The Photo Shoot: The Big Reveal

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Thanksgiving with our parents was initially a very difficult and painful experience for my sister Jen and me, but it served to knock down one final barrier in our lives. We actually felt a sense of relief that our parents know knew about our love for each other, though we clearly spared them the sordid details. We never intended to cause them grief or heartache, but we weren’t about to deny what we truly felt about each other. We didn’t want to continue to deceive them and live our lives like it was a lie. It was out of our hands now and up to our parents to accept that their son and daughter were lovers or disown us as their children. We could only hope that they would accept our relationship in the end and continue to be part of our lives.

I can honestly say that after the big reveal, Jen and I never had a serious discussion about whether what we were doing was wrong or whether we should stop. We never entertained those thoughts. Jen had some prior sexual experience with a couple guys, but she couldn’t imagine ever being with anyone else. Though I lacked sexual experience prior to Jen, I seriously doubted that I could feel about another woman the way I felt about Jen!

Weeks passed before mom called and spoke to Jen. She said she was seeing a counselor to help her deal with this revelation of sibling incest, but dad was not interested in even bringing up the subject. He was sort of in denial about the whole thing according to mom. At least mom was making an effort. It gave us hope, but we would definitely be spending our first Christmas together alone.

Fortunately for us, our new found friends, Cathy and Mark, were going to be staying for the holidays as well, so at least we would have company to celebrate with!

Jen and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, so our gifts to each other were pretty meager. Jen got us both a Christmas ornament that commemorated “Our First Christmas.” She got me a sexy negligee that she wore to bed Christmas Eve. I got her a necklace, which was a pretty fair exchange, I would say. No, not a pearl necklace.

New Year’s Eve was extremely eventful. Jen and I and Cathy and Mark walked to a local bar to ring in the New Year. We drank and danced and drank some more. At the drop of midnight, we kissed passionately, assuring each other that this next year would be even better than the last.

“Oh my god! Jenny?” Shouted a voice from the crowd.

Jen turned around to be greeted by Chad Baumgartner, a guy from high school who she dated a couple times. He was a bit of a jerk and he dumped her when he couldn’t get to first base with her after the second date.

“Jenny! It is you! Happy New Year!” Chad said as he grabbed and hugged her. He was clearly inebriated, but then again, so were we all.

Chad had seen Jen and me passionately kissing, but obviously didn’t recognize me at first, so he turned his attention to me and asked Jen, “Who’s the lucky guy?”

His mouth dropped when he recognized it was me. “Jason? What the hell?” He turned to look at Jen with a puzzled look on his face. “Your brother? What’s going on here? Why were you kissing your brother like that?”

“That’s obviously not my brother, Chad. You’re blind drunk. Go away, Chad. Bye!” Jen said loudly as she turned her back on him.

Jen looked over at Cathy and Mark, attempting to gauge their reaction.

“I dated that guy, Chad, a couple times in high school and he’s nothing but a dumb jock. He obviously can’t hold his alcohol.” My sister explained.

“I guess it’s time to go home. Right sis!” I joked to Jen.

Cathy and Mark laughed.

“You know what they say, incest is best!” Mark said laughingly, trying to make light of the awkward situation Chad had just created.

We continued to joke about it on our drunken walk home.

“Hey you guys! Mark and I have a confession to make.” Cathy exclaimed seriously. “We’re not actually married. We’re really brother and sister, just like you guys.”

We all stopped in our tracks and looked at Cathy. She looked at us straight in the eyes and let out a huge laugh.

“Come on, let’s go to our place and I’ll blend up some margaritas.” Mark offered.

We were all pretty fucked up to begin with by the time we arrived at Cathy konyaaltı escort and Mark’s apartment, but those margaritas sure were tasty. To top things off, Cathy brought out a joint and lit it up and passed it around as we had done on several other occasions. Jen and I weren’t regular smokers but liked to get high with Cathy and Mark once in a while.

As Mark poured everyone a margarita, Cathy questioned Jen further about their earlier encounter with Chad. “So Jenny, does Jason really look anything like your brother? Because, honestly, you and Jason could pass for brother and sister. You two do look remarkably like you could share the same genes.”

“Jason shares his genes with me every time he cums.” Jen giggled nervously. “Seriously though, you know what they say; couples tend to look like one another after a while. I think people have a tendency to be attracted to someone who looks like them.”

“You’re right.” Mark interjected. “We were studying in psychology class the other day that many women are attracted to men who resemble their fathers. It’s called sexual imprinting, I think. Maybe that’s why some couples look alike. The woman chooses a mate who resembles her father.”

“Cathy, does Mark look like your father? I mean, you two could pass brother and sister as well.” Jen blurted out.

“Yes Jenny. Mark resembles my father very much. Mark also resembles his father very much. Because, as a matter of fact, his father and my father are the same person. We just have different mothers.” Cathy said calmly.

