’m happy for you to have him chasing your marvelous body.”

We walked up to the front door, Julie elbowing me and muttering, “bad.”

I decided I’d better start using the name Kay before I made a mistake and got in trouble. I said, “Kay, why don’t you and Julie change for the pool and I’ll fix coffee and a snack.”

While the coffee was dripping, I heard exclamations upstairs and soon two semi-naked bodies descended the stairs. Julie was trying to hide behind Kay, who had her skimpiest monokini on. A little voice said my mother was smoking hot, and my study director was not far behind. I picked up the tray I had prepared and followed them out to the patio. The string of her suit left Julie’s fine tight ass uncovered, which she knew but could do nothing about. She tried to give me a nasty look, but I said, “Julie, that borrowed suit looks fantastic.”

Kay answered, “She really needs all over sun, but maybe we don’t have to go completely bare this morning?”

“That would be nice,” Julie said quickly.

I arranged towels for them, and served the breakfast like a good pool boy. Mom was laughing and Julie looked like she couldn’t figure out what was going on.

The sun was hot and I was feeling stale. “I’m going to do some laps while the two of you get caught up.”

After thirty minutes my out of condition muscles were complaining and I hauled out to lie on the concrete, my head on a towel. I could hear the conversation, which was very medical. Sounded like Mom had quickly established escort maltepe rapport with Julie. I smiled to myself.

In a few minutes, still talking, Julie knelt at my side, rubbing in sunscreen and whispering what a bad guy I was, hiding this perfectly wonderful woman down in Florida. I growled low in my throat and she threatened to cut off my privileges. I could hear Kay laughing and then she was on the other side of me, telling Julie, “He’s hopeless. Had me last night, and wants you now. Go inside with him and have some fun. I’ll just have a nap out here in the shade.”

The slippery body in my arms was squawking all the way to the leather sofa in the TV room. “No, you devil! You can’t get a screw any old time you want!”

The monokini disappeared and so did my shorts. My hand in Julie’s bottom was juicy but she was still complaining as a very stiff cock jammed home. She went motionless in my arms, doing kegels and moaning.

“This is terrible. Your Dr. Lawrence telling us to have sex when the conversation was serious!”

“Lover,” I whispered, “one of the reasons you are here is to relax and have fun. Are you having fun yet?” She got several hard thrusts to go with that and humped back at me. “Arrogant bastard. Think you can just take us whenever you want!”

We heard a noise and looked up at Kay sitting down three feet away. “You tell him, Julie. He is too arrogant, but doesn’t pay any attention to me.”

Julie was losing it to the steady thrusting of the arrogant male. “No, no, oh please…”

Kay’s lips were on Julie’s tits, working back and forth from one to the other. The resisting woman, who thought she was in charge, lost it and screamed as a monster orgasm seized her. “Ahhhh!”

The trim body was still shuddering as I turned us over. Using a harsh whisper that Kay could hear, I said, “Dr. Lawrence wants to know what the study is going to do to my poor penis? She seems to think she has proprietary rights to it!”

Julie struggled to say, “The drug is reversible. We will put it back where it was at the end…”

Kay slapped the white ass right in front of her. Julie complained, “Owww! I thought you were my friend and colleague!”

“I am. Come here with that juicy cunt. I am going to express friendship with my tongue!”

Quickly, my two girlfriends were getting each other off with loud moans. I exited to the kitchen to fix lunch, finding sandwich makings, fresh fruit, and chilled wine. By the time I had it arranged on the patio table, they were standing under the outdoor shower, clinging to each other.

Julie sat on the towel I provided and picked up a sandwich. Not looking at me, she said, “He’s probably going to beat us for our little fun time.”

“Not allowed,” said Kay. “We are qualified medical staff engaged in research!”

Giving them my best frown, I got back grins that dared me to attack.

“We are having a serious conversation about the study. Dr. Julie is going to describe what this new drug is, and Dr. Kay is going to provide a second opinion.” I tried to make that sound as fierce as possible, but the grins did not go away.

“Oh dear, the study subject is worried about his equipment suffering damage!”

“The girlfriends better be worried too, or their sex lives will suffer!”

I handled the dishes and tended to email while they sat in the Tampa sun and talked about the details of the study. After an hour, I was summoned and told to take my shorts off and relax on the lounger. Kay began with a quick summary.

“Michael, I think we should go ahead with a quick test. Not a full dose, but enough to measure the effects. There is nothing in the drug that is dangerous in normal doses. The combination is unusual and needs to be tested. I realize the six babes are not here to assist.”

“You mean, I have to satisfy my drug-induced lust on my two doctor friends?”

Julie sat next to me with a glass of water and emptied a small bag of powder into it.

“Take this. An easy run will help get it into your bloodstream and distributed to the right places. Kay and I are also taking a dose.”

They were entirely too pleased with themselves. I was just going to have to suck it up and go along with their directions.

Amanda’s route around and through her marina was almost a 10K, which gave me time to get out of breath and let my life flash before my eyes. If I didn’t survive, the epitaph could say he died in the service of mankind. A little voice asked if I needed to be that altruistic. Gradually, the release of happy brain chemicals from the run made me smile and laugh it off.

“Why are you so happy?” They looked suspicious.

“I just banished a bunch of morbid thoughts. Let’s celebrate with one of those dinner cruises tonight.”

I added, “Think of the reaction when the study reviewers read about the initial test protocol including a dinner cruise.”

Julie gave me a dirty look, but Kay cheered, “Oh goody, we get to dress up and be molested by the monster in the twilight over the fantail!”

Julie complained, “He is going to forbid underwear as not being consistent with the study objectives.”

An hour later, the three of us stood under the outdoor shower washing away an accumulation of sweat from the run and the sun. I asked, “How do we distinguish between my normal studliness and the test results?”

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