The Photo Shoot

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I may never be able to do another lingerie photo shoot again. Maybe I’ll switch to shooting weddings or possibly sporting events. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever successfully maintain my concentration, let alone my creative edge, in the studio in the presence of scantily-clad models again.

It started when I was flying to Miami to do some freelance shooting at the studio of an old friend. All was going well until we hit some unexpected turbulence in the air.

At that very moment, the drink cart was in the aisle next to my seat. One moment all was smooth and the next moment I had several drinks all over my lap.

The situation was hopeless for my slacks, and my boxers, for that matter. Several drinks found their way onto my lap depositing their sticky contents on and through my clothes.

All of a sudden I was struck by more than just the drinks- I realized that I had no other slacks with me. Only planning to travel for a day, I had not packed a change of clothes and had only a pair of fleece lounge pants with me.

What to do… I knew that I had no time to go shopping for a change of clothes. Much less, I didn’t know my way around Miami, so I would have to rely on a cab to get me to the studio. I quickly decided to just change into the lounge pants and make the best of it.

Exiting the plane after profound apologies from the flight crew, I headed for the airport restroom with my carry-on. In the restroom I soon realized that my boxers were just as sticky as my slacks. I wadded both into my carry-on and donned my lounge pants. They’re not slacks, but at least they were black rather than some plaid print.

My checked luggage consisted of two Pelican cases containing my camera equipment. It was waiting for me when I reached baggage claim.

I made a quick check of the equipment and all looked OK, so I hailed a cab and directed the driver to the studio address my friend provided.

Arriving just barely on time, I was greeted by a young redheaded assistant, Julie. She, and an intern she introduced as Simone, helped with my camera cases and soon we were in the studio.

A bit frazzled and feeling somewhat awkward, I busied myself setting up my array of equipment, while Simone trotted back and forth helping with whatever required more than two hands to accomplish.

I guessed Simone to be about twenty or so, based on her youthful beauty and that she was soon to start her third year in art school. She really was pretty but in an unpretentious way that included only the minimum of makeup.

Simone’s long brown ponytail reached the middle of her back. She was slender, a fact exemplified by a tight pair of jeans and t-shirt. I estimated her to be just over five feet tall. She was wide-eyed and seemed eager to learn everything possible from every photo shoot during her internship. I welcomed her help and didn’t mind the close interaction with an attractive youngster.

In comparison Julie was more mature- probably close to her thirtieth birthday. She seemed to be all business and was attired accordingly. Nearly six feet tall with red curls falling onto the shoulders of her business suit, only her freckles and an impish smile gave away her fun side.

Julie only entered the room after she had made sure that the makeup and dressing room assistants were nearly done prepping our model for this shoot.

That model, Adriana, strutted into the studio and I suddenly felt short of breath. A willowy blonde with supermodel looks and flawless soft supple skin, she was barely wearing, or should I say- nearly spilling out of- a black lace push-up bra.

Besides the bra and a pair of strappy black stilettos, the only other piece of clothing Adriana ataşehir escort wore was the skimpiest black lace panties I had ever laid eyes on.

The studio had supplied a set with a stark white backdrops and several pieces of modern white leather padded furniture. Adriana would certainly stand out in my photos.

Now it was time to get to work, so I asked Julie to begin directing Adriana in a series of poses to get an idea of what might work best. I took test shots while Simone, standing right next to me, took readings with a light meter.

Then it happened, Adriana sat spread legged on the corner of a white ottoman while leaning forward, elbows on her knees pressing her breasts together, accentuating her ample cleavage, just a few short feet from my lens.

I hoped my suddenly-growing erection would be known only to me, and that I could keep it from distracting me. I wondered if I could keep it a secret while wearing a pair of “tenting” lounge pants. Truth be told, I could take care of it later.

But, about the time I thought I could move on, Simone reached in front of me to steady the tripod as I fumbled to mount my camera to it. She gasped as the back of her hand bumped the tip of my manhood, and I knew my secret was out, at least with her.

My involuntary glance towards her was met by her wide-eyed expression of shock, and maybe some curiosity, too. What turned me on was her next reaction – a slight smile and quiet giggle under her breath.