“That’s hilarious honey.” Mark responded with a chuckle. “You know Cathy, guys. She loves to kid around.”

“No Mark. These are our friends and I don’t want to lie to them anymore.” Cathy said in a serious tone.

Cathy continued. “It’s true. Mark and I share the same father. We’re less than 2 years apart in age. His mother divorced my dad, who was cheating on her with my mother. Mark lived with his mom until she passed away from cancer. Mark was 15 years old, when he moved in with us. It took a while for us to act on our mutual attraction, but it was undeniable that we were in love. Obviously, we’re not legally married. We’ll tell you the whole story one day. But first, you have to be honest with us. The reason why I’m sharing this with you guys is because I’ve had the sense all along that the two of you are sibs also, aren’t you?”

Jen nodded and hugged Cathy. “I’m sorry that Jason and I lied to you. You’re our best friends. We’re not really married either. Jason is my brother. I’m his sister. God, it feels good to be able to say that aloud to another person.”

Jen and Cathy hugged for the longest time and Mark stood up to hug me. The four of us shared this secret bond now and it felt really good. We took turn telling our stories about how we fell in love and how we hooked up. It turns out that the reason Mark and Cathy didn’t go home for the holidays was similar to ours. Their father finally caught them together after having suspected something going on.

Hearing their story was turning Jen and me on beyond all reason. Jen was holding my hand and would squeeze it when Mark and Cathy described for us in amazing detail us how they first had sex. It got us both real hot and horny.

Jen and I were thinking about heading home and fucking like animals after hearing Cathy and Mark’s personal incest story.

“Don’t go yet.” Cathy practically begged. “How about some Euchre?”

Mark groaned and said he just wanted to chill out, but Cathy goaded us guys into playing by suggesting that we play for articles of clothing, like strip poker. Normally Jen and I play Euchre as a team, but tonight we decided to switch things up and have the guys play against the girls. That way, whichever team lost a hand had to remove an article of clothing. It sounded innocent enough, I naively thought.

Jen surprised me by eagerly agreeing. “That should make it a bit more interesting!” Jen responded. I glanced over at Jen and she winked at me.

I didn’t think anything would actually come of it and we would stop playing by the time anyone of us had to get totally naked. Not that I wouldn’t mind seeing Cathy naked. Just because I was in love with Jen and she fulfilled all my needs, doesn’t kültür escort mean that I don’t like to look at other beautiful women, especially if they’re naked in front of me. Cathy was a cute raven-haired gal with a pretty face and an athletic body like Jen. She’s around the same height as Jen, but Cathy has larger, fuller breasts, unlike Jen. Yeah, I wouldn’t be too upset seeing her naked. But that’s as far as I wanted to take things.

We played several hands and the score was fairly evenly matched. The girls were down to their bras and panties and Mark and I were down to our underpants.

“Looks like a tie to me. Might be a good time to call it even.” I suggested.

“No way!” Jen said tipsily. “We’ve got to play one more hand. You boys are going to be losing those underpants tonight. Cathy and I want a show. Deal with it.”

Mark just shrugged and Cathy certainly didn’t protest, so we played one more hand, and as Jen predicted, us guys lost the hand.

“All right. You gals win! Congratulations” I said as I got up to put my pants back on. “Jen, we probably better get going now. Our guests might want to go to bed soon.”

“Nonsense! Not until you boys lose those underpants. A deal’s a deal.” Jen said sternly. “Come on boys. Take them off.”

Cathy nodded in agreement as Mark obediently stood up from the table and didn’t hesitate to drop his drawers around his ankles. He was packing a pretty good sized cock even if it was flaccid. I’m about 5 1/2 inches. His had to be about 7 inches.

Jen was suddenly mesmerized by his huge cock and as she examined him with her eyes, I could hear her mumble quietly under her breath, “Oh my!”

Jen, turning her attention away from Mark’s cock, got up from the table and ripped my pants out of my hands. She proceeded to pull down my underwear for me, fulling exposing me to our friends. I didn’t expect that being exposed like this was going to get me aroused, but suddenly, a combination of being nude and having heard Cathy and Mark’s story was making me horny. I instinctively covered up my growing erection with my hands. I was both turned on and embarrassed that I was getting an erection in front of our friends.

“Looks like you’re going to need some help with that cock of yours. It’s like it’s got a mind of its own.” Jen said as she dropped to her knees and grabbed hold of my cock firmly in her hands. She looked at it briefly before licking up and down my shaft and around the head, which was already leaking pre-cum. Soon she had me firmly nestled in her cheeks.

I couldn’t believe Jen was doing this in front of our friends. She had no inhibitions about sucking my cock with our friends watching on. There she was in her bra and panties, on her knees, greedily sucking on my cock like a starving woman. I looked over at Cathy, and watched as she grabbed Mark by his now fully erect cock and started tugging on it. Soon, she led him by the cock over to their sofa. She soon was also on her knees sucking on Mark’s hard cock as he sat back on the sofa and watched Jen do the same to mine.

