The postman’s last day.

      Yorum yok The postman’s last day.

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The postman’s last day.
It was my last day, and I was feeling good. I looked good for 65, and was looking forward to spending most of my time in Vera Playa Spain, a sea side town where I had an apartment. It was supposed be me and my wife, but sadly she had run off with the singer of one of the local bands where we had bought our retirement apartment. Stephen was taller than me.Slimmer, better looking, loaded, and she once told me he has a bigger cock than mine. Other than that, I couldn’t see what she saw in him.But we still got on really well.So well in fact that we actually had sex at least once on every holiday I had there. And I would soon be spending a lot more holidays there.Something to look forward to. I didn’t know if he knew, but I didn’t care. He was the reason my marriage had split up.
So here I was delivering my last few letters. I had deliberately left this road last. I had received a few little presents and vouchers from some of the nice people I delivered to, and I suspected Olivia would have something for me.She was lovely. She was about 46, two decades younger than me, but was sexy as hell. Her hair color changed with the weather, but she had fabulous tits, and usually wore a low top, and trousers.
She often offered me a cup of tea,especially if it was cold. And if it was raining, she always let me dry off, or wait till a shower of rain passed. Her husband was a different kettle of fish altogether. A real ill mannered clown. How he ever ended up with Olivia I’ll never know. He wasn’t overly good looking, and I never liked him, and tuzla escort bayan he certainly didn’t like me. He even once drove through a puddle soaking me. And they were always rowing. I always told her she could do better.
Anyway, I got to her house, my last delivery, and was glad to see his car was not there. And I was even more glad when she opened door and gave me a big hug. I was hoping her big tits would be on show , but she had a large housecoat on,his I think, but I got a great feel of them as she hugged me. She asked me if I fancied a fry up, as a goodbye present. I happily said yes, and followed her in.

I walked in behind her, disappointed she was in a housecoat and not a tight pair of trousers like she usually wore, so I couldn’t see her sexy round ass. I was always an ass man and I loved hers. Not small, but a lovely shape, just the way I liked asses. She already had two plates out , but to be honest the food was a little cold. She had said she was going to get something to drink, tea or coffee I presumed, but a piece of cold toast came flying out of my mouth when she turned around. She had a beer in each hand, and her blue house coat had opened, revealing she was naked underneath.
She laughed at my shocked face and sat down beside me putting a beer in front of me.She smiled and half pulled her gown across, leaving more on show than was hidden.
She said she was sorry the food was cold and asked if I wanted anything else instead.

I told her she was beautiful and sexy as hell, but I couldn’t let her cheat,even if her orhanlı escort husband was a plonker.She told me it was his idea. I told her I found that hard to believe. She said that wasn’t the only hard thing but it was true. I looked down and saw my trousers had bulged noticeably. She swore it was her husbands idea, and I stopped arguing as she kissed me, and my hand automatically went up to her beautiful breast, feeling her hard as rock nipple. I heard her moan and she took my hand and brought me to her sitting room.

I sat down in the corner seat and she helped me strip. I got a thrill when she lowered my underwear and smiled broadly as she saw my cock. She kissed me again, and I said wait a second and let me wet my cock. She said she would do it,hen lowered her mouth on to my pre cum leaking cock. I gasped, it felt amazing.She only sucked me for a short time though.I was obviously disappointed, and she saw this. She told me to be patient. She swung her leg over and straddled me, sliding easily down my shaft. Again I gasped. She moved up and down,again and again, alternating speed from sensually slow, to excited speed. After a few minutes, I told her if she didn’t stop I would cum.
She said her first, and we swapped places. She pushed my head down to her soaking pussy and I licked it greedily. I put my finger in her pussy moving it in and out quickly. I stopped licking and she moved her own hand down to rub her clitoris. Her pussy was very wet so I put another finger in.She moaned but didn’t complain.
Her head was back, and she was aydınlı escort moving her had furiously. I moved the middle finger on my other had to her ass but she said no. I rubbed her there instead of entering, and she allowed this. She appeared to love in fact, and soon came loudly,gently pushing my hands, my fingers away. When she stopped, she grabbed my head,pushing it toward her dripping pussy. I didn’t need any instructions, and licked clean the most beautiful pussy I ever ate.

She quickly came again, quieter this time,pulling my hair hard. She stood up, and I complained playfully that I had not cum. She turned toward me, moving slightly around her long sofa, bending over, hands on the side, her beautiful ass sticking out. She told me she could go again if I could. I definitely could. Within seconds I was sliding my hard cock in her pussy, and I roughly fucked her, caring only for my orgasm.Soon I squeezed her tit from behind and screamed as I came. She encouraged me ,pushing backwards, clearly loving it. I felt 20 years younger.
I pulled back,still semi hard. She sat on the side of the sofa and kissed me tenderly. She cupped my balls and told me that was lovely. It felt so good, but unfortunately I was getting smaller by the second.
She tied her dressing gown around her as I dressed. I walked to the door and turned as I walked out, and she kissed me again, not caring if the neighbors saw us.
As I walked away I turned and asked her if it was really her husbands idea. She told me yes, that she had asked him if they should give me a tip on my retirement. She said she had replied “fuck him”. She said breakfast had been her idea. I laughed. She then said now that I was retired, if I ever saw her husbands car not there, I should knock in. After all she said, “I still owe you breakfast”.

The End.

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