“Oh no,” I thought, now I’m aroused by two of the three women in the studio.

I tried to function in auto pilot, striving but failing to keep my mind focused on the technical aspects of my photography. I soon found myself fidgeting and becoming flustered. I hoped it was noticeable only to me and, maybe, to Simone.

It wasn’t to be, Julie got a quizzical look on her face and Adriana seemed to grow impatient. The more I tried to concentrate, the more I stammered and stumbled.

Finally, Julie had had enough and asked if I was OK. Half lying, I claimed that my distracted demeanor was the after effects of a rough flight and I tried to explain the reason for my odd attire. The room suddenly became hot and beads of sweat began to appear on my forehead.

Then Adriana stood and her full gorgeous body was displayed before me. I felt my knees buckle and my cock hardened further and began throbbing in time with my heartbeat. I could no longer hide my stiffness and both Julie’s and Adriana’s eyes shifted to stare at my crotch.

I wanted to turn and run, but my feet felt as if they were glued to the floor. Involuntarily I looked down. Shock and embarrassment spread over me like a wave- there on the front of my black lounge pants, at the very peak of the “tent,” was a growing, glistening spot of pre-cum that had oozed through my pants. I thought I would pass out.

But Adriana spoke first, saying the last thing I expected, “Girls, maybe there’s something we can do to relieve Roger’s distraction and then he can get on with the shoot.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. What on earth did she mean by that? Did she mean what my racing mind thought, or hoped, or fantasized that she meant?

I didn’t have long to wait- Julie spoke next, “Well, somehow we’ve got to finish this shoot this afternoon, and we’re not making any progress now. Adriana, what do you have in mind?”

As Adriana began to speak, the slight smile, a bit elfin now, returned to Simone’s face. “Let’s just give him the relief that this throbbing dick is telling us it needs. I don’t imagine it’ll take long in his state.” She was talking about me as if I wasn’t in the room, and it avrupa yakası escort turned me on even more.

“Julie, If you’re willing,” Adrianna continued, “You can do the ‘hand work’ and, since the sight of me is apparently what put him in this state, I can give him an eyeful of Adriana sans lingerie. That should get him off pretty quickly. Simone you can leave if you want to, or watch if you like, or even help Julie. What do you say?”

By now my dick was beyond stiff. I felt dizzy.

Simone, her voice trembling, spoke up next, “I don’t want to get fired from my first photo job, and I have almost no experience with ‘providing a man relief.’ But I’m intrigued and very excited. Julie, can you help me learn?”

I had to sit down. I fumbled, but was successful in placing my camera on the tripod and then I sat down on the ottoman that Adriana had just been sitting on. I inhaled the fragrant aroma that was Adriana and I felt the warmth that her lovely bottom had left on the white leather. It was intoxicating.

I involuntarily laid back across the ottoman and onto the couch behind it. When I did, my cock stood almost straight up, drawing the attention of all three women in the studio. Julie let out a quiet gasp, Simone cup her hand over her mouth but failed to mute her giggle, and Adriana smiled widely.

Julie finally responded to Adriana’s proposal, “I think the only way we’re going to get anything useful out of this shoot is to do just what Adriana’s suggesting. Simone, help me pull Roger’s pants off. Roger, just lay back and we’ll make quick work of that stiff dick of yours.”

Adriana stood beside me facing away, immediately drawing my gaze to the apex of her perfect thighs. She bent forward at the waist and slowly slipped her lace panties to her ankles then deftly stepped out of them, revealing a fully shaved pussy that already glistened with her apparent excitement.

Next, Adriana turned towards me, bent forward again, and unclasped her bra and released a pair of the prettiest tits I’ve ever seen- large, natural and dangling within inches of my now salivating mouth. Her nipples were a dark tan, pointing and rigid, confirming her arousal.

Adriana began to gyrate over me in slow, tempting circles while her tits swung in rhythm to her skilled movements, and her blonde hair gently coursed over my face and chest.

My breathing became shallow and jerky, more like panting. I wanted to reach up and touch, and even caress, the lovely orbs that hung so close, but my arms felt like lead.