“Come and join us on the sofa you guys.” Cathy suggested. “It’s a lot more comfortable than the kitchen floor.”

Jen likewise led me by the cock and was about to push me down onto the sofa, when I decided I needed to taste her pussy right then and there. I grabbed Jen by her arms, kissed her, and playfully threw her down onto the sofa next to Mark. I got down on my knees next to Cathy and started eating out Jen’s pussy, which was now moist and glistening from her female juices. She was clearly sexually aroused and I was drinking her in like a starving man.

Time seemed to fade as I worshiped at my lady’s alter of sexual pleasure. At some point, Cathy nudged me with her elbow and nodded up towards our partners. As I looked up, with Jen’s pussy juices coating my lips, I witnessed Jen and Mark kissing each other passionately. Mark had one of his hands on Jen’s breasts, rubbing and lightly pinching her nipples, which had Jen squirming on the sofa. At that moment, Cathy leaned over and began kissing me, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. Soon, she was on top of me on the floor, making out with me, oblivious to what was happening with our significant others up on the markantalya escort sofa. Cathy stopped and stood up briefly to unsnap her bra. Her breasts plopped out, fuller and rounder than Jen’s. Cathy next pulled down her panties revealing a shaved pussy and “outie” pussy lips. She bent down and wasted no time sucking my cock.

As Cathy bobbed up and down on my cock with her hungry mouth, I looked up at the sofa and saw Jen laying on her back, stretched out on the sofa with her panties off and Mark eagerly lapping at her pussy. Jen was moaning as I reached up to grab and hold her hand. She looked down at me and smiled, and whispered “I love you” as if to re-assure me that everything was okay. I smiled back and searched for pangs of jealousy, but found none. I whispered “I love you” back. I was happy that Jen was enjoying the attention Mark was providing her and I was enjoying the different sensation of Cathy’s mouth on my inflamed cock.

Cathy popped my cock out of her mouth, wiped the mixture of pre-cum and drool off the sides of her mouth and crawled up on my body slowly lowering her ass and hips over my cock. Before I could even comprehend what was happening, my cock, slathered in Cathy’s saliva, had no trouble sliding up in between Cathy’s slick outer pussy lips. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as Jen’s, but she was warm and inviting. She let out a moan as she lowered herself fully on to my cock.

I realized at that moment that the only other woman I had ever had sex with was my sister. I had never experienced another woman. Cathy felt great riding up and down on me, but as much as I liked Cathy, I wasn’t in love with her. Sex without love was really nothing more than friction, but having Jen next to me on the sofa, knowing she was receiving pleasure from Mark, made the experience more pleasurable. Fucking Cathy was a nice diversion, but I actually wished it was Jen on top of me riding me to orgasm at that moment.

Up on the sofa, Mark was on top of Jen, fucking her missionary style. Jen had her eyes closed and appeared as though she was miles away, until she turned and looked me directly in the eyes. As she continued to make eye contact with me, she grabbed Mark’s back and began thrusting into him, a sign that she was ready to come. Her eyes were locked on mine as she screamed and moaned and finally her entire body shuddered in orgasmic bliss. I also looked into her eyes as I groaned and shot a load up into Cathy’s pussy at the same time Jen came. Jen and I both orgasmed together while staring into each other’s eyes. We mouthed “I love you” to each other once again.

Mark got up off Jen and Cathy got up off me, my jism leaking from her pussy down the inside of her thighs. Cathy sat on Mark’s lap and those two went at it on the sofa pretty hard. Jen joined me on the floor and we cuddled and kissed for a few minutes laying on our sides facing each other. Jen wrapped her leg over my hips and she rocked me toward and away from her as we fucked slowly still facing each other. The rocking back and forth was weirdly comforting.

After we both came for the second time that evening, Jen and I agreed that it was time to go home. Her pussy was pretty sore at that point and she was confident that she couldn’t accommodate any more cock tonight. I doubted that I could get it up again in any event. We were both spent. We kissed our hosts goodnight, leaving it unspoken as to whether we would do anything like this again. It was pleasurable and while we enjoyed fucking our friends, Jen and me both would have preferred to have been making love to each other.

Our experience has lead us to believe that sibling incest isn’t as unusual a phenomena as most people might think. What are the odds that another couple in our very same apartment building are sibling lovers as well? Are there other sibling couples living nearby? It’s like trying to determine if there is other intelligent alien life in the universe. Statistically speaking, there should be intelligent life on other planets, but where are they? Why haven’t they tried to contact us?

Jen and I don’t really have a perspective on it anymore, because incest is all we’ve known. Cathy and Mark’s story about how they fell in love and first had sex was different than ours, but the end results were the same. Perhaps I’ll try to write down their tale of sibling incest and forbidden love and share it with you all in the near future. If you would be interested in hearing their story, please leave a comment and let me know.

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