Though mesmerized by the temptress, Adriana, my attention peeled away in an instant as I realized that Julie, or Simone, or both (I couldn’t really tell), were tugging my lounge pants south over my erection and then down my legs until they were off. A gasp uttered when my cock sprung free from its fabric prison sounded more like Simone.

Julie spoke next, sounding like an instructor showing a trainee how to accomplish a task. “The best way to get his cock started is to suck him for a little while, observe.”

At that moment warm lips and a warmer tongue engulfed my rod. I groan audibly in approval. Whoever it was, had done this before, the experience and talent were impossible to hide.

She, Julie, I thought, wrapped a thumb and forefinger around my rod, holding it straight up and captive while she pumped her mouth up and down, concentrating on the head. I was delirious, my hips started to pump. But two, no three, hands responded to still my thrusts.

Adriana had shifted position so that she now straddled me, one knee on either side of my head. Her lovely lady flower hovered so close I could inhale its bağdat vaddesi escort musky fragrance. I repeatedly tried to lick her pussy but she kept moving away just far enough so that all I got was a view, the aroma and closer to coming.

The mouth sucking my cock changed, it felt different, but the hand stayed. I imagined young Simone sucking my manhood while Julie held it for her and my hips buck more intently, still held by pressing hands.

Then the oral pleasure stopped as Julie said to Simone, “Now he needs to be stroked to the finish.” The finish, the glorious finish, I wanted so much to come.

“Keep him wet with your mouth, you can’t stroke a dry cock,” she instructed, “and keep a firm grip. Make sure to maintain a steady rhythm and always stroke over the head, it’s his most sensitive part.”

The sensation was mind-numbing as Simone stroked slowly, tentatively, at first, then picked up the pace.

“Make sure to gently rub your thumb over the underside of his dick head, it’ll drive him over the edge quicker than anything,” Julie tutored Simone.

It didn’t occur to me until much later (nothing was “occurring” to me at this point) that someday, some lucky guy would enjoy the fruits of what skillful Julie was teaching the novice Simone at that moment.

Adriana shifted again, this time straddling my face with her pendulous breasts. The fragrance was out of this world and the soft supple skin nearly smothered my face. Her hair fell upon my chest and neck and I was surrounded by the touch, the scent and the sensation of this stunning woman.

And that was the trigger, I began to grunt and twitch uncontrollably as hot jizz shot from my dick. Simone squealed and giggled for a second while Julie repeated in a soft sultry voice, “Good boy, good girl,” over and over. I felt like I would never stop coming as spurt after wonderful spurt erupted and fell back hot on my stomach.

I hadn’t felt a release like that in as long as I could remember. Finally, it subsided and Simone released my softening member. Ever the teacher, Julie told, then showed, Simone the right way to clean a man after he comes and I was rewarded with first one mouth then another, more eager one, sucking my cock clean.

Adriana released me from my mammary confinement and sat upright. She congratulated the girls on a job well done.

All I could do was to moan my agreement. Simone spoke enthusiastically, “That was fun!” and again I moaned.

The organized one, Julie, stood and brought everyone back to reality, “Enjoyable as it was, we’ve got a shoot to finish. Adriana, slip back into your lingerie and a cover-up and go down the hall to makeup for a quick touchup. Simone, go to the ladies room to clean up and bring some damp paper towels so Roger can clean the cum off his stomach before he heads to the men’s room.”

And just like that, we were back to the business of professional photography. Adriana returned from makeup looking as luscious as ever, Simone helped me clean up, I got dressed (although still in my “spotted” lounge pants), and Julie put the studio back in order.

The remainder of the shoot went off without a hitch. My now-spent and satisfied male member behaved well despite Adriana’s series of revealing and alluring ensembles. And I was amazed at how well I could concentrate when governed by the flow of creative, rather than sexual, juices.

Certainly, it was a day I will never forget (and one I relive in my mind often). But I know it will never be repeated. I’m ruined as a lingerie photographer. I will never again be able to do a lingerie shoot without being preoccupied by remembering the events of that day.



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


© 2017, Erik Schoen (a pen name), All Rights Reserved